Friday 30 November 2012

Solar (R)evolution

I'm looking forward to watching this movie.  The Sun and everything  related intrigues me- I'm drawn to it like iron filings to a magnet.  

Does the sun have the power to transform humankind?

In SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION, world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities.

We are in the midst of a dramatic rise in solar disturbances, which have the capability of disrupting the Earth’s geomagnetic field and, as a result, our global ecology. Broers, however, sees this not as an impending apocalypse but as the dawn of a new era.

Drawing on research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost our brain capacity and expand our minds in ways we never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatura - telepathy, extrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients - may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing.

Without a doubt, the way we think, feel, relate, communicate, and experience reality has been changing dramatically in recent years, and Dieter Broers affirms those changes will ultimately culminate in a new form of consciousness and harmony on Earth. Humankind is going through an evolutionary leap, says Broers, and the process has already begun.

A personal Note from Dieter Broers:

We are at a pinnacle time at which all of our senses are telling us that we are approaching a turning point. Humankind is (we are) in the middle of an all-encompassing process of change. In the external world we are experiencing an increase in the density of events, not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively in their intensity. We realize that a significant number of these events correlate with our own inner mental and emotional processes.

Solar Revolution 

Guests were invited to watch a special sneak preview of the film SOLAR REVOLUTION and also to meet with the filmmakers, for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ discussion about the making of the movie and seeDieter Broers LIVE via web transmission from Vienna, Austria!! The movie asks the questions – does the sun have the power to transform humankind? World famous German biophysicist, Dieter Broers, makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence including NASA research that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities.
We are in the midst of a dramatic rise in solar disturbances, which have the capability of disrupting the Earth’s geomagnetic field and, as a result, our global ecology. Broers, however, sees this not as an impending apocalypse but as the dawn of a new age!
Drawing on cutting edge research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost brain capacity and expand the mind in ways humanity has never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatural—telepathyextrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients—may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing.
“Humankind is going through an evolutionary leap”, says Broers, and the process has already begun!! Be the first to hear Broers stunning conclusions in this amazing new movie SOLAR REVOLUTION! Secure your seat – Click above to Book Now!!
Dieter Broers’ film is all the suggestion we need to realize that we have come to the end of our infatuation with the straight line, and are awakening to a virgin appreciation of all it means to be human. I gladly recommend it. ~ Barnet Bain, Producer of What Dreams May Come, and The Celestine Prophecy. ;
Dieter Broers
“I’m convinced that a change will come about in 2012. The question is: ‘When is 2012?…’”
Dieter Broers is a renowned bio-physicist and best-selling author, whose worldview is one which fuses spirit and matter, two subjects which are currently viewed by the scientific world as being separate. He uses advanced science to describe a holistic existence.....



  1. Just purchased the DVD! :) I can't wait to get it in the mail so I can watch it!! ^_^

  2. A thought experiment: Assuming there truly is some sort of secretive "shadow government" made up of (choose as many as you feel apply) governments, corporations, intelligence organizations, and powerful individuals, which is an assumption that I imagine most people reading this blog would be willing to make -- what would be their most likely response to a threat from various groups attempting to upset the status quo/remove them from power/"take down the cabal" etc...?

    Not to imply such a group would be "rational" in the sense that we think of the word, but from our perspective, what is logically the most likely reaction?

    My answer? Wouldn't they strive to "hide" this reality in a cloud/haze of paralellel, similar but farcical realities? Mirages, if you distract as many of the honestly curious, well-intentioned researchers out there...

    Think objectively for a few minutes (well, you should do it 100% of minutes, but that can be *hard*): does questioning the legitimacy of this site, of jean's site, of poof, of drake, of wilcock, of fulford, of keenan, of etc&etc, does just this act alone imply some sort of betrayal of this enormous, diverse community of truth-seekers? I would argue that no, it does not -- but this is what each of these sources would have you believe, nay FEEL.

    With dozens of various sources of information that are impossible to vet (on our end, BTS can argue that it is vetted but without more transparency there is no way the readers can do the same), what logical reason is there to believe that one or the other is "correct"? Answer: none.

    And thats where my hypothesis for the experiment above comes into play. In a myriad of equally unverifiable information, wouldn't Occam's Razor imply that all are equally untrustworthy? Doesn't a truly logical analysis of all of this at least raise the possibility that each one of these sources is an informational mirage? If source A says source B is producing disinfo and is "working for the cabal", and source B says source A is producing disinfo and is "one of the bad guys", and then we extrapolate this out to a web of 10+ nexus points of cross-contradicting disinfo, shouldn't our gut reaction be to question every one of these sources? It has been widely recognized that an important propaganda tool of "the cabal" or whatever you wanna call them, is the process of spreading disinformation throughout the internet in various and nefarious ways.

    Think about it. Don't react to this emotionally, react to it with deductive logic and careful consideration. If you can show me the light, please do by all means...but if not, lets take a long look at this.

    Remember, a classic method of power structures is to dupe those who are knowledgable enough to legimately oppose them with a savior figure that in the end turns out to be a new manifestation of the status quo.

    1. And this relates to the topic under discussion "how" exactly? Just for purposes of clarification, of course.

    2. It questions the legitimacy and authenticity of this site, and therefore relates to everything this site publishes.

    3. Thought so.

      I have found, as a general rule of thumb, that the greater the attempts to discredit a messenger, the greater the likelihood that the message he/she is delivering has merit. Given the troll activity on this blog over the last few days, I'm inclined to think that the "message" being delivered here has considerable truth in it.

    4. Trolls with CIA affiliations would be possible. They seem to cut and paste with more of a flourish than some...

    5. The point is that in the middle of desinfo, there is the info. The internet is the supreme and unexpected stone in the shoe the system. Broke the power of the media ofcial. Therefore all attempts to choke her. Useless. The internet is the voice of humanity and is stronger than the established power. In it we find blogs like this, where we found everything that the media insists on hiding. The desinfo is a consequence of the importance of this space. But the most important thing in this is to find blogs like brothers and sisters living in the same consciousness that we experience, proving that the phenomenon is real and collective!
      In view of this the desinfo only informs us about the fear system.
      I'll give you an info: The avatar of the age of Aquarius is collective!
      We are the saviors of ourselves!

    6. Demosthenes- you indeed wind words with a flare worthy of your namesake, yet the over tones are very clear under the prose. Free will gives you the right to believe whatever and whomever you choose. Anyone who actually reads my writings here, knows that I am a champion of right to freedom of speech, and that what I bring here is for the readers to decide. I write what I know- you can decide what to do with that information- you alone. To each his own.

      zazul- well said my friend- thank you.

    7. You are ALL correct.

      Each comment has merit and its own truth.

      I believe there are some 30,000 franchised/registered/incorporated denominations of Christian churches, and EACH of these, will tell their followers the others churches are liars and their followers are all going to 'hell'. Therefore, I deduce, they are all liars. And the science of Astrotheology backs me up on this statement too.

      However, those faithful followers, of whichever church franchise it may be, deeply defend and believe, and so there is no way anybody could convince them, they would have to 'wake-up' on their own, or not, as they case may be.

      It's the same with blogs. We either feel and believe and trust, or we don't, the information being offered. And if one day, it becomes clear to us that some or all of that information was incorrect, then ok.

      It's all part of life, isn't it?

      I hold no ill will to anybody who shares with me their personal belief, be that political or religious or scientific. If, in any given moment of time, I happen to agree with what I'm hearing or reading, bingo! That's nice. But, I'm fully aware that at any time in the future, I might discover a 'new' version of information that resonates or feels or proves itself to me to be correct, and I will simply let go of the 'old' information.

      No harm done.

      No harm done, because throughout, I have used my own free will to choose what to do, what to say, what to believe, etc.

      Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.


    8. To Anonymous 02:02 (nice timing I might add!)
      " I'm fully aware that at any time in the future, I might discover a 'new' version of information that resonates or feels or proves itself to me to be correct, and I will simply let go of the 'old' information."

      This is exceptionally well said! I myself have gone through several evolutions, if you will, of belief- discarding the old, when a new piece appears before me that resonates higher.

    9. [This is anon 02:02] - Thanks, BTS! (I hadn't noticed the timing! - wow.)

      I'm a recent beginner at sun-gazing, and I look forward to the benefits I shall enjoy, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally because of this. It's fascinating to me that we have this thing up in the sky that we are told not to look at and not to expose our skins to. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

      Now as this year progresses rapidly to its close, I can look back and see a massive change in my understanding - of many things! I made it a kind of mission this year to dig and uncover as much as possible about things and matters of interest to me. My time and efforts bore bushels of fruit...fruit I shall be preserving and enjoying throughout the coming winter and well into the future, I'm sure.

      I haven't stopped digging and uncovering...that fun pastime will be ongoing...indefinitely. We never stop learning, do we!

  3. Yes and no..... I believe most of it is EGO. Yes there may be a mole or traitor or double agent as in a Bond movie but it is out on the surface a lot that "I'm in the know more than you!".

  4. I really don't understand why people choose to read this blog if it doesn't resonate with them. When I come across something that doesn't resonate with me, I simply disregard it and move on. It takes more energy to argue or debate something you don't agree with than to simply ignore it. If you don't think there is a shadow government and there is no higher aspect to "life", then none of this applies to your perception of life anyway. Why come here and waste your own time with this, my friend? People are here because they obviously believe there is some legitimacy to what this site offers. Leave them be and enjoy your life as you see it. How does this effect you enough that you feel the need to ridicule or try to sway someones feelings/beliefs? To each his own, live and let live... we don't have to agree on everything. That's what's so beautiful about free will. I respect yours, please respect ours. Namaste, Brother/Sister

    1. Wow! Well said Michael!! Took the words right out of my thoughts! Haha

    2. Thank you Michael. Free will as an awesome and amazing thing!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. To Michael: They read this blog because it does resonate with them. It's like you learning a cool basketball trick, the spectators will ridicule it at first; to take power away from the thought of you wanting to potentially use it against them by stifling the attempt in the form of verbal slander saying that will ''never work on anyone''. So they constantly attend the gym glancing out the corner of their eyes seeing you progress in scrimmage pick-up games slowly but surely perfecting the move but still ridiculing you as you do because they fear the outcome of potentially being one of the person's falling victim to what you have been practicing and pretend they are not interested in trying to practice that move themselves because then they would have to give credit to you when they get it right and try it on someone they think they can get with it. That is what is going on with those type of people Michael.

    5. This is the ''ego'' at work here with these people who visit this blog naively pretending not to be affected and drawn to a place so the ''shit where they eat'' out of spite because they don't want there counterparts to feel at home. The ego comes on this site in all forms the ones we are currently familiar with is what I described in my preceding comment above to Michael.

      Just like in that movie Revolver directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham, Ray Liotta was about the ego interacting with itself as Jason Statham was the ''focal point'' or centerpiece of the variables of egos played out through each character.

      One example is the character Avi played by the rapper Andre 3000, when he said in a particular scene at the bar to Jake Green (Jason Statham) saying... we are you Jake! And the other famous scene ''fear me scene'' where Liotta's character (Dorothy Macha) where he is naked pointing a gun at Stahm's character saying... You come to my house with a loaded gun; you speak to me like Im a fucking idiot.
      What's your game? The symbolism of that scene is the truself realizing that it is not the ego by Staham's character saying to Liotta's character put some clothes on because you no longer wear me. ''The emperor has no clothes on'' get it? He naked and feels abandoned so it lashes out in a attempt to regain control over you, which is why Liotta's character Dorothy constanly kept saying to Jake as he approached him with the gun' fear me, fear me, fear me, fear me.

      Sense we identify ourselves with the ego, walking a day without is is scary so Jake stands poised as if he is ready to abandon the ego ''Ray Liotta'' the man that made him cough cough (ego), get it? Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta), was a corrupt casino boss. And now that the ego is naked and desperate Statham's character see that and says ''put some clothes on''.

      The ego is so fully integrated into your mind that the majority of people understandably assume that their egos are what they are - so that movie was about the ego externally seeing itself react and interact with itself by way of a crime circle a syndicate identifying with the aspects of each character because those aspects are in you are in this case Jason Staham ''Jake''.

      Jake is now aware of this because his own thoughts were not what he wanted them to think, and are nonsense or completely contradict each other. They are not his intentions, which is to do with self-worth, safety and creation which is why he started to abandon the guy that made him ''the ego''. I'm going to sleep goodnight. Watch that movie again you'll get the deeper meaning of it.

    6. Revolver: Meaning something that has a central pivot point, that equalizes the mechanics of something that rotates and revolves around a cylinder. Jake Green (Jason Statham)was that ''pivot point'' from which the other characters (egos)revolved around. Thus the chamber that rotates around the cylinder can't operate affectively with out it which caused Liotta's character (Dorothy Macha)to loose it and become frightened and threaten Jake for trying to abandon the ego, him. Goodnight.

  5. "Use your own discernment" is a common theme among these sites I believe you refer to. As I understand it, none (that I know of) wish readers to blindly accept what is discussed and many promote the concept that the information is posted for your consideration, that's it.

    We all need to do our own homework, both spiritually to feel truth on an intuitive level, and intellectually to follow logic and notice inconsistencies and alterior motives.

    It is well known that disinformation is running rampant at the moment, so now is no time to look for someone to follow and trust without discernment. Even those bloggers with integrity and the best of intentions can get duped.

    I take each posting for what it is. Info. Then I have to decide if I think it's legit. But just because one article may have come from a tainted source doesn't justify, in my perspective, abolishing the legitimacy of the entire site.

    In the worst case, even disinfo is mixed with truth ;) I don't think anyone is immune from some amount of disinfo these days. I suggest, don't shoot the messenger. We are in control of what we choose a accept as truth.

  6. Sorry, that was supposed to show as a reply to Demosthenes above.

  7. Baller. Was looking for something just like this. AND its got Rick Strassman in it.

  8. There are some wonderful things going on that, of course, Lame stream media never covers. It shows that even though you may not be aware of it, the world is changing for the better. A Minnesota grocery store owner has retired. He has transferred ownership of his 3 stores to his 400 employees, remarkable! I know people like to bash Obama but he is finally making good on paying our Native Americans who won a 3 billion + lawsuit against the U.S. Government. Our Congress has decided to speed up withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, all of these seemingly small things tell me that the world is waking up and beginning to see the wisdom of being your brothers keeper. Faith, hope and love will kick the crap out of the Cabal!

    1. Thank you, Kathy.

      You've shared a drop of sunshine, on what, for me so far, is a cloudy day (literally).


    2. If you are looking for something to lift your spirits and restore your faith in the inherent goodness of people watch this. It is the remarkable human spirit in action on 9/11, something the media overlooked. It is narrated by Tom Hanks. A Must see video

    3. The video above is only 12 minutes long......

    4. Thanks, again, Kathy. My spirits were not low, I did mean the literal clouds in front of the sun. However, I am very glad you re-posted this link to the wonderful video about the human spirit in action on 9/11! I watched this a few days ago - thanks to a link you posted previously - and I was moved to tears by the wonder of humanity.


      Highly recommended viewing to all.

    5. I am on the West Coast and we are being pounded with chemtrails and HAARP right now. Kinda sucks, so I get that cloudy day thing. It's hard for me to get motivated in this weather

  9. I am returning from a previous blog entry where I advised you to look into immanentism.

    Remeber, courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of fear.

    Do you really wish to break your shackles?

    Consider what you've been taught about the sun and the earth. Consider the picture that you were given. Even the "insiders" who have written here in a rather theoretical way, consider that the picture you have of the earth in a "solar" system is simply what they wanted you to see.

    1. This is for all you nay-sayers and critics of this site. This is a place where LIKE minded individuals share their knowledge, inspiration and thoughts. We each have our own path, point of view, way of seeing things. We are multidimensional beings who, through genetic manipulation and oppression, have not been able to access, our bodies, our many selves, as well as being restricted to the 5 senses inherent in our 3D world. What we have been able to experience is but a fraction of reality. Humanity has fallen so far into duality that they have forgotten their divine power. The knowledge that 'thought creates' and the belief system that supports that fact is what all of us are attempting to learn and express. There are hundreds of thousands of volunteers here to help humanity remember. What is transpiring has never before been attempted in our galaxy. It is a Divinely ordained experiment. I am one of those who volunteered to come here in response to the distress call Gaia sent to Prime Creator. I personally am in the process of remembering what I already know. My origins are not of the 3rd dimension and many others on this site, as well, are volunteers from higher dimensions. We do not base our perception on pictures or what other people say. It is obvious that this site resonates for us. We access our truth from our heart and our guts, we intuit it. Where we are is exactly where we are supposed to be. This is school. We are all exactly the same, all have the same value regardless of our knowledge or lack of it, the only difference being what grade each of us is in (So to speak). If you come here to belittle, demean, or otherwise sow seeds of disharmony, please go elsewhere. If you feel you have a valid point of view, by all means share it. No one here will begrudge you that. We come here to uplift, inform and help each other. It would be nice, not to read the negative comments that can stifle the growth process and derail our positive state of mind. I guess that's all I am trying to get across. If you want to spout anger and hate and enjoy this 3D reality great, more power to you. Just let the people here get on with the business of reaching higher consciousness. We are tired of this reality and want to ascend, let us do so, in peace.

    2. thank you for sharing Kathy...with most gratitude...Love~Light your way! Kiss! ~chinka~

    3. "immanentism

      [im-uh-nuh n-tiz-uh m] Show IPA
      the belief that the Deity indwells and operates directly within the universe or nature."

      This means within Human beings too. Because we are not separate from the "universe" or "nature", we are all ONE.


    4. Please know that I have not come here to demean you. I often do not know exactly how to express myself. All the same, you may find that your beliefs are "not yours" or not what you think they are.

      To anon 2:02 above, your deduction is incorrect. Because each and every church attacks all the others, calling them liars, it does not follow that therefor all Christian churches are lying. If a man steals money and accuses another of doing it, while that man accuses the real thief of having done it, calling him a liar, one cannot say simply that they are both lying. One is actually correct in his accusation. Of course, it could be that all churches are lying, but we need more evidence before we draw that conclusion.

      To those of you who believe that various leaders are honest or know the right way forward, you would do well to look more deeply into their ideas and the people that they follow. Be willing to question your belief in free will, or, more precisely, how you have been told to approach it.

      Also, be willing to question your belief in what you call a "solar system."

    5. " ...Of course, it could be that all churches are lying, but we need more evidence before we draw that conclusion...". - Yes, indeed. Which is why Astrotheology was mentioned as the proof. When the religious texts are correctly understood, interpreted and taught, then the churches, etc., will have no place, unless they choose to re-invent themselves as schools that teach the Holy Science. But, this is just one opinion on the matter, which although shared by many, is not truth, unless one knows it to be so, or unless one is personally satisfied that it is so.

    6. You are correct that Astrotheology was mentioned as proof that all the churches are lying. However, Anon 2:02 deduced, from the fact that each church accused the other of lying, the conclusion that every church must be lying. It is to this that I refer.

    7. I wasn't directing that to anyone specific except those pardon the expression 'shit talkers'. They are the ones who bring me down and there have been quite a few in the last 3-4 days. Don't personalize it unless I attach your name and time to it :) Personally, I have ALWAYS had a HUGE problem with organized religion, but that's just me.

    8. That was beautiful and well said Kathy! Free will and respect are of utmost importance. We all learn at the speed that's best for us and this blog is a great place to share ideas, hear each other out, and ultimately come to our own conclusions. I just recently found this site and I feel like a found a great place, plan on visiting and commenting regularly :)

    9. DEAR Anonymous1 December 2012 11:25

      As you mentioned above, "You are correct that Astrotheology was mentioned as proof that all the churches are lying. However, Anon 2:02 deduced, from the fact that each church accused the other of lying, the conclusion that every church must be lying. It is to this that I refer."

      You would be correct, indeed, if all I had mentioned was the 'lying'. However what I actually said was;

      "I believe there are some 30,000 franchised/registered/incorporated denominations of Christian churches, and EACH of these, will tell their followers the others churches are liars and their followers are all going to 'hell'. Therefore, I deduce, they are all liars. And the science of Astrotheology backs me up on this statement too."

      It is the inclusion of the phrase "going to 'hell'" that indicates the 'lying', in my opinion.

      The threat, the very notion, that anybody who does not 'believe' (in whatever version being told/sold by whichever particular church) is 'going to hell' and the abject fear created by this threat (to those who believe the version/s being told/sold of what hell actually is) is the 'tell' that exposes the liar/s. Or perhaps mis-leader/s is a better word...?


  10. Very interesting post BTS! I will share more tomorrow on my experiences this past summer,maybe the sun was the cause.

    It's really late here, I must snooze now :)

  11. I perceive world conditions require divine intervention, to free us from extreme negativity.

    BEHIND THE GREEN MASK U.N. AGENDA 21 and ICLEI [dissolution of jurisdictional boundaries leave people without a voice]

    Chemtrails and Morgellons - Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology 2011

    The old ways do not work. Although no one knows for certain what will happen December 2012, unrelated sources perceive this tract of humanity will enter Zero Point energy December 21-23, 2012 when the Sun enters the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, and Light coherence [Universal Wisdom] will be available to every human, based on the vibrational frequency of love in our physical mental emotional SOULar Light body.

    I suggest we offload karma and negative energy in cellular memory now, to receive Light [high vibration information, concepts, ideas] during this galactic event, to transform extreme negativity into a new civilization and world.

    Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012
    Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, speaks about what is happening around Dec 21st 2012 and it's significance to the world. His heritage is authentic. His website

    2012 Turning-Point - The rebirth of awareness
    Various scholars discuss importance of the precession of the equinox and it's correlation to the Yuga cycle, the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian hieroglyphs and architecture, and Plato's ‘Great year. Are we at the end of a descending age of spiritual darkness? Is the turning-point December 21, 2012?

    Dec 12.12 is a gateway to prepare for this galactic alignment. To be continued.

    1. I would politely say that "the old ways do not work" is a dangerous idea. As is Zero Point Energy. I mean they are dangerous in their origin and incorrectness. Try thinking with less emphasis on the sun and its activity.

      I mean this politely.

  12. Anom 02:02, and what is the truth? How many ways are there to see the same thing? All prophecies, fables and legends are real, because they were born within us. What changes is the way in which we understand. There is no lies within us. Commonly we lie to ourselves, but this is optional. There is no theory or belief superior to the Truth, and evolution makes us see things about new and deeper views. Until today, we love the shapes and forget the content. Those who cling forms will pass, like everything else, because the essence of manifestation is constant transformation. We should love and seek truth above all else, and understand and forgive our limitations.

  13. PressTV: Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran – by Gordon Duff This is a MUST READ ARTICLE! Here is the thread

    1. I respectfully decline to read this article as the title shouts to me "Fear Porn" and I shy away from any "must read" s. So thanks but no thanks. And to our friend ourgreaterdestiny Ac Tah's website is all about donations.... hmmm.......

    2. Really that is not why I tagged it a must read. I did that because of the blatant truth being told in regards to the Bush Family Crimes by our President. He puts it all out there making it impossible for them to attack anything without the whole world knowing who did it and why. I am not into fear porn, I am into a politician that is HONEST. I am blown away!


    4. All this stuff needs to go mainstream. The sheeple have been told not to believe anything online, only on TV and newspaper, which itself is a lie! Well, we are 19 days from the end of the Mayan calendar!

    5. To Anonymous 13:01: Ignoring something gives more indirect validity to it then you directly acknowledging it because it prolongs it's existence by you not educating yourself about it thus empowering you to take power from it in the form of enlightenment to then teach those that ignorance of such knowledge is the true fear. So please take what I say and apply it to things you think have an infectious harm to your psyche because you think vibrationally you would be held back from advancements of learning things of higher vibrational output. Goodnight.

    6. Anon 13:01 has freedom of choice as we all do to read or not to read. Or to accept advice or not. We don't know the extent to anyones enlightenment (not even sure of my own lol!) We are all here to do different jobs as needed so different things are gonna appeal to different people. We might be all one but that doesn't make us all the same. We might as well be robots if that was the case. That's what I think anyway. Thanks for reading.

    7. Ariel, I just came across this site yesterday and have been reading the story comments ever since-- I would like to know why you seem to be such a bully. You tend to make some really inflated, abrasive comments in response to others' comments and I just want to know why you try to impose YOUR opinions on everyone else whose opinions don't match your own. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want-- you don't need to criticize or denigrate the readers of this site's theories and tell them to think like YOU to make yourself feel more important. You dont know everything, no one on Earth today does so please drop the know-it-all attitude. Trying to enlighten others is one thing, incessantly correcting and criticizing is a horse of a different color. Just reading your comments is exhausting and energetically draining.

    8. Anon@09:37 Thanks for putting your point of view across ~ I agree with what you are saying. Just because someone has a differing opinion or experience to ours doesn't mean that their way is correct and ours is wrong or vise versa. Gently nudging someone lovingly towards something that might enlighten them is one thing, brow beating them is another and is likely to defeat the object, no matter if it is good intentioned. Just because someone has a different take on something doesn't automatically make them a troll or a shill. Discuss the contents of the posts by all means but please don't make abusive attacks on the person doing the posting. It's time we humans were kinder to each other, good manners cost nothing. As long as the person expresses their views politely I don't see that there is anything to take issue with. Aren't we supposed to be moving away from ego-based judgement? Isn't that what ascension is supposed to be about? Thank you for reading.

    9. To Anonymous 9:37: If my comment do all that to you, you don't need to be on the computer. Stop reading all comments in general with your ''emotions'' because that is a choice; that you made ''not me''. And please copp/paste any of my comments where troll or shill was used to describe a reader? You just said it, everybody is entitled to believe what they want right? So why can't you believe what you want and keep it moving?

      I post what I believe and did not berate anyone from disagreeing in the least. Those type off comment you say I leave to reader is to readers that is not a fan of this site but constantly come on this site ridiculing people who find this site informative. That's who I really go at if you want to call me that type of person, everybody else is cool.

      My conclusions about certain topics is just that; my conclusions! I don't know who you are speaking on behalf of but you are a very small minority who feel that way with a few others who don't like this site anyway but incessantly come here just to rant a rave and slander other readers just for shit's and giggles. And you will never catch me apologizing for it either.

      Ain't no dictators on this site because I would be glad to talk with anyone who may agree/disagree with what I say because frankly to be honest when I am off this computer most of the shit I comment on doesn't even register in my day to day activities, I'm either playing basketball, football, clubbing, playing PS3, out walking/jogging, playing chess which I love more then anything I can ever do.
      I have no regrets for anything I ever did in life, let alone comments I leave for people to read who I don't know to begin with to be that emotionally invested into how they see the world, but obviously somehow you do. You take me more seriously then I do myself.

      The information I have pales in comparison to the teachers who taught and informed me of such worldly affairs. Trust me when I say this, I hold back on 99.5 percent of what I could write on this site and can back it up with astute and adept scholarship. I can be wrong on a lot of things I posted here because it's my personal opinion but the rest of the info I have is not for the crowd on this site because that info is not my personal arbitrary opinions, it's straight hardcore facts to the bone which can not be refuted, trust me I tried and failed a thousand times over trying to do just that. But leave your e-mail if you ever want to know what that is.

    10. Thank you but no I won't be posting my personal email in a comment section of any blog. Your offer once again to prove me or anyone else wrong and you right is appealing to say the least, but I'm not interested in any "proof" of your advanced intelligence based on the channeled messages of "Mother Sekhmet" or anyone of the like. No disrespect to anyone who puts stock in channelers, just too many fakes out there for me to invest any more time into determining who is what. What I would like to see though is any documented, verifiable by an accredited, respected professional scientifically-based evidence proving how much more knowledgeable on these subjects than any of us other truth-seekers. We are all here for the same purpose-- to read RTS posts and comments and respectfully observe others' opinions. Heck, maybe even learn something in the process. But, as I said before, it is exhausting going through these posts and finding you constantly professing your expertise on everything from ascension to basketball analogies and denying anything that doesn't fit into your image of "how it is". It's perturbing to keep having to skip over each of your 4-paragraph baseless explanations. If your "scholarship" is so "astute and adept," why haven't you utilized it as of yet to support your comments with these so-called "hardcore to the bone facts"? I'm sure everyone here would love to know them... Or is that something you're keeping to yourself because of how much less-worthy of information than we are than you? Or because they don't exist? Honestly, if you want to take over the comments section of this site, you'd be much better off with your own blog.

      Now for those of you who may think I am being harsh, I'm sorry. But I just can't help responding with the same energy being directed my way. I don't appreciate this individual squashing others' ideas, theories, and even hopes when neither is assured to be the correct one.

      "Always trust the man who seeks the truth-- never trust the man who claims to have found it."

  14. Anonymous 13:01---- you sure that's the correct website you're visiting?!? There is a tiny link at the Top that says contribution and payments on and he is all about donations!?!? Do you really think that people don't know how to use google. Hahaha if your a hired troll, not only are you not getting paid, you're fired

    1. Google is a tool of the cabal in my opinion. why do they keep a record of all our hits? Until the cabal is removed try a search engine that doesn't . Just friendly advice to take or leave as you chose.

    2. Google is so easy to use cause it's integrated into just about every browser available. Thanks for the advice, care to share which search engines are as comprehensive as google but safe?

    3. me again anon 0133 Someone put me on to Works for me, hope it works for you.

  15. I emailed Poof and if allowed, I shall post his reply here. If him and his lightworker friends need our help, please do so! We are almost out of time!


    Hello poof(ness),

    I read your post weekly and the hints of what's to come is very interesting. Hope it happens in days!

    1. You and a few others believe Obama to be a good guy. Also some channels claim Obama is of the light.
    Most awakened people don't trust Obama because there's so much evidence of the bad things he's done.
    I read that we will find out that some bad guys will turn out to actually be good. How can we trust them
    anyway? What if they are just pretending to be good or are only doing it to rat out on the elites and save themselves?

    2. Do you ever worry that "nothing" big/good will happen by 12/21/12? A lot of people are losing hope because
    they don't see any hard proof. The biggest concern is that the Mayan's and other ancient societies prophecies
    will be unfulfilled. The awakened people have high expectations and if they are let down, they will simply stop
    believing anything will happen. The elites are trying very hard to keep the sheeple asleep past the 12/21/12 deadline.
    If they succeed, it will make the lightworker's jobs much harder as many will simply give up.

    3. I wanted to give you lightworkers the heads up that the propaganda and censorship of the mainstream media
    needs to be addressed. You probably already know this and all the comments I have read in various blogs reflects
    the fact the elites still control the news. It's top priority that as many sheeple be given the chance to awake, something
    the elites are fighting very hard to prevent. I wish you guys all the luck in the world in getting the truth mainstream.
    If the awakened people could help you guys, please let us know how!

    4. There is so much disinfo out there that all we can do is keep an open mind to all possibilities. I have tried to wake
    my parents, but they won't believe it till they see hard proof. Another big concern is that most sheeple are still
    asleep and might miss their chance to awake in time to ascend(if that theory is true). I wish the sheeple had more
    time to awaken, but the elites keep delaying things.

    5. Many insiders have hinted that mass arrests would happen. Others say mass arrests already happened. If so,
    why are the elites still in control of things, especially the mainstream media? If anything "interesting" does happen
    very soon and the elites still control the news, they will spread disinfo, lies, fearporn and propaganda far and wide.

    6. I have seen others contact you and post your reply on their forums and blogs. Do I have permission to share
    your reply with others who are awake? If not, I shall keep your reply private.

    7. Thanks for your time reading this, looking forward to your reply and your Sunday message.

    1. No reply from him yet. Will let you know

  16. I started watching the video in German on the tube I think it's there in whole. It stated to be 1 hour and 30 min something. Very neat stuff..

  17. I can't believe we made it to December, this is amazing.

  18. Hmmm...all is quiet on the home front, for two days now.

  19. Who is this Poof person you are talking about? Where is their site or page?

  20. Who is Poofness?

    Poof's latest newsletter on rumormill Dec 2 (Scroll to the bottom of page to see all recent posts)

    1. I have been to the Stew Webb site and he says rumourmillnews is not a reliable site. Also Keenan is not a reliable source. How do we know any of these sites are reliable, LOL. I guess we know if you and all the rest are bogus by the end of this year! At least we have a time frame.

    2. Poofness agrees with Stew Webb that Keenan is unreliable so its more "Here we go round the mulberry bush"! Lol!

  21. Electric Universe 2013 vid clip


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