Friday 1 February 2013

Collective Imagination Transcription from Jan 29th

With much love and thanx to our awesome transcription team!


Tuesday January 29, 2013 (EST)/Wednesday January 30, 2013 (AEST)

(Please note: Some parts are a little garbled and I have edited out many of the “Umms”, “Ahs” and “You Knows” for easier readability).

Lisa: Welcome everybody. I’m Lisa Harrison, welcome to the Collective Imagination Show for this week. And I’m sure it’s going to be another fun filled action packed program. We have lots of people calling in to share their stories, give some updates on what’s been going on in the world and in their world over the last week. I just wanted to share with you the… my feelings last week, after last week’s show… I really GOT how this program, at least for me, has been a beautiful reflection of where I feel that we’ve been at, in general.

You know when we first started this show in the middle of last year, we were kind of – a little bit lost… it took us awhile to find our feet. And I think that’s where we were at collectively, you know… we were in the middle of 2012, lots of expectation for the year… not really sure where we were going and what was going on. It seemed quiet on some fronts and then very busy with speculation, but nothing concrete. Then we launched the show on the 5D Media Network, and we had Peter and Michael joining us as regulars on that show, and we went through a period of several months of really putting into practice the ‘collective imagination’ – the technology that is, and remembering how to use it… re-learning how to use it. We used experiments, from week to week, to ignite that, our memories, and our imaginations, and restore our confidence. And we started to think about, and put our energy towards, what we really want the world to look like… What does it look like post-2012? What does it look like without the cabal, and the power structures that are currently in place? And we really started to play with that and play with our imaginations. And then we ended the show on a really high note, with the countdown, really focused on a daily basis for ten days. And then we come back at 2013 and find the world really has changed. The show has changed as a result and, we’ve been here. Now what we’re doing is sort of observing, and sharing, the ways in which those changes and the work that we put in last year, have manifested and are manifesting. And it’s just a beautiful thing to be a part of.

And this year we will also be, and I know that we’re going to have some really great things to talk about over the next coming weeks, because, those of us in the crew here are experiencing are insights and actual physical experiences about these new abilities that are coming on board; telepathy, and the technology for that... manifestation; creating our reality and the technologies behind that, as they’re evolving and changing… and we’re experiencing them… playing with them, and having a lot of fun with them. So, we’re going to be talking a lot about that too, over the coming weeks, including today. And, I just ah, before I go any further, I’ll bring everybody else out… bring the rest of the crew out. Barbara in New York, are you with us?

Barbara: I am. I’m exhausted at what you just said (laughing).

Lisa: Oh, I’m sorry! (laughing). Why?

Barbara: Because I’m like, “Yes, yes, yes!” And it felt like I was running down a track like “She’s right, she’s right, she’s right!” and I’m going faster and faster, and – Ahhh! You have me all revved up.

Lisa: Oh, excellent, great place to be for the start of the show. And we’ve got Chris in Melbourne.

Chris: Morning, everybody, another fantastic day down here, we’ve gotten past the fires around here, but the floods up north are creating a little bit of hassle, not a little bit, a lot of hassle actually, it’s not quite as bad as a couple of years back but not far from it but that’s… you know, that will pass. And look, your references to what’s happened in the past year are… really did all that happen? It seems, it just… as I said I think in one of the shows last week, think about where you were a month ago, and the things that have happened since with the OPPT. But think about a year ago, where you were – go back a year. And that’s a different universe to me…quite extraordinary.

Lisa: It’s a whole other reality.

Chris: And you know, the right of change is going vertical, if anyone’s heard of the ‘Kurzweil Singularity’ where the right of change goes vertical, you know, I think we’re not far from it. I think it’s about to go ballistic. So, hold onto your hats, folks.

Lisa: Hold onto your hats – yeah (laughing). Speaking of the Queenslanders, unfortunately, a lot of them are still in recovery from what took place two years ago, and now they’ve just been hit again. So, love goes out to them, to all of them.

Chris: Indeed!

Lisa: And, Bob in Pennsylvania…

Bob: Hello everyone. And if everyone can’t recognize my voice it’s because I have a new microphone.

Lisa: Yeah!

Bob: Thanks to a gifting from Lisa, thank you. And I can only echo what you guys said. More is happening in a day than what used to happen in a year, five years ago. It’s crazy how things are developing and, the physical things – we’re going to talk about some of that tonight, but it’s just a…an amazing time to be alive, and I am glowing with effervescent light.

Lisa: (Laughter) Oh, I can just imagine it. You know we already have some people on the line waiting to come through, so…I think we actually have Lois, Lois Tucci again with us. Lois, are you there?

Lois: Yes, I am.

Lisa: Lovely, I’m glad you can join us again.

Lois: Well, thank you.

Lisa: And, I’m not sure who else we’ve got in here, I’m going to have a try…Who’s area code 707?

Caller 1: Hi, that’s me, I’m calling with a question.

Lisa: Oh, okay.

Caller 1: Are you ready to take a question?

Lisa: Sure, let’s go.

Caller 707: (Laughter). Okay. Well, on another program you were talking about how the One Peoples Public Trust gives us the financial freedom to do what we want with our lives, and so I’m wondering how, and when, can we actually get funds to actually be financially free to make that a reality.

Lisa: Lois, do you want to take that one?

Lois: Well, there’s still a lot that has to happen before that comes about, but it’s not going to be like we envision, it’s not going to be monetary. It’s going to be probably more of a digital-type thing. But Heather has more on that than I do, so, that’s all I can add at this time. But it is coming.

Caller 707: Do you have any idea how long that will be?

Lisa: Sorry, caller, what was your name?

Caller 707: Deborah.

Lisa: Deborah. Deborah, things are happening very, very fast, and I’m sure as you can imagine, there’s a lot of infrastructure and behind-the-scenes goings on that need to be put in place, and we also need to be… as the general public, we also need to be well informed about all of our options in order to make educated, free-will choices about how to move forward, and what to create, and what it’s going to look like. And we don’t know enough yet, you know – the information is still coming, and it’s going to come in thick and fast over the next few weeks and months. And I mean, I know first-hand how much everybody is hurting and we all want a solution yesterday. But jumping in too soon without enough information and without the proper infrastructure you know, isn’t really going to serve us in the long run, so as much as I…

Lois: And Lisa, you know, people are predicting a lot of things out there right now, it’s going to be this time, it’s going to be that time. It’s just not set yet. It’s done, but the release of everything… there has to be other things done. I think there’s one more thing that has to be done before it’s completed.

Lisa: And I think to a large degree we’ll know once it’s done.

Lois: Yes.

Lisa: There are some aspects to it, that once they’re done, that’s when we’ll find out about it. And there are many others where our contribution will be needed. So, information and awareness is what we all need… and education. So, it’s going to be a bit of a process.

Deborah: Mm mm. Okay, well, thanks a lot.

Lisa: You’re welcome, and thanks for calling in.

Deborah: Okay, bye-bye.

Lisa: Bye. Do you think I answered that okay? Is that pretty accurate?

Lois: Yes, that is really accurate.

Lisa: Oh good. And, we’ve got area code 316… area code 316? If you’re in the queue, just say hi, it may be you.

Caller 316: Hi, it may be me. It’s Suzanne.

Lisa: Hi Suzanne, how are you?

Suzanne: I’m fabulous.

Lisa: Great… do you have a comment, a question, or are you just listening, or…

Suzanne: No, I’m hanging out listening, it’s good to know I can pop in a question if I need to, if that’s okay?

Lisa: Absolutely.

Suzanne: I’m processing a lot of information, I think that goes unsaid for a lot of us.

Lisa: It does, yes. (Laughing). Well, just mute yourself if you don’t mind, so we don’t pick up any background noise, and you can un-mute when you have a question.

Suzanne: Okay, if I have –

Lisa: If I get too many people on the line I may have to mute you because it just doesn’t handle too many open mics at one time but, we’ll see how it goes.

Suzanne: If you don’t mind, because I don’t know how to do it, and I can’t get you up online, so that’s why I had to call in, was just to hear the program, because I can’t get it to function on the computer, sorry.

Barbara: And Lisa, she can just raise her hand by hitting #1 at any time on her phone.

Lisa: Oh, okay, you do that.

Suzanne: Yep.

Lisa: Okay, and area code 215? Area code 215?

Caller 215: Yeah, that’s me, no questions at this time, this is Derek. Hey, Bob.

Bob: Hey, how you doing Derek, I’m glad you finally made it on the show.

Derek: Yeah, only by phone. Computer… there’s something wrong with it.

Lisa: Okay, Derek, same for you darling, if you’d like to…if you have a question, just hit #1, otherwise, I’ll mute you.

Derek: Okay not a problem, thank you.

Lisa: Okay. And, we’ve got area code 479.

Caller 479: Oh, that’s me.

Lisa: Who’s “me?”

Sarah: Hi this is Sarah, I’m in Arkansas, and I did not realize that… I didn’t push #1, so I don’t have my hand up, and I also could not get you on the computer, so I called in so I could hear the show. It’s not functioning when you go to Blogtalk and click on, it doesn’t come through on the computer.

Lisa: Well that’s interesting.

Bob: I had that same problem but when I refreshed, it worked.

Sarah: Interesting. Well, I just called in and I thought I’ll just listen, because the thing said, well if you want to ask a question push #1. But I don’t have a question – well, sure I’ve got lots of questions, but that’s I mean,..

Barbara: Well, we like to surprise people now and again Sarah, so we just push the button, you know, just to see who’s on the call and mess with your head a little bit.


Lisa: And we’re also expecting D to call in, and possibly Brian Kelly and a few others, so I’m just making sure I’m not leaving them hanging there. So I will mute you and if you do want to pipe in, just press #1.

Sarah: Well, while you’ve got me on, let me just – I think you answered my question a moment ago saying that all the information is not in yet, and that was, I think, the simple fact that it’s not all in yet I think is what’s causing a lot of angst for a lot of people, including me. Because I get… I’m hearing bits and pieces of do this, and don’t do that, and this is not necessary, and yes it is, and you know, there’s a swarm of you know… stuff, that people are trying to sort out that needs to be addressed by somebody in the know, besides, you know, the all of us trying to guess.

Lisa: Yep, yes.

Sarah: Because there’s a flurry building, I can feel it and I’m in it, and I’m… and I’m just as confused as anybody, and, I am under the impression that the biggie has been done, and it’s just a matter of letting people…getting the masses to understand this, for one thing, sounds monumental to me. And if that’s what we’re waiting on with no other information offered…, then we’re going to be waiting a long, long time. But I’m hoping that there is more information coming that’s going to jump start that next phase which I sincerely hope is on the way.

Lisa: Yes. There is more information coming, absolutely.

Sarah: Good, good.

Lisa: It keeps coming. And I think the reason why there’s a lot of confusion out there is because, you know, a solution was presented and everybody jumped on it.

Sarah: Exactly.

Lisa: And tried to… ah, I guess, do what they’ve done in the past, with previous attempts at this kind of thing, you know, adopt…

Sarah: And there is, there are several different layers of things going on at the same time also that are confusing people and I see multiple layers myself where I can see this one’s partially true, but you put another one on top of that and it wiped that out and changes it. And you know, it’s like all relative to time, it’s relative to the position of what’s bigger than the other things, and all of it’s true from a certain perspective, but you change that and it gets real complex and real confusing. So, I’m really looking forward to some clarity, and you know, something pretty quick because I know there’s a lot of people out there hurting. And if they just knew that, you know, two months from now everything’s going to be okay.

Lisa: Yeah, I know. I know.

Sarah: …or six months, or whatever you know it is. Or some kind of general, ballpark guess, as to keep people from waiting for tomorrow, for goodness’ sake, because it’s not going to happen tomorrow.

(Several talking at once)

Lisa: I’m just going to mute you Sarah, and I’ll bring Bob out.

Sarah: Okay.

Bob: Well, I want to talk to Sarah a little bit. Sarah, are you there?

Lisa: Hang on Bob, I just – yes, she’s there.

Sarah: Yes, I’m here.

Bob: Okay. Sarah, what is it that you do? For a living, what is it that you would love to do?

Sarah: Well…

Bob: When you get this freedom to do what you love to do?

Sarah: I’m doing it right now Bob… and I’ve been doing it for three years. I unplugged from that system. I said, this is a beast and I refuse to feed it anymore. And if I can do it, somebody else can do it, and it has to start somewhere. I don’t mind being the first one, and I will jump out there, I will jump off that cliff and wait for the angels to come pick me up. Because you don’t see the angels until after you jump off.

Bob: That’s right.

Sarah: And I have seen those angels. And I have been just floating, for three years, with no income. I used to work in a corporate job, in a decent job, but it was still slave, and I said you know, it was still corporate and still the Nazi programmed systems, I’m on my soapbox now, but…

Bob: So what…

Sarah: I unplugged from all that. I unplugged.

Bob: What was it that motivated you to leave all of that behind?

Sarah: I… it was the truth burning inside of me.

Bob: There ya go.

Sarah: But I had… that I knew all along, I have been a seeker for 25 years, I’ve been awake most of my life, I’m 61 now, and I have…

Bob: And I imagine your life has changed dramatically since you made that choice.

Sarah: Well, it’s changed certainly, but what happened was… I lost all of my, I lost my house to foreclosure, I lost everything in it because whatever I could salvage I sold for food. I lost all of my family including, like I was literally looking at homelessness, and I went to my mother to see if I could store my stuff… what was left of it, in her garage, and she’s like 97 years old with a four bedroom house that’s empty and needed someone there to oversee her, and she looked me in the face and said, “You’re crazy. I don’t like you and I don’t want you living here.” And that was the biggest bomb I’ve ever had dropped on me, and I said, okay, by God, if I can live through that, there ain’t nothin’ that can put me down.

Bob: So okay…

Sarah: …and I’ve just been going ever since on faith, and every month it’s been different. But I have never gone hungry, I have had a roof over my head, and I do have a very, very strong positive angel that came into my life shortly before that, which was a bizarre thing in itself.

Bob: Okay, Sarah, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about… and this is for everyone, not just Sarah.

Sarah: Right, right, I’m…

Bob: All of us, all of us have over this period of time, all of us have been motivated to take action. Because we recognized that something was wrong. Something was not right with the way the world was going, and you felt the oppression of it. All of us are feeling the oppression of it. But I want to talk a little bit more about this BE’ingness and why it’s so important. Because Heather talks about this BE’ingness, and we talked about it on the show with Santos Bonacci a couple of days ago, but I want to expand upon that. When you’re BE’ing, when we’re talking about BE’ingness, we’re talking about the same thing that motivates people to leave their jobs. It’s about BE’ing true to yourself.

Sarah: Exactly.

Bob: Authenticity…your authenticity. And there’s so many things in our lives right now that prevent us from being ourselves, for BE’ing who we really are and who we want to BE. And that could be religious doctrine, it could be fear of judgment, it could be guilt. It could be aspects of ourselves that we look at as being negative, shameful or dark. And these things, they keep us from BE’ing what our authentic self is.

Because – when you’re BE’ing, and we’ve all talked about how to manifest on this show… the show is called the collective imagination… and it’s all about manifesting your reality and choosing what you want. But when, on the higher levels, creation doesn’t happen that way, it’s much simpler than that. On the higher levels, there is no need to create anything. Because when you are BE’ing authentically yourself, expressing yourself in your true BE’ingness… what it is that you are… what it is that you love to do… whatever it is that makes you, you. And that’s what everyone’s searching for and (inaudible) looking for some environment that will allow them to BE them; without judgment, without shame, without guilt, without excuses. But when you’re in that BE’ingness, there’s no need to make any intentions, there’s no need to even create them because everything that you need to support that BE-ingness is instantly there in front of you. (inaudible)

Right now we have a lot of people BE’ing something that they’re not. One of the things that you can understand is you ARE a billionaire. That information is there, even though the money is being held for you right now, you are a billionaire. And you are abundant, and you are free. You need to take some time to incorporate. Because it took me about a week because I don’t know how… incorporating those ideas into your BE’ingness, and when you start to recognize those facts, it will… it resonates out, because you are being true to yourself. You’re being your authentic self, and this is how all of it’s created, by people moving into their BE’ingness. And this may mean that you leave your job, it may mean that relationships will change, because certain things around you may prevent you from being authentic. And as we approach this change, as this vibration is being integrated into the earth and into the planet, and telepathy starts to get a little bit stronger, there’s no way that you can’t… everything’s going to be transparent. So there’s not going to be any more secrets. So the more you can move into your authenticity. Because I assure you, that if the universe did not need you here, you wouldn’t be here. You would not be here. And you wouldn’t be listening to these words if you were not part of the creation of what is manifesting here.

And so, everyone, you know – when Heather said that the powers that be have been held at bay, in other words, if there’s anything impending upon you, there is action that you can take, so that your home is not foreclosed on, so that these debt collectors will not impinge on you anymore, although the funding is not available and you may need help with establishing, but this is only a temporary thing because as this information starts to come out, and this disclosure… because it makes no sense, Sarah, to… to just give everybody a billion dollars without any instructions, without any guidelines, and especially without the disclosure of why this is happening. Because people need to understand all of that information, and this is the largest legal case in human history. so, there’s a lot of information to process.

You’re talking about, not just about the corruption in the financial, and in the judicial and governmental and social structures, but also you’re talking about our true history; where it is that humanity comes from and who it is you really are. And when you understand who it is that you really are; that you are a divine creator, you’re going to understand how important that BE’ingness is. So for everyone who is suffering and I understand that there’s lots of things that are still impending on people, we need to make that shift, that shift into understanding that, you know, all of this stuff is going away. There’s no point in me worrying about it. “I know that I’m free, I know that I’m abundant”. Then you take action from that state, not from the state of “Oh my God, what the hell am I going to do, I’m going to lose my house!” In that state of being, you are…that’s an uphill battle. But now there’s information there available for everyone, and it’s clear, and it’s perfected; that those powers that be are corrupt, and they are engaging in breach of trust against the people. And they have been terminated, foreclosed, ceased to exist, done. The resources are in the name of the people. Embody that! And once you start to embody those ideas, you will see the transformation happen faster. And I invite everyone to step into that BE’ingness, and that act of unconsciously creating, because there’s no need, because you’re being authentic. You’re doing what makes you happy, you’re feeling what makes you happy, what brings you joy and in that authenticity things manifest hundreds of times faster than doing it the old way. So everybody needs to process those things that prevent you from being your true self, that prevents you from stepping into your authenticity. And it’s very, very important, it’s extremely important and this is what Heather means, that there’s a lot more BE-ing that needs to be done.

Lisa: Well, thank you Guru Bob… that was brilliant.

Chris: Yes, beautiful.

Lisa: I think we’ve also got Lois and a couple of the others wanting to come out again. Before you do type in there, Chris, I’d like to just bring Lois out again. Lois, you there? Lois?

Barbara: I still see her… yes she’s there she was still muted.

Lois: I’m here.

Lisa: Oh, okay.

Lois: Can you hear me now?

Lisa: I can hear you now.

Lois: Oh great, great. I agree, the BE’ingness is very, very important. We have a lot of magnetic fields around us, and BE’ing in the positive, and BE’ing in the creation… like, I wake up every morning and say to myself, and you know what, all around this world there’s always morning, correct? When you wake up in the morning, “What am I going to create today? What do I want the world to BE?” it’s a real important question to me. What energies am I going to play with today? What energies am I going to notice today? Because we don’t really, we have to get into that realm of knowing that everything is alive, everything. Gold, silver, walls, chairs, everything has energy and when that magnetic fields are in a negative form, it’ll collapse on itself, it’ll destroy itself, so you don’t want to be in the negative. You want to be in the positive, and always creating, and knowing who you are, and knowing that… back to Prime, what Source, and he has free will also, what Source wanted for us and what Source created for us; that all has to go in, and has to come to your knowledge. And that all will come. Does that make sense?

Lisa: Yes, it does, absolutely, beautifully said. Now, Chris.

Chris: Yeah, I just wanted to add a few comments to Bob’s train of thought; is that this event will happen when we’re ready for it. The conversations that we’re having on this show, the conversations you’re having with your friends, the energy that’s generating, is what will actually bring the next event to fruition. And this is exactly what Bob and Heather are talking about… embodying what it will take to live in that realm will create that realm.

The process of creation is ours and it always was, and understanding that and accepting that is step one, and then actually taking that space and BE’ing there, well that’s what’ll get us over the line. And as we were at the start of the show looking backwards and saying “Wow you know a year ago we were different people,” and we lived through a whole year of expectation and speculation, and a lot of positivity, actually, as the year went on. That positivity is what I think resulted in The People’s Trust being able to move forward behind the scenes to the point where they could eventually complete this part of the work, and put the filings up. And as a result of that, it’s generated a whole new level of energy, a whole new level of awareness, and we’re moving forward now to an even bigger event which is the public recognition, the actual public launch, if you like, of this information into the main sphere of the body of the planet. And we’re the people who are actually generating the energy to allow Heather and her co-workers to do the work in the background to move this to the next step. And I know it’s really frustrating because people have problems now, and the filings themselves can be used now to deflect and delay, and in some cases will just stop dead, things going on in court and around you. But the real work is really us just knowing that information, because that knowing, that knowledge is what’s going to get us there. And I thank Sarah for calling in because this is a subject that we really needed to get into straight away, and we did.

Lisa: Yeah we did (laughing). And you know, we talk about how to spread the word, or how people are going to wake up and the documents themselves actually do that on a number of levels. You can’t read those documents and see the solution without having to then understand and recognize what the problem was. And for those documents to make sense, you need to understand the back story. They also work, I found, on a number of levels, including a sort of higher-dimensional level where you need to raise your own vibration to even understand them. So they’re even a spiritual tool. And just sharing those documents, print out copies if you have to and leave them lying around for people to read. That in itself is a huge process for people to go through and one that will bring them up to speed pretty quickly. But they are a tool… they’re a great tool. Just as there have been many tools over the years that have helped us get to where we are now. You know, these are a fabulous tool, with or without filing paperwork, with or without going to the UCC and filing your own documents. The ones that are there are a brilliant tool of awakening. And I do want to bring out 828 just in case it’s D. Area code 828?


Lisa: Are you there? Hello? No, okay. We do have someone else, Stephan. Stephan, are you there?


Lisa: Sounds like connection issues, actually.

Lois: Lisa, could I bring out one of the greatest tools ever?

Lisa: Yes.

Lois: The greatest tool that anyone has lays within themselves. If you have questions, or you want answers, all you have to do is be quiet, go within yourself and ask, and this beautiful thought and answer will come across to you. That’s the greatest tool you have because it’s the direct connection to Source.

Lisa: It is, absolutely…absolutely. And we’ve been playing with different techniques for enhancing and practicing, you know, and having fun with things like telepathy. Bob, you want to share what you’ve been doing lately?

Bob: Well, what I’ve been doing is I’ve been sending mental text messages. I just imagine sending a text message, whatever message it is that I want, into whomever it is that I want and I mentally hit ‘send’, and I know that they’re going to receive it, just like if I had sent it for real. And I just did it, just what, oh, about an hour ago, Chris, and I sent a text message to my friend mentally, to please go on Skype and within ten seconds, he came on.

Lisa: (Laughing)

Chris: Yeah, that happened when we were talking.

Lisa: It’s good fun.

Barbara: It is good fun. I love that.

Lisa: Now, we’ve also got area code 661. Area code 661? If you are in the queue and you think it might be you, just say hello.

Heather: Hello? This is Heather.

(Several speaking at once)

Lisa: Heather, well welcome.

Heather: I’m calling from Skype, so I have no idea what the area code is.

Lisa: Well, welcome aboard!

Heather: Thank you.

Lois: Hi, sweetie!

Heather: Hi! I heard one of your callers was asking about timing, regarding the financial system, and just when I was going to hop on to assist at least with that question, my whole internet crashed. So I’m not sure if that is you know, certain groups that don’t really want that question answered, or if it that was me, and my energy.

Lisa: (Laughs) Well, do you want to give it a go now?

Heather: Yeah, that would be great. I guess the best way to put it is in context of another situation where the answers were all visible, and it was a matter of the collective conscience, the people, wanting that answer to be visible. There was a situation more in the medical field where, I don’t know if you guys have heard of Zeolites, when the volcanos go off, the lava goes down and it creates Zeolites. Well, these Zeolites, they’ve been able to empty them out and use them… and put them into the body so that they can capture all of the toxins in the body naturally. So it’s like a natural chelation therapy session. And so I’m sitting with, one of their, they have a pyramid-type structure, and this jubilee diamond, whatever, a very high-up woman, and I were talking about the humanitarian side of things, and the ability to make sure this wonderful product, natural product, gets out to all the people. And I did a lot of research on it so I could assist them in figuring out how best to get this out for everyone and make it so those that had the ability to buy the product were also helping those that didn’t have the ability to buy the product. And as I was going through the research, I found that actually the Zeolites were helping get rid of all the cancer toxins, the cancer cells, they were actually transmuting the cancer cells, as well as some other type of scientific research having to do with mercury poisoning and aluminium poisoning, and everything else, well, they brought the chemist over to meet with me, as well as the vice president of this company, which was doing really, really well, and I gave them the structure of how to do the financial side of it so that everyone on the planet would have access to it. And they told me, “You know what, Heather, we went to a marathon”. One of the…the one with the pink bows. I can’t remember the name of it, Susanne…

Lisa: Like a breast cancer support one.

Heather: Right, well yeah. It’s a huge marathon that people know about globally now. And so, they were saying that they set up a booth to explain this to everyone, and they actually got physically attacked by those that were running in the marathon. And what they explained to me was, if the people are not ready for a cure, then the system that actually knows the cure exists, meaning the breast cancer research societies and the American Health Association and everyone else, they’re going to use that illusion…that deception… to get the people to discredit the data.

So basically they were telling me, they’re out there explaining to everyone, “Hey there’s a cure for cancer”, and nobody wanted to hear it. And the directors of the actual marathon were… you know they had some people down there because they knew they were going to be there, they had people from the American Health Association down there monitoring the situation but the people took care of it, they said. The people actually went in and beat these guys up, kicked their table over and everything else. So the American Cancer Association and the American Medical Association realize they don’t have anything to worry about.

So I’m sitting here listening to these people about the financial system, I have a lot of people come forward and say we have a solution and these ideas are really great, and I hesitate to even explore them or make them known at this point because people are still focused on the representation that the slavery systems want you to be focused on. One is gold. From my understanding this is a 5D show, where people are a little bit more in tuned, possibly with higher energies, a more spiritual side of things. And my question is, have they seriously, consciously thought about gold as an energy?

Lisa: Well, that’s one of the things I wanted to bring up today too, is to introduce the concept of connecting with and communicating with and co-creating with the energy of, all sorts of things, including gold, including the consciousness of the information that is held within the Vatican, including the consciousness of the information that has been kept hidden from us in regards to our history, all of it.

(Several talking at once)

Lisa: So yes.

Heather: It’s important for that information to come out. For people who get it to start asking those questions, not telling the people what it is, but asking the questions. Just saying, “Hey, have you thought about this?” And then helping them through exercises like that; looking at the energy fields of everything.

Lisa: Yeah, we’ve worked a lot with energy over the course of the history of this show, and we’ve had a lot of fun with it, and we’ve connected with the energy of the world around us in many and varied ways. And, so you’re saying that the people are still attached to the representation, whether it’s cash money, paper money, coin, or gold, it all represents energy, so…we go straight to the Source…

Heather: Yeah, if I were to tell you that the Prime of all value is energy, and yet you have the bankers over here saying, “no, no, no, no, the value is the gold, or the silver, or the paper,” and yet you look over there and you can actually see the energy fields of those items. And you recognize that they’re the same energy fields that you are, it just hasn’t been recognized. At that point, you know, if you want to take the Prime of energy and co-create with it, recognize it just as you want to be recognized as energy yourself, and valuable, then you have to make a choice. If the data reveals there is energy fields of the precious metals, any kind of metals that they’re using in these monetary slavery systems, I would have to ask myself at that point, “Okay, with this data, am I, by focusing on the gold and saying my gold, our gold, am I creating or am I participating in a slavery of another energy field?” And it’s just something to consider because that’s exactly some of the data that I question whether people are even ready for.

You know, we can take it all the back to Prime energy, we already did. That’s one of the things OPPT did. Now, going in and saying to the people here’s your choice, “Do you want to co-create with these metals, with these energy fields, or so you want to own them?” Right now, all the energy fields are within the protection and the guard of OPPT. But when you look at that data, does that data actually affect someone’s answer as to how they want to move into a new financial system? Because you can have one that is based on Prime of energy, and just do a digital system, or you can go in and say “no, I want the actual gold, I want the physical gold sitting in my vault”, but at the same time, if it’s an energy field and you’re practicing basically something that we didn’t want practiced against ourselves, so it sort of takes that whole question – it makes people think consciously, make a conscious choice, but you gotta have all the absolute data to be able to make a conscious and informed decision. And that’s the process we’re going through right now. Otherwise, we would have already instituted the new financial system. At this point, I’m just sort of waiting for the people…not waiting, you guys are DO’ing and you’re BE’ing, I guess I’m just waiting to see which choice you guys want to make, but, then again, it’s a matter of the data coming out.

So the financial systems are there. They’re already there, they’re ready to go, it’s just a matter of which choice the people are going to want to make.

Lisa: Well how do we…

Heather: Does that make any sense to you?

Lisa: Yes it does, and I love it. My question to you is, how do you then recognize, or how does anybody recognize, what choice we’re making?

Heather: Well, that’s why I started to talk about this, it’s funny that every time I talk about St. Germaine and that trust, all of a sudden all my lines go garbled, and nobody can hear what I’m saying.

Lisa: (Laughs). We’ll we’ve got you loud and clear for now.

Heather: So, you know, that’s what I was trying to explain was, there are certain folks that know that gold is living energy fields… that silver is a living energy field. And basically, the how-to guide on accessing that particular energy field is by raising your own energy field to that one. That energy field of gold and silver and precious metals are being pressed down as well, just like the people. So you really don’t have to climb up too high, do you?

Lisa: No.

Heather: And, what we recognized was go in and secure, whether the people know it’s a living energy or not, we went in and secured it back to Prime, and at this time it’s a matter of, “do the people choose to let that gold and silver and precious metals, to recognize them as living energy and let them be free, and use a digital system to account for the value?” Because the value is really just energy, but the people still need to know how to work that energy field, and create. And it’s a matter of people wanting to know how to get a burger on their plate, a tank of gas in their car, and a bag of bread in their breadbox, if you are able to manifest those without having to use gold and silver, then what’s the point of gold and silver?

Lisa: Yeah.

Heather: Okay, so this how-to book basically is, let’s say the data shows St. Germaine and all the rest had the information to tell you guys how to access it all along, the education material, and they’re working closely with the Pentagon or other… the international equivalents, which actually managed the education system to the people. With that data, I would sit there and kind of question well, “why hasn’t it been done?” So it’s really a matter of all these self-interest and special-interest being ferreted out.

Lisa: Yeah.

Heather: You know, who’s operating at a pure level of energy? Who really has the interests of the highest good of all in their intent? And the gold exercise, as hokey-pokey, or funny that it seemed to anyone, that exercise is an actual event.

Lisa: That was beautiful, and I think that’s what triggered a lot of the conversation around the consciousness of things, in general, and questioned… it did start a lot of conversations around the idea of do we even need these representations anymore, can’t we just go back to Prime. And it’s a conversation that absolutely has to happen, and has to happen on a wide scale.

Heather: You know, we could’ve gone in a long time ago and just freed all of that energy. However, to get this into people’s consciousness and have them make a conscious choice, I felt was very, very important.

Lisa: Yeah. It is.

Heather: So, that’s where we are right now. That gold exercise is actually an actual event. And when I released it, it was to bring the energy fields into everyone’s consciousness, but it was also a notice over to St. Germaine and the rest of what was about to happen.

Chris: So Heather, it’s Chris here, good day to you, hope you’re well.

Heather: Hi, Chris.

Chris: Just to clarify, specifically what you’re trying to say was that at the moment, you’re really waiting for us to make a decision between a system where we recognize that we and our energy are the value in the system and develop from there accordingly, or whether we want to stick to a representation of value which would be to say, “okay, gold is our standard for exchange of energy”, because I have to assume that people listening to this show realize that the exchange of money in our system is actually a representation of an exchange of energy, that’s really what’s going on, just as the Strawman is a representation of a state of BE’ing; which is another manipulation that we’re having. So, if we can get to that decision point, through the release of the absolute data so that people really are equipped to make a decision, then we move on.

(Several people talking at once)

Lisa: No, go ahead, Heather.

Heather: My greatest concern was this. If people were unconscious about the energy fields of the gold, and let’s say, they say “no, no, I want our gold, we’re going to have this backed-up system based on precious metals”, you know if you co-create with those energy fields, they’ll do it because you asked them to, and through a unified love grid system. Some people call it the crystalline grid, I just call it the grid, and they would actually absolutely participate, they want to have fun. They’ve been so bogged down with the same shackles everyone else has, yeah, the shackles may be around a different body part, or a different being or form, but they’re still there. So, my concern was this: If we went out and released all of this, precious metals and everything else, people wouldn’t… they’d miss the point. And I wouldn’t want them to foreclose on themselves because they didn’t have all the data. This is an energetic issue. This is a magnetic issue.

(Several talking at once).

Chris: Sorry, sorry, I’ll just finish and complete my thought. What I was really getting to is that we could go to a system direct from where we are, a system where there is no money; just recognized energy exchange. You know, the ultimate barter system.

Heather: Yeah, I mean, we could actually…there’s a, you can do digital, and it’s backed by the Prime energy, which is a truer, more accurate, and leaves less room for any jokesters, that would be the most adaptable to bridging that old paradigm and the new paradigm. The NOW paradigm. As far as…

Chris: So you take the gold entirely out of the equation as far as being a representation of value.

Heather: As far as being a representation of value, yes. However, the gold and the energy fields of gold, silver, all the precious metals, anything, any energy right now, is so willing to co-create and they’re so excited about the opportunity to co-create. But then again, if you have an unconscious body that doesn’t see them as energy, you know, how does that actually work? So, if you go in and you bridge that need, and I hate the word ‘need’, but then again, the word ‘hate’ is not even energetically speaking in line with the NOW, if you look at what people are expecting… they’re expecting something that is not too far from what they’ve been enslaved with, as far as too much data overwhelming them and everything else, but they also want something that resonates inside.

Lisa: Yeah, I think you both have expressed what my concerns have been with the idea of having any form of representation of the energy, is that there’s always the chance, perhaps, that that representation will always end up going back to being accumulated in one spot again, you know by perhaps people who don’t have the collective best interests in mind. And there are quotes throughout history of people saying, “we could split all the money in the world equally amongst everybody and within five years we’d have it all back”. You know, that one percent would have it all back because they know how to do that, they’ve known how to do that, and the information and the level of consciousness that goes with that hasn’t been dished out at the same time. So, if there are no representations, then there is no, very little as far as I can tell, ability for corruption.

Heather: Well, if you go and recognize everyone’s value is their energy.

Lisa: Yes.

Heather: Everyone is more than the sum of what they’ve produced, they are everything that they are just BE’ing. So all these great people, I work a lot with these DARPA boys, we call them DARPA boys, they worked for DARPA, all of their inventions that they pulled down from the aethers, because most of them are very, very spiritual… and they will tell you that they ran off because all of those that they created for the highest good of all, for everyone, to benefit from, got buried, stolen, or otherwise just taken. And at this point it’s a matter of recognizing everyone’s energy. Anyone can go create, it doesn’t have to be some Einstein or DARPA-type of project, it could be as far as creating a community…such as what you guys allow me to be a part of every day…at this point, and watching that energy just manifest and opportunity finds and manifests visibly for everyone to experience and then implement as they choose. So creation, and co-creation… we are the value, so if you have a digital system that recognizes that and makes it so that you can actually show a paper trail so to speak, of the exchange of energy, until at some point, you no longer even need that, because it’s just a straight-on exchange. The record is in the energy pattern itself.

Lisa: Yeah, I’m with you… understood.

Chris: It’s like we’re entering into a whole new game. This is a whole new game. And I guess if we don’t have the instructions on how to play, there’s no point in playing.

Heather: (Laughs). See, that’s the point. When I tell you guys you have no idea how much your BE’ing and your DO’ing impacts and has an effect because that was the one thing, in all my travels and all my experiences that all the ‘powers that were’ on this planet were very, very wary of, was the people figuring out the power that they had. So, there’s a lot of different types of implementation that we can do on the financial system, all the way from slavery to the more pure form of Prime energy and acknowledging, honoring integrity of Prime. But it’s a matter of, do I introduce all those because right now the people are in such a hurting position because of the old slavery system, there’s no fun in them. There is no energy that is unshackled at this point in some of them. So, meeting people like Lisa and you Chris and D and AK (American Kabuki)… and all these guys, Kauilapele is the energy watching you guys… and watching it just unshackle. When that happens you’re able to assist others as well. Your Blogtalk radio shows, your blogs, your emails… all of that is helping and assisting people and I don’t know if people recognize what that energy really is.


Bob: I think this audience does.

Heather: Right, well that’s one reason why it’s probably the first time we’ve had an uninterrupted, un-garbled session, being able to talk about these things and I appreciate all the energy, all the people that are listening, or that are on the line that are putting out because this is really the first time the Public Trust has discussed this on a public level.

Lisa: Well, we are very honored.

Chris: We are indeed. One of the realizations that I actually came to was actually speaking with J T McBride from Divine Province, was that the things that we do to represent these concepts, when we put them on paper. At the moment we put them on paper simply because we have to speak to the existing system on paper – that’s what it requires and we don’t actually need the paper if we’re making a decision about who we are and how we’re going to be. If we’ve made it, that’s it, the bit of paper is just to notify these other guys who want to do it a different way; that you’re no longer going to be their little slave.

In the same way we don’t need to use gold. We don’t really even need agreements on government, if we all had this understanding and thought about life the way that… I hope everybody would think about life… then we could simply BE. There would not be a necessity for rules because everyone would respect everyone else’s sovereignty. And this is where ultimately we’d like to end up with. But, back, back in the current situation for the mainstream the thought is so controlled and contrived and what I’m looking forward to is the release of absolute data, as you put it, and whatever happens after. I know it’s not going to be easy and I know it’s not going to be, you know… a thrilling experience for a lot of people to find out that level of truth. But it needs to be done.

Heather: Right. No it’s like you said, if you look at our filings, especially the Notice of Declaration of Fact – you said something very key that, it’s just a matter of thought, a matter of action, and putting it on paper just enters it into the systems. Basically that have all been foreclosed on now… and when you look at our paperwork that is absolutely recognized.

When you enter something into Law Ordinance… Law Ordinance is creation – the laws of creation… and then you have Universal Law Ordinance and you notice that by action. And then all we did was take all of that… that already exists… that always is, and entered into what we call International Law Ordinance, which includes all of these states and nations and everything we just foreclosed on. So it is a matter of energy; bringing it into the different levels.

Most people don’t think beyond international for the collective conscious; although they’re starting to move things to all the holding of the space by you guys and your listeners. Holding that space of understanding, we are much more than just our bodies, we are much more than just this planet and there’s a greater going on here, a greater BE’ing going on. So, the Public Trust is not ignorant to those things, in fact they are very much a part of everything we did. That was the reason we were able to take it back to Prime… but then again, a matter of just being open to recognizing Prime right?

Chris: Yeah, well the incredible thing you’ve done Heather, is actually make that connection between a real physical, what we would call legal or lawful system on this planet, and merging it with Source. It’s just quite extraordinary how that actually works. We were actually talking about this after the show last…or a couple of days ago… it’s a bit hard to remember now; that it was obvious from various parts of the filings that there’s been a connection made into universal law. It’s not just Uniform Commercial Code on planet earth… it’s Universal Law now… and whilst it appears to be just another detail in the documents, it’s actually probably THE most important thing in there.

Heather: Yeah, well people were thinking the UCC is just planetary, and when the absolute data is on the table, one will have the opportunity to see that the UCC is actually something universal, that was brought here and that there’s this incredible harvesting going on and being taken out. And one thing that, that’s why I say, the powers that were on this planet really are just brokers, ‘cos they are. There’s something much bigger – that’s why I call him the ‘Wizard Behind the Curtain’. And if you understand, if you can even just accept the possibility that the UCC was not just here on this planet… that was actually brought onto this planet as a harvesting tool; it changes, sort of the perspective when you’re looking at the data right?

Chris: Oh yes.

Lisa: Hell yeah! (Laughter).

Heather: So, we went in specifically to go get the ‘Wizard Behind the Curtain’ but you gotta go step by step and make sure that you’re backtracking as it is bound to shut them down and one thing that those powers that were, in all their multi-dimensionality, never considered was Source implementing and exercising free will choice. They all expected free will choice for themselves… they all expected and commandeered and managed the free will choice of everyone else… but they never, ever considered for one moment Source exercising Source’s free will.

Chris: In allowing this connection to be made and brought to us.

Heather: Exactly. Exactly. They recognize it and that’s one reason I’m going gently, but at the same time consistently and firmly. The Public Trust is moving in exactly the way it needs to move in order to make sure that… I call them ‘the divine’ – actually I call them what they call themselves ‘the divine’. For me if something is divine there’s something else has to not be divine in order to support that position. When you reconcile both of those, all of a sudden it’s absolute. You have the Ying and the Yang living in harmony, so if Source’s free will choice is, that everything and everyone is absolute, equal, all of one… and that’s what we pulled down, that’s what we pulled down, that’s what we entered into… we registered Prime, so all multi-dimensions understand and know.
Now when we first started out… I mean people would just laugh that off. A lot of people aren’t ready for that, however the ones at the top, the ‘Big Dog’, the ‘Wizard Behind the Curtain’, the Pentagon, the high wealth, attorneys… they all know this. At some degree they all know this and they’re going to be the first one to start with discrediting this information.

So what we’ve done is gone in and made sure that we guard over here… is absolutely how we need to guard, but at the same time making sure the data is flowing constantly but in such a manner where people can absorb it; because so much has been done to the people, have been done to the energy fields and everything around them. There’s a lot of healing that needs to go on and the healing starts with BE’ing and DO’ing. That’s why I say it’s so important for everyone to BE and DO and you guys are DO’ing it. Love it!

Lisa: Do you think we’re at the point where the Band-Aid needs to be ripped off… and?

Heather: You guys tell me.

Lisa: Sorry.

Heather: You guys tell me. Listeners, tell me!

(All talking at once).

Heather: We can rip the bandages off, but is that going to be in the highest good of all?

Chris: Well, that’s a pivotal question…(laughter) …absolutely pivotal. My feeling is that there is a very large number of people on the planet who are moving to the level of knowledge that this audience has just moved to now… and that if, if we’re not quite ready at this moment, there will be enough of us.

See my… the reason I’m making this comment is simply this; that the reactions that will come from introducing absolute data to the population are going to be tinged with a fear reaction because of the programming that’s been taken place. And the mitigating factors that we have to correct that and make the whole thing work for us in a positive fashion is, that there is a very large group of people who are aware enough to assist those around them through the process in a positive fashion. At the same time there’s a very large group of lightworkers who can do the same thing energetically in the background. And if we’re not there at this moment, I think we’re not far off it Heather.

Heather: Well and that’s sort of the energy that I was getting. I Skyped Lisa and the rest today saying I’m watching all these energy fields and getting these communications from Italy and Australia and other places and a lot of questions regarding CVAC. I feel this data that usually comes on…on the table and it highlights for me and then that data tells me what to focus on. So, it’s a really great tool that I use that really is helpful, it lets me go through basically the same amount of data that people would go through in a year… I can go through in a very short period of time. So when I’m sitting here looking at all this data, the CVAC is really popping out because you guys want it to pop out. You want to know the tools of how to implement… you want to know what can we do? I said today how much fun do we all want to have? Because the questions you’re posing here, I believe everyone is ready because all I see are the eternal hearts that are embodied in each and every being. That’s all I see... and all of those eternal hearts already agreed the end game before the game even started. So…

Chris: Yeah, well what we’re finding in our conversations is that we’ve stopped talking about the powers that were – we really have. What we’re talking about is what comes next and how to really get that conversation started. I mean, I’ve got a, later on in the show, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in this show because they’ve been just like the last couple of weeks have been quite unpredictable. I have a whole bunch of aspects of CVAC that we could begin discussing as and when we want to, but with the added understanding from the last week that it’s only just an option that you’ve created which… is a placeholder for us to take a breather and get our level of knowledge up and it doesn’t have to be the absolute structure. I think it’s a fantastic structure myself, and I think it’s something we should build on, but I’m thinking that we’re already looking forward, like the past is done and we just need the rest of the planet to catch up to that place… and ask me personally I’d say rip the Band-Aid off. But I can only speak for me!

(All speaking excitedly at once).

Heather: Go ahead.

Bob: No, I was just gonna say that I think that a lot of what I’ll call ‘way showers’, ‘star seeds’, the people who have spent their whole lives developing and coming to this point of awareness are ready and they’ve been ready for some time and they’re like… “Just give us the means and let us do what we do and we’ll do it”.

Heather: Okay.

Bob: But a lot of them are feeling limited in what they can do. A lot of people have projects and ideas that they want to get off the ground and they’re mentally, spiritually and physically ready to do the work, but financially they’re encumbered and they can’t. There’s this level of frustration and perhaps that’s that building of critical mass, I don’t know. But there’s this level of frustration that’s building and building, I feel. Like Lisa had once said “We’re pressing up against the edge of the bubble and please just let us out and do what we do”.

Lisa: Someone just said it… only once the bandage is removed can the wound start to heal. And there may be many people who are shocked, but I think that process, once it’s out and it’s out and it’s in the open and you have the opportunity to look at it, it’s a lot easier to heal than just having that knowing in the back of your mind that maybe you don’t want to look at it, but you just know something’s really, really wrong. And even if you’re confronted with what that is, even though it’s horrifying at times and it’s saddening at times… as it can be… that’s where you have to start in order to do the healing process. Sorry Heather, go on.

Brian: Lisa, can I jump in real quick? It’s Brian.

Lisa: Hey Brian! Yes, of course.

Brian: Hello everyone (laughter).

All: Hi Brian.

Brian: I’ve been listening in for the last twenty or so minutes and trying to catch up – it looks like you’ve covered everybody’s, covered a whole lot of ground so far already. (Laughter). But on the whole Band-Aid ripping off thing, I think I mentioned it the other night… and I agree and I think that an important thing to note here is that consciousness has evolved so much over the course of the last few years, right? So at an aether level, we sit here and we talk about people being ready and not being ready and the honest truth is… yeah there’s a lot of people out there that if the ball dropped right now it would catch them off guard… but I think that on a much deeper level, the people, whether they’re consciously aware of it or not, are much more ready for this absolute data to come out now than they once were; because they’ve been preparing for it subconsciously and unconsciously for so long.

Lisa: That’s why they’re here.

Brian: That’s why they’re here! So when that Band-Aid does get ripped off… and you all know I’m of the opinion that let’s just rip that ‘bad-boy’ off and deal with whatever we want to call it; potentially being collateral damage that will subside so much faster now than it once would have. So, absolute data, we call it absolute data because it has to be absolute, anything less than absolute data is partial data which means it’s not absolute data. So I agree with what Bob and Chris said and Lisa… what you just said; is that there’s enough of us that are awake and aware at this point.
Especially since September 11. September 11 2001 was a big one, right? Because it’s not just your conspiracy theorists that believe that that was an inside job any more. There’s people… I don’t even know how many hits there are on that ‘Loose change’ video and all the documentaries about… from the organizations, the contractors organizations that have showed us that it’s absolutely impossible what happened for September 11. That data is out there and if there’s a proper re-education process that’s in place, that has enough factual evidence to support that this stuff that’s coming out is real… and you gotta assume at this point that when absolute data comes out there’s going to be the mechanisms that are gonna support it to help people understand we’re talking about reality here and not some pipe dream; because when I think of absolute data I think global and everybody… and it’s out there for everybody to see once and for all.

Lisa: Mmm. (In agreement).

Brian: And, the conversation that we started when this all started around the 25, 26, 27th (December 2012), you know I was thinking about the questions that I first wanted to ask Heather in our first conversation and those questions that I had have evolved multiple cycles since then and that was only a month ago!

Lisa: (Laughter).

Brian: And everyone was talking about the MONEY… and how much does everybody GET and now we’re talking… I mean this is much more spiritual, universal in nature…. how do we get to a point where everybody can co-cooperate where we don’t need the money anymore. And the post that came out on ‘Removing the Shackles’ for everybody whose coming up with all these amazing ideas… for how do we work collaboratively and in unity… that all happened in the course of one month!

Lois: And Heather, what I’m getting from Source is that the Band-Aid is limiting and these need to come off where the energy can start healing, so I agree with everybody. The Band-Aid has to come off now!

Lisa: You know I’m having a giggle to myself, sorry, I can’t help thinking about the idea of someone thinking… “Oh you know, the Collective Imagination’s got a lawyer on the show (laughter) and tuning into this and hearing you talk and just go “Okay, so who’s the spiritual guru?”

Brian: We call Lois mum by the way, and whose job is it to rip the Band-Aid off anyways – that’s mum’s job!

Chris: Don’t make mummy ask you twice.

Lois: Yeah, it needs to come off, it’s time for it to come off.

(Talking at once).

Heather: (Garbled).

Lois: What honey?

Lisa: Sorry, say that again.

Heather: That’s where all the data is highlighting right now and that’s why this morning I asked in the Skype room, how much fun do you guys choose to have? Because I’ve got Italy whose ready to hold elections on their CVAC you have Australia that’s asking, I’ve had Sine and other people offering to take positions in a CVAC, and so what I would like to do and what I propose to every listener, to every person on this planet is, let’s get some kind of technology together, because I’m not a wizard, in the techie side. But let’s get the people together and just say okay here’s the framework… and I can explain this is how the framework works; meaning it’s just a safe harbor… now all you beautiful people bring all your talent and all your energy in and let’s get this thing working and moving. We have Caleb who is a wonderful code writer; who can do all the code writing, because there’s a lot of code writing for the financial systems. So if we pull them all together your CVACs are up and running within about a two week period.

Lisa: Wow!

Heather: You can exchange value for value for a bag of bread, for gardening, and whatever it maybe, even up to a car. It just depends on how the spiritual vendors so to speak, the ones that are in the slavery system from before – a lot of them are very spiritual and they want to see a different system. So all of a sudden you have these products that you think that are not obtainable; whether it’s a car, whether it’s energy. Whether, and what I mean by energy is for your house… until you guys figure out, and we all figure out, how to light our houses within ourselves… there are certain things that people need. And what I’d like to make it is so they don’t need them – they have them.

Lisa: My Skype’s going off – with people sending me messages who are obviously listening to the show that are going “yes, yes, yes!”

Heather: Alright, let’s do it then!

Lisa: So what you’ve just said is very much in alignment with what I’m doing, because one of the things we’ve done is registered the ‘OPPT IN’ website and the whole purpose of that was to put a description of CVACs – a very succinct description of the CVACs – up there and actually have people come there and actually like vote for… “Yes, I want the CVAC for my country, or my region or whatever, activated now”. So that we could get an idea of figures and get an idea of how much this information is spreading and for people to put their hand up to want to be a part of it…you know, be one of the public servants involved. So if I can talk to Caleb maybe we can get that happening a lot quicker.

Heather: Yeah, I mean, let’s go in there. I know the CVAC it’s got no geographical bounds; because the people don’t have geographical bounds… not now. Source didn’t make you and then put a stamp on your butt that says ‘for Italy’ or ‘for America’, you know. So, why should our systems reflect that? Our systems are there and really it’s just a matter of having a geographical location that serves all the One People as they travel through there. So I would really love to get this up, let’s get it running. I hear the people saying “Let’s do it, I want it”. So let’s start organizing and be efficient. I see all these websites going up, these blogs, a wikipaedia… I think page went up for the OPPT. Let’s start BE’ing very focused, BE’ing very efficient, and let’s have the effect we all choose to have, which is moving, growing, learning, ascending; whatever word you want to use. I don’t care because it’s the energies that I’m feeling right now, so let’s just do it.

Lisa: Yeah!!!! Yeah!!!!

Bob: Hell yeah!

Chris: Okay, just as a question for you. In tandem with the implementation of CVACs there’s the concept of the absolute data being presented to those among us who aren’t yet fully across this. Do you see that the energy we unleash on starting these entities will generate that event, or is that something that’s going to come for some other reason?


Chris: Heather?

Lisa: Heather – did we lose you?

D: Yep, we lost Heather, hold on I’m pulling her in.

(Music Interlude)

Lisa: Where’s that music coming from?

Lois: It’s pretty whatever it is.

Lisa: I think it must be D.

D: Hi guys, hold on. It’s me I’m D, I’m pulling her back in.

Lisa: Okay.

Brian: I love that ring tone D.

D: Oh, did you get to hear my fancy ring tone? (Laughter).

(All Laughter)

Lisa: It was good.

D: Sorry guys, sorry, why can’t I find her? Hold on guys, just give me a second.

Lisa: … start back in on the switchboard.

Brian: I will say this is the best connection I think we have ever had with Heather.

D: No kidding!

Brian: I don’t want to jinx it, but…

Bob: It is the 5D media network.


Lisa: Well guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this call because this… the last three calls we haven’t really known what’s gonna happen and I think we just made history by the way…

D: There she is….

Heather: (Laugher). I’m technologically challenged I must say.

Lisa: (Laughter). Chris just posed a question to you which you probably missed, so I’ll let him repeat it.

Chris: Okay, welcome back. Look, I’ll try and rephrase it exactly as I did. Starting on implementing CVACs immediately will unleash a huge amount of energy and what I’m just trying to figure the effect of that and how it plays in to introducing absolute data to everybody else. Now are you saying that by unleashing the CVACs now, we will generate the release from its prison of the absolute data? Or is there some other mechanism that is going on in the background that we don’t know about that will actually cause that event to happen or perhaps both?

Heather: What I can say is this. Every present moment of you guys BE’ing and DO’ing is unlocking absolute data. So I find that one will tend to look forward, expecting that it’s some other action or being will unlock something, when it’s actually happening right now. So, yeah, as far as letting the flood gates open, we all knew when we went in and pulled the CVAC down from Prime that the CVAC was going to be a huge healing moment/moments. That it was going to be an incredible forum so to speak, a Prime forum, where people could actually experience and learn and work with the energy field. There was going to be, the CVAC allows for all this to happen absent self-interest or special interest that damages any other. Transparency is integrity. Truth is integrity. So it’s a matter of responsibility. So yeah, these CVACs and actually diving into making these things work on a practical day-to-day basis, moment-to-moment basis, it unlocks huge amounts of absolute data to come in, basically it’s akin to ripping that Band-Aid off. Really that’s what it is.

Lois: Well I like what Caleb said. Because Lisa was talking to Caleb here, about the CVAC about the Aussie CVAC and the four of us and he said, “Good, start by making it a separation between the Corp and the Organic. Issue a declaration that the Corp has to stop using the name of the organic and see what happens”.

Heather: Yeah, well it’s all on their anyways, that’s why they’re having such problems right now… they can’t get anything to move. And all you have to do, by you actually stating what you are, you prevent anyone else from stating that you’re something else… or using you.

We have for instance some group asking for some donations as the One People’s Public Trust, well, we went out and all we did was say, “Hey the public trust doesn’t ask for or even take donations”. Just by making a clear statement, you don’t have to be rude about the other, you just make a clear statement of who you BE and then the people understand, they know. Just declare. It’s huge! It’s a huge effect. Chris, I think you’re going to find that this will be a lot of fun, everyone I believe will find it will be a lot of fun, and fun is a measurable frequency. Very close to love.

Lisa: Guys… yeah go ahead D, what was that?

D: No, no, no … Private conversation that we had earlier, about my idea of having fun. I don’t know everyone thought it was quite humorous, but I don’t think the powers that where would.

Brian: Hey D, you should make that into a post for tonight.

D: It involves whoopee cushions and purple dye, in their shampoo. I thought it would be a lot of fun.

Lisa: I just wanted to say that actually do have a lot of callers and I’m sure they would have questions. If I could bring some of them out because they have been waiting patiently for a very long time. We do have… where have they gone? Hmmm, have they gone? We’ve got Lois… I’m going to try “T. Wallace”.

Tony: Hello?

Lisa: Hello.

Tony: Ah okay, I’m here, okay. This is Tony, from the chatroom. I guess I’m Zaruga in the chatroom.

Lisa: Oh hello!

Tony: How are you doing?

Lisa: Very good.

Tony: So you guys are ready for the Band-Aid to be ripped off huh?

Lisa: Yeah, how about you?

Tony: I just wanted to…

Brian: It must be a rhetorical question.

Tony: Right. Well I just wanted to call in and share my experiences. I think part of this is all sharing the epiphany’s that we experience. When we experience something that seems beyond the boundaries of this reality it gives other people the opportunity to make the attempt themselves. First of all I wanted to really thank Bob for linking me up with Reese Jones and his YouTube site. Everyone out there please, if you have the time go lookup “reesejones87”. He talks about lucid dreams, he talks about awakening, he talks about working on a farm, exchange for shelter and food. It’s just an amazing journey and when I watched almost every single video there was something that he was experiencing, he’s explaining his lucid dreams and his waking experiences. I was like “wow”, that’s the dream I had, up to the point where I began to remember him being a dream character in my dreams, and I being a dream character in his dreams. Reading what Reese has done with his lucid dreams, you recognize there’s a point where you awaken in the dream and become lucid and you realize the power to change everything. The real truth about this … no different than the dream world … the number of people who are co-creating this reality together. Before people wake up and go “Your character and my character…”

Bob: Tony, we’re losing you there.

Lisa: We’re losing you Tony, yeah.

Tony: Oh, of course right … that part. What I’m saying is, can you hear me now?

Bob: You’re fading in and out.

Tony: Okay, well I’ll try to get it out as quickly as possible. The more you people you can wake around you, the more you will see the purse strings of reality start to loosen up. All I can say is get out there and look at the sky. Start seeing the rainbows. Things are changing, nothing’s the same and if there’s one thing I’m sure about maybe it’s not going to happen all around the world but this is the year we unlock death. That’s what 2013 is all about.

Brian: I like that.

Lisa: Yes.

D: Absolutely.

Lisa: Thank you Tony.

Tony: Death, and that we are eternal and even after this life we go wherever we choose to go, and the more we can make this world like those other worlds.

Lisa: Great.

D: Absolutely.

Lisa: Thank you for calling in and sharing. Appreciated. One more vote for having the Band-Aid ripped off. Thanks Tony. We’ve got area code 613.

Caller: Yes hello?

Lisa: Yes hello.

Caller: Hi gang, it’s Deryl here, how are you?

D: Hey Daryl! Very good.

Deryl: I was relaxing, enjoying the conversation. I want to just give some positive stuff out here. The Band-Aid has been ripped off. D, you hear the recording, when Government was notified that they were foreclosed on.

D: Yes.

Deryl: We had a good chuckle with that one. I’ve also been getting emails from contracters and other people who have been getting invoices from Government asking for money based on assessment. I’ve been telling them just to return the call and say “I’m sorry, you’re foreclosed on. I’m dealing directly with the Trustee.” I think that’s good for a chuckle.

(laughter from everyone)

Lisa: Nice!

D: I like that.

Barbara: I do too!

Chris: That’s very succinct. I love it.

Lisa: Everybody could do that? Or is it just people who are dealing directly with government departments. If your power company sends you a bill, if the bank sends you a bill, you just turn around and you go “Excuse me but I can’t pay you because you’ve been foreclosed on”.

Barbara: “You’ve been foreclosed on but I’m happy to work directly with your Trustee.”

Deryl: That’s right, it’s worked for me, so we’ll see.

Barbara: You’ll throw them into a tither and they’ll go “What? Huh?” At least, you know…

Lisa: They’ll leave you alone for a couple of weeks while they try to figure it out!

Deryl: Yeah, that’s right. Some of the other … we are getting queries from lawyers. Heather, your UCC filings are going into two court rooms, one being the superior court, the other being the Federal Court with a lawsuit against the Bank of Canada. I’m looking forward to the results and what the Judge actually does when these documents are introduced.

Heather: That’s… wow. Central Bank of Canada, that’ll be a new avenue than we’ve travelled down before with Bank of Canada. That’s for sure. You’re usually used to being on the other side.

Deryl: Yeah. Okay well I’ll head off for tonight. Good listening to you, thanks.

Lisa: Thank you Deryl.

Brian: Thank you.

D: Bye Deryl.

Deryl: Bye.

Lisa: I’m just going to see if Susan, I think she might have put her hand back up. Susan did you want to come out with another question or comment?

Suzanne: Are we talking 316 Suzanne?

Lisa: Where have you gone… 316 Suzanne, that’s the one.

Suzanne: Is that me? You can hear me?

Lisa: I can hear you, yes.

Suzanne: Okay great, yes. This whole entire time it seems that everything kind of centers around the public awareness, basically education and ways to get it out. Also goes to that there’s a lot of energy and all of us are kind of biting at the bit, ready to launch out. It occurs to me, we’re definitely interfacing with 3d. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and ripping off the Band-Aid. From an educational standpoint what I’m wondering; if anybody sees or comes across resources where we can actually start exposing a lot of people that really aren’t aware of this system that they’re in, that is coming about, all of this is coming about. I’m hoping for compassion for those that are truly blind even to that they’re in a system.

Lisa: We’ve talked about this before. There are soft approaches. The movie Thrive is a pretty soft approach that covers a lot of different subjects.

Suzanne: I’m necessarily a soft approach. I’ve really been wrestling with myself about this because I’m one of those that has been frustrated for a long time and has been going “Give me the Band-Aid, let me rip it off. Please let me just rip this off your eyes so you can see what I’m saying”. I’m all about ripping off the Band-Aid.

Lisa: Well then you’ve got Zeitgeist, if you want to go a little bit harder.

Suzanne: Honestly, Lisa, I feel like that I’m on the front lines with the 3d, as far as, this is heavy lifting. I’m talking about some heavy lifting here. Prayers from everyone, please. Definitely they’ve been going out from here. I’m just thinking about educational format. Speaking of, whenever I listen to, my exposure to this, and thank you Lisa for putting it on your Facebook, I listened to the conversation between Brian and Heather discussing it. The whole time that I’m listening to it my body is just vibrating. I’m feeling nothing but truth in this. By the time it was over I was laughing out loud at the utter brilliance. Heather I have to say, utter brilliance. This is just brilliant. I believe that it can be brought down to a concise presentation where it will resonate with people that are further in the 3d. It might not even be able to take the 5d verbiage. What I’m thinking is, we need to speak in many tongues.

Heather: Mmmhm. (confirmation)

Brian: What was your name?

Suzanne: Suzanne.

Brian: Suzanne. Suzanne. I agree with you, this is Brian. The thing is, when you look at the vast arrangement of people that are on this planet. You have a scale, right? You have the people that are, let’s just say maybe the category of the people listening on this call, and the people that are hosting the call, that we would consider ourselves to be very awake and aware to the reality of all this. Then you have the people on the very opposite end of the spectrum, and everything in between. There’s a lot of people out there no matter what we show them or expose to them, it could be blatant smacking them in the face with a bag of bricks, and they’ll go down fighting. Looking the other way because they’re so glued on the reality that they live in that they don’t want to hear it. They’re happy and they’re comfortable. Let’s just say conditioned to the reality they’re living in now. They’re fighting, kicking and screaming. I was just like you, I still am just like you. I want to wake everybody up around me, but I also came to the point where I realized that it’s not necessarily my job, to wake everybody up. I could put information in front of people “Go watch this movie Thrive” and see if it opens them up. If they come to me and ask me questions, then I’ll expose them more to it.

My father is a great example. I pointed him in the direction. He’s a skeptic by nature, and all of a sudden he started, he got addicted and he started going and doing all his own homework, his own research. Now it’s crazy, I open my email and I’ve got emails of all sorts of random stuff he’s found online about news events that are coming out that are exposing how deep the rabbit hole goes. He’s just in it now at this point. We all want the same thing you want. The problem is that there is no real easy way to do it.

Suzanne: Right. What I’m saying I guess now is, what my whole line of thought in all these notes that I took while Heather was talking and the whole nine yards, was before we all decided to rip the Band-Aid off. What I’m trying to say, and not saying very well, is that I have been just like you with your dad. There’s seems to be specific little triggers that I have found that work very well, in that there’s so many of us and we do have a tremendous amount of energy that we kind of been holding on to and just processing all the data. Kind of getting ourselves adjusted to this incredible information and all of the information. Things like just the simple means of a five or six minute clip that explains the birth certificate system. For example: for Americans. Just that one little five minute light bulb makes them go “Of course that’s the way it is”. It’s just one huge glaring light bulb. Hopefully there’s a lot of healing in that because I also have found that people have to process the anger, and the truth that they see in that five minutes. From an educational standpoint if can hone in on those little five and six minute things that explain the system that people are in very concisely, it is just triggering lights all over the place. This energy is loose. It’s there. There are things happening. I’m seeing it. I know all of you guys are seeing it.

Lisa: I agree with you. I agree with Brian too. You can take a horse to water as the saying goes. I think that we do have a responsibility for those that are waking up and questions and need support and need the help, but we can’t force it on them. They have a free will choice not to wake up, not to be informed, not to know. So be there. Be there for whoever you can be there for. I go “wow”, I feel like I’ve spent my entire life with that whole trying to save the world and wake everybody up mentality and I got over it a couple years ago. Now I’m just there for those who want to listen. That’s, I think, the best that we can do.

Barbara: Well you know Lisa, Suzanne does have a good point when it comes to short three to five minute pieces of information. That’s how we consume data now. That’s how we consume information. Just little snippets of information. I’m sure that there are dozens of many topics that could be put out there that way so that as people are looking, they would find these little video clips or audio clips and consume them in bite size pieces until they finally feel full. Instead of shoving a whole meal down their throat, just giving it to them one bite at a time when they’re ready.

Suzanne: Everybody is just ravenous for knowledge and information and data as most of us, or all of us here now in this conversation are. They are taking it in, in bits. I do believe that there are, as a matter of fact, it’s amazing the gifts that I have found in just the guidance that I went through today and just found little golden nuggets. I’ve just been trying to put them out there. Just put them out there and trust that the person that’s looking, is going to catch a three to five minute, six minute clip, and receive a light bulb. I’m just handing out light bulbs. I’m not trying to force anything on anybody at this point. The energy has completely changed. It’s trying to hand out light bulbs. Any way that I can find to do that.

D: I agree Suzanne. I think that when you can put together, like you’re talking about, something that is short and succinct, very factual, here is the facts. You give it to people and like Lisa said “Either they drink, or they don’t drink. If they don’t drink then that’s their free-will choice.”, but I think the idea of having those is an excellent one. I think that that is a very good educational tool.

Brian: I agree. It’s just like the OPPT presentation that Angel put together.

D: Exactly.

Brian: I think that there is 1,800 hits on that, or something like that, in the first day and it’s still spreading. The beauty about having a group like this and all these, so many people, 106,000 live listeners on that call that we were on the other night. That’s incredible. It just goes to show how many people are now awake and aware. When you have that many people that are now wanting to contribute, you have the resources of all those people who are asking. Ask D how many emails she gets a day for people that want to DO and that want to participate. Rallying the troops and putting our heads together is a big part of this process that worked that we’ve been talking about on this call. It is invaluable.

When you really think down back to Prime… Everything that’s happened up to this point and where we’re going is all by design. The more that you slip into this stillness of what is and follow your excitement, because when you’re excited you’re the most in balance and in tune with your Source energy within you, then that’s the direction that you’re supposed to be going in. That’s what’s the most exciting about where we are at in this process. It seems like we’re very far along, but really we’re just now scraping the surface of ‘this is the beginning’.

Lisa: Thanks Brian. The same with the OPPT in, the I AM FREE OPPT IN campaign we did on Facebook, we launched on Facebook last week, that’s working as in people are asking the question “What is this?” Some of them are having their news feeds inundated with photographs of people saying “I’m Free, OPPT in”, and so they’re asking the question “What the hell’s this all about. What’s going on?” It’s working.

Chris: Now is Heather still with us?

D: I believe so.

Heather: Yeah, I’m just listening to all you guys DO’ing.

Chris: I’ve just been sitting here contemplating what it looks like when the CVAC contracts are actually completed. Given the degree to which the task we have in front of us is related to informing the uninformed, getting the attention of people whose attention is focused elsewhere, what are the chances of the CVACs being fully funded from DOT? If there’s anything that’s going to attract some attention it’s going to be organizations that can really do things from the get-go, from that starting point. In other words I guess what I’m saying is; if the CVACs are fully funded and fully capable of dealing with people’s things, people’s problems from the get-go, the Band-Aid becomes a really good fast rip-off instead of the ‘slow-pull’ my mother used to use.

(laughter from the group)

Heather: From an old paradigm banking position, right now the People’s Trust and the One People, all equally, have the only valid lawful legal commercial paper worth anything on the planet. As far as what’s backing it, truly what’s backing it is Prime value. As of right now all the gold, silver, precious metals are backing it, until an informed decision can be made as to which one the people choose. As far as banking and all that, we actually have it all, it’s just a matter of … in the banks are really, I’ve had some calls from different groups, different financial groups, different banks… basically all trying to get Public Trust to be flexible or to come in and accept certain shuffling of the cards that they’ve done. The people don’t have to do that. The people are the only ones on the planet, the One People, have the actual lawful, legal value. The only lawful legal value that exists on the planet right now. As far as going in to fund, everything is there, it’s just a matter of having the digital system till the go ahead and make the transfers and the tracking. That’s it. Caleb and I have been talking back and forth about going in there and just doing it. There’s lots of beautiful programmers within this group of people alone who are able to assist with that as well. It’s just a matter of doing. We could have that up in a matter of a couple weeks.

Chris: You have my vote!

Bob: I vote yes, yes.

D: All those in favor say “Aye”

Everyone: “Aye”

Lisa: It’s from everybody listening as well.

Brian: Lisa, real quick; somebody, Angelina just asked me if you could share the I AM FREE Facebook page. How do people go and find that?

Lisa: Barbara’s the one that knows that stuff better.

Brian: There you go Angelina.

Lisa: Tell Angelina to take a photograph, add it to the group.

Brian: I need to send mine in there.

Lisa: Yes. Yours is missing, AK’s is missing.

D: I guess I should send mine in, I’m sorry I’ll do that tomorrow.

Lisa: Thank you. Guys I have to say thank you. This has been an amazing couple of hours. We’ve only got eight minutes left. Call out to Mum. Is Mum still with us? Have you got any words you’d like to leave us with Lois?

Lois: Just keep DO’ing what you’re doing, and Mom ripped it off really fast. I don’t do anything slow.

(Laughter from the group)

Lisa: Okay Mum. Bob. Anything you’d like to leave us with?

Bob: Oh boy. I’m just really, really glad at the response of all the people and all the listeners and all the support that we’ve been getting. Obviously it is having a grand impact on the universal scale. Everybody move into that vibration. Do the ‘Gold exercise’. Free the energy around you in your home, in every place that you go. Free it. Let it be released. Go about your day in more positive frame of mind, because we’re heading into some beautiful, beautiful things in the future.

Lisa: Let it be as free as you wish to be.

Bob: Indeed.

Lisa: I keep promising that I’m going to lead a meditation and we never have time. Maybe next week. D?

D: Yes darling?

Lisa: Do you have anything you’d liked to leave us all with? Words of wisdom from D.

D: Oh I don’t know what words of wisdom to… it’s a little late at night for that.

Lisa: I kicked you the ball.

D: Yeah, yeah. Well I’m all about pulling off Band-Aids really quick, and practical jokes, but we’ll discuss that another time.

Lois: I love your signs D.

D: What was that darling?

Lois: I love your signs D. I love your signs that you were creating D. They tickled me.

D: I know. I just wanted to make everyone happy for a few minutes. I just thought it was cute. I was talking about who I was going to … certain politicians I was going to sneak up and put on a sign on their back that says “I eat baby kittens” and things like that. “Kick me I’m stupid”, you know.

Lisa: You’re giving people ideas.

Brian: You’re so creative D.

D: You just have to have fun with it. Well I listen, you want fun, I was telling JJ, that if I had the money I’d go out and buy the biggest amount of ex-lax, chocolate flavored, and mix it in with chocolate and send it out to every politician on the planet so that we could get rid of all the bullshit.

Barbara: Yeah, bake them a cake.


Brian: You’ve got to call a press conference on TV when it’s all going down.

Chris: D, the best description I’ve ever heard of that kind of circumstance is a ‘Fecal Blizzard’.

D: Yes!

Bob: Talk about releasing it.

Barbara: I think we should all get t-shirts that say “I’m Free, OPPT in” and walking in front of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

Lisa: Can we have ‘Fecal Blizzard’ on the back?

Barbara: You can have anything you want.

Lisa: Chris how about you?

Chris: I pretty much just am at a loss for words. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Heather, Lois, D, Brian and everybody that’s listening; this is one of those moments I hope we look back at this session and the ones to come and in years to come and say “Yeah, that’s when it all really started to change”, so thank you all.

Lisa: Yeah, absolutely. Now as of next week, I believe it’s going to be on a Tuesday night, no sorry, a Monday night in the U.S. A Tuesday morning for those of us here in Australia, on the Freedom Reigns channel. Again we’ll be talking OPPT. The subject matter will be OPPT but we don’t know who you’re going to get on the day. Myself, Chris, everybody here on this call, Bob, D, Brian, American Kabuki, Heather, Lois, there’s a whole crew of people who would be contributing to this on an on-going basis but no one has got a commitment to be there every week. You won’t know who you’re going to get but you’ll know what the subject matter will be.

Brian: Lisa, can I take a quick turn?

Lisa: Yes!

Brian: Real quick, I save all my favorite quotes in my iPad notes and I just pulled up one at random, and it’s so relevant of course. First of all I love you guys all so much and everybody that’s listening to the call. So much love and light, I just want to send that out to everybody. I’m still looking forward to ‘love your neighbor as thyself’ kind of mentality. This quote, listen to this, this is from Bashar he says “The whole process of understanding, is not the idea that learning something new, but the process of remembering more and more of what you already are”.

D: Nice, I like that.

Heather: I agree.

Chris: Yeah.

Brian: Sorry to jump in there Lisa but I thought that that needs to be said.

Lisa: No, don’t apologize. That’s perfect. That’s going back to what Lois was saying earlier “We all know everything we need to know. We just have to remember it.” We can remember that by consciously choosing to remember. Asking the question of ourselves. For sure. Who have I not given a minute to? Heather, are you still with us?

Heather: I’m here.

Lisa: Is there parting comments you’d like to leave us with?

Heather: Just that we’ve got a lot of DO’ing to go and do. I’m sitting here formulating in my brain as you guys are giving your parting comment.

Lisa: Oh great. Yeah the fun stuff is really starting.

Barbara: A lot of DO’ing to do.

Lisa: A lot of DO’ing to do. Barbara?

Barbara: I just want to really encourage everyone and their brother, and their sister, and their best friend, and their uncle and their aunt, to go and visit the Facebook OPPT IN page. Let’s really take this viral and get the information out in a really cool social media kind of way.

Lisa: Lovely. Thank you. Alright guys we will see you next week, either on this show or the Monday night show, or both. Get your photos into OPPT IN. Keep DO’ing and BE’ing. What a ride. Have lots of fun. Have fun!

Chris: Yes.

Lisa: God, have so much fun with it. Tell them they’re foreclosed. Talk to you all soon.

Heather: Bye and see you later.

Lisa: Go Chris and tell them what?

Chris: Tell them you’re working with the Trustee, they’re foreclosed!

Lisa: Yeah, absolutely. We’re going to go out with a song “Free like me”.

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