Monday 19 November 2012

Some interesting reading for Americans and Canadians

Happy Monday Everyone!

Later today Aaron from Soldier Hugs and I will be releasing the third "Daniel" paper- on ETs/EDs. I'm still in the process of reading it for the second time- the first couple of pages are brain sprainers, be forewarned, lol.

While you are waiting for the release of the Daniel article, I have some more reading for you to do.

First off, for the Americans, this is a copy of a political history book written in 1843 that outlines the Constitution AND includes the 13th amendment.  I haven't read the entire book (I will get to it later on when I have more time), but starting on about page 170 I think you'll find the discussion on the Constitution very interesting.  

You can read the book HERE

For my Canadian friends:  Online, in sites like RTS, we read about the American Constitution and how it has been stomped on by the PTB in the last century and a half.  What many Canadians do not realize is that many of the same things that Patriots and Constitutionalists in the US are fighting against are also happening in Canada and also against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  This booklet outlines some interesting information on this topic- you can read the booklet HERE  This site also has some interesting information on this topic HERE, and information on Canadian Banks HERE


  1. Great post. Much appreciated links and information! Freedom and Light!

  2. BTS, You are the shit! You ALWAYS get the info out first and provide the most awesome mind expanding info on the planet!

  3. BTS, I have a video that was put together by someone who REALLY did their homework regarding the illegal and unconstitutional body of the United States Government. It is lengthy but extremely thorough. For anyone that is interested here is the thread I suggest everyone take the time to check it out because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


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