Thursday 14 February 2013

Enforcement is DO'ing and BE'ing

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Hi D, Thanks for all that you DO.  I've written a short piece on connecting enforcement with BE'ing and DO'ing in regards to the OPPT.  You and/or your audience may find it helpful.

Enforcement is DO'ing and BE'ing

In a video I watched of Graham Hancock, he went into the amazon and asked a shaman the question, what is wrong with our world?  And the answer he got was that we simply lost our connection with Spirit [1].

More and more so, I think the world is waking up to this realization, that our vain pursuit of the egoic self has cut us off from our Higher Selves/God/Holy Spirit/Consciousness [2].

As you listen to Heather, one of the trustees of OPPT, you get the sense that spirituality is a great part of the OPPT.  She constantly stressed the importance of BE'ing and DO'ing.  And while many sought practical answers to questions like "How is the OPPT enforced?” Heather continually brings us back to BE'ing and DO'ing.  At this point, many listeners get a disconnection.  What do BE'ing and DO'ing have to do with enforcement?

We have to think beyond 3D and entertain the idea that enforcement is not just the police/military.

I've listened to all the radio interviews of Heather et al. from the beginning, up to the last broadcast on Collective Imagination this past Tuesday [3].  I've noticed a shift.  In the earlier broadcasts, more questions and answers revolved around the 3D/lower level of "enforcement" and "where's the money".  Now in the latter broadcasts, talks revolved more around 5D/higher level issues of forgiveness.

I think we're starting to get it.  Everyone on the show spoke as ONE.  Everyone was starting to talk about forgiveness and spirituality like a prime directive.  There was less need to explain enforcement anymore.  That's because what we GOT was that much of the enforcement comes from BE'ing and DO'ing as a collective.

At this point, I'm sure many are still scratching their heads.  Again, they ask, what do BE'ing and DO'ing have to do with enforcement?  Let me approach it from a different angle.

There are so many sources now that point to the idea that there is a universal Consciousness that manifests this entire universe of ours.  One of the earlier books that investigated this idea was The Field by Lynne McTaggart [4].  She compiled many scientfic studies that substantiate this idea.  Today, a large chorus of others such as Gregg Braden are teaching the same thing, that you, as the fractal Consciousness of the Whole, are a lot more powerful than you give yourself credit.  You can and you do manifest your reality, every single instant.  Source gives back to you a world that exactly aligns with your beliefs.  If you believe in a world of scarcity, pain and suffering, always in lack and never having enough, then you're free to believe and get what you believe.  If you believe in sovereignty, abundance, peace and love, then that will be true for you as well.

According to Gregg Braden, our hearts literally can change the "stuff" in the world around us [5].  With this understanding, YOU are the enforcement.  Your LIGHT is the enforcement.  Your State of Mind, from moment to moment, IS THE ENFORCEMENT.  The energy of BE'ing, DO'ing generates the positive change.  The enforcement is inherent in that energy.

Your Consciousness is the enforcement because now you know that You are the Dog and the world is the tail it wags, not the other way around.  We have played the role of the weak, powerless victim for too long.  We often get things backwards.  We have thought the world is the cause and we the effect.  No, We are the cause and the world is the effect.

I'm not discounting arrests and the involvement of the police/military.  In fact, they're happening and the house is already being cleaned up.  That's the 3D level of effect and it will naturally sort itself out.  This is my wish, that everyone be more diligent in guarding their state of BEing in the moment of NOW.  The change would literally be in a "twinkling of an eye".

On that note, a final thought that relates to enforcement, and that's government.  As we go forward with the OPPT, the biggest truth about government is that there is only one government that matters, and that's the government in each of us.  You are your own government and I am my own government.

Love You All.


2. likes Source and so do I.  There are many paths, but they all lead back to Source.

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