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Somethings Happening Radio LA- Transcription

Something’s Happening

Eben Rey with guests D and Brian Kelly
Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 12:00 am PST (USA)

Eben: How are you, darlings? Nice little nip in the air. I'm telling you, not only is there a nip in the air, there is a nip at your heels. Because there is so much going on, in the world, in the shadows and it isn't just all nasty, retarded stuff. We have folks of light… lightworkers...light warriors...that are doing amazing things when it comes to our financial system. We have a couple of them in this first half hour here on Project Next, bringing you information and an update on something maybe you've heard about. Maybe you've heard about NESARA, right? Well, maybe out of that outgrowth of people just digging into the corruption that there have been remedies…there have been solutions.

You might have heard about something called the One People's Public Trust. We have a couple of folks, really great folks, who have information on this that just need to let you know about some of the good stuff that's happening behind the scenes. Joining us in this first half hour is D from, that is a blog that is always updated and amazing, bringing you tons of information about the sovereignty and power coming back to the people. D, say hi to the good folks of Los Angeles.

D: Hello everyone in Los Angeles, from the great white north.

Eben: Awesome. Also on the line is Brian Kelly. I discovered Brian in this amazing little PR press kit out there. It was talking about and calling on all our major media houses to get out in front and tell folks that there are major arrests, that there are foreclosures, that things are being shut down when it comes to our criminal complex. I just had to nab him. He seems to be a part of a global tag team that is doing some righteous action. I want to welcome Brian to the airwaves of KPFK. Say hello to all the wonderment here.

Brian: Hello everyone. Eben, I like that...a global tag team.

Eben: That's right. That's seems to be what it's going to take. Because you guys are out there talking about some amazing behind the scenes action, behind that little drape that the wizard was behind in the Wizard of Oz. Except there are some righteous people that are handling those implements back there. To start off this evening, I want to ask you both a little bit about how you got into this. Because this is something that is quite esoteric, that is quite high level, 4th-5th dimension kind of thinking and getting a perspective on how this planet works and this fiat currency system.            

So, D, start out by talking about Removing the Shackles and how you got into this.

D: Okay, well…first off, I'm just going to make a slight correction. It's actually We are moving to a new site though, very, very soon.

Eben: Oh yes…okay…sorry.
D: I fell down the rabbit hole. It was very sudden and it was kind of painful at moments. I think most of you listeners know the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. It's kind of a long way to the bottom and I haven't gotten there yet. Searching for information, I've just gathered up to myself sources from all different areas. Looking at my prime information to begin with, was of course the new financial system that was supposed to be coming online…NESARA, the global currency revaluation with the Iraqi dinar. I started digging deeply and making connections within those kinds of communities and various sources through that. One thing leads to the other, because that's what the rabbit hole does. As you discover one thing, you find the next thing that comes along. It all ties together, in this very, very intricate lacework web of intrigue.

Eben: That it is…a lacework. That's really great that you decide to go over that event horizon to go down that rabbit hole, because certainly you were born with the capabilities to get out there and fight. That's just what is so tremendous. Brian, how about you? How did you come to be involved with the One People's Trust?

Brian: (chuckle) Well, I plan to write a book on it some day, but let's see how I can do in two or three minutes. (chuckle) I think I share a similar story to a lot of people who are going to be listening to your show site, Eben. I got a little taste of truth and I wanted more. I turned the fire hose on and I put my mouth over it, thinking I was going to be able to drink it. It knocked me off my feet and I just kept going. D said it…the rabbit hole is very deep. I will go so far as saying I don't think it ever ends, until we get to the point where absolute data is revealed to everyone in the world...every man, woman and child.

My mission and kind of how I aligned with finding the truth and exposing the corruption as it pertains to the governments and the financial systems started somewhere around the beginning of 2012, end of 2011. What's very funny is that I relied on D's blog up until, from the past six months, as well as American Kabuki. How I got tied in to this whole thing is, I did an interview with an insider who goes by the name of Poof, who some of your listenership has heard of before. He’s been putting out weekly updates for I think about the last 5-10 years. The interview I did with him, we put on the American Kabuki blog, which is It went viral in a matter of a couple of hours I think…7 or 8000 people watched it. There was an order that came through that said that there was some people overseas in Asia that were really ticked off that the interview went live. They wanted us to pull it. So we did.

A few months later we received an email from Heather, who is one of the trustees of The One People’s Public Trust, contacting myself, American Kabuki and D, saying that the audio interview that we put out exposed some people in high places and their agenda as it pertains to hoarding the wealth of the world and keeping it for their own special interests. Because of that, they were able to get a lot of the project done and move some people out of the way that needed to be moved out of the way in order for the collective to be served equally…us...everyone through out the planet.

Ever since then it’s been a whirlwind. That was on December 27th.  D, myself, American Kabuki and a whole handful of others, which has now turned into thousands…but kind of the main crew of us, we’re in constant contact and communication, making major ground-breaking developments. Not even daily any more, it seems like hourly these days. Here we are now.

Eben: Okay, groovy. Now I’m reading from your One People’s Public Trust, this is a lovely document that you sent me. I’m going to read from the bottom. The One People’s Public Trust is responsible for the creation and successful filing of legal documents that effectively foreclose upon several national governments and multiple corporations.

You’re asking for the media to say something about it, bring it out and ba-da-bing. Here we are going to talk about this. So, D, take us back to the beginnings of this. I understand, as I was looking at some of the interviews and materials out there, is that it started around the mortgage crisis where that became a vanguard point to kind of wind people’s way through the labyrinth of this financial fraud. How would you typify how this started?            

D: It’s very, very interesting, because one of the trustees of the One Peoples Public Trust, Heather, is a lawyer…was a lawyer…who worked in the financial sector and has worked within all these big high-up systems. She worked on several well-known, very large trust funds with several very well-known, high-up people. In doing so, she got kind of the open-book look of what was going on…of the incredible amount of blatant thievery, really. She put together the Paradigm document, which is on American Kabuki. We were just talking about it, Brian and I earlier, because it is a vitally important document. She put together this Paradigm Report and it was earth-shattering really. It went from there and it has steam-rolled, where the trustees came together and they started putting together the UCC filings against the corporations. The one thing that I’m sure your listeners know that the vast majority of the public don’t know is that these governments…supposed governments…are actually corporations. They’re not even legal governments; they’re corporations. 

Eben: (chuckle) Yes, I think that is very interesting.  I know we talk about the United States of America…very similar to Bank of America. Yes, it’s all that very same idea. I think it’s very interesting. I remember back in the days of cracking the code and they were talking about the UCC and trying to secure the first position lien against your strawman. Is that the very same technique that the trustees are using, elevating the people to have a better position versus some of these vampires when it comes to the trust? Tell us about that.

D: If you look at it…I am not as familiar with the strawman and how the UCC works when they were doing that work in the code.  It’s a very simple…and this is what I am going to give you, a very, very laymen’s term explanation. When a UCC filing is made against a corporation, it’s not…what a lot of people misunderstand because they assume it’s like for example a lawsuit…so therefore you go before a judge and everyone gives their side of it and they argue back and forth and the judge makes a decision.
A UCC filing is not like that. The UCC filing is made…let’s say against the corporation of the United States of America. It’s made and 72 hours later, it is filed again. If there is no response 72 hours after that, it is filed again for the third time. If there is no response, if it is not rebutted, the filing stands.

Eben: And what does this filing say to them? What is being asked to be acknowledged?

D: It is a foreclosure on the corporation of the United States of America. Now the thing is, the only way they can rebut it is to prove that they’re not a corporation, which they can’t do. So basically what has happened is these foreclosure papers, the UCC filings, have been placed on all these corporate quasi-government agencies. They can’t rebut them. They don’t have a leg to stand on.  There’s no way for them to go back or forward or anything and therefore the UCC filings stands. And they are in foreclosure.

Eben: This is something that I believe that people really want to know and hear about. For one, is that there is an effective remedy against what has happened to the treasure and the trust. Now, does the One People’s Public Trust, does that stand? Is this the trust of the planet, all the assets of the planet, held in trust for the world public? Has it been renamed? Has it been replaced? What has happened to the previous trust?

D: At this point, the three trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have signed, bonded papers that they hold everything in trust for all the people…every single person on the planet. All the assets that they have foreclosed on, they hold in trust…in Absolute Trust…for every person on the planet.

Eben: Now that’s something that I know that the press obviously would not want to say. I mean, they obviously are suppressing a lot of the actions that have happened. People are wondering though in the background that there is action happening. Brian, I understand that there have been a number of arrests. Even on the Daily Cause, it was talking about how Iceland, instead of bailing out these banks and doing a slap on the wrist, they actually put these bankers that were responsible for bankrupting Iceland in prison. Is that the start of a big wave that you’ve been watching?

Brian: Well, here’s what it boils down to. American Kabuki…how he got his blog to become so viral and popular almost overnight…was he tracked…I believe it was over the course of about a two and a half to three month period…the resignation of over six hundred fifty some odd bankers, that are chief level from all around the world. He got so tired of keeping the list with direct links to go research the information to find it on your own, that he had to stop. Because he realized at that point that it was just going to continue. Now when you ask me what happened, is at the start of what’s to come…I’ll tell you, it’s probably more like the middle. Because what people are looking for right now is, they want to see people getting arrested on CNN. The problem is one of the last control mechanisms that the dark…the cabal, whatever you want to call them still have in their clutches…is they control the mainstream media.
What people need to understand is that there have been arrests happening behind the scenes that are just not getting reported just yet. There have been a lot of them.  Now, you got to dig and the problem is…the problem…

D: It’s not getting reported. It’s just the little tiny…

Brian: You can probably speak to this as well…

D: (inaudible) 25 of the newspaper… (silence)

Brian: …mainstream. They don’t believe that it’s happening. So that’s a really easy way for the media to continue to control the information that’s being released. My personal opinion is, and this is just mine, we’re coming to a point where the moment that everybody is waiting for…some people call it the announcements, some people call it the event…there’s going to be a point in time where the flood gates open. It’s going to be the tipping point that brings awareness to the collective and to the whole. Heather calls it Absolute Data.

That’s what we are all now working toward with the One People’s Public Trust and everything that we’ve been doing over the last month. We’re doing amazing things. We’re doing two Blogtalk radio shows a week. We did a flash mob last night on Facebook, where everyone went to CBS Facebook page and we put like two thousand posts of, “Go and check out One Peoples Public Trust…Start reporting real news”; all over the CBS Facebook page last night, just from making an announcement on a Blogtalk show. So the flood gates are opening. It’s just a matter of time now at this point that we’re waiting for this tipping point where it’s all downhill from there.

Eben: So, D, is this something that is running in parallel with what we know about the Wanta funds? With what Christopher Story has been talking about for all this time? From what we know about something called the St. Germain Trust and NESARA. Are all of these parallel systems or how do you see this coming together?

D: Well, you’re asking someone who has some pretty strong opinions on all of this at the moment. (Brian chuckles) Don’t laugh, Brian, that’s not funny. (laughter) Here’s the thing. I’ve actually written a couple of articles on this topic on Removing The Shackles over the last month, because I have been tracking every bit of movement that has been going on with all of things…the St. Germain Trust, NESARA, the mass arrests that are supposed to be happening, the RV, etc.

When I’m going through all of this, you start having nagging little voices in the back of your head saying, “I don’t understand how this works together and these people over here…there’s something there that just isn’t right”. It has only been kind of in the last month…so strangely enough since over the end of December…when I’ve kind of really been opened up to kind of my Higher Self and listening to the screaming voice in the back of my head saying, “Danger…Will Robinson…this is not right”.
Looking at it and saying, “Well, wait a second, there’s going to be this new financial system, yet we’re still going to have the same banks in charge of our money. There’s going to be total debt forgiveness, but everyone still has to buy food, pay rent, pay their bills. There’s going to be a new government, but it’s going to be all the same politicians. There’s going to be new laws, but it’s going to be enforced by the same authorities. “

So you have to start looking at this and go, “Wait…a…second. This is really a lot of fancy paint and ribbons and bows but the box inside is kind of empty. It’s the same old thing, just put into fancier paper”. So this is where I’ve realized…and I’ve watched …especially over the last six week…the intel world get turned on its ear. Because they’ve been told everything is moving through…everything is going…it’s going, it’s going…and nothing happens. The one thing that has been standing there in front of them, is The One People’s Public Trust.

Eben: This is the thing, is that we certainly…we might have the righteous indignation, all the law and everything on our side. Then there is this immovable force called a Homo Sapien that sits there and just denies it out of greed and ignorance. How do we know that The One People’s Public Trust is something that is actually having the follow through? Do we have people, finally, on the other side that are saying,“Okay, you got me”?

Brian: Let me address that real quick, Eben, if I can. You’ve seen the movie, “V For Vendetta”?

Eben: Yes.

Brian: Okay, all of a sudden now…if you think about the premise and the main theme to that movie…is there’s power in numbers. When the people gather….one of the lines I like the best in the movie is, they say, “The people should not fear their government. The government should fear their people“. So, the way that I look at it as far as anybody that really wants to go and look and check to see the validity of the UCC filings, they’re there in black and white for anybody to go look on the UCC website to go see that the filings are there. As Heather always says, “They’re un-rebuttable…therefore, un-rebutted“.

What we have right now is a movement that is spreading to all sorts of countries. We literally have people that are starting their own websites in countries around the world in a matter of one month. Really at the end of the day, if there’s anybody out there that holds any degree of skepticism…people that are skeptical are going to come with the territory with something this big. People are going to fight this thing tooth and nail in a lot of situations, if they are so conditioned by the reality that they’ve been living for so many years…all their lives, in a lot of situations, a lot of cases. This is going to get chalked up like conspiracy theory so fast and spit out like an old piece of gum.

Eben: But it’s happening even with people that have been part of the movement for decades now, because it all started back with NESARA. I think what you’re highlighting is that by coming out and saying that there are remedies.
This is one that Heather and a number of other trustees have been at a grassroots foundational area, element, and that hey, join on, do the ground swell, and maybe we’ll see an effective thing, instead of people waiting back or standing on the sidelines and waiting for it to happen. What I’d like to ask you guys for one, is what’s to be expected of this? Okay, a UCC filing on behalf of a trust…for one, what empowers Heather and the other two principals of the trust to file on behalf of the people of this planet? D?

D: Well, I’ll give it from the intel perspective and the people that I speak to on a daily basis. I can look back, especially when hindsight is 20-20, you look backwards for the last six weeks and say, “We heard all this stuff. All these things were set. All these plans were put in motion. All these events were to take place”…over not just once, not just twice, but several times. This weekend just past…again, the intel world blew up that the announcements were coming this weekend, that the new financial system was coming on line…it was solid. Everyone was completely…from top to bottom…every source I had and every source every other source had was all saying the exact same.

Eben: Right.

D: Yet nothing happens.

Eben: Right.

D: Well, I look at that and say, “Well, what’s stopping them? We know they’re desperate for money. We know that they have to do something. They know they have to do something. Yet it’s not moving forward. Could it be that they’ve been foreclosed on and they can’t move forward right now because they don’t have the power?”

Eben: Very good.

D: To me, I look at it and I say, “You weigh the two sides and I can see both sides because I’m on both sides looking in. That makes perfect sense to me.”

Eben: Right, right. So, where would you say we are at? Where are we in this process, D?

D: We are at the tipping point. I honestly feel that we are right there at the very tipping point. We’re waiting for that…what Brian said…the event, the announcements, the release of Absolute Data…because without that people can’t make choices.

Brian: You know what we should probably do right here, D, to help Heather now and her listeners is explain Absolute Data. Heather talks…when we talk to her and we talk to her so much now, it’s hard to keep track of all the information that comes out of these conversations, these dialogues that we have…but Absolute Data is essentially exposing the truth at every level and every lie and every deed and every action to everyone. The Absolute Data is what people are waiting for.

Now, what Heather and her group did was, they refer to it as taking it back to prime. When you trace the money trail, when they did the Paradigm Report, they had to trace back the trail and the fraud and corruption back to zero point, essentially, to figure out how all the rest of it flowed together. When you bring everything back to prime, which is what they did, all of a sudden now everyone becomes free and sovereign and they already have their own freedom. We talk about this all the time. People say, “Well, if I’m free, how am I still getting pulled over and thrown in jail over a victimless crime?”

See, what’s left right now is the remnants of the old systems that have died. Somebody gave a really good example the other day on one of our Blogtalk radio shows. He said, “When there’s a vine and it grows through a wall and you rip the vine out by the root? Well, the vine stays there, it slowly dies”. What’s happening right now is a slow death process to the rest of these slavery systems that are still standing. We’re going to get to the point when Absolute Data comes out, where their whole house of cards comes absolutely tumbling down. No pun intended.

Eben: Well, you know what? This is a post information society. We have known about this information. That total data, I think, is done. I think people are here and I think what you’re looking for, you guys, is action. Righteous action, that isn’t going to be dissuaded by a commercial break or a latte. I think that’s a part of the mission to learn more about the One People’s Public Trust. Where should they go on the web?

D: There are websites going up across the www as we speak. Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, the States, China…it’s unbelievable. We are actually right now trying to compile a list.

Eben: (chuckle) Where’s the central house?  Like, D, you have a great website,, up there in lovely Canada. You have a place constantly updated. Do you have a link that goes to The One People’s Trust central information house and all that?

D: Yes, we do. You can go to and from there you can download every single one of the UCC filings. You can download the trustee’s bonds, read the press releases, everything.

Eben: Okay, that’s absolutely stunning. You’re doing some work also, Brian, at Correct?

Brian: Correct…correct. We also have another website that’s in development. It’s and that’s another place where… if people want to go and they want to look at all the filings… is the only official One People’s Public Trust website.  The and many others out there are really good for people that are just wanting to dig and wanting to really understand and grasp through other people’s perspectives. There is a lot of information out there.

Eben: Yeah absolutely, and certainly the next time we have you guys on, it would be great to have one of the trustees…Heather…that can help talk about her story and some of the mechanics in this. I really appreciate how you guys have taken the reigns on understanding these mechanics and going out there and helping people know that there is really great work going on, on behalf of the whole world. So I congratulate you guys and thank you for all that you’re doing.

D: Well, thank you. Thank you for having us and giving us the opportunity to tell your audience about it, so that they can tell two friends and so on and so on.

Eben: That’s where it’s at. It’s in that action…that global action.

Brian: Like you said, Eben, all the information is out there. Just go out and find it. One People’s Public Trust is a small piece of a very big puzzle. It’s serving its purpose, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that all plays a big part in this cosmic unfolding. We really appreciate your having us on the call and hopefully we can come on here again soon.

Eben: Well, heck yeah. I am so sorry, you know how time is, it just absolutely flies, but you guys put tons of information on for download. I very much appreciate you guys and what you are doing.

Brian: Thanks, Eben…you too.

D: Thank you.

Eben: Alright. Thank you, darlings. Oh my God, this was so great! You’ve been speaking with D of, up there in Canada, one of our remote lovelies and also Brian Kelly, coming out of San Diego, and the All you have to do is go in to google and put in The One People’s Public Trust and you’re going to find an amazing avalanche of info. See what’s going on out there and see how you can participate in de-shackling the planet.

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