Thursday 7 February 2013

OPPT-IN Radio show Transcription: Feb 4th

OPPT IN Show #1

Freedom Reigns
Santos Bonacci, Lisa Harrison
Mon February 4 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. USA Chicago (CST)
Tues February 5 11 a.m. -1 p.m. AUS- Melbourne

Lisa: Hello everyone, welcome to the first OPPT IN radio program, the official one anyway, on the Freedom Reigns Network on Blogtalk. My name is Lisa Harrison and we’re going to be joined by quite a few people today including Santos Bonacci, Bob Wright, Chris Hales, D from Removing the Shackles, American Kabuki, Brian Kelly, also from AK, possibly Heather from the One Peoples Public Trust. So we have quite a few updates and information to share with you all today so I’m going to start by bringing some people in and Santos Bonacci, you’re where – microphone is now live. Hello.

Santos: How are you Lisa pleased to be here.

Lisa: I’m great. I’m so glad you joined us.

Santos: Yes, great to be here. Also I don’t know whether you’re aware of it yet but Francesca Andogenio (sp) from Italy would like to sit in because they really want to be updated and they’ll be joining us too.

Lisa: Lovely, lovely. If you want to Skype me if they’ve called in already, there’s still a lot of feedback and echo on your line Santos (inaudible) or the number they might be calling in from. I’m just – or maybe it’s Bob. Bob maybe there’s noise on your line.

Santos: It was another line.

Bob: I just muted.

Lisa: Okay it’s better now. Okay, we’ve also got Chris Hale.

Chris: Yep, hi everybody I’m here and we’re all in, we’ve OPPT-ed in, we’re in the panel, let’s do it.

Lisa: Lovely. Who else have we got? Where have they all gone? Now this is either Brian Kelly or American Kabuki 760? Hello 760 area code. Should be Brian or AK. Not talking? Okay.
Brian: Hello?

Lisa: Yes.

Brian: Hello.

Lisa: Yes is that Brian?

Brian: There we go. (laughs) American Kabuki and I are both 760 so that was a little bit confusing but I’m here, I feel like I’m in Australia and it’s nice, but I’m in well, gosh, it’s not sunny San Diego today but, I hear you guys loud and clear and glad to be on the call.

Lisa: Right. Not sunny here at the moment (inaudible) We do expect other people to call in but I know that you’ve got some updates you’d like to share and some information you want to put out there Brian so do you want to kick it off?

Brian: Oh gosh. (laughs) What are you -- what big info are you referring to because there’s so much to report today?

Lisa: Well but I know you had a call out for helpers.

Brian: Oh yes, okay so yeah we’ll go ahead and get it started. So we are considering the high volume of live listeners that we had last Monday, or maybe it was Sunday. It was over 101,000 live listeners. We’re now in a position where we’re trying to get organized and there’s a lot of work to be done and you know the conversations that we’ve had in the last week especially with everything going as viral as it has and so quickly. We’re now starting on putting together a lot of various projects to spread the information far and wide and you know I think one of the conclusions that we’ve drawn in our talks that we have you know between you and I, Lisa and Heather and the rest of the group is -- you know -- if we can set the intention to get really organized and tap into the resource pool that we have available to us through everybody that’s wanting to contribute throughout the world and all their countries respectively then we can get a lot done and very quickly.

So I’m actually taking notes here on my end but because we -- you know-- getting organized with that many people is – it’s not always the easiest thing to do -- is try to prioritize based on the jobs we think are the most pertinent and the most important to get done first, and so what we’ve done, I set up a dedicated email which is and we want anybody that has any experience in web design, video production, anything that has to do with any writing or journalism, and I have a list, I’ll pull that list up on my computer and I have to open it. I’m not prepared right now but I’m going to read it a little later but what I want everybody to do is send an email to and in the subject line write “support - - (dash dash) and the skillset that you can offer, that you can contribute to the cause and that way we can go through and we can reach out to people individually and start putting together some projects and really start taking this thing viral and ripping the Band-Aid off.

Lisa: Ripping the Band-Aid off, talk about going viral (laughs) I am Free Oppt In, Ripping the Band-Aid off, these two phrases have gone crazy, I’ve never seen anything like this go viral, go globally viral, it’s just been extraordinary. Anybody else want to comment on that?

Brian: Well, I agree with you. I mean it seems like every day there’s a new Facebook post popping up or a new Facebook page popping up and there’s new websites popping up and one of the things you’re probably going to want to talk about a little bit too Lisa is we’re trying to do is have a you know a hub to where we can link to some of the other pages that are coming online all over the world because there’s just so much out there right now we’ve gone from a couple dozen to hundreds to thousands and now you know we’re potentially breaking into the arena of being in the millions of people that have heard about this and everybody is, they’re geared up and excited and wanting to contribute and get involved in any way that they can and that’s so exciting it’s so exciting to see how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time and with a little bit of organization, some good ideas and some contributions from folks that are outside of the people that are talking right now, we can go a long way, we can go a long way quickly. I mean we’ve already proven based on how far we’ve come just in the last month so every week I just really look forward to discussing how much progress we’ve made from the week before and you know I know we’re going to be talking a lot about the documents and how to use them and there’s some great, just unbelievable developments on that end of things but, you know, because everybody wants to know “how do I use these documents” “how do I declare my own sovereignty” you know I look forward to the day when the documents are no longer necessary but in the end term while we’re still in a time where, we’re still dealing with the remnants of the slavery systems that are still in place you know there’s a lot of people that are in really desperate situations that really want to understand how to, how to put these into play and I don’t know how much you know if we’re planning on talking about what Chris has created on this call –

Lisa: Yeah, yeah –

Brian: -- and putting that new document out there, I’ve read it and it’s beautiful, I can’t really speak to it, I don’t know, Chris is on the call, right?

Lisa: Yes, he is and we’ll discuss it, it’s a beautiful collaborative effort of several people here in Australia that, as you know as you just said there’s a lot of people out there who are in really tight situations now and they’re looking for a remedy right now and trying to expect people to get their head around the UCC and filings and all of that sort of thing is a big ask, so I’ll bring Chris in and let him talk about this document. It’s not available as yet. I think it still needs one or two checks of approval and when it is, it’ll go up on the OPPT-IN website which I’ll talk about after Chris talks about the document. So, take it away Chris.

Chris: Sure. Hi everybody, we’ve got a big crowd out there today and from what Deatra’s just posted in the sort of internal chat here, it looks like it’s bigger than last week which is absolutely fantastic. Now the document that we’re working on is a relatively simple thing. It’s not a UCC filing. It’s actually a Notice, and there’s a very specific way that we’re thinking about this thing being used, and Lisa if you want me to talk about it now it’s going to take a few minutes just to explain the background concept that we’re working with, can I take some time with this? Do you want to it a bit later in the show?

Lisa: No, let’s go for it. We’ve got such a long list of things to do, let’s just deal with it as we go.

Chris: Okay. All right. We’ve been working on supplying instructions for some local people on how to do UCC filings and when I say “we” I’m working with two other guys who I call the Bartles. And Scott Bartle is the Australian who made the YouTube video called “Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government” and if you haven’t seen yet, look it up on YouTube and it’s absolutely nailed the Australian government as being a corporate entity. It’s a really great piece of work and from it he developed an administrative procedure which is based on the usual sort of three step administrative procedure but basically called them out requiring them to prove who they said they were. Based on that concept we decided that one of the things that we really needed to put out there was a similar document using the UCC filings instead of this dramatic flaw that he’d found in the way that the Australian Constitution had been stepped around by you-know-who. The original Australian Constitution. So we decided okay so we’ll use the same technique with the UCC filings and as an initial step that people can use when the old system tries to interact with them. So when you get a bill you could use this at any time during a court procedure, and I’ll explain why in a minute, you can even use this if you handle it the right way and I have to emphasize you must handle this the right way if you want to do this when a policeman’s pulled you over onto to the side of the road you can but you have to do it exactly the right way so it needs to be firmly in the right place in your mind to know exactly what you’re about but you could do it. So essentially we started the discussion by saying well, these UCC filings are difficult to a point once you’ve done it once it would be fine but it’s all strange and new could we do something for people they could use day to day. So we then said okay what’s the landscape? Why are we using UCC filings for a start when we can simply be telling them that situation’s changed? Now Scott’s process is really good for that because essentially it’s a notice, in fact we’ve headed this one Courtesy Notice. The landscape we’re currently in is that we’re all private individuals dealing with one another privately. That is the new paradigm, okay? The old system actually doesn’t exist on paper and it’s working its way into reality and we have this – this document will help it give it a big push in there. Now in that landscape you have a bunch of individuals playing dress-ups. They think they’re corporations, they think they’re governments, they think they’re doing all sorts of things in a structured way to a structure which you know has always been here and –

Lisa: In limited liability I might add –

Chris: And they think they’re in limited liability but they’re not. They’re actually in unlimited liability. What this document is saying to them is the game has changed, you are now in unlimited liability, you might think you’re acting on behalf of a corporation but you’re actually acting on behalf of a foreclosed corporation that has no standing in this new environment and as such you’re private individuals approaching others extorting money from them. That’s the viewpoint we’ve taken with this first version of the document. So the first version of this document is essentially saying you’re committing what’s called a common law tort because we’re acting at this stage, the lawful side of the new paradigm is common law and UCC law and Universal law, okay? So if you look at common law if someone walks up to you in the street and says you dropped that package on the ground you owe me 50 bucks, they have no right to do that, that’s actually extortion so we’re calling them out on that pointing out that they’re actually acting in unlimited personal liability, okay, they’re acting in the capacity of an individual without a corporate safety net so they have got to take full personal liability for every action they take and we’re pointing them firmly at the fact that the governments and the bank charters have been cancelled and we’re pointing them at the UCC documents they can go and look at, and very much this document is about encouraging them to go “oh, take a step back, I’d better go have a look at these filings because these people are telling me that if I give them this parking ticket they can take my house.” Okay so we’re trying to put, trying to pull the big fear level back on them the way that they pull it on us and we’re doing it at – in a way that represents the reality of the situation which they just don’t know yet because they don’t have the memo. And in using this document you actually are giving them the memo. The One People’s Public Trust has not actually gone fully public yet, and to be fair on these people, they don’t know the situation. Now when you know these – we’re one of them, they’re one of us. We don’t want to jump all over their lives necessarily. They don’t want us jumping all over their lives necessarily. But what this document does is warn them that should they choose to act on behalf of a foreclosed entity any, extortion and claims that arise from their response in an individual capacity they will be held personally liable. Such claim may result in lawful remedy being brought against respondent and the full extent of UCC and not limited to UCC commercial bill against respondent’s personal assets. Okay? That’s some of the verbiage out of the document, okay? It’s not – we’re not going to sign off and release it just yet because we need to discuss it in detail with Heather unless she gives us the big tick and says it’s fine and essentially –

Bob: One of the things I really liked about the document is at the end it not only notified them and told them the reality of the situation that they’re standing as a private personal individual engaged in extortion and slavery systems, but it gives them an option at the end. Could you talk about that?

Chris: Yeah. Now at this point we don’t want to be jumping on the lives of everybody, we don’t want to have to go out and make massive numbers of UCC filings. At this stage, what we want from them is silence. We just want them to back off. So the very last thing on the first section of the document it says should respondent cease and desist any extortionate claims against brought against proponent, actions against respondent’s personal assets may be averted. So we’re giving them perfect opportunity to walk away. And we’re saying with them if you want to act with me in the future, privately and individually, there are terms and conditions. And the second part of the document is the terms and conditions. I won’t go into them at this stage but they’re very clearly stated and most of the terms and conditions have a dollar value attached to them as all of these things often do, like if they want to come and talk to you it will cost them $1,000. Okay? If they want to act in this capacity on behalf of a foreclosed corporation, if they want to come and have a beer with you, all that’s up to you. Now, one of the very important things that we’ve yet to add in here because I thought of it just as I went to sleep last night was the massive amount of liability up and down these fictional foreclosed corporations that is being generated as they currently function. If you’re for instance a supervisor in the credit department of a credit collection agency you might have 50 people under you and those 50 people are committing extortion maybe 50 times a day, which means how many people are they actually acting against? Who could actually start a UCC filing against them, so the supervisor in that company might have generated by instructing people around him, say 200 to 300 extortionate acts per day which could all come back to him personally as UCC filings if you wanted to really take it to the inth degree. That’s a massive amount of liability and that needs to be drawn to their attention. And of course, it’ll –

Lisa: I just wanted to reiterate again this is not a final product, it’s still a work in progress, and only once it’s been fully ticked off will it end up on the website. It may need to be amended, and it’s as much an education tool as it is anything else.

Chris: Yes, it is.

Lisa: We’re using it to educate those people who are of this belief that they are acting under a limited liability with the protection of a corporation behind them.

Chris: Correct.

Lisa: And use it as such. Once these people understand this, I personally see a huge shift in the liability of jobs, and companies, and so –

Chris: Exactly. Now what happened when we distributed this draft to a number of people we were talking to last night, we immediately got some feedback from Hopegirl, pointing out it’s a very male energy document, it’s an old system document which is absolutely correct, it’s very much so, and that what we’re missing is the opportunity to do exactly what Lisa says is to introduce the One Peoples Trust to them in a positive fashion while confronting them at the same time. So –

Lisa: Speaking of Hopegirl, she’s on the call, do you want me to bring her in?

Brian: Yeah, she’s the 978 area code.

Chris: Yeah, bring Hope in because I’d like her to put this to you guys directly because this is the real educational side. And the chance we have to –

Lisa: Hope, are you there?

Hope: I’m here everybody, hi.

Brian: Hi Hope.

Hope: Thank you so much Chris. Yeah, taking a look at the document, I think it’s very necessary that we basically inform them of the new system and put them in a position where they’re forced to make a choice to act lawfully or do what their bosses tell them to do which is to extort money out of people but what came up for me is to try to think about the perspective of the individual who’s in that position whose job it is to extort money, so I came up with an example of let’s say, you’re a bank manager, and you get paid to extort money from people, that’s your job. And so now you receive this notice saying you have to stop doing what your boss is paying you to do, and or you’re going to be held personally liable, and I understand the actions you can just walk away but in many cases they’re walking away for what? Do they have to quit their jobs, or?

Chris: Well, actually the document essentially is asking them to cease and desist interacting with me. If I give this document to – not really saying you’ve got to walk away from your job, but what it does is by putting this information in front of them, clearly at some stage in the future they will have to make the choice that Hope’s talking about. Okay? But I’ll hand it back to Hope because she had a very nice take on how we can use this to inform them of the new paradigm.

Hope: yes, that was just a little bit of the background of the perspective of the individual when they first receive this notice but I think we should combine this notice with giving them an option of informing them about the new system and the new structure and to say if you want to stop acting unlawfully you can choose this instead. So, just add on an educational piece where we tell them there’s a whole new structure. You know, maybe it’s talking about the CVAC’s or something along those lines, just showing them there’s this other land of opportunity that they can choose to enter into so that it turns the entire thing into an offer that they can’t refuse.

Chris: yeah. Now in – right at this moment in time where although the US CVAC is technically in place, there aren’t any CVAC’s funded and operating, we can certainly talk about that as a future option, and once that change has taken place and there are funded CVAC’s actually working, we can actually say to them this is a real opportunity you and your family can do now, you don’t have to live this way anymore, and point out the difference between the two systems. I guess what I’m saying is this particular approach we’re taking will have to morph and change over the coming months as the situation changes. At the moment it’s being produced for the current state of affairs. So, and in particular we want this to be able to be used anywhere on the planet, which is why it’s just a notice. We’re actually calling it courtesy notice we’re trying to do them a courtesy by telling them exactly what situation they’re putting themselves in and what their options are from that perspective. And in that sense you can translate this into Dutch or German or French or any language on the planet and it will still have the effect that we’re after which is to make them sit back, look at the filings, and realize that uh oh, the game is changed. The problem that they have is that once they have this information, they know that the liability is theirs. While you’re acting in ignorance there’s always a certain argument from, well I just didn’t know because no one told me. Once they’ve got the memo and they know, and you have proof that they know, that becomes more difficult. Now we’re not trying to necessarily corner these people because these people are our friends and neighbors but we are trying to bring them up short and stop them from interacting with you in this fashion. It’s quite possible you can use this when you’re right in the middle of a foreclosure because you are approaching these people as private individuals so every person that you’re dealing with, that’s every lawyer, every judge, every bailiff, everyone involved in that action against you can receive this notice or whatever final version goes out there, and it will most definitely draw their attention to the reality of the situation that they’re in and it will have great meaning to those people because they don’t know, they may not know what’s going on at the moment but when they do it’ll be a really short, sharp shock for them and that’s the effect we’re trying to have but at the same time as Hope’s interjected, we’ve got the feminine side, which is yes, Daddy just gave you a smack up the side of the head but now Mommy’s going to tell you that it’s actually not so bad because it’s temporary.

Lisa: Mommy’s going to kiss it and make it all better.

Chris: yeah pretty much. The balance is something that we want to pull back into what we’re actually doing, and it’s no coincidence we started talking to Hope because that’s exactly what happened as soon as we did, so look out for this document, we’re hoping to finish this in the next couple of days and get it up on the site. There is a conversation that I had with the Bartles, and by the way, Ken Bartles, Scott’s dad, turned 71 today so happy birthday Ken, and thanks for all your help.

Lisa: Happy birthday Ken

Chris: Now Ken is also, Ken’s another guy whose live is no coincidence, he’s been interested in and researching principles behind government for decades and has suddenly found himself sitting in front of the CVAC specifications and he’s actually the guy who’s generating the initial pass of what we’re calling the CVAC primer which is exploring the actual critical parts of the CVAC documents, which we put aside just for a moment just to get this particular document out because we’re fairly confident we’ll be able to finish it quickly, that people will be able to use it and it will have an effect pretty much everywhere it goes and that’s a really positive thing and it’ll keep everybody’s momentum, give people something actively that they can do should they so choose. Now you don’t have to do this. You’ve got to be confident and stand in the space to use these kinds of tools, but there are many many people out there who are just raring to go with this and I need to remind you too that the enforcement in this ultimately goes back to UCC law and completing the filings properly, perfecting a Commercial Bill, and then enforcing it by whatever means you can through the system, be it sheriff, bailiff, until such time as the enforcement through the CVAC comes online, where we will hopefully have bonded volunteers from U.S. military and possibly from elsewhere as well who will act on our behalf. And again we’re not about necessarily, you know, messing up people’s lives because we don’t really need to be doing that but if someone’s trying to foreclose on your house you have every right to take actions that are lawfully available to you if they’re acting unlawfully. So I’ll leave it at that, it’s as much as we need to say at the moment and we’ll get on with the show but do keep an eye on the OPPT In website over the next few days.

Lisa: Okay Hope, was there anything else you wanted to to add to that before we get to the next thing on the list?

Hope: No, I think that was said pretty well and thanks so much for having me, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Lisa: We’re glad to have you here.

Chris: Indeed. Thanks, Hope.

Lisa: D, are you with us?

D: I’m here.

Lisa: There she is.

D: I had myself muted, as usual. It happens.

Lisa: I wanted to just say, call out an absolute “you rock” for your “What If” blog post, I thought it was brilliant. If you haven’t read it yet, please go to Removing the Shackles and read, “What If.” I think it’ll put a lot of the disinformation and the questions and concerns and confusion that people are experiencing into really clear perspective, she’s written it so simply and beautifully. I actually wanted to read it out during the show but I’ll just tell everyone to go there and read it for themselves. I think you did a great job on that one.

D: Well, thank you, hon. It was one of those, I was sitting there trying to figure out how to get it across and my husband looked at me and said, well you should write about “what if” and you should just say, you know, what if this is happening but this is what it really is and it literally hit me in the head and I was like, okay, I have to go do this right now. I went back to the computer and typed the whole thing out in one shebang.

Lisa: Nice. The audio just went out but I still heard you. Not long after I’d read that I was in the shower and it was one of those rare moments you have to yourself and like, an infomercial flashed in my mind. So picture this. You’ve got this flashy, bright colored infomercial on and it says, you know, welcome to freedom. And there’s a really cheesy voiceover and it says, we’ve repackaged your slavery system, it’s now covered in fake gold glitter and we’ve decorated it with shiny objects for your distraction, and we’ve lengthened your lease, so you know, welcome to Slavery 2.0, a more comfortable form of slavery. And I cracked myself up in the shower, I have to say, and I thought that’s kind of what they’re doing is repackaging it and making it a little more sparkly and lengthening the lease and that’s what they’re on and nothing changes.

D: No and that is the point that has really been hitting me so strongly over the last three weeks but especially the last even five or six days, so much so the more to use, Heather’s favorite words, the more data that comes in –

Lisa: D, D, we’re losing you, you sound like an android.

D: (laughs) I’m not an android, I promise


D: Can you hear me okay?

Brian: we’ve had some bad phone connections today, I just want to throw that out there so we’re going to send out some energy to bring out some good ones for this call.

D: So maybe I should close some of the 18 windows I have open on my computer, I don’t know, that might help.

Brian: It’s already working better, D.

D: Okay. No, what I was just saying is, it’s really been hitting home to me in a most spectacular fashion over the last few weeks but especially in the last five days, just exactly how much wool they’re trying to pull over everyone’s eyes with this. Of course, then all this stuff came out about Madame Wu, and you get one side saying this, and one side saying that, etcetera etcetera, and it’s all kind of like the shell game. You know where you have the little pea under one shell and you shuffle them around and shuffle them around and trying to distract the person and that’s what it’s like. There’s always something that comes to the fore to distract people. Oh let’s talk about this now, let’s talk about this now but let’s not talk about the real issues. And that was the thing that came to me while I was writing this last night. This is it, it’s really straightforward really, you know, exactly. There’s a new financial system but it’s still the same banks. You know? There’s a new government but it’s still the same politicians. Okay, really, let’s look at this realistically. How much change is happening? I think someone’s just giving us gilded cages to live in.

Chris: And D, I view this as just getting a new set of gangsters.

D: It is. That’s what I said, all it is is a dynasty change. This is a dynasty change from one cabal to another cabal. This cabal over here has gotten powerful enough to force this cabal over here out of the picture.

Brian: Think about how convoluted NESARA has got. How many websites are there that’s all they talk about it NESARA and what NESARA originally was, no one really knows. It’s just an evolution now, and that’s something that’s been out there that’s now been so convoluted that, I mean, I shy away from even trying to read about it anymore.

D: You know, I read everything about it because within each one you’ll find some pieces of truth that you can glean from it but the truth of the matter is, with NESARA, when the lawsuit was won it was closed off by the judges, the Superior Court, that no one could talk about it on pain of treason. So anything that’s coming out is rumor, speculation yes there are some facts for sure, but the reality of it is we really don’t know exactly what was in that final outcome.

Chris: D, just for the people who don’t know that much about NESARA, NESARA can only be switched on if you like, is it by the president, or is it by your supreme court?

D: (laughs) I don’t’ know. Quite straight truth, it’s who you ask, it has to be the supreme court, to the best of my understanding it has to be the supreme court.

Chris: Who are owned by whom?

D: Well we all know where they got the fancy letters at the end of their names from. This isn’t to say that there aren’t good people who were involved in this originally this isn’t to say that NESARA wasn’t a brilliant idea and a brilliant plan at the time that it was conceived and put together, that has never been what I have been saying about it and I think that a lot of people have misunderstood that, what I am saying is the fact that is has been usurped by the cabal, so basically it is like, ok, we need a plan, here we’ve got this here, so we’ll use it like this and we’ll give them this and we’ll give them this and yeah we’ll give them some money back and we’ll make it sound all lovely and shiny and wonderful but the reality of it is, as I said, it is still the same banks in charge of your money, it’s still the same politicians, it’s still the same authorities that are patting you down and checking your passport and people need to think about that. Why do I have to prove that I am not a criminal, isn’t it, innocent until proven guilty? So why do I have to prove when I cross the border that I am not a criminal.

Bob: One of the things I find interesting in all this D, all of those different programs and you know with Neil Keenan, NESARA all of those different things, where are they going? They hit a dead end and they just stalled and what I am seeing is anything that does not fit into this new paradigm, where there is no hierarchical structure, where everyone has equality, anything that doesn’t fit that model just kind of stops and when Heather said we’re keeping the powers that were at bay, this is what I see happening, all their plans just stop.

But look at what is gaining momentum, all of those ideas that are of pure intent, all of those ideas that are for the benefit of humanity are being front and literally, people are throwing whole different paradigm schemes to rewrite everything from education to environmental clean-up, people are just presenting themselves, I’ve been watching the chat room, our little private chat room where we do our little planning sessions and some of the things that are just presenting itself for solutions to problems before we even knew we had the problems and it’s amazing it’s just incredible to watch this happen and I think it’s just a matter of things being in sync with what the new paradigm is.

(Several talking at once)

Brian: Is Hope still on the line right now?

Lisa: Sorry…

Brian: Is Hope still on the line?

Hope: I sure am…

Brian: There she is…I had a conversation with Hope. Hi Hope, what was it maybe two days ago we talked for about an hour and I had read Hopes’ Fix The World Business Plan, but I had never talked to her, one on one, about it and I was…how could I say it…blown away, by the development that she has done and the amount of response, Hope was it… 37 countries…How did you sort through all of that information? I mean she put out the clarion call and I mean Hope there are probably a lot of people that are listening on the line right now that are familiar with the Fix The World Business Plan and a lot that aren’t, why don’t you explain that a little bit so people can really understand the scope of what you are working on.
Hope: Well the Fix the World Business Plan which is for the Fix The World Organization came from, the Fix The World Project and back in September, I felt, you know, I put out the call to all humanity, to say, what are your solutions for all of these problems that we have in our world? And close to 300 people from, 37 countries, wrote in essays, with all of the answers and they’re all based in the new paradigm structure. So now we are face to face with these same questions and the people have already provided their own answers, and how I did it, I had a team of 20 volunteers to sort through all the essays, we had an entire process that we did, in order to glean out the information we needed so that we could put it into a summary but the result was a 700 page document, with every answer to every problem that we have, that came straight from the people and so from that we put together the Fix The World Organization which is basically just a way to organize the implementation of those answers and give the people the ability to empower themselves and give them the tools they need to organize themselves so they can take those solutions, go out and implement them out in the world.

Brian: Beautiful

Lisa: Brian did you want to address anything about a press release?

Brian: Oh sure, real quick, this is so awesome, the emails are flooding in, right now already, for the announcement that I made earlier in regards to people sending emails in for support, I want to real quick before I talk about the press release, let me, let me just list off a few categories that we are looking for, cause I love, I love what I am seeing right now, Valerie, Valerie, by the way, I am going to be giving you a call about your voice over capabilities and how you can contribute that, so amazing ones, so here is the list so I can run through it, cause it is sitting right in front of me and I didn’t have it earlier, so printing, branding, brand management, mobile marketing, anything marketing, graphic design, web, art directors, print publication, UI/UX designers, anybody that has any skills at web design, writers, editors, programmers, administrators, web scripting, strategic planning, project development, project management, advertisers, new media online, anybody that has a knack for you-tube, or promotions, artists, editors, I mean the list goes on and on so the email one more time, we’ll probably say it again a couple of times for anybody that calls in late is support, oh excuse me, it is and in the subject line write, Support—what you can contribute, if you want to do a little email and explain it a little bit more and then include a link to some of your work that would be great. Thank you everybody

Lisa: He also wants them to include their country you want them to include their location

Brian: Yeah good call, thank you so much…

D: Brian…if you could send that whole shebang to me I will actually post that up on RTS tonight, so that people can visually look at the list and get an idea, cause some people don’t realize they have a magically hidden talent that could help

Brian: (laughs) and videographers, photographers, publication I don’t want to forget about those either

Lisa: Can I just make…Brian, I feel like I need to add the legal, I don’t want to forget about the legal, you are asking for volunteers

Brian: Yes

Lisa: And these are not paid positions and whatever is produced the final product there is no ownership of --

Brian: Correct.

Lisa: It’s all serving a purpose, serving a cause, you don’t own the final product and it will be collaboration.

Brian: Yes…yeah, it’s really important that we put that message out there, I mean OPPT the original trustees Heather, Caleb, Randal they’ve really made it a very important point that they don’t accept donations, they don’t pay salaries, they don’t accept sponsors, and we are really trying to make sure that we stay pure and wholesome on that front, so you know all the work that we are doing on this call no body is being paid for it, I’m doing this work because I want to see humanity free, I am volunteering my time and my energy in exchange for the benefit of being able to contribute and a little bit of gratitude in return, it’s that not even that, I mean, that’s kind of one of those things that we’ll be very grateful for anybody that’s willing to contribute but if you are looking for a full time gig or will work for peanuts it’s probably not the direction that we want to go, so that’s the idea and everything that we do, is for the collective to support the greater good of everybody. Yeah, thank you Lisa, it’s very important that we put that message out there before we take this any further as far as rallying the troops and really getting organized.
But each project, we are going to have multiple projects, each project is going to have a team of people that are going to work, that are going to help to accomplish the project, the projects are in development right now and by the time we have our next show, within the next week I’ll have the various projects organized and we’ll be able to figure out where there is still open places for the needs of any particular skill set so we can ask in more specifics than kind of the broad strokes I am putting out there right now, you know anybody that is willing to contribute we are so grateful for the offer, the amount of love that had been pouring out already, it’s just, I mean, it’s beautiful…

Just real quick, when Hope and I talked the other night, the topic has come up, if everybody doesn’t have to…who is going to sweep the floors and who’s going to…do all the jobs that nobody wants to do anymore, yeah I think that we’re going into a time where once everybody is truly free we are going to be operating on such a different mindset, we are going to be living in a society where, when a job needs to get done and it is in support of the greater good of the whole of humanity people are going to be willing to step up and do it even if it’s not something they necessarily would view as their dream job or what they would want to do forever, it’s hard to understand that kind of environment because we’ve been so conditioned to believe that the world we live in today is normal and it is so far from normal and that is what we are all working towards right now. I just wanted to throw that out there because it really does apply so if some of these jobs that we need, it’s all in support of everything that we are doing and it’s amazing how it is all coming together. I can’t wait to hear about your flashmob idea Lisa but I’m not going to spoil that for you right now.

Bob: Brian, one way to illustrate it, it’s like this, if you walked into a room and you see a perfectly well cleaned, brand new carpet and there was one piece of paper on it, your first intention would probably be to pick it up, but if you walked into that same room and it was covered and littered with paper and you had a piece of paper in your hand, you are more likely to drop it on the ground than to clean up all the paper and it’s just a matter of perception, and when you start to see what we are building and you see that vision of that new world, you are more apt to pick up that piece of paper than you would be to drop it down, this is what I think everyone needs to focus on, what we are heading to, what could be, when we all start to work together…

Brian: Exactly…yeah, that was Bob right?

(Several talking at once)

Hope: I would like to say one more thing, that we have to remember that is there is going to be a transition period between the two and that is where we are going to need to really hold each other’s hands to get through that transition from where we are to where we are going to be.

D: Absolutely.
Chris: Yep…the conversation has been up to this point focused on the current issue which is the fact that the corporations have been foreclosed upon but the conversation is just now starting to move into what actually is life under this new situation going to look like, now tomorrow on The Collective Imagination Show, we are having a guest on who’s one of these very connected individuals, connected to Source, and he had a big download about five or six days ago and was actually given a very, very interesting picture of what the CVAC’s could look like and we are going to have a conversation with him because it’s quite detailed and the conversation will probably give us a whole new, lots of little hooks into how we can practically deal with the sorts of things that are going to happen in the transition and we’re hoping that we’ll spur much wider conversation and get people thinking in a more comfortable fashion about it instead of saying ooh…I just don’t know what it’ll look like and that’s certainly part of the hand holding that Hope speaks of, it’s part of the transition and we are going to get a perspective on it, it may not be in reality what we co-create in the end, but we think it will be a pretty exciting thing to listen to, that’s tomorrow on Collective Imagination so if anyone wants to join us there that would be great, because this is the direction it has to go, it’s going to be a very, very, very interesting time.

Brian: Yeah, yeah…thanks Chris, I look forward to it, I love having that conversation and that set of thing it always a really nice follow up on the talks that we have here on OPPT which is now every Monday and it’s going to get more and more exciting every week.
You asked me Lisa, you said to talk about the press release, so a press release has been developed and we’re making some, it’s already gone out and I’m not going to send the information out on it yet cause we have a couple of minor adjustments, very minor, but that we are going to be making here in the next hour or two, but we’ll be putting it out on the website, it’s already, I mean we are talking about news media outlets, it’s going to be going around the world, there’s a gentleman, who I am not going to name his name for privacy reasons, but he’s got one that is going out on PR web tomorrow, and he’s done lots of ground work to make sure this thing goes all over the place so for anybody that’s on the call that is interested in sharing this information with anybody that they know be it friends, family, neighbors, on their Facebook, social media or with local news media outlets this is a really great document that is simplistic by design to really just kind of cover the facts and point people in the direction of doing more of their exploration but it’s very succinct, it flows well and it’s exactly what we’ve been looking to put out for a while now, so, what’s really great about right now is what everybody has been asking for is now coming to the table, everybody wanted something that they could use to apply the documents and the UCC filings and Chris you and your team has been working on that, they have been looking for official press release documents and now we have this and we have what is going out on PR web and I am sure there are many others we don’t even know about, that is the grass roots ability of this movement is the most fascinating thing because I go on and I see things that people have done and it’s not hokey pokey type stuff it’s elegant and beautiful, so much talent and energy has gone into creating this information for people to share that it’s just mind blowing, as far as this one that we have probably within an hour after the show we’ll send it out to RTS, American Kabuki and we’ll give it to you Lisa and anybody that is willing to share it by all means let’s spread this thing far and wide.

Lisa: We’ll announce where you can find it also on tomorrows TCIs show, Collective Imagination Show

Brian: Perfect

Chris: Brian that’s going out to all the news agencies around the place?

Brian: Correct, yeah, especially the one that is going out on PR web, I’ll send it to all you guys and this one will be going out tomorrow, it’s going through a network that will eventually works its way into, let me see, how many different channels, hundreds of media channels.

Lisa: What about Director Ordin? (The name is garbled)

Brian: Yeah, I’m not really sure what I can do, let me see, the guy that put the PR web one together, I was reviewing earlier, maybe I can try and get him to pop into the cue as a caller when we go on to the next topic I’ll see if I can, cause I know he is probably listening but I have no idea what his area code is but I’ll forward this on to you guys to take a look at right now but this particular one I am talking about right now will go out and go live tomorrow and we’ll talk about it on the show tomorrow night.

D: Oops, I’ve already posted it


Chris: Whoops…


D: Sorry Brian…

Brian: Oh…oh, you posted it D?

D: Yes

Brian: Ok, all right, I guess it’s out there, go to Removing The Shackles (laughing)

(Several talking and laughing at once)

Chris: Brian we’ll do our best to get the document we have been working on out there as well so that will start flowing quite quickly I would say and add to the effect of the press release we hope…

Brian: Perfect, yeah, awesome, they all go hand in hand so I will be looking forward to another call in another week where all of these documents are now viral. I was having the thought when you guys were talking about the document Chris that you and your people have been working on, that it would be, it’s one thing to have people blog about their experiences with it, but man how awesome would it be if we had little hidden cameras that actually video tapped peoples facial expressions when reading it on the other end. (laughing)

Chris: That could be very interesting.

Lisa: Brian, could you repeat the ground crew email address again please?

Brian: Yeah, it’s and then go to Removing The Shackles tonight if we can get D to put the list out on her blog tonight and then we’ll have all the list of everything, it sounds like a big list, it’s really not, if you feel, here’s what I also want to throw out there, if you feel like you have a skill set that you can contribute and you have an idea on how it can be put to work for the greater good, send me an email and tell me about that to, I mean, we can only come on this call up with so many great ideas, some of the best ideas I’ve heard so far have been through emails that I have received, so if you’ve got good ideas, send an email, title it “Idea” and let’s hear what you’ve got, if we like it we’ll throw it out there…

(Several talking at once)

Chris: Brian, I’ll need to talk to you about getting permission to include that press release in this document kit

Brian: Perfect…of course

Chris: Tie them together.

Brian: You got it, Chris.

D: The other thing I just wanted to say about the press release. I've been involved in several grass roots campaigns, where we have done blasted out press release. A lot of people get really frustrated, because you send out a pile of press releases. You send them to your local CNBC, CNN, and Reuters, your mainstream newspapers. They get very like, no one called, no one did anything. It didn’t get picked up. The important thing to remember is you can force the mainstream media from the bottom up to cover a story.

I’ve had very, very good luck in putting it out. You hit the small media. The little community newspapers, college radio, college newspapers, little small ones are willing to pick up on these things, because they're not under the thumb of the controllers as much. Put it out with them and if you get enough of the smaller more local media picking up on it, it becomes an issue that the mainstream media has to pick up on it. Because if they don't, it’s like the Occupy movement. Two weeks in and mainstream media wouldn’t touch it. But it was a viral all over the world on all the alternative media. When the pressure is too big, they have to step up and start talking about it. Otherwise, it becomes very blatant that they're not talking about it.

Lisa: D, one of those things that I'm going to talk about is going to add to that pressure.

(several talking at once)

Brian: One thing on that too, D, I think is a good point to make here is we're not necessarily relying on these press releases to get the word out to the world. It's just what we're working on right now; it's a part that supports the whole. When we talk to Heather, it's very clear in many of the conversations that we've had that the OPPT is just a piece of much bigger puzzle that's playing behind the scenes.

It plays a very important role, but it is not the whole. You can say every small part does have a representation of the whole inherently by its very nature of being a part. There's so much going on behind the scenes, some of which I feel like I understand. Some of which I don't. Some of which no one is supposed to know about until it actually happens and occurs. Everyone's been talking for a while about so-called announcements, announcements coming. Ultimately what we're doing with these press releases, we're supporting that whole, in that when the big announcements are made, whenever they're made, whether it’s tomorrow or a week from now or a month from now or whenever, that might be, they're supporting information for people to go and find to help them to find their own truth. Help them study and research and figure out what resonates with them and what's true to them.

There's a very large percentage of the population that’s out there that will fight truth tooth and nail because they’re so comfortable with the reality that they live in now. But they'll chalk up anything like this as too far-fetched and conspiracy theory and that's fine. We're going to be coming to a point in the very near future where it’s going to be hard to argue the reality that's unfolding. We've talked about it before. It’s not necessarily anybody’s job to wake anybody else up, but the alarm clock is going to be so loud soon, that you can hit that thing with a hammer and it's not going to shut off.
Hope: Hey, Brian, I have to say something. For anybody listening, for all the OPPT newbies out there, I'm drafting up an OPPT primer basically to just help people make those connections themselves to start from the beginning, to explain what all of this means, where it all comes from, with all the different links and resources that people can go back and read for themselves. I'm jacking it up Hopegirl style for the rest of the people to try to bring that awareness to individuals. It's coming soon. It will be on my blog.

Brian: Hope, where does one find time to do such a thing when they're out fixing the world?
(general laughter)

Hope: I know...right!

(general laughter)

Brian: I look forward to reading that, Hope. Once again, thank you for all that you do, beautiful work that you've done.

Hope: Thank you for all that you do…everybody here…this is wonderful.

Lisa: Okay, guys, we've actually got 35 calls on the line, hoping to get in and ask a question. We've got quite a few updates to get through as well. So we need to really kick this in. So...updates. If you haven’t already, please go to the OPPT-IN Facebook page, post your photograph, I Am Free, OPPT-In, something along those lines. Look at the photos that they've got. Share them on your timelines. Help spread the word.

Get people asking, “What the hell's this OPPT-IN business all about?” To counter to that, we’ve also got the OPPT-OUT Facebook page. This is the result of a couple of steps. Caleb made a great comment about opting out of the old system. Heather loved the idea and thought we could do it exactly like this, as a counter to OPPT-IN. We are looking to provide and get your input on really creative, fun ways of opting out of the system. I love the idea of flash mobs personally. You can use this space to go there and put your ideas in, connect with other people in your area if you actually want to do something as a group, in person, at a location. Maybe it’s everybody meets at the front of the building where you get your passports from, does a dance, sticks passports in a bucket and hands them back…or your driver licenses, or whatever it is, your birth certificates, or at the bank, closing your accounts. These are just suggestions. Whatever ways you'd like to try and opt out of the system. Do it with style. Do it with fun, Be creative about it. Take photos, Take videos. This is the place to post them and share them and connect with other people who are doing the same in your area. That's that. Anybody want to comment on that?

Brian: I want to hear what the flash mob idea is about more, but I know we got a lot of callers. (chuckle)

Lisa: Yeah, I'll just get through these updates nice and quick, so we can get to the callers. The other thing was beware of…because it tends to happen…disinfo sites that are going to look like they're related to the One People’s Public Trust, but may not. They usually are pretty quick on the heels of any positive movement. All we can do at this point on this show & on the TCI show is let you know what sites we know of that we can find reliable information, and also on D's website and American Kabuki's website at the moment. There's no way for us to brand our website or put out a tick on it to say the trustees have looked at this and it's legit, or anything like that, because anything we do like that can be stolen. At the moment, I would rely on Removing the Shackles and American Kabuki and these two radio shows. That may change and evolve and that's great, but just to be aware of it, because it usually happens.

Okay, what's next? The flash mob, this was yet another brilliant idea that came up from Brian Bradley. It's going to be an online Facebook flash mob. So tomorrow night, during the TCI show, whenever that happens to be in your area, The Collective Imagination show here on Blogtalk, we will be doing a real-time Facebook flash mob. We're going to go to the CBS Facebook page and blast it with comments, using some of the tags that we already have. I am Free, OPPT-IN, OPPT-IN now, the One People’s Public Trust website; anything that's relevant. Ask them, “Please talk about it. Please comment on it. Why have you not commented? Why haven’t you given this any attention? Why haven’t you given this any of your time?” Just blast the CBS Facebook page. Join us tomorrow on The Collective Imagination and we will hit go at some point during the show. That's the plan. It's the CBS new Facebook page.

Brian: (chuckle) So, anybody that's listening that has other ideas like that… (chuckle) ... please send it in.

Lisa: We may do it every week. Pick a different site.

Chris: Hey, I'd just like to remind everybody of the magic of numbers.
If there's a hundred thousand people listening to this call, you don’t need that many emails hitting the inbox of the marketing department of a TV station or the news department of a TV station or a radio station for them to start to sit up and take notice. What if your major local TV stations all got five thousand emails, saying, “Hey aren’t you reporting on OPPT? With a copy of the press release. Eventually, it has to push through as D was saying. It's always about the numbers, folks, and we have the numbers. We are the numbers.

Lisa: This was just put through...another great tag is, "Disclose Absolute Data Now".

Chris: Thumbs up. Thumbs up.

Brian: I'd hit the Like button if I could.

Lisa: (chuckle) That's actually it for all the updates that I have. Does anybody else have an update or can we start bringing in callers?

Brian: I think that pretty much covers it. I'll probably come up with someone. Yeah, let's bring in callers, Lisa. Go for it.

Lisa: Okay, area code 646. If you think that's you, just say Hi. Area code 646? Hello?

Caller: Hello? Oh my goodness, thank you. I'm Rick. How are you?

Lisa: Hi, Rick. I'm great. Thank you.

Brian: Hi, Rick.

Rick (caller): I had my headphones in and I guess it muted my mike. Anyway, I'm glad you can hear me. I'm really amazed at what you people are doing. Do I have just a second to tell you about what's going on with me and what I'd like to do to be involved with what you're doing?

Lisa: Yes, if you can keep it short, I'd love to hear it.

Rick (caller): Alright, great. Well, I moved from New York City to rural New England about a year ago. I'm loving it. Everything is just kind of unfolding in what feels like a magical way. The more I'm away from the metropolis, the more I feel a serious sense of clarity and release from this mass illusion. I've been listening to what's been going on with OPPT for a while now. Recently I watched a few films, Ken Ford's (????) documentary, "Samsara" and I also watched, "Beasts of the Southern Wild". I kind of as an artist...I'm a composer and a writer and a playwright...I got this sense of like a combination of, I need to get this information out in a narrative form.

I also got this sense of overwhelm, because there's such a broad spectrum of culture and belief and experience and what you wonderful people are doing. You're enacting this paradigm shift that will impact literally at the global level. I'm kind of overwhelmed I guess as I imagine a lot of people who are still utterly stupefied by the system and they're still locked into it. So I’ve been listening and I’ve been jabbering a lot of things during your talk of the last hour but I feel like we’re gaining this momentum towards a quickening so this question is particularly towards Bob because I consider him kind of the Yoda of your group, actually.


Chris: We actually call him “Guru Bob.”

Rick: That’s very appropriately put. Bob’s my dad’s name and I miss him a great deal. So Bob is always a name that means a lot to me. And I would like to just – I think it was mentioned last week that someone said that it took slaves that were freed after the Civil War up to a year before they were actually convinced they were free. I think we’re going to be hitting a lot more of a momentum because we’ve got the internet and a lot more powerful communication at our disposal but the cultural – the cultural malaise and the cultural – the trance is so thick. What are just some of the ideas that you folks are talking about to break out of this? I know we’re talking about marketing and memes and buzz phrases and stuff like that which is all good, someone actually mentioned ripping off the Band-Aid and I said, “Oh, you know about OPPT?” And they said, “No.” So it’s even permeating beyond the people who have actually started the meme, rip off the band aid. So I’m really so excited about what you’re doing and what you like plug into it but I’m also – up here in the wilds of northern Connecticut and want to just – I’m going to be emailing Brian, no worries about all that, but just so powerfully connect with what you’re doing. And how, Bob, how do you find the best way of breaking people out of their stupor? I know it’s not our job to wake people up but there’s a big thick Superbowl-sized stupor out there. What is a primer for this? What are first baby steps for doing that? I don’t know.

Bob: Well I think it’s different for every person when they finally wake up to the idea but I think it starts with asking questions. Because ultimately you start asking, and questions that you traditionally may not ask. Why are you now okay with this? Why are you not okay with the way the world is? Why – you know is this situation – you know – causing so much grief for you? And ultimately you’re going to have to say it’s because it’s not how I choose to live. It’s not the way I choose to be. And then you’re going to have to ask that question, well then who are you? Because it’s really – one of the things that wakes people up is when they start asking questions. So maybe you can ask those questions for them. Something that they haven’t considered before. You know and one question sort of leads to another. And once they start questioning – why do you think only one percent of the population has all the money? You know? Just get them to think. To question things that normally they don’t have time to do. You know it’s one of those situations that’s self-perpetuating because when you’re in the mode of surviving, that’s all you’re thinking about. Before you go to bed you start to worry about, okay, what bills do I have to pay, what bills haven’t I paid, what are they going to shut off. Your mind is in constant survival mode. And you need to break them away from that to ask another question. To break them – you know from that cycle. And it’s not always easy to do and sometimes it’s not possible. I have a roommate that loves to say you can lead a man to knowledge but you cannot make him think.


Lisa: You know it seems that the worlds’ going down the toilet so fast, there’s at least one area of somebody’s life that is an opening for you to start the conversation. And it may be relationships. It may be finances. It may be the stifled creativity because they hate their job and it may be any number of things but all of it can relate to eventually what the fact – the system is the way it si and it’s all inside out and backwards and upside down. There’s always an opening. And I want to really thank you Rick, for calling in. I hate to do it to you because I’m going to have to mute you and move on because we just have so many people to get to.

Rick: Thank you.

Lisa: Thanks so much. Okay, we have area code 661. Area code 661? No one? Area code 661? Hello.

Caller: hello.

Lisa: Hello. Yes.

Caller: Sorry. I called in on Skype so I didn’t know what area code was coming through, but…

Lisa: Okay. I’m sorry, what’s your name:

Caller: It’s Deryl from Canada.

Lisa: Hi Deryl.

D: Hi Deryl.

Brian: THE Deryl from Canada.

Lisa: THE Deryl. There’s only one Deryl in Canada apparently.

Deryl: So I just had a question on the courtesy notice, and is the courtesy notice something that we’re doing in lieu of the full public disclosure that – of the trust?

Lisa: No, in addition to.

Deryl: Will that waive that disclosure.

Chris: I’ll just make a comment about the courtesy notice because the intent of the courtesy notice is to give us a mechanism to deflect the old system as effectively as possible while educating it until that moment of disclosure of absolute disclosure. Once that takes place the – again the playing field is going to shift and we may be doing things quite a different way or we may continue that courtesy notice. That’s a response to your first question. I’ll let Lisa and Brian speak to when that might take place.
Lisa: Well Brian’s probably better to answer that one.

Chris: Because basically I can’t tell you when that might take place.

Brian: So the question is when we won’t need the document anymore? I’m trying to –

Chris: But you can’t speak to that --
(several speaking at once)

Bob: When will absolute disclosure take place?

Brian: Here’s what I’m told, and I don’t know if it’s, I mean it’s definitely not the whole story and I don’t know how I could do this but it sounds more reasonable to me. I’m told that absolute disclosure and absolute data – I mean we’re in the baby steps of it right now but everybody’s really what they’re looking forward to is the floodgate being open. And when it happens I’m told that it’s going to come in chunks. It’s not like everybody’s going to turn on the news and Anderson Cooper’s going to be talking about how September 11 was an inside job. And everything else all, and OPPT and the foreclosure of the corporate governments, I mean, we’re not trying to give people heart attacks here but at the same time if you’re talking about ripping the Band-Aid off then we’re talking about ripping the Band-Aid off which I think we should trademark that by the way, “rip the Band-Aid off, tm” so we can stake that, but the –

D: The only problem with that darling is that Band-Aid is a brand.

Brian: But ripping it off is a phrase. (laughs)

Chris: But Brian the corporations who are competing using branding as a major tool no longer exists. That whole system is gone.

Brian: Yeah no more trademark systems, I’ve got to realize the flaw that there will be no ownership anymore. But you know, I mean that’s ultimately it’s a great question. I know everybody that’s listening on this call is wondering the exact same thing, myself included. I’ve gotten hung up on dates in the past. And for me personally I’ve come to the conclusion that -- faith that everything is unfolding as it’s supposed to and in the way that it was designed to and this is all -- I’ve talked about it before and it sounds cliché but it’s so by design. You know we’re not behind on anything. I mean some people looked at December 21, 2012 as being the date where the world changes and the fact of the matter is the world did change. It just wasn’t visible for everybody right away. And so it’s one of those things if you asked me my opinion – I mean I can give you my opinion but don’t get hung up on my opinion because it is just mine, is I think that we’re in the – we’re at the final stretch. I think that we’re at the final stretch right now and I think that February’s going to be a big month and I think that certain things are going to roll over into March and March is going to be a big month and every month thereafter is going to be a big month. I mean this last month -- January was a huge month for me. And anybody who wants to open their eyes they’ll realize that a lot was accomplished and once absolute data comes out and everybody can see the chronological history of events that have taken place they’ll realize that absolute data is coming out right now. But what everybody’s looking for is absolute data in the context of I can go to my neighbor and I can talk to them about it and they’ll know about it too. That’s what we’re all waiting for. Personally I feel it’s only a matter of time.

Chris: Could I throw one thing in there that might illuminate the situation a bit? I’m going to read a sentence directly out of the Declaration and Order of Constitution of CVAC government which is one of the UCC documents up on the site. And it says this. This is in relation to what they’re listing as four of the fundamental things that the CVAC’s going to do and #2 is this: And this is in relation to the, one of the duties of the CVAC. To duly produce immediate true accurate and complete full disclosure to said states of body of absolute truth, knowledge and the absolute standing authority value rights principle of law of said states of body inclusive of disclosure of UILO.2012 127914 all verified ordinances therein duly underwritten, etc. and that document is actually the foreclosure document for the banks that they’re referring to. One of the things you might look to for an approximate time period is when the CVACs come online because the CVACs, the public servants in the CVAC are obliged to attempt to completely fully disclose everything to everybody. Now that doesn’t mean that the mainstream media will necessarily jump on board but if we’ve done our homework and promoted the OPPT to them it’s far more likely to have that effect and it will depend also on who the people are in the CVAC and whether their public standing is such that it will command immediate attention. So in my wildest speculation I’d say look to activation of CVACs as being a possible time about which that might happen. But look again. I could be wrong if they work out some completely other way but it’s actually written into the specs for the CVAC.

Caller: Well whether it’s the CVAC or the OPPT or whatever it is what it lacks right now is some credibility from something other than our little circle of alternative media, right? In other words, somebody gets the courtesy notice whether it’s the meter reader or whomever they’re not going to – while that’s being put on notice they’re not going to know any more that they’re doing anything wrong until there is something else out there that they can look to that tells them that they’re doing something wrong. And I think that they’re more likely to look at you as a nutcase or a slacker who’s trying to get out of what they perceive is a legitimate obligation and so I would think in the courtesy notice one thing that you might want to consider is to have anybody who is providing one of those that they provide a copy of it to the recipient’s head office, or employer, or something. I would suggest --

Lisa: That’s where it needs to end up. At the legal team.

Chris: Yes that is one of the things that we’re working into the document as one of the final changes is a request to pass it on to supervisors and legal advisors within your foreclosed corporation immediately. It should be made a requirement in there. It needs to move up through the chain wherever it goes it needs to move around some more and it needs to find its way into the hands of the most senior counsel in each organization ASAP.

Brian: So let me give a quick stat real quick that will paint a pretty vivid picture here. When we were posting on American Kabuki about a month ago and I put a post up there to bring some clarity in for people who were looking for answers. At the time we googled One Peoples Public Trust and I believe it was 23,000 responses that came back. I’ve just googled One Peoples Public Trust right now and that 23,000 turned into 33 million. So keep in mind you get 100 pages deep on this list and it’s going to be things that have peoples and public and trust in different areas but just that number shooting from 23,000 to 33 million shows that it’s gone up exponentially and everything that we’re now doing with the press releases is only going to increase the exposure from there. Because if you’re one of these employees and you get one of these things and you’ve never heard about it before you’re first response very well may be this is baloney. But later on you’re going to get home that night and you’re going to wonder, is there any legitimacy here? And the first thing I would probably do, let’s just say one of the first five things that I’d probably do just to be honest here is I would go on and I’d Google it. Try to find it and then if there’s a lot of hits that come back I all of a sudden now, now I have the ability to start – the trigger has been made in my mind for me to continue doing my research and doing my homework because ultimately so many of these people out there are good hearted honest people that want to know that they want to sleep confidently at night knowing they have integrity and they did the right thing that day and if I’m working in a job -- this is just me personally -- but I know that for every “me” out there there’s millions of others. And I start to get the sense that something is dishonest at my job I start to really question what I’m doing and I would want to fix it real quick. So if we can accomplish that then we’re very much on the right track.

Bob: Another thing Deryl I want to speak to. A lot of people are looking for the official word, or the official acknowledgment and one of the things that I want to tell everyone, you’ve got to look to yourself because hope is not enough. Hope – you can be disappointed in your hope. You’ve got to know –

Brian: Not our Hope though.

Hope: Thank you.

D: Don’t say that about Hope.

Hope: Don’t give up on Hope.


Bob: That’s no problem. And yes you should, everyone should have a Hope. (laughs) But it’s not, you’ve got to know. You’ve got to know who you are because if you’re looking for an official word you’re already giving your power away to someone else who has authority to say that it’s okay for you to be free. And that’s not where we’re moving into. You know that you’re free because you know that – I hate being told what to do, I hate being told when to do it, I make a terrible employee. I know this about myself because I’m not one of those people who can be contained. And so this is what I know. I know that I’m free. I know and I don’t need the UCC filings to tell me. It makes it convenient so that I can communicate it to other people, but you’ve got to make that shift and a lot of people who are looking for the official word to come from the very slave drivers who imprisoned you – that doesn’t make sense to me and it’s also giving our power away.

Deryl: Yes. Sharon my wife wanted to make a comment.

Sharon: Just on that note I’d like to go back to Rick’s question on how we approach people. Because if we ask people what they think they will automatically left brain go back to subconscious programming which is the dark agenda enslavement program programming and they’ll be looking for ways to validate why they’re in this situation. So we find if we ask people how they feel about a certain situation or circumstance that takes them into their right brained heart centered self and they will start automatically asking questions because it would be resonating against they don’t like what they’re feeling. Everybody knows that they’re enslaved. They may not know it consciously but they certainly know that they’re in survival mode and they don’t have the answers and so what we’ll find is when we ask people how they feel about it they will start asking questions more readily and be more open because they’re not bumping back up against the subconscious program. So I just wanted to add that.

Brian: Absolutely, absolutely.

Lisa: Daryl and wife I want to thank you both for chiming in and we’re going to have to move on if we’re going to get to these callers. So I’m going to mute you again. And thank you once again and I believe we do have, I’m going to see if this is him. Patrick. 716. Patrick? Do we have you?

Patrick: Hello.

Lisa: Hello, is this Patrick?

Patrick: Yes.

Brian: Hey Patrick.

Lisa: This is the Patrick connected to the press release, right?

Patrick: Yes, yes I am.

Lisa: Is there anything you wanted to say in regards to?

Patrick: I’m sorry?

Lisa: Was there anything else you wanted to add in regards to this press release?

Patrick: Well just that it’s going out to all the major news services like Reuters and the Associated Press and a bunch of the web media outlets. I had put together the package. Basically it’s the 1111.1 announcement, the first part of it up to and including the facts and data. And then I took the verbiage off the Duly Foreclosed sign – or slide, sorry. And it says the Hague and the UN and you know the world bank the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements have all been foreclosed upon. And that way when it goes out and any of these large corporations that have legal departments their lawyers will be able to trace through the facts and data all the UCC numbers and verify that this is reality.

Lisa: Fabulous. Thank you very much. Again I’m just going to mute you if that’s all Patrick and move on. This is too many people to talk to, unfortunately. We’ve got area code 770. Area code 770? Hello? 770? If you’ve got your hand up and you think that’s you just say hello.

Chris: And that may be someone calling from Gmail or Gchat, I think that area code comes from Google.

Lisa: 770? Going once, going twice and okay. And we’ve got area code 614. Area code 614?
Going once, going twice, okay. And we’ve got area code 832.

Caller 832: Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Caller 832: Yes.

Lisa: Yay, we got someone.

Caller 832: Hi. This is Lisa from Houston Texas.

Lisa: Hi Lisa from Houston Texas.

Brian: Hi Lisa.

Lisa 832: Hi. I’ve never called in. I usually don’t do things like this but I’m so excited I can’t contain myself.

Lisa: Well we’re honored.

Lisa 832: I just wanted first of all to tell you how much I’m in joy and gratitude for what you guys are doing. I know you have a lot of callers so I’ll try to make this brief. And I think it’s actually kind of goes into what the first two callers were talking about maybe you can see if it is. Awhile back Heather had actually mentioned that the CVACs are actually going to be needed in physical locations in different geographic areas for facilitation. And Brian, you were saying earlier you’re just getting all kinds of offers from so many different countries. I was wondering if you had thought of yet, of taking the people who are in a closed geographical area and trying to put those people together so that we could create a physical representation for people who have information and they can see real bodies, tangible avenues of what is going on other than just alternative media even posting some internet because you know a lot of times these days people will look at it and say it’s just out there. It could be real it could not be. But if there was – I’ve thought about this and I would love to participate in organization and working with facilitating a group in my local area if there are other people that are from Houston or the surrounding area. I didn’t know if you had thought about that. That might take some burden off of Brian or the people who are trying to sort out this vast project. That’s all.

Brian: Yes, I see. I can take that, Lisa. First of all we’ve got two Lisa’s on the phone now. (laughs) Lisa caller- first of all thank you for calling in and for your comments. There is actually something that’s in development that’s going to facilitate what you’re looking for when we have our main hub up. American Kabuki is working on one right now. It’s going to be a blog designed to help people connect in certain areas as well. Until it happens and I know it will happen quickly because everything seems to be happening quickly these days, what I would suggest is start a meetup group. And I have a couple close friends of mine, they host a group, it’s a 2012 awakening group that they’ve been doing a couple of years now and they host it at a yoga studio and they meet every week to talk about developments and spiritual developments and consciousness but you can, that’s the beauty of meetup because you can make it about whatever you want and meetup will put people to your group that are looking for the kind of information that we have to offer but if that’s not something you’re interested in what you’re looking for will be available soon because the thing is right now, there’s people from all over the world listening to this phone call and I’ve never met Lisa Harrison in person, she’s in Australia, I’m in San Diego. We talked today but we do so much of our communication, all of us on Skype but if you’re looking for actual physical contact, that will be available soon but don’t let us stop you. Meetups is a great place to go and some more power to you if you can get some people in your community to gather and have discussions about this because it’s I mean this is big information and I know there’s obviously a lot of people that would be interested to hear about it and to chat with you about it.

Lisa 832: I see what you’re saying but as far as I’m not really just talking about people who have heard of and want to participate in OPPT. I’m thinking of the people who we’re approaching daily and trying to inform them in the workplace, like the postman, the policeman, the person on the other end of the phone who’s your mortgage company or credit card company. The people, your neighbors who have never heard a thing about this and those are the people – my husband is like it, unless he can see it and taste it and touch it and he can go to it, it’s just out there in the ethers until he can actually see something. I’m talking about a – and I know this is down the road but with all of the people who are contacting you and I know there’s a hub and maybe we will have to wait for that but I am willing to even donate a space.

Caller-Lisa: I see what you’re saying but I’m not really just talking about people who have heard of and want to participate in OPPT. I’m thinking of the people who we’re approaching daily … trying to inform them, in the workplace, the postman, the policeman, the person on the other end of the phone who is your mortgage company or credit card company. The people … your neighbors who’ve never heard a thing about this. Those are the people. My husband is like “Unless he can see it, and taste it and touch it and he can go to it, it’s just out there in the ethers.” Until he can actually see something. I’m talking about, and I know this is down the road, but with all the people who are contacting you, and I know there’s a hub and maybe we’ll have to wait for that. I am willing to even donate a space, a place for people to come to that could actually be a facilitation location for the postman to actually check out. Yes, these things are up and running. It’s ground roots, it’s just getting started, but here you go. That’s all. I’m a loner in this, in my world. I don’t know of one person around me who would be an OPPT person that would do this with me at this time. Would the people that are communicating with you…

Lisa: You just never know who you’re going to find if you stick a flyer up on your local café wall where you can put up notices or at your local library. Stick up some flyers…

Lisa: Here’s the other thing…

Brian: Go ahead.

Lisa: If you put the information that is really relevant on there, then people who do know what you’re saying will respond. If you were to just put ‘One People’s Public Trust Meeting’, then the people who know what that means will show up. The people who find that interesting will show up.

Brian: Lisa, also this press release that I’ve … technically it’s out there today. If you go to Removing the Shackles, it’s out there now.

Caller-Lisa: I’ve already posted it on my local Craigslist. I do that now and to me …

Brian: So that’s a good intro… What you have remember too Lisa, cause there is a lot of, I’m talking to you now Lisa, but there is a lot Lisa’s listening in on this call, that feel the exact same way, so I’m really talking to everybody “The awareness raises for this, the energy, it shifts to a place that will create a much more suitable space for you to be able to do these things.” That’s what we’re doing now, because as we raise awareness, and more people find out about it, then the interest level and the audience and the demographic of those following this information increases exponentially, there’s only going to be more and more of a demand to put into practice what it is that you’re talking about. We’re getting there. We’re much farther along than we were a month ago. Imagine where we’ll be in the next few weeks.

Caller-Lisa: I know. I’m feeling the energy. It’s like blowing out of me, so I had to call in. But listen, I know you’ve got a lot of other phones calls, and I love all of you. I’m so grateful. Brian I sent you an email. I’m the photographer/accountant/jack of all trades, so that’s me. Know that I am ready to start in any way. I thank you all so very much.

Brian: Thank you Lisa, we love you too.

Caller-Lisa: Thank you. Alright, bye-bye.

Brian: Bye.

Caller: Are ya’ll looking for 276?

(some talkover)

Caller: What’s up brother? How are you doing?

Chris: That must be Pete from

Pete: No, no, we changed the name to protect the innocent. We’re, we weren’t private.

Chris: Yep, thanks for correcting.

Pete: It’s alright. Hey I love what I’m hearing. This is beautiful.

Chris: Can I ask you this question to you? You got the memo. You’ve got the memo.

Pete: Oh I’ve been beating the brakes off the memo for 25 years.


Pete: As a matter of fact that’s why I set up a private meeting place for the minds to actually get their minds right. Effectively, that’s why I set up Anybody can go there, it’s free and it’s beautiful. We’re really sharing the truth at a different level. I do two Blogtalks a week on Tuesday and Saturdays with Freedom Reigns, with my producer. I’m bringing forward the collective shift best I can. I’m but one man. Michael and I, we’re sort of the deeper thinkers. We bring them information, we bring them truth, we bring them substance so that they can actually grab onto and see it and then know that “Hey, see this has been a big illusion”. We help them take off those rose-colored glasses and help them move forward on a whole different level. That’s what we do.

Chris: Pete, have you read the One People’s Trust documents said?

Pete: I sure have.

Chris: How did you like it?

Pete: I liked them. Yup, I understand them. As a matter of fact I’ve posted with Heather a couple times. She posted back with me in an email, but I’d definitely like to get some face-time with her and share what we can move to help move forward. I loved what you all are doing and what she’s done. I think there’s more ways to skin a cat. I’d like to give her my little collective input and see what we can’t do because this is where we all come together with our collective minds. I don’t know it all, but hey, I know a couple things. I can share the love and that where I live brother.

Brian: We’ll I know it sounds gross, but we love skinning cats my man.


Pete: Yeah, I’ve got three in the house you can have.

Lisa: Is there anything that you wanted to present to the crew and all?

Pete: Well I just wanted to share, to help pull some of the sled, I just want to do is “Hey, for those that are in to the shift, come over to It’s posted on Blogtalk as well, because there’s a plethora of excellent information, eye opening information. It’s all free over there on those portals, with educational information.” I talk about big pharma, big medical, the whole system on how it’s tied in, the bonds, basically to sort of pull back the curtains. If you’re living in a false paradigm, and no one’s ever told you, or could prove to you or show you what’s gone on then you can’t change and shift. It’s educational, and what you guys are doing is educational. This where were we all pull together. I don’t have any questions. I’m just trying to share some of the love.

Lisa: Okay great, thank you Pete.

Pete: You’re welcome.

Lisa: For those of you who need an extra resource in terms of educating people who may be in a state of disbelief about how the system actually is, then Pete’s website is a great one for that. Thank you Peter . I’m just going to mute you again and we’ll move onto the next caller. Thank you.

Santos: Hey Lisa, before you do can I just ask that Francesca and Elgenio say “Hi”. I want folks to know…

Lisa: I can’t find them.

Santos: They’ll be on the line. They’re in the queue waiting.

Lisa: There’s a lot of other people. I don’t know how to identify them.

Santos: They’ve come through like I have, on the panel.

Lisa: Yeah, as have 20 other people. I just don’t know how to identify them.

Santos: No worries. I’ll find out how to do that. I’d like for them to say “hello” so that people know who they are. They are pretty much the most prominent members of the group in Italy at the moment.

Lisa: If you can give me an area code that’d be great.

Bob: If they hit “1” they can raise their hand.

Santos: 0-5-5. 055 from Francesca and Elgenio is... so you got that, 055?

Lisa: No.

Santos: Okay. Well anyway. That’s what you’re looking for.

Lisa: Yeah, it’s not there. Sometimes people think their number is their area code is something that shows up as something else. I’ve got no 055.

Santos: Okay she’s got 0-0-3-9-0-5-5. Never mind.

Lisa: I’ll quickly work through the list and see if I can find her.

Santos: I just wanted people to know that they’re there, that’s all.

Lisa: We do have someone here. It sounds like you have a noisy background, 205.

Caller: Oh yes, sorry, hi! Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yes I can. What was your name?

Caller: Oh sorry I had the radio on. I’m Jennifer.

Lisa: Jennifer. Hi Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hi! Hey you guys! Oh my gosh. It is so awesome to talk to all of you. I’ve been following this stuff for such a long time. I’ve followed all of this stuff for such a long time and it’s just the most amazing thing to watch it unfold. I have a question for all of you that no one seems to have sort of proposed yet with regard to the contracts themselves: I was curious if any of you on the panel know anything about quantum grammar?

Lisa: You mean David Wynn Miller?

Jennifer: Yes I am and I’m just curious about the aspects of this knowledge in terms of trying to understand more of … because this boils down to contract.

Lisa: (giggle) I’m not going there… I’m leaving that one.

Chris: Was it Jennifer?

Jennifer: Yes.

Chris: Jennifer look, I’ve actually been thinking about David Wynn Miller’s quantum grammar techniques and one of the things about it, and I haven’t made up my mind how relevant it is to bring that technology forward into the paradigm we’re shifting into, to be honest.

Jennifer: Okay.

Chris: It’s based on an absolute interpretation of the grammatical structure of the English language and its use in the legal system. Now the legal system has just been completely removed off the playing field. Whilst I acknowledge that within that original legal language, based around English, quantum grammar is actually a very powerful way of ensuring communication, is like an incoming arrow, it always penetrates its target. In the context that we’re moving into, is that necessarily what we want? Is it absolutely necessary? One of the stipulations in the CVAC is that it’s supposed to simplify and unify the lawful structures.

Lisa: And no more legalese.

Chris: No more legalese. Whilst it is a valid way of making our communications incredibly precise, whether it flows in the legal use, or if it’s just something that where elements of it get used in how language is taught in the future, I don’t know. It’s very much a question mark for me. I acknowledge its effectiveness in the old system, but that’s actually not where we’re going and we need to evaluate stuff that we bring forward.

Jennifer: Well yes actually, point very well taken because that’s sort of my sticking point. It’s like in terms of my understanding of the whole thing, and in terms of like “Okay, I’m going to file UCC, a financial statement. That’s old paradigm.” There is this hope mentioned, this transitional period where we sort of, there is this aspect of having to do that, of having to sort of somewhat be in the old paradigm. If it is just about just using the mathematical formula to put on to the language so that we can learn how not to be deceived, in our future contracts, because we’re going to continue to make contracts with each other. I mean until we become telepathic.

Chris: That’s right. That’s absolutely right. That’s also an aspect of the CVAC stuff which we’ll gradually move into over the next few weeks, we hope. That there is a facility for contract provided that it’s not done for self-interests, and to the detriment of others. There will still be contract, but what form it is we don’t know yet.

Lisa: I think what they could be able to be is each of us has our own form of code of conduct. We each have our own… yeah I guess a code of conduct. It’s on paper and it says “If you’re going to deal with me, this is what you can expect, and if I’m going to deal with you, this is what I expect from you, as it belongs to me.” So that if you’re going to deal with me in this context…

Jennifer: I do understand that, and again I do understand that too. As I think Bob was saying “The speaking part for me is that, apparently we “normal” people do that now when we enter into agreements with others, doing that now but the legal documents are drawn up that we don’t understand when we read them”. We will, until we become telepathic, have to make contracts with others.

Chris: Yeah look, I do acknowledge that is could have value, but I can’t answer as to absolutely whether we’ll use it. It’s something that we should consider on the way through. One of the things you have to realize is that we get to choose what happens next from this point.

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Chris: One of the interesting things about the CVAC discussion we’ve having tomorrow is what the gentleman brought down was that the whole situation remains in a state of flux for a very long time, where everything gets reviewed on an approximately 3 month cycle. Everything that’s going on around, every contract, arrangement, so that we can stay in a state of flux. We’re going to have decision after decision to make, as a worldwide community sometimes, and as local communities a lot of the time. It’s just going to be this constant moving forward and developing. What you’re talking about I know will play into it, but we just don’t know how that all looks like until we’re in it.

Jennifer: Certainly I can appreciate that. Well I hadn’t heard anyone talking about this specific thing and since we do still function with language until all of us…

Chris: Well when we’re telepathic there’ll be no secrets.

Jennifer: Right. This would be a non-issue, but we’re not there yet. I’m sort of thinking “Well exponentiation being what is, I don’t know how quickly it might happen, but I could also visualize that it could be years before we’ve actually made that switch.” Language will be necessary in that time. It was just a question that’s still there for me, in terms of how it’ll play out. I appreciate you understanding my point and addressing it.

Lisa: Thank you Jennifer.

Chris: We’re all in that same place. We’ve got a foot in each camp.

Jennifer: (laughter) Absolutely. Peace to all of you and continue with the “Light bearing”.

Lisa: Thank you and you too Jennifer. We’ll talk soon.

Brian: Thanks Jennifer.

Lisa: Okay guys we’ve only got 5 minutes left. I don’t think we’ve got time for any more callers, which is really unfortunate because there are so many of you … hopefully next week, or tomorrow. Last things, just as a reminder, we’ve got the Collective Imagination show tomorrow. If you haven’t already, go to The Collective Imagination page on Facebook and “Like” it so that you can stay up to day on when that show is and where to find. It is here on Blogtalk. You can look it up under “The Collective Imagination” or under “5D Media Network”. Go to the OPPT IN Facebook page. Add your photograph. Go to the OPPT OUT Facebook page. Come up with some fabulous creative ideas for opting out of the current system. Join us tomorrow on The Collective Imagination for our “Live Flash Mob”, which will be an online Facebook flash mob. I think that’s it. Go to Removing the Shackles for the press release that is already out there. Keep your eye on the OPPT IN, O-P-P-T hyphen IN website ( When the document that Chris is talking about is absolutely finalized and ready for release, that’ll be the first place it goes. It will get linked from there to other affiliated websites. Anything else? I’m going to say my goodbyes and hand it over to the other people on the panel, say their last goodbyes and any last comments.

Chris: Thanks everybody for listening in. It’s great to talk to all of you. I’m not sure how many are out there but tune back in next week because this is going to be an ongoing process. Thank you for your time and energy.

Brian: Cool. I’ll jump in real quick. If anybody wants to find the actual scribed version of the press release that they can share, it’s going to be on Facebook. We’ll put it on your Facebook but it’s also, if you want to go “Scribd.”, it’s It’s kind of a mouthful, but between there and Removing the Shackles and then on Facebook. I actually, real quick, in closing from Deryl “300-400 media outlets have already received it and it’s going into be reviewed for the banking section, business section, technology section, finance, social, legal and government. The hope is that a 3-10% hit rate is good.” Keep an eye on the PR web for tomorrow. Thank you for everyone listening and feel free to share this call far and wide. We need everybody to step up and share this in order for us to really continue the traction that we have. I look forward to…

Lisa: 60 seconds!

Brian: Yep. I look forward to talking to everybody again next week. Have a great night.

Lisa: Thank you. And Bob?

Bob: I just want to say to everyone “Spread the word” Let’s keep this momentum going. Things are moving exponentially quick. We’ll share it as quickly as we can, so please stay tuned in.

Lisa: Okay, D had to say goodbye already. She had to leave us so I’m saying goodbye on behalf of D. Hopegirl, you still there?

Hopegirl: I’m still here. I just want to let everybody know that we have a new website; Please look into that and thanks so much for having me.

Lisa: Lovely. Quick shout out to American Kabuki, I believe he was out there listening, so he could join us. To Santos, thank you very much. To Deatra, from Freedom Reigns, thank you so much for giving us this time to do this. Once again guys, tune in tomorrow for the Collective Imagination and same time, same bat channel next Monday night. See you then! Bye for now.


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