Friday 9 November 2012

Bix Weir and the story of the not so safe Safe

Very interesting info in here my friends.

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Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - November 9th, 2012

Friday Road Trip 11/9/12
Bix Weir

If "They" Can Rig and Control Markets...Why Does the Stock Market Go Down?
In early 2009 I posted 2 articles that were totally and completely contrary to my normal doom and gloom analysis...they predicted the markets would rise from the ashes! I saw the market rigging apparatus and computer rigging players deciding to prolong the game. I hit the bottom of the last 2008/09 stock market crash almost to the exact day! These articles are still posted at
March 12, 2009

Operation Confidence Con
The Geithner Plan = Sustained market Manipulation

But now that plan has run it's course. All the things I watch are saying the game is over by the end of the year and the GLOBAL MELTDOWN will be allowed to happen. Not only allowed but FORCED to happen.

That is why the stock market is going down even though we all know they can make it rise just as easily with a simple computer entry.

This is the end game in motion.

DTCC Flood Reasoning Becoming Clear...IT'S ALL ABOUT SILVER!
The "story" at the still flooded out DTCC is becoming more obvious by the day and the interview I gave a few days ago explains it all. Here's what I said on Monday and the interview...

Do you remember how long it took you to realize that something was not right about the "Official Story" surrounding 911? Don't you wish you were clued into the conspiracy as the events were taking place so you could see all the moves of the bad guys in real time?

As I reported yesterday, something stinks to high heaven at the DTCC as documentation damage has been officially announced yet the bottom floors are still flooded…HOW DO THEY KNOW THERE IS DAMAGE?! Hell, my safe at home is waterproof and fire proof and they are trying to tell me that there was a failure at the DTCC vault? What -- did they send divers down to OPEN THE VAULT to check and see if there is damage?...Ooops!

It is a rarity when we can watch the Bad Guys in "real time" perpetrating a false flag operation with fraud cover-up and the use of a crisis to forward an agenda. What is happening at the DTCC in New York right now has given the Banksters an opportunity to "wash away their sins" and it's part of a much larger Banking Cabal cover-up.

Here's my latest interview on the subject with Sean at SGT and Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin:

Yes, it's a huge cover-up. No doubt about it. The most important documents related to almost every financial transaction in the world INCLUDING the derivatives have been destroyed...that is - if they were even ever there in the first place!

Here's the latest from Bloomberg:

DTCC Operations Ran During Sandy, Vault Status Still Unclear

"The company switched day-to-day command of its operations to its office in Tampa, Florida, and moved control of the technology that runs its clearing and settlement business and record-keeping to its Dallas data center the weekend before the Atlantic's largest-ever tropical storm, Michael Bodson, president and chief executive officer of New York-based DTCC, said in a telephone interview. The average value of transactions processed weekly this year is $23.1 trillion, DTCC said. "
"While the certificates may be damaged if water flowed into the vault, they're already recorded electronically in DTCC's systems, the CEO said. Once the company can assess the status of the certificates, it will figure out what to do about replacing them, he said. DTCC also has images of all bearer stocks and bonds in the vault, he said."

"Water in the underground level that includes the vault should be fully pumped out today, Bodson said. Assessments of whether there are contaminants in the building and whether it's safe for personnel to return can then begin, along with a study of how to open the vault since no one knows if water lies behind the two-ton door, he said. The vault, built on bedrock, has 18- inch walls of reinforced concrete and has never before been submerged, he said."

...and finally the motive can be told...

"This may be a golden opportunity for DTCC to move to a paperless setup for as many securities as possible," he said. "Hurricane Sandy may have handed them a fait accompli."


It is possible that they may report "no damage" because the reality is that those mega safes are airtight and water tight and any expert can call their bluff. Here's a picture of the old Pacific Coast Stock Exchange safe door.

Not a chance in the world that the DTCC safe didn't hold out the water. The ONLY thing that safe was designed for was to keep paper documentation safe! A nuclear blast wouldn't have hurt those docs.

Nobody knows what kind of shenannigans are going on in that vault at the moment but you can bet that it's NOT good for truth and justice and it IS GOOD for the criminal banking cabal.
So what was it? What are they trying to hide or hinder by claiming the vault is flooded?
Or a better question...

YEP. As with everything in my world it all revolves around SILVER and here's ANOTHER rather CONVENIENT COINCIDENCE that was reported in September 2012...

New York, September 20, 2012-- The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) announced today that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has provisionally approved an application by DTCC Data Repository (U.S.) LLC (DDR) to create and operate a multi-asset class swap data repository (SDR) in the U.S.

A little over a month after the DTCC is chosen as the SWAP DATA REPOSITORY those records may have been destroyed (or altered under cover of water!). This whole thing makes me feel very ill. Just read the October DTCC newsletter...

WOW...Swaps reporting, the DTCC flood, silver manipulation, CFTC position limit delays due to the definition of SWAPS. What could possibly happen next?

Wouldn't it be fitting if one of our favorite CFTC Bad Guys turns up running this latest con...
Holy Shit!...Look who it is!

"We are pleased with the CFTC's approval of DDR as a swap data repository," said Michael V. Dunn, Chairman of DDR. "We will be fully ready to operate on October 12, the first day of required reporting. This is an important step forward in implementing the Dodd-Frank Act and helping to bring greater transparency to the OTC derivatives market. It will allow the financial service industry to partner with regulators to more effectively monitor and mitigate potential systemic risk."
It's the KING of the CFTC Commissioner dunces Micheal Dunn!!!!

I used the search function on the website and here's some of my commentary on this idiot...

Emails On the Crash, Silver and CFTC
"WHY BOTHER?" - Are CFTC Efforts a Colossal Waste?
COMEX Firefights and an Exiting Obstacle at the CFTC

Love these lines:

"Now the REALLY good news that's circulating is the departure of CFTC Commissioner Michael Dunn at the end of May. I'm not saying Dunn is in bed with the Bad Guys but I'm not so sure he'd even know what that means. He is by far the weak intellectual link on the Commission and being an appointee of Bush you can bet he is told when to stand up, sit down and roll over."
Here's another...

Click HERE to read the whole article


  1. Found at shining light:

  2. Is Bix confused; would the destruction of the documents be good for the banksters,the good guys, or both?

    1. Hi Pete, it's not Bix's interpretation of the effect of these documents that's important. It is the fact that they (main stream media) immediately began spinning this story of the destruction of stock certificates before there was even a chance to verify the information. Bix said this: "No doubt about it. The most important documents related to almost every financial transaction in the world INCLUDING the derivatives have been destroyed...that is - if they were even ever there in the first place!" his interpretation of WHO has done this and why is irrelevant. I'm just bringing you this information because it's important ;>) Watch how this unfolds.

    2. Great points. Lot's to ponder.

  3. Water damage does not mean that any stocks or certificates are illegible. Fire would be the only way to destroy something of that nature.

    In this sense, Weir's interpretation appears flawed.

    And, no, I am not an employee of the DTCC. LOL

    1. you're right, water damage wouldn't necessarily render the certificates illegible or destroyed- as Bix states, these vaults are made to withstand just about anything.... as I said in my reply to the comment above, the interpretation of this news in the article is unimportant. Read between the lines.

  4. Funny how the comments are dead around here unless there is new financial intel..

    1. At this point its all babble about the when. There is all the intel out there to know and it doesnt take much to get it straight. The only way to keep this fraud scheme up is to continue the reverse of reality. And thats impossible. So I dont care about Monday or Friday because the end of it all is absolutely certain and believe me folks, history is not wriiten in years now, nor months but weeks or even days already. All Im interested in right now is who is winning in the end.

  5. And what happened to the Iraqi Dinar which was supposed to save us all?

    1. the RV is just a small part of what is going on right now my friend. The pieces are falling into place.

  6. BTS, if things are really happening they should hurry up. Like I said before, the clock is ticking. A possible shift to 4th density is just around the corner, and I cannot picture that place using a control tool like money.

    Hey "good guys" what the %*%* is taking you so long?

    I appreciate what the "good guys" are trying to do, but the time to release this is NOW, and not a week from now or after December 21, 2012.

    All of us want to have a little fun before the spiritual event. It seems to me that they are trying to hard with the "system bugs" and "security". Hey nothing is perfect and I believe they should roll the dice and release this RV NOW.

  7. Taking a look at the illustration of the vault door. If this is representative of the DTCC vault, there's problems.

    It isn't a watertight door. If you want to see how watertight doors are made, a good example is found on US Navy ships. The corners are rounded in most cases and there isn't a threshold at floor level; a groove and seal around the edge of the door would be needed to provide watertightness.

    If the basement is where the vault is at DTCC, and the basement is flooded, then so too is the vault.


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