Sunday 10 February 2013

Daniel's New Paper and Conscious Hugs

I just received this in an email from Aaron- Daniel's next paper is out and has just been published!! 
(I know what I'm doing tonight!)

Aaron has just changed his site Soldier Hugs over to it's new home Conscious Hugs:

A huge thank you to Daniel and Aaron for bringing these papers to us!!

Here is the first instalment of daniel’s research into Anthropology, dealing with the hidden origins of homo sapiens. Daniel tells me this is the first in a series of papers explaining the misconceptions of modern science resulting from their habit of getting things backwards… as daniel likes to comment of his own learning experiences, “everything we know is wrong.”

Daniel of course, is not the only researcher out there observing and challenging the status quo of the establishment’s version of history, physics, and scientific academia. In fact, many others are starting down this path in search of the factual and provable truth which have been purposefully and intricately hidden from nearly all of humanity for millennia.

For me personally, this is yet another eye opening piece that sheds more light on the path in front of me, as I continue on my journey and discovery of just how much Everything We Know is Wrong. I learned a long time ago that people do not “wake up” from being told the facts or having the map laid out in front of them; they awaken from the discovery of the facts and the map along the path. And daniel dumps one heck of a map on us to discover, with this update to how we view history.

What if we are not hundreds of thousands of years Old, but instead discover that we, human beings, are less than 6,000 years Young? Hmm, crazy right? Well perhaps NOT so crazy after all. What if the Earth is not an old gal, hitting her 4.7 billionth birthday? Backwards astronomy, backwards age… we’re actually the new kid on the block, with a civilization that is getting ready to move out of their parent’s basement and take on a Universe.

Our true history is the needle and the past is the haystack. If you wanted to “Hide History in the Past”, a 4.47 billion year-old haystack is one, HUGE haystack! Now what if the haystack was not four and a half billion years, but rather a few hundred thousand years young?

If you are like me, and ready to tackle the tiny haystack to find our needle, let us lock arms together, once again, and take it from the beginning with:

Discovering just how Young our Solar System, Earth, and History are
Correcting and Correlating history to a timeline where science, religion and mythology all match up
The events creating the solar system matching the Dominance of Gods
Adam & Eve as the first Cro-Magnons
Destructions of Atlantis matching up with the Hebrew Exodus and the Deluge
The stuff planets are made of—and how they behave in a solar system
The not-so-natural origin of Moons

 So read on and remember, this is just “Part 1!”

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Geochronology – Hiding History in the Past


Part 1 of the Anthropology Series on the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens

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