Friday 22 February 2013

Kidnapping of Patrick Morgan- the continuing story

This is the continuation of the story of the kidnapping of Patrick C Morgan that I wrote about HERE

Cody thanks ALL of you from the bottom of his heart and is blown away that you would take time to acknowledge his situation.  He has filed the Courtesy Notice with the court, sending his own UCC filings again, along with it.  His sentencing is Monday, Feb 25th at 1:30PM at 515 Rusk, Houston, Tx 77002.  Below is an email that I would PRAY you would post or forward to everyone you know.  If we could get each person to send ONE email, FAX or PHONE call today through Monday - it might, actually make them STOP and THINK about what they are doing.  I'm sorry all of this is so lengthy (letter below), but I love my brother MORE THAN ANYTHING ON THIS PLANET and WILL NOT EVER stop until he is out!!!!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  loving sister of Cody Morgan - Stacy Chapman - 281-734-6583
Read below please and pass along:
"D", Heather!!!!!
     This is a letter I saw when I went into Cody's court docket to get the exact date and time of his sentencing.  PLEASE post this letter and ask all your readers to send an email/letter to this judge Lynn N. Hughes and others listed.  Each of these people CAN be written to - I beseech EVERYONE to PLEASE write and let them know they ARE being watched and their actions recorded for the world to see!!!  I also ask that you ask ANY readers who have friends/relatives in Houston to PLEASE come to the sentencing on Feb 25th at 1:30 PM.  The address is:  515 Rusk, Courtroom 11C Houston 77002.  Here are the names of others that can be emailed or sent a letter. 
Jennifer Lowery, US Attorney's Office, 1000 Louisiana, Ste. 2300, Houston, Tx. 77002, 713-567-9830, Fax: 713-718-3300, email:
Judge Lynn Nettleton Hughes, 515 Rusk, Rm 11122, Houston, Tx. 77002, voice: 713-250-5900, fax: 713-250-5650,
US Marshall, 515 Rusk, 10th Floor, Houston, Tx. 77002, 713-718-4800, fax:  713- 718-4848
     loving sister of Patrick Cody Morgan
     Stacy Chapman
     Here is the letter that Suzanne Dockens wrote to Lynn Huges (I CAN'T even call him a judge anymore) - GOD BLESS you Suzanne!!
           As the masses awaken to the injustice and illegal bounds our government has reached, it is respectfully requested that, as a public servent with full liability, you clarify your role.
           Who do you represent?  Please state your oath of office.
           What is the status of Cody Morgan?  Is he being illegally detained and harrassed in dishonor?  Are you holding Dishonor in your court with full personal liability?j
           If you are being intimidated, please state your case.  Ifyou are acting in dishonor of your free will, I beseech you to reconsider.  If you are willfully holding a dishonorable court and proceedings, I encourage your clarity on the consequences.  The eyes of Texas are upon you sir.
           Is yours the manner in which you wish future cases to be prosecuted?  Would it be so if you were justly or unjustly accused?  It is with a heavy heart I am compelledto ask these questions.
           Without prejudice, I respectfully await your response.
           Concerned citizen on behalf of the Integrity of the People of the State of Texas.

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