Friday 9 November 2012

Daniel update: The Uncommitted Investigator

This is a new update written by Daniel.  It is quite short and not one of the heavy duty science based brain sprainers that we've read so far, as Aaron says below:

New Update! daniel sent me over a short paper of only 2.5 papers that is written from the heart as opposed to mind necessary in other scientific explanations in these white papers. For me personally, I find it quite inspirational!

In this short paper, we learn the necessary and preferred protocols in approaching science and experimentation. It doesn’t take much to realize that the “Elite” have prevented these methodologies and protocols resulting in an all encompassing perversion of scientific discovery and disclosure. When the purse strings of the money (funding) for scientific discovery are cut, as well as the removal of other private/self interests manipulating the focus and results, its astonishing just how much an enlightened free mind and soul can accomplish and how fast!

daniel is an “Uncommitted Investigator” and explains to us why this is, and the absolute importance of eliminating the “handlers”.

The Uncommitted Investigator
Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth.—Dewey Larson


  1. Thanks a lot! I appreciate his writings so much! Finally, the truth...

  2. After I read Daniel`s lines on geoengineering etc. where he mentioned some physical aspects, I thgought wow! He writes about reciprocal system physics and goes on mentioning accelerating matter past speed of light. That gave me some obstacles in following his stuff.

    For istance there is a so called binding energy:

    B(Z,A)=\left[ Z\cdot M(H)+(A-Z) \cdot M_n-M(A,Z)\right]\cdot c^2 , any expert will know this formula.

    Interesting is the term c^2 - how does that work with past speed of light as you mention? It don`t....

    Greetings from Germany!

  3. I am very appreciative of Daniel sharing information with me and everyone. I can't wait to see what he shares next. Excellent job with your blog BTS. You are inspiring me to add to the communication that is taking place here and now. Peace... Ed

  4. We are kindred spirits, Daniel and I. We are both uncommitted investigators (but I had not thought of that phrase or concept until reading his paper). Thanks for that Daniel.
    My studies started at the end of 1999, and as of now, I possess all of the answers to all of the most important questions I have ever been presented with, including (but certainly not limited to): The origin and nature of God and the entire cycle of existence (which includes all of the big questions in science), the causes and solutions to all diseases and wars, how human society evolves and has been corrupted, the secrets of the secret societies (not all, but many of the most important ones, like how they are the cause of wars and most disease), how 'Law' really works and how to use it to get justice despite all corruption, and much more.
    All home foreclosures are illegal (Jerome Daly Vs. Wisconsin, 1969),
    No state may require driving licenses or registrations for drivers (except commercial),
    Taxes on labor are illegal (Supreme Court defines "Income" as "Profit"),
    Our money is not even 'legal tender' (Only gold and silver coin are, Fed. Notes are not real money, worth $0.02 each regardless of denomination, and are just illegal),
    and how to insure Judges and prosecutors abide their oaths (Jack and Margy Flynn's method)...
    And a TON more.
    I would LOVE to discuss FTL with Daniel on a public forum (maybe here), and will provide all of this info for free upon request: harleyborgais at gmail dat com.

    To defeat the 'Beast', we must expose the secret oaths, agendas, and knowledge, prosecute the criminals in govt., media, corporations, etc., and revoke the licenses of the major media companies that are harming the people (by not airing info like this which effects 'national security', knowingly airing lies, and firing reporters who wont).
    If we dont revoke those licenses, the people will never wake up enough to reach the critical mass needed to seed the predicted 'Golden Age of Humanity', and if the United States of America secede as petitions are currently trying to do, the requirement for all officers and soldiers to swear an oath to support our Constitution will be gone, America will become history on that day, and the New World Order (novus ordo seclorum) will finally win (after almost 4,000 years of planning, originating in Babylon: See 'Pied Piper of Babylon').


    Executive order to take over all American resources:
    Military regulation for Civilian Labor Prison Camps:
    Hierarchy of the secret societies:
    Secret oaths and ceremonies of freemasons:
    Extreme Secret oath of Jesuits:
    $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit against mortgage banks:
    Driving license and registration requirements are illegal:
    All foreclosures are illegal: See: "Jerome Daly Vs. Wisconsin" 1969
    CIA whistleblower exposes everything -9/11:
    Best archaeological evidence yet (cone head alien skulls from south america):
    Site where Humans were supposedly created tens of thousands of years ago in the largest stone city (or any city) ever built on Earth:
    John Hutchison has made objects move with wireless energy transfer.
    "American Dream Movie" Explains in 30 minutes how America was corrupted by banks (entertaining too).
    Explanation of how America was originally incorporated by the Organic act of D.C. in 1871:
    The 13th amendment removes citizenship from anyone who accepts a title of nobility (like Esquire, Sir, prince, etc.), or emoluments, or other presents from foreign entities:
    Thats all I can think of right now of great importance to everyone.
    Understand Ice ages and warm ages:
    Connecting that with Ice core history:
    And with mass extinction events:
    Hidden Human History Video (origin, here is where the Lucifer project and Martian life is described):

    1. excellent information for people to follow up on- thank you Harleyborgais

  6. HERE IS MY MASTERMIND PLAN to defeat the "Beast"/NWO (novus ordo seclorum)...
    1) Prosecute the media companies for their lies and omissions and revoke their licenses... (They will be replaced quickly by competing media companies owned by 'Humane' people)

    2)Prosecute the govt. officials for their crimes and violations of their oaths, and replace them...
    3)Spread the knowledge of the secret oaths,
    ceremonies, agendas, and crimes of the wealthiest people...

    4)Overturn the countless illegal acts, regulations, taxes, etc., by just throwing them all out and picking the ones we know we need out of the pile. (the stack of U.S. laws is literally miles high)

    5)Teach all the people how to cure disease (eat only natural foods, balancing nutrients and Ph over 7.0);

    How to make healthy food (growing your own, using sustainable methods);

    How to make clean water (with a multi level distiller, at least five, to put out pure H2O);

    How to make free energy (build a Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor, Paul Pantones GEET Carburetor, or Stanley Meyers Water Fuel Cell, and Nikola Tesla's Wireless Power from 1904 patent);

    Make dirt into bricks (with a hydraulic block press, costs a few thousand to build, uses 30% min. clay content soil, and hydrated lime to make the bricks water erosion proof);

    And how to engineer anything you can imagine (learn calculus, sacred geometry, interference of EM waves, Faraday's Laws of Induction, and Electron Orbital Shells);

    This mastermind plan brought to you by:
    Harley Davidson, John Galt, Guy Fawkes, and people like you.

    Note: If the United States do secede, then the NWO wins, because the only thing stopping them now, is the oath to support the Constitution that all American soldiers and govt. officers must swear. If they censor the internet too much, they win. As long as we have these things, we will win...the "Beast" will be defeated, and the Golden Age of Humanity will begin.

    "Anonymous" has no membership, and it cant really be 'infiltrated' per se, but anyone can do anything and claim it was 'Anonymous' that did it, because of the fact they are anonymous!
    So if I decide I want to go to some website like 'how do I contact Anonymous', and post an idea (like this plan), some random hacker can come and use that idea, in the name of Anonymous.

  7. What you can do to save the world:
    WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!
    Learn how Bankers are corrupting governments,
    and stop giving them your votes and money.

    1) Pied Pipers of Babylon Verl k Speer
    2) doctor strike mortality rate
    3) federal reserve audit
    4) supreme court define "income"
    5) federal reserve notes not legal tender
    6) New World Order quotes
    7) Where individual income taxes actually go
    8) missing 13th amendment image
    9) "UCC-connection"
    10) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
    11) Jack and Margy Flynns method
    12) "science of nutrition" by Max Heindel
    13) truth control fixing the worlds problems
    14) "Ending Financial Tyranny"
    15) (secret societies)

    on youtube:
    16) "The American Dream Film"
    17) "Illumacorp Training Video full"
    18) "what in the world are they spraying"
    19) "the change your founders believed in"
    20) "the cancer report"
    21) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"
    22) "Obama Deception"
    23) "CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything"
    24) "30 Little Known Facts about America"
    25) "Season of Treason II"
    26) "Freedom to Fascism" Aaron Russo
    27) "End Game" Alex Jones

    Get a free pocket copy of the Constitution at:
    Print these and spread them out if you want
    the world to get better.
    Brought to you by


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