Thursday 21 February 2013

Thoughts From Somewhat Barbarian Country 2

This article is written by a gentleman by the name of Vladimir in Croatia.  Heather and I have been talking to Vladimir for a long time.... or at least it seems like a long time, but in essence it's only been about 7 weeks (how is it possible that 7 weeks seems like 6 months ago?).  I love his DOing!!

Thoughts From Somewhat Barbarian Country 2

by Vladimir Perić

I wanted to share this with all of you. Some time ago , I saw an article on one of popular Croatian news portals about presentation of new dictionary of legal terms, with much praise to the author who compiled many legal terms into a dictionary that now has more than 1400 pages.

So, I checked my English - Croatian dictionary - the best one you can buy - and it has exactly 1435 pages.

Conlusion was imminent - ''authorities'' use foreign language that only appears to be Croatian language, but it is not. I have every reason to believe that it is the same everywhere in the world.

And that is so because world still operates on commerce, even if it operates on inertia nowadays, and commerce is all about CONTRACTS, and they want your money (energy) because money is energy that drives the commerce and energy must come from some kind of source.

That source is all 7 000 000 000 of us - but counting down to ZERO every minute of the day... this I decided to make real so I am DOing my part of the work.

So let's get back on the subject... when policeman says or demands something he uses foreign language. When judge says or demands something he uses foreign language. When corporation ''says'' or demands something it uses foreign language. All that they are saying has just one purpose - to trick you into contract relation with them.

And again, I start digging and began to notice contracts everywhere.

When I buy pack of smokes, I have a contract with tobacco company. Every pack has a NOTICE, for example ''Smoking causes heart disease'' and that is not notice that protects me or educate me like they would like me to believe, it is actually a very real CONTRACT between me and tobacco company so I can not drag them to court if my heart fails and expect to win the case. I would surely lose that one.

By the way, I must agree with Mark Twain when he said ''It is the easyest thing in the world to quit smoking. I did it hundreds of times myself''. End quote.

When I receive a threat from CCC or bank or tax collection agency or debt collection agency it is merely an offer to CONTRACT.

So how does one deal with offers to contract? Common sense tells that I will refuse to jump out of an airplane without parachute if someone offers me to do that so I will not accept that kind of contract. But - if they give me a parachute they will still want CONTRACT with me and I will have to sign a paper that says they are not liable if I die during or after the jump.

They set the terms, and I can accept them or I will not jump. Vice versa stands lawfully - I set the terms or they will not see the money or myself in jail, at least not in jail lawfully.

It is very important to understand that it is a two way street. You too can set your terms under which you will enter new or honor the existing contract, even the one you were completely unaware of - which are govt's favourite type of contracts.

If your conciousness recognizes that there is a contract or fraud hidden somewhere in that relationship you should responsibly decide where do you stand and what will you do about it? Why not challenge fraudelent contracts and see how will it turn out, just to satisfy curious mind?

So it is obvious to me that we all must start recognising CONTRACTS that we are dragged into with or without or consent, with or without full disclosure so we can responsibly decide which contract should be honored and which one must be rebutted because it is fraudelent. Contracts can be tacit, written or implied. I am not a lawyer - maybe there is more different kinds of contracts but I think that this three covers all in everyday life of average human.

We still live in the world of commerce, and commerce is all about CONTRACTS. If unrebbuted, CONTRACTS can and will be ENFORCED.

That we shall witness with our own eyes with OPPT contracts, hopefully soon.

Example - when a policeman or judge asks you ''do you understand?'' he is offering you a contract. You say ''Yes'' because you think he speaks english. But he is not, and most likely even he does not know that he speaks foreign language and that he actually asked you ''do you stand under (me)?''. And if you answer ''Yes'' you belong to them and ''authorities'' will enforce every statute that was ever written on you, whether you like it or not. You now have a CONTRACT with them, you gave them your consent to have jurisdiction over you and thus you are their slave.

Many more examples can be given but I ask you to do your own research and learn as much as you can about contracts. Every fraudelent contract that you rebbut counts. That is exercise of freedom as I see it. Responsible humans DO that, thus allowing ''authorities'' to become a fade and distant memory.

Use common sense. Lawyers can not help you much with that tactics because they are brainwashed and can not think outside of their little legalese box. I can confirm that because of my own practical experience.

Well, most of them can't. I thank the Creator that there are few lawyers that actually can do something - like Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf - and more important - they actually did it. And as I said in my previous blog - we must help OPPT crew by DOing our part. I truly believe that.

And now we have Courtesy Notice. Study it and decide what you gonna DO about it.

Love to all,


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