Thursday 21 February 2013

Good bye ptw!

I love the amazing letters, ideas, plans, and visions I've received from readers and those awesome people who are BEing and DOing!!

To the ladies and gentlemen of the powers that were

We thank you for having the stadium and holding the reality of the game you wanted us to play, you kept it going as best as you could by magical performances, entertaining us for all these years, with tricks, and slight of hand, and star studded performers, creating something out of nothing, you thought you had made a game that you could control every aspect, but you forgot one simple fact that you cant have a game without players, and "us" the audience, we were your players, your imperial mansion stadium will soon become an empty auditorium occupied only by the ghosts of the memories you created as the actors played their parts, but now your palace roof leaks, your popcorn is stale, and your soft drinks have all gone flat, the final pitch has been played, and the players are leaving the field, so too are the audience, the lights are going out one by one, the cheering and celebrating is all done, the shine on the pretty sparkles is dull and faded, and the
tattered flags hang limp and faded in the chilly evening calm. 

And as I take one last look before I too leave, all I see is the worthless green paper tic-a-tape blowing in the wind, and a few old men on a rickety platform, practising speeches that will never be heard, you may keep your bat and ball, because we don't want to play any more, we are going home, to start a new game, you can join in if you wish, but now you have to abide by our rules, where everyone has a bat and ball of their own, and each decides who they want to play with, and the number one rule in our game is "be nice" 
because our stadiums are our own back yards.


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