Wednesday 21 November 2012

Dinar RV Update: Scammers Everywhere!

Over the past few months I've been asked to give updates occasionally about "RV" process.  The most recent update is HERE.

If you are in the Studley/General64 group, then you received an email yesterday from KCMana.  I will C&P parts of the email update below as KCMana addresses several issues about subscribing to their email list that have obviously been a problem.

My friends:  I know that you are impatient for the "RV".  I know that some of you have been invested for over 9 years!!!  I know that you're frustrated and angry and desperate.  I know that desperation makes people act without truly thinking things through and occasionally makes people do things that they would never normally even consider and that it can fog your ability to think logically.  Please understand this:


There are absolutely NO legitimate groups that will ask you to send them your Dinar/Dong.  None.  If someone contacts you and tells you that they will get you a PRE-RV cashout, THEY ARE LYING.  If someone contacts you and tells you that they will get you $3.50, 4.95, 5.50, 9.00,  or any other amount of money if you send them your Dinar, THEY ARE LYING!!!  If anyone tells you that they are part of, or associated with, or attached to Studley or the Studley/General64 group and that you need to send them your dinar to cash in..... THEY. ARE. LYING!

There are NO "PRE" RV cashouts that are available to the general public, and no one from any super secret, high level, VIP group is going to contact you through a chat site, skype room, email group, or conference call to invite you to be a part of said group.  It is a lie and they are scamming you.  

If you send these groups your dinar/dong you might get your $3.50 per IQD (or whatever), but you won't get it until AFTER the RV is live and you will be ripped off because that group you sent your dinar too will get the group rate and keep the difference- which will be substantial- meanwhile you could have exchanged your dinar and gotten the full rate for yourself.

Let me be very clear on this:  There Are NO PRE RV Cashouts/exchanges available to the public.  If you have sent IQD to a group for a "PRE" Global Currency Revaluation exchange, you will not get your money until POST RV

I have had many friends ask about this, and yes, I understand the idea that many people have - that to send a small amount to these groups, in the hopes of getting money faster/earlier is worth the loss of getting a much lower rate.  BUT there are no PRE rv cashouts, and you're sending your money away for nothing, AND taking the risk of loosing it all in a scam.

Please my friends, think and act wisely.  


These are the highlights of KCMana's email:

Happy Thanksgiving:

You are receiving this update because you are part of
Generals64/Studley Bank group email list. When the time comes we will
notify you via this system for IQD and VND private currency exchange
with Wells Fargo.

Please know if your hanging out in chat rooms thinking you can figure
out when this will happen your sorely mistaken! This is a Global Event
and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE will know WHEN this will happen.

For some reason dinar holders appear to be "easy" targets for the
"Scammers" We have been notified of yet another Scam. It appears that
our Canadian friends are being targeted to send their Dinar to an
individual we all know from the chat rooms, for an exchange. We would
like to suggest, that ANYONE asking you to send them your dinar is
playing you for a fool. We have covered this so many times, that it
really seems redundant. Let's just leave it at... IF YOU MUST SEND

Please understand, Generals64/Studley group has a SMALL group that are
working on your behalf. NO ONE speaks for our group, we are capable of
speaking for ourselves. Our team: Generals64, Studley, Chief
Negotiator (who will never be on the boards), KCMana, 4th Time,
WileyMorgan, Live4thebrand, jimmymac, and we are working with Dinar
Wishes, BWM, AndieZ, KATT, and beachdreaming. If you notice we don't
even speak for each other. So, if someone is telling you that they are
part of our team, because they are dating one of us, or because they
are working with us... THINK AGAIN! I am amazed how people will use
our names to gain credibility.

My main update today is: PLEASE hold on to your link at the bottom of
this email! This is a link to YOUR PERSONAL information. If you would
like to use a different email address or update your information you
will need to access that information at the LINK at the bottom of the

As we addressed last month...

Lets just go over a few things, again, that seem to be "re-occurring"
email requests: I would encourage you, before you send me an email to
please visit and see if you can find the
answer there. I no longer respond to these questions, the answers have
been sent numerous times and are available at the message board ...

1) Changing your Personal Information - like an email address change
announcement- I don't make these changes for you, you MUST do this for
yourself. SO at the bottom of this message is your "PERSONAL LINK"
(SAVE IT) this takes you to your information in the database.

You can "unsubscribe" (removes you from the group). You can alter your
information, (change your email address)

IMPORTANT: When you forward our updates to your friends and they click
on your link and type their information in... your WHIPPED off the
system. So that brings us to point 2

enough. Yes, I understand there are group leaders who forward the
emails to a few hundred (or more) people. That is fine... just REMOVE
your personal link at the bottom so that someone does not
unintentionally remove you from the system.

3) I have not heard from you... am I still on the list - The answer is
YES! If your receiving this email your on the list.

3. a) I have not heard from you... am I still on the list - The answer
can sometimes be... well... maybe....

Do you have a system that requires people who are sending you emails
to fill out a form for approval??? WE DON"T DO THAT! If I keep
receiving that request, I will delete that email address from the
system. Nothing personal, the group can not afford to have bounced
emails, because it slows us down.

Did you type in a VALID email address??? I am amazed at how many
people type their own email address wrong. So double check it, Please.

Is your email box full? I am always surprised at how many "bounced"
emails I will receive back that a mail box is full after I notice this
happen more than once, I will assume you no longer use this address
and delete you from the system. For more of these types of Q&A see our
message board at (FAQ's)

5) Yes your friends can still sign up for our updates. They need to go
to and click SUBSCRIBE. The system will send out
an automatic welcome email once you click on that link, your

AGAIN, I would highly suggest that you keep one of our updates or your
Welcome email, so that you always have access to your personal link.

We truly wish you a Fantastic Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your
family and friends.

All the best,

KC Mana


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. !!Goddamnit BTS!! I'm to informed for my own good ain't I? Lol lol lol. It was just to good to be true that my comment would stay up there given how sensitive this thing is. Well I hope these clowns don't pull another Kevin Krim on whoever leaking this delicate information. Well at least I know there is some truth to what I posted are maybe the whole truth sense it's been removed, well that's good new for me and everybody else waiting for this to go down. So whoever reads this comment trust me, what I posted was extremely good news and I hope to God that the date posted for ''that thing'' to happen isn't jeopardized and delayed again for what has been leaked. Here is the link where I found that BTS ( It was posted by John Machaffie.

    1. The page no longer exists.. Well Ariel and BTS, thank you for this second comment here, that leaves us with some hope and optimism. :)

    2. Ariel, please let us know what insider info you have when you are allowed to share it with us. I really hope something happens soon, alot of awakened people are so worried nothing will happen and are losing hope.

  3. Occupy World Government

  4. Damn now I'm all curious as to what was said that is so hush hush that it had to be deleted! All this suspense is gonna be the death of me. :P lol

  5. Any hints on the deleted comment BTS?

    1. Hell, what was removed was the hint, you are not going to get any better ones then what BTS removed. That was the crim dela criim of hints. But I'll try to allude to something else. 159,000 bankers from HSBC Bank and Chase Bank have been arrested and removed worldwide this month for attempting to steal money from the programs. Now think about that post posted by American Kabuki where Poof said that the new money system is sentient and living and a "divine matrix", in that if anyone steals money that isn't theirs in the banking system they know immediately and who it is. Which is exactly what happened to thos 159,000 bankers who called the systems bluff.

    2. Sorry my friend- apparently the delightful Ariel is too well informed for her own good and she posted something that was considered to be too sensitive to be public, so I had to delete her comment.

      We are in a very sensitive time my friends, and certain things need to be kept quiet for just a little bit longer. me I'm chomping at the bit to give another update on all this, but until I get the go-ahead, I have to remain quiet.

    3. Everyone you really think that no one would test your statement that 159,000 bankers worldwide have been arrested from 2 banks? There is nothing on the internet other than the self-feeding off the grid sites such as yours. You are wrong, nothing is happening. And puh-leeze don't come back with an idiot statment such as the info was leaked and so it has re-set the timing of the lottery funds you all seem to think are coming your way just for filling out a form where you give your name, phone and address so you can be spammed for every scam artist out there who now has new gullible targets.

    4. anonymous 11:45- you are completely entitled to your own opinion- free will and all that. What I do not understand is why you are here, reading about something you obviously do not believe?

    5. I do believe that something big and good is about to happen, but I am still worried the elites will prevent this. We are less than a month from the end of the Mayan calendar and have yet to see any hard proof. Many insiders have made predictions that should have come true months ago! I have let my brother and parents know about a rumored new financial system, mass arrests and the world becoming a better place, but all this is contingent on the lightworkers succeeding. To this, I wish the lightworkers all the luck in the world!

  6. Thanks! Do you have a link for signing up with the Studley General 64 Group?

  7. Chicago Dreamer:

  8. c'mon BTS, the cleaning lady post is up on other sites. It can't be that big of a secret. any one who wants it email me and I'll send it to you. something about the number 159,000 HSBC...just so you know I know.

    1. And it wasn't just that link Anon Antag, it was also what I said and how it was said that made even more compelling which added more reason for BTS to remove it. So it wasn't just that alone. But I'm not sure if I post it again that it will be removed if I do. That is like the second or third time BTS removed my comment. But it's all good I'm still optimistic.

    2. I'd be interested in reading this. What is your email address? There must have been more information in the post than the banker arrests, to suggest that the reset is going to happen soon.. But that is a huge number of bankers, I'm surprised it wouldn't have leaked in the news. Where do they put all these people?

    3. Anonymous 16:31
      Do you really mean it when you say I'm surprised it wouldn't have leaked in the news.
      Sounded "to me" like you believe in the Main Stream Media, like you believe the news they give you is new and up to date and factual, or they will reveal to you anything for your benefit.
      If you still believe that...well...I'm going to leave it alone.

    4. Anon 16:31. see Ariel's post at 15:40. that's the gist of it. The reset is supposed to be delayed until this Friday. It isn't that long of a post.

    5. Thank you Anon Antag. So maybe the reset has been delayed so that more arrests could take place. I imagine that was the point of the post.

    6. Anon Antag. sorry for the delayed response. Myself and several others spent a good portion of yesterday morning getting that post taken down from sites. People refuse to realize the importance of remaining silent right now. Each of these leaks causes problems that you can't imagine.

  9. Ariel, Do you think that the theft is that rampant? That is a ton of people to just go in and to steal. How do people in the past without the basel III protection, get their money back? I have not heard of anyone ever losing money in their account except for Ed Falcone. With that much theft, what money were they stealing? Just curious.

    1. To Anonymous 16:18: I don't thin it's that rampant, I know it's that rampant. These banksters have been stealing from us since 1933 when the Federal Reserve established themselves as a result of the people not being able to payback that 90 percent stock that was subtracted from the 10 percent they only had to invest to get a return on there shares. But the catch was they had to return that money anytime the bankers felt like calling the loan in to recover that 90% they shaved off which enticed the public to invest based on the alleged cheap 10% they thought they had a deal on. But the people/public didn't have the money so they were threatened with jail time if they didn't return the gold instead which is how they took the gold out of circulation. Every one will get their money back once the RV happens regardless before or after Basel 3 protection it doesn't matter. They were trying to steal the money from the programs like the St. Germain Trust and other ones. They know once we get this money the balance of power on this planet will shift dramatically in our favor.

    2. Ariel Toliver: thanks for the reply. I hope and pray the change comes soon and justice is served.

    3. Theft has been happening at a magnitude that is incomprehensible to most people and has been happening for a long long time.

    4. That's precisely the point that has me questioning the whole implementation of the PP's etc.., BTS, that unless the crooks are taken out of the way via mass arrests or whatever is necessary, what is going to keep them from stealing the money and doing again what they have been doing for these past many decades? you say that this is happening right now, I'll take your word for it. I really hope that it is. Keeping the money out of the hands of the crooks is the biggest challenge I see. I'm a little dubious that it can be done, because there is more evil on this planet than there is good.

    5. Hi a- you have answered your own question here my friend. ALL things are being taken care of right now. The people responsible for all these things are smart and KNOW what must be done. Nothing is being left to chance. Not a single stone is being left unturned. As I keep saying: this is a global thing. Timing and precision is everything.
      I'm hoping to be doing an update very soon.

  10. '159,000 bankers from HSBC Bank and Chase Bank have been arrested and removed worldwide this month for attempting to steal money from the programs.'

    Total number of HSBC employees - 271,000
    Total number of JP Morgan Chase bank employees- 240,000

    Uhmm with this number of banksters missing from 2 banks dont you think at least 1 tongue would wag over the last month amongst the bankers themselves or there collegues or there families or friends! Not one tongue has wagged.... did they cut out all there tongues?

    Please people do your own due diligence and retune your BS meter!

    1. Thank you Anonymous 11:20. You hit the nail on the head. I personally have a friend who works for JP Morgan Chase and there has not been one word. Everyone knows how people talk, you could NOT keep something like this secret. This is just another fear/hope mongering site.

      Best regards,
      A Beverhausen :-)

    2. Anyone who actually reads articles on this site would know that I'm not into fear porn nor Koolaid drinking. The information someone posted a few days ago about arrests in certain banks I have no knowledge of (specific to the two banks mentioned and the numbers given), therefore I haven't offered an opinion nor publicised the comment. The only information I discuss or publish is information that I have personally vetted out thoroughly through several sources that I fully trust.

      I honour your right to your opinion, but ask that you show respect to other commenters here on RTS. The word Anonymous doesn't mean "Hey no one knows who I am so I'll just say whatever I feel like- who needs manners and respect when you can hide your face behind an anonymous mask!"

      ....Like grandma always said: "If you don't have anything good to say, say nothing at all"

    3. There's alot of rumors about mass arrests. We will know it's fact when everything that is wrong with the world ends and we enter a golden age as prophesied by the Mayans. We will also know when the mainstream media starts telling the truth. I wish the lightworkers luck in succeeding, preferably before 12/21/12 so there's a few days of time to wake up as many sheeple as possible.

  11. Yes. Keep waiting...


    Dinar is just a phantom carrot being dangled to manipulate you.

    Put it out of your minds and move on with your lives.

    1. " move on with your lives."
      I don`t think about it
      Vivat la revolution!

  12. YIKES, my kid being in the military has taught me a few good lessons, OPSEC (operational security) = LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS! Seeing that the ship is holding gold for all, all I can say is SSSHHHHH!

  13. Before my friend Dr. Michael V. passed away, he told me not to expect to see an RV until the Federal Reserve is completely dead! He believed that the date would be October 31st, 2012 [or] January 1st, 2013. Your investment in Dinar and Dong was a practical decision but like all investments, all things must happen in their own time. Dr. Michael told me about the Basil III Protocols being established too prevent theft from the new banking system accounts designed to replace the Federal Reserve but he indicated that the finished product would actually be a Basil 7 Protocol [computers capable of reading or sensing your intentions]. If your intention is erroneous, the computer will not respond to your commands and report your conduct! Interesting Stuff!

    1. There are rumors that the FED and IRS are gone. I do hope something big and good happens before the end of the Mayan calendar because that's when we will find out if the ascension theory is true and if so, what will ascension be like. How can the computer tell if your "intention" is just a thought or if you actually plan to steal? I really hope we don't have thought policing where evil thoughts become a crime! No one is being harmed by the thoughts of another.


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