Sunday 4 November 2012

Bringing aid to Sandy's Victims

I'm not in New York or New Jersey, so I have no idea of what's really happening there, any more than any of us do without first hand knowledge.  Pictures of food lines and gasoline line are going viral on the internet. Videos of local residents "dumpster diving" because either there is not enough food, or they can't get to where the food is, are spreading like wild fire.  People all over the USA and Canada, and world wide, have asked "How can I help?"

Of course the official by-line by the government is to send donations to the Red Cross and various other Big Charities.

I'm not going to tell you NOT to donate to these big charities, but you might want to do a bit of research on the topic before throwing away your money.

I have several friends who were boots on the ground in Haiti after the earthquake that devastated their country- medics, midwives, nurses....  all the type of people that would of and should of seen the effects of the Red Cross's help.  They saw nothing.  To the best of their knowledge none of the money donated to the Red Cross arrived in Haiti in any form. Ever.

These so-called "Charities" are a scam  and a sham.  You want to have a glimpse into the reality of the vast majority of these huge charities, take a look at their books.  Look at the salaries of their executives.  Look at their operation costs.  Look at their bottom line of exactly what percentage of your hard earned dollar actually gets to the people they are supposedly representing and helping.

I've mentioned this before: many years ago I worked as a volunteer medic in SE asia and I got a good look at the disgusting waste of these "charities"- executives flying around first class with their Louis Vuitton suitcases, staying in 5 star suites in expensive hotels.

...I personally won't give these organizations a red cent.

If you want to help out, look for small groups that are THERE already doing the work.  I read this blurb this morning and I think that it's a pretty good idea:

Without the bureaucracy, delays and problems associated with The Red Cross, FEMA and other huge organizations, the Occupy Movement in NYC is coordinating supplies, donations, and volunteers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
Facebook, Twitter, updates via text - and it's all about getting there IMMEDIATELY to help the thousands that remain without electricity and basic needs in the cold RIGHT NOW.
Spread the word!
Video: (1:14)
Bibi Farber Nextworldtv

The Occupy movement has already proven that they are capable of gathering supplies and feeding the masses, with little fan fare and lots of elbow grease.  I'm not saying that their organization or set up is perfect, but it's a whole lot better than sending your hard earned cash to an organization who has an extensive track record of NOT getting aid to the people that need it.  Just sayin'.

Don't want to be involved with Occupy?  Fine.  Start calling around to local churches, communities centres and local small charities.  Ask them what they are doing to help those in need in the aftermath of Sandy and then make a decision whether you wish to help them help others.

Don't take the easy way out.  Anyone can call a 1-800  and read the numbers off their credit card to make a donation.  But it takes a special person to make the effort to really make a difference.


  1. Is the extremely important info coming today? I understand that this is also pressing and that there are many suffering.

  2. I have several friends who were boots on the ground in Haiti after the earthquake that devastated their country- medics, midwives, nurses.... all the type of people that would of and should of seen the effects of the Red Cross's help. They saw nothing.

    Yes, I can confirm this as I also was on the ground 5 days after the EQ in P.A.P to help and saw NO Red Cross counters anywhere. Fuck 'em

  3. 'As the sun rises today, it brings with it even more good news. You might be unaware of this, but last night, a large multitude of the shining souls currently gathered on this planet were deeply involved in an important task that will bring so much relief to the rest of mankind. You see, in the unseen realms, under the radar of ”ordinary folks” to call it that, a major clean up operation has taken place, and the outcome of it all was indeed a resounding success. We know this will sound more than a little strange to many, as the task we refer to is one that can best be described as science fiction to you all. But it is in fact not fiction, but facts, and the results from all of this hard labour will soon be apparent. As we have already touched upon in an earlier missive, some of those parasites who have been sucking mankind dry in so many ways during this huge expanse of time has already been forcibly removed from your atmosphere, and last night, they were joined by an even larger contingent. Of course, they did not leave voluntarily, but were asked to do so in no uncertain terms by you.'

  4. 'So the east coast was dealt lemons, some one had the foresight to make lemonade. No wasting off time and throwing the hands up in disappointment. Steady effective pressure applied to realize the dream and negate the nightmares. For some reason humans find it easier to assume the worst and give strength to the negative. So be it, I will smile and move on and hope you catch up some day. The world needs our collective help so we can all breathe again, drink fresh pure water again. I tasted pure water once and I’ve never forgotten it…it was just cold and had no taste. Imagine that. Not much to say today. Assume flight position. Instruction are very simple and the confusion is to be ignored, pre-reception.'

    Poofness – As the Insanity Ends – 11/4/2012

    1. Kiss!...thank You Poof...Kiss!...~chinka~

  5. The news has all been debunked. The food shortages are just an isolated case at the Red Hook housing development in Brooklyn. People from the neighborhood are showing up to help the people from the projects, who mostly without food to begin with. Everyone else is fine.

    Please do not buy into this fraud called television news.

    If you want to help. Take a car and drive down and see what's going on. If you're too far away, I would say that you don't have any reason to think it's anything you need to be concerned about anyway. We need to stop thinking of everyone else's business as our own.

  6. Most people don't know that during WWII, 90% of the American contributions to the Red Cross was channeled to the Nazi soldiers in the field. All of these large charities are controlled by the Cabal. If you want to donate, hand it to someone in need.

  7. A very good option is to donate to Salvation Army. They surely help the Needy.


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