Thursday 1 November 2012

Hopegirl: Fix the World Project- release

A Special Note to all HopeGirl Blog Readers Regarding the “Fix the World Project” Release

As mentioned in a previous post many people have been volunteering many hours get this information published and out to all of you. We have rose to each challenge, and there have been many! Our original plan was to release everything all at once, but since our project has run over its deadline I will be publishing sections of the project piecemeal as they are ready for publishing. Our goal is to have all sections published by the end of this week.
I ask that you please keep this in mind as you read through each section and please also remember that the work published as part of this project was written by 300 different people, so this should help to put some of the content in perspective.
It was necessary to publish the “From the People of Earth For the People of Earth Phase one How to” on the exact day that it was published due to events that are occurring in our world at this time. This letter was intended for a very specific audience, and we thought that it was only fair and right to publish this for all to see in an act of transparency. This was only one section (though be it a very important section!) of a much larger and more detailed plan that I will be publishing this week.
Thank you all for your patience as we get this information out to you as fast as we can. Once again here is the content we are planning on bringing to you this week:
1. The Summary- a step by step blueprint plan with detailed solutions to all of the world’s problems
2. The Appendix- each submission in its original format (about 500 pages long)
3. A Reference Library- filled with all references to already established projects and educational information taken from the submissions
4. An audio/visual presentation of the summary to help bring the essence of the work to life.
The Appendix has just been released in a separate post. I hope you enjoy reading all the submissions as much as we have!
Much Love,


  1. I wish there were some positive news. Seems like this will be a great October surprise for Obama. With fears of climate change undecided voters will probably vote for Obama the dictator in droves, not that Romney would have been much better. Just less scarier. When the hell are the good guys going to take action? I've been in this movement for 15 years and every year we wait for for them to take action. The ETs are waiting for them to take action.

    If the documents are signed why wait? Plenty of people are ready to help. Is enyone else getting tired of tyranny and the loss of our freedoms and false flags events that destroy innocent lives just to keep these psychopaths in power?


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