Tuesday 6 November 2012

Time & Timelines: Daniel's Second Article

In Daniel's second article we will explore the concept of "TIME" and he will be explaining how time actually works/exists , which is  NOT in a linear line ie: the past is behind us, the present is now, and the future is ahead of us.  Be prepared to do some serious thinking as this article takes us right out of the field of "science" that we were taught in school. 

I'm beginning to think that the expression "Everything you know is wrong" might be a good analogy for these articles.

I had to read the first half of the article 3 times to really grasp it- I love exercising my grey matter, but I think I might of sprained something.

As Daniel discusses in the first article yesterday the Cabal began meddling in Time many decades ago, trying to navigate and change time to their own advantage.  In this article Daniel talks about various projects such as Montauk, Phoenix III, Looking Glass, the Philadelphia experiment, The Orion Cube, and the Sun Disc of Mu- which used simple access to the coordinate time realm through the use of vibrational control (song, chant, mantra, instruments)- and how the cabal controllers never understood what they were doing and basically it all went FUBAR. 

Daniel's accounts of the various accidents and the strange anomalies  that happened constantly on the base during the time experiments is hair raising and not a little bit disturbing. I found his description of various "psychic" skills and how they relate to "Time" very interesting. Daniel also gives a few brief details of various Extra terrestrial beings throughout the article, but is currently writing a more in depth article on the subject.

As with the first article, please feel free to ask Daniel questions below in the comment section and we will forward them to him and publish his responses.

ps: You can read the book, Living Water, by Olaf Alexandersson  here:

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Time and Timelines


  1. Thanx for these articles guys they really put some pieces together.

    1. As I've read each article, I can almost feel the pieces of the puzzle falling into place in my brain..... my poor sore brain, lol

  2. Holy cats, there is a SECOND. I just got done with the first one, and now there is *another*. Whew! I was going to go get my game on with my day, but I think it is time for another cup of coffee and a second read. *eyes crossing*

    I can hardly believe how this stuff is tying so much together. "Things" have been like looking at a knitted object, getting a view of a piece here and a piece there, and now I am starting to see there is an entire sweater. LOL -- okay, that was not the most scientific of metaphors, but I am a writer, not an astrophysicist, Jim. (OST reference -- I am, at least, still a geek. ;-) )

    I was going to write that my mind is appropriately blown, but in fact, it is not in some ways. My mind is actually relieved to see there has at least been method in the madness and there are explanations which make perfect sense given the pieces of the puzzle. I see how everyone has had a piece, and how this writer and mind has drawn the pieces together in a picture that is at least logical and reasonable.

    Better to deal with the devil that you know (and understand) than the devil you don't, eh? So I am oddly comforted. Now I can kick some A, knowing the bigger picture more clearly.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, knowing and understanding the bigger picture more clearly. well said Calliope

      .... "Damnit Jim! I'm a blogger not an astrophysicist!!!"..... I have been saying that for a long time, lol

    2. Okay, UPDATE upon reading this second piece.


      I have reasons why this is so -- personal ones and ones I have not entirely figured out, lol. But to see that stuff in writing, and understand I have been experiencing and working with timelines for a while now, on some not-entirely-known level by third density me, was pretty darn powerful.

      It's a little like finding out Santa Claus is real after all -- and after finding out he wasn't. Wow.

      I need to go sit with this stuff for a while...

    3. Calliope,

      Great to see you!I missed your humor and wisdom :)

  3. This is copy/paste from my previous post so whoever reads doesn't have to go back to that one.

    You know what BTS, ''fuck it'' until I see some actual concrete change i.e. prosperity packages, lol' I'll comment when I can. And shouts out to Hye Angel, Kathy Kelley, and even Anonymous5 November 2012 13:51 for what you guys said I appreciate it.
    I wish I had the time to comment to that whole (Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines & Ascension) article but I realistically don't. But there is a particular part I do think deserves my personal analogy and why I agree/disagree. And they are.....

    A Hot Time in the Old World, Tonight

    1.Use nuclear weapons to blow holes in the upper atmosphere to let the increasing heat out,
    2.Create huge, underground cities to live in until the sun stabilized, or
    3.Get the heck off of Earth.

    Now of course I do agree with number (1.) being impossible to pull off without killing a whole lot of life on earth given that the motto of the cabal is ''to save yourself is to kill everybody else'' is a pledge they couldn't risk taking on that particular agenda sense they don't live in an atmosphere exclusive to themselves independent of the protection of the Ozone layer. So lets move to 2 & 3.

    Now we've all seen and are familiar with Steven Spielberg's (Back to The Future) film franchise with Michael J. Fox as Marty Mcfly as the synopsis describes is a teenager who is accidentally sent back in time from 1985 to 1955. He meets his future-parents in high school and accidentally attracts his future mother's romantic interest. Marty must repair the damage to history by causing his parents-to-be to fall in love, and with the help of scientist Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, he must find a way to return to 1985, right?

    Now I've read Andy Basaigo and his revelations in and about D.A.R.P.A. , Teleportation, and the secret government’s experiments using Tesla based technologies to gain quantum access by a number of tactics and means.
    And we also know the U.S. government has had Tesla-based quantum access time travel technology for over 40 years. Given also that Alfred Lambremont Webre said qoute:(If I was time travel surveilled in 1971 for my actions and book published in 2005, chances are the 2012 Mass Arrest plan has been time travel surveilled and worked into the CIA time-travel captured U.S. government plan for 2012 - 2016 and beyond.) end qoute.

    Now if what Alfred Lambert said does make sense in a way that when you know when particular things are to take place via technology that utilizes past present and future alternative modes of reality unbeknownst the people at the mercy of such technology chances are whatever your agenda may be to counter such advances a preconditioned counter move of effects has already been calculated to circumvent your plans to offset such abilities. Now what does what I say have to do with under ground cities? Trust me I'm getting to that stick with me I'm going somewhere with this.

  4. Continued...

    But here's the catch, human behavior is just as unpredictable as the sands and waters of nature which can never be completely figured out regardless how advance your tools to do so operate to figure nature behavioral patterns out. So that breach of security will ever and always remain which can never be factored at 100% accuracy. Wishful thinking at it's finest.
    The key word here is ''paradox'' meaning that when you time travel you can't go back preceding a time before the time travel device was created or you will be stuck right? Don't we hear time and time again that the ascended masters said for eons the plans to free the human race was written in stone before the cabal actually had the abilities to utilizes technical advances like time travel to prevent such plans?

    So take into account that they didn't have time travel capabilities prior to 1947 which should explain why they don't have the abilities to go back before 1947 and beyond to offset any plans to free the human population correct? The cabal began sending back all relevant information pertinent to the control of the masses BACK IN TIME, from many varying points in the future, to themselves in the past.

    To me in my personal opinion the reason why they had to make the ''Back to The Future'' film franchise was basically a contingency plan of planned ridicule of any potential defect of anyone potentially breaking away to inform the masses such activities were taking place. Because the first thing that would come to mind to the recipients of such information would be the Back to The Future movie as a relegate.

    The director of that movie could have been possibly used perhaps even knowingly was involved in this super-secret attempt at Dis-info/Mind Control to keep the masses from even thinking about what may have been going on behind their backs! I'm still getting to the underground cities, hang in there.

    Phil Corso Jr., (the son of the well-known Colonel Phillip Corso , who had worked at the Pentagon admitted that whether or not UFO's were real, that the UFO cover-up was never the main secret being kept by the government as supposed by Dr. Steven Greer of the disclosure movement! The main secret, he said, is and has always been “time travel” and the fact that time has been compromised.

    The reason he said was that the reason that UFO's and their presence was kept secret by the US and other governments was that the way they traveled through space, was by default. To be continued....... I have to fix something to eat for my niece.

    1. @ARIEL

      And the length of your posting is telling me that YOU ARE FEELING MUCH BETTER TODAY.
      Unfortunately, I don't know what is that you're suffering from.
      But here are a few simple tips, for a better health.

      ** Use SILVER spoons and forks -silver kills all the poisonous germs and bacterias. I have a silver spoon EVEN in my water-cooler.

      **On a sunny day, take a dark, glass bottle filled with water, and leave it under the sun for at least 30minutes, or longer - you'll have the most holy water of all. Before using it, add a few ice cubes made previously form a water like that.

      **Twice a week, have a glass of water mixed with a tea spoon of baking soda -it kills all the bacterias that cause cancer.

      **2-3 times a week, have a glass of water mixed with a few drops of kelp iodine- it will help/balance your thyroid gland. You can also use fresh kelp in your salad.

      **Every night, 20-30min. before going to bed, take one garlic clove, chap it into 2-3 pieces, and swallow it with as little water as possible. THIS IS CALLED "THE SECRET OF STAYING YOUNG" by the Russian shamans. By swallowing it, (instead of chewing), the next morning you will not have that unpleasant mouth odor. Within a few months, you'll feel and look younger, and energetic as a "teenager".

    2. Thanks Hye Angel, I will definitely start considering to use the methods here described. This method is very new to me so I'm glad you informed me of this simple task. Good info.

    3. Through some of my seeking, I have studied a lot of Barbara Marciniak's work with Pleadeians. According to that material, the Mayan, are also known as the Keepers of Time. They have established time LOCKS, that only they can open. If that is the case, it would have prevented the Cabal from seeing past 12/21/2012. They have shifted the time locks from time to time. The Keepers of Time can see all probable futures and the meddling of the Cabal into the greater galactic plan. I believe it is they who are in contact with David Wilcock and many others to halt their destruction of Gaia. Gaia herself is capable of sending a distress call as it were, to Prime Creator (God). All of this has brought about a situation that is unprecedented and measures are being taken that have never been needed or attempted before. But, I believe we are very close to what we call the 100th Monkey. Once we reach that point everyone awakens en-masse. I believe that is the point where we will have full integration of our original 12 strand DNA blueprint. I believe the galactics are here to prevent nuclear and any other catastrophic action the cabal might attempt to remain in power. I think the whole thing will be broadcast as soon as the election results are final (Or sometime this week). I try to keep in mind how deeply embedded into our society the Cabal are, and how long a process it is to surgically remove them. I also believe that the more public cabal members are currently not in jail, BUT have been arrested and are traveling with security (U.S. Marshals), so the rest of the rats can be rounded up. I also think these so called "resignations" are actually arrests. There are so many parts to the whole. Installing and interim congress, figuring out how best to distribute the money and most important, informing the world of the matrix they have been living in. This is going to create a grief process. Shock, Denial, Anger, Acceptance, Grief. We are nearly there, the scope is just so HUGE. My heartfelt gratitude to those who have worked tirelessly and risked everything, especially those who have lost their lives to set us free. ARIEL, so glad you decided to stay! ;)

    4. Also, all life evolves, when something threatens the natural evolution of part of creation, I believe games rules are definitely changed. What the Cabal had planned would have stopped the earth and in turn our galaxy from reaching completion. THAT IS NOT TO BE ALLOWED. Their plan was much larger than that. They had intentions of conquering other life on other worlds as well. The entities responsible for this are reptilian in nature. They can not exist in our atmosphere, so they use humans (David Icke). So they are trying to make it more habitable for themselves by releasing methane (Louisiana Sinkholes and Deep Sea Drilling) into it. As I stated before none of that is being allowed to transpire and we are at the end of the loop. (It can only go to the solstice this year as a result of the time locks anyway). It has been an unfortunate consequence that the dates of our actual ascension have been pushed ahead. But all is as it should be and I do see progress. I try to passively observe events without actually feeding my energy into them (Extremely Challenging)

  5. Gee this makes a tonn of sense I don't know how to pay my grattitude? Ah, I know - I'm already spreading the word.

    1. Spreading the word is what we are here to do!! Thanx McCroft

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I keep telling everybody that no matter what you write are who you are, you can not in your wildest dreams convince me that the cabal are still in power. But don't worry I'm not finished just give me a few more minutes.

    4. The tides are definitely turning, but at this point they are still in power.... hanging from their fingertips from the top of Niagara Falls with a big sea gull pecking at their finger nails.... but they are still hanging there....

      ....for the moment. And moment's don't last long.

  6. I didn't understand about the "Time Lateral" imposed by the Galactic many years ago. What was the purpose of that timeline?

    1. Sorry, by the Confederation

  7. Ariel, if the Cabal is not in power then answer me why hasn't the RV happened? Why do we hear the same %*%* in the MSM?

    Why things look the same?

    I went out this afternoon because I needed to get some fresh air and everything looks and feels the same. People still act the same.

    I'm seeing the number 888 everyday maybe it is a sign that the RV is coming. It has been said that it is the number of prosperity.

    I'm tired of this secrecy crap and I want some tangible proof for once!!!! Please God make this happen we are tired of this prison and change is way past overdue.

    I know this is a free will zone and everything is permitted, but this is getting ridiculous. PLEASE make a miracle happen.

    7 billion slaves of planet Earth

    1. To Anonymous 13:05: Why are you waiting for people to come to conclusion on things you have the ability to decipher on your own? If you waiting for me and other people to help you use your own brain, the (Golden Age) is not for you. You ask why things look the same, key word: ''look'' which to you indicates real world things being relative or relegated to to how they look and not behave. Which is really bad if you assume that type of perception has any value.

      Let me ask you something, to you how are these people supposed to be acting? Because what it sound like to me you want to see cyborgs programmed to do what makes you feel comfortable and viable. I mean you lost me on that argument. You want to see, and everybody else want's to know isn't those two thins basically the same? Be patient this month should be your month and everybody else's month.

  8. Thanks. I lean toward the artist / musician side of human ability, so it took me about an hour to read and process this.

    I enjoyed reading that the Looking Glass can no longer be used to alter timelines on the temporal side.

    I did not entirely comprehend alternate timeline 02. That is, I did not understand how it might be implemented. I choose...Timeline 0!!!

    1. PS from Anon 13:06: I feel this strange compulsion to watch some OST episodes. Was someone in a Montauk chair beaming that suggestion at me? ;-)

  9. Continued...

    Now we all should know who Phil Schnieder is right? In one his most famous Youtube videos Schnieder told the world that during his years of contracting to build some of the US's many deep underground bases and cities, that while drilling holes that would eventually be used to square off a deep underground base or city, the drillers struck an underground cavern filled with Grey Aliens correct?

    Phil said that when he was lowered down into the shafts/holes to see what was holding up the drilling or what they had struck, when he was confronted by a group of greys which startled him and resulted and subsequently lead to him shooting one or two of them before coming back up to the surface.

    But here's the deal with that when is he was told by the higher ups in the intelligence services when he filed a report that they were fully aware of their presence (the Grey Aliens) in that vicinity, and that they had expected him to find them!! Now remember what I said earlier in my previous post that The cabal began sending back all relevant information pertinent to the control of the masses back in time, from many varying points in the future, to themselves in the past. Which should indicate how they knew those aliens were down there.

    Think about that for a second, that was Phil's 1st time drilling those holes (in this loop of time) at least and he reports that when he told the higher ups they say , "Oh yea..., we forgot to tell you they were there..., we knew that..."
    ''what''? Again in my personal opinion is that the period of time between 1947 and 2012 has become a period of time that is now looping over and over and over again, and who really knows how many loops we've gone through leading up to 2012?

    Remember that scene in the Matrix where Neo looked at that stray cat as it walked passed the door ( and he says ''De Ja Vu'' as Trinity and Morpheus suspiciously turn their heads to that phrase as if they knew in Neo's amatuer type mind state to the matrix that ''De Ja Vu'' is just a beginners way of explaining something much more advanced which is why Trinity asked Neo, what did you just say? And she say it's a glitch in the matrix which happens when they change something.

    The question is who is she referring to when she says they? C'mon, I don't have to answer that do I? This is in our reality the cabal using alternate time loops to shape things into their advantage to trap us like they tried to do in that ''De Je Vu'' scene in the matrix.

    Which is why they tried to rush out of their so quick because the original escape route was compromised and had to figure out another way out and they did right?

    That particular scene is in a nutshell exactly what we are going through now, humanity has found that other way out the matrix since the original escape route was cornered off.

  10. Continued...

    I believe that the positive Extra-terrestrials were never supposed to do what they are doing now…, and only got involved because this matter had gotten so out of hand!

    I believe that due to the breach of the fabric of time, and the advanced technology that was being carted backward from the future by the cabal..., those of us who were innocent by-standers in this bastardized time-line were so ill equipped to defend ourselves and so ill equipped to even mount a defense against the advanced information and advanced technology they were bringing back from their own darkly inclined scientists, that the (God creator) himself had to act.

    opinion that as more and more successive time loops occurred, the cabal was able to bring back more and more advanced technology from the future so that as soon as a newly dug un-underground base was finished, it was filled immediately with advanced technology that was brought back from a preceding loop from our own future.

    Andy Basaigo has said that while he was sent many times to Ford’s theater to witness the murder of Abraham Lincoln, each successive time he went back, he ran into other images or reflections of himself as well, which were also there doing the exact same mission.
    It is my opinion that this alone is the reason why anyone who listens to ''channeled information'' is not getting the whole story, but a possible version of the story that was pertinent at some point on one of these many loops.

    that with each successive loop, all things that happened before, happen again, as ghostly images in the new loop…, as well as those new things that did not happen before, but have now been inserted by the cabal. This is why so many predictions have come and gone.

    Why so many things have been channeled and not happened in the way it was said it would occur. That's why people like Greg Giles, Elizabeth Trutwin, Steve Beckow, Gabriel Raio Lunar, Suzy Ward, Sheldan Nidel and so many others have made predictions and have they have not come true or was delayed in some ways.

    The implications of this is that if you are alive and living right now..., it is MOST LIKELY the case that the life you are living, and the experiences you are having in that life, have been altered from what you as a soul intended for yourself to have for this life.

    This is why you see certain people with talents throw it away doing something that they themselves never envisioned themselves doing. And you sit there and wonder how can they continue to jeopardize such great gifts, well you may have found that answer thanks to the cabal.

    And, if one considers a completely bastardized timeline in which none of the life lessons you set up for yourself were able to manifest because the job you had set up for yourself a hundred loops ago, or the people you had set up to meet a hundred loops ago, were in fact canceled out in lieu of the new "inserted" events (events which affected us all) that a only handful of people were setting up in order to steer the timeline into an enslavement timeline.

    The cabal is failing to do what it wants to do, this is why they have ''hi-jacked time'' to "create" a designer timeline..., a timeline which will give them the result they want before we hit the end of what they consider their opportune window. And we all know they failed miserably and I can give you a thousand reasons why.

    This is what I believe has given the rise to the so called: (Break Away Civilizations) that has been thriving underground in these bases and cities right under our feet like the Lemurians, Agarthans, and the Blue Moovians" who are helping us with the demise of the cabal. And from what I read from Aisha North and BTS, we just recently defeated these guys. So whats the fuss about GMO, HAARP, Flouride and whatever else they failed at using to kill us?

    1. Oh wow thank you for that Toliver! You gave me something to think about for the entire day! Im reminded of the Kobayashi Maru scenario in Star Trek II. Basically you cant win that one because its absolutely bullet-proof. Kirk however is the only one who has ever succeeded the test because what he did was cheating- he reprogrammed the conditions.

    2. Lord I LOVE how your mind works Ariel! It ALWAYS gives me a fresh and NEW perspective to look at. PLEASE don't go anywhere, it'll break my heart! LOL

    3. Thanks, because here is what I realized is that time travel is by default and if it wasn't for the cabal messing with the time lines we wouldn't have needed the ET's to come here and assist us. We would have toppled this system ourselves and would have ascended decades ago. So UFO Disclosure is really not about the UFO's it's about ''Time Disclosure'' People like Steven Greer have missed the forest for the trees. This is why everything seems to be poisoned because it was all done in alternative time lines and bled into this current one we are in all as one attempt with the same goal in mind but in different time loops. So food, water, agriculture, air, chemtrails, are all products of different strategies in different time loops that have been tested in those time loops but failed. So a melding occurred to where all of those loops solidified and appear as one big plan with variations of ways to kill and poison the planet in this 2012 time loop.

    4. Ariel, I never thought about all the poisonous problems resulting from many looping NOWS. I have to admit, it is very logical and extremely plausible as well. It ties in perfectly with what I know about the Keepers of Time and the time locks they established. I have had a lot of puzzle pieces but until know did not know how they fit. From my research the ET's are here (at least the Pleadeians) because they were primarily responsible for our DNA being altered. In meddling with us they unleashed a serious problem upon themselves. They can not fix their (Future) problem until they help us with the problem they helped to create. They have actually traveled back in time to assist us now. I would love to sit down with a cup of coffee and chat with you. There are so few people in the world capable of a "Deep Sea Diving" conversation.

    5. Ariel,

      Just about everything you mentioned hit home.I'll explain the best I can.From a very young age I tried to figure out time and how it works.When I was in high school(over 20 yrs ago) I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about "what is time" and how it works, we had smoked one which I believe triggered the answer.I came up with the answer on how it works,we were both in awe, within seconds it was wiped out of memory.We were both trying to remember... puzzled why we can't both remember what I said a few seconds ago.

      Over time the way things felt weren't making sense,I've lived my entire life as if it already happened, in the last few years I warn people with bad decisions,turns out the outcome comes true to what I felt.

      I know a channeler for about 20 yrs now,she is not on the internet but very well known locally by word of mouth, most people visit her for personal reasons,same reason I was.Everything she predicted happened,everything in my life and any small information given about world events happened.She portrays herself as a card reader,because the average person will not understand where her information comes from, she's admitted some things to me because I'm open to it.She once mentioned something about time lines but I was more concerned about my personal life info, she doesn't sugar coat anything,or talk like any channeler online "my dear ones" ect, I think she would have a good laugh with what's out there but she doesn't use a computer.She's old school over 70 and low key and lives in a small apt.I could write a book about all her predictions that came true..I haven't gone to visit her in over a year due to my crazy work schedule,I will soon though.

      For me I haven't read much on the channelers you mentioned,I came across most of them in the last six months for the first time and something wasn't jiving when I read the first sentence and then stopped reading,just the feeling I was getting from the writer,maybe their intentions are good but somehow it's disturbed or delayed, from what I've learned from my experience, channeled msgs come from a source that's not of our time,so it's difficult to deliver an exact date.I've been told things 10 years ago and only happened small potato prediction, life changing things..

      @ Kathy I would love to join the deep sea diving conversation..I have no one to talk about these things

      Anonymous 44.. lol I gave myself a nickname

  11. Poof recently said the same thing as well.

  12. OK guys help me out here, this is VERY important. Is this website for real or not:

    & take your time to thoroughly dissect it before dismissing it.

    In this website, the author claims that Inelia Benz, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, George Noory, Max Keiser, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Steven M. Greer, to name a few in alternative movements nevermind the mainstream, are ALL actors.

    We need to find out if this website which the link is showing up on a bunch of alternative media sites, somewhat similar in nature to this one, is baloney or else...

    ..then how do we know if there is anyone in the alternative media/ascension/golden age/financial reset information movement that is real??

    1. To Pete: Listen to me when I first ran across that website they did not mention Inelia Benz, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, George Noory, Max Keiser, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Steven M. Greer as actors they were no where to be found on that site a year ago. You know why? Because they were working themselves up into this point to use the people they have already said were actors like Jerry Sandusky actually being Kevin Kostner or Nelson Mandela actually being Morgan Freeman. Which of course the only evidence they have are computer graphics and nothing else to support such claims.

      Those people would have to be 5 places at once to pull that off and still have a movie release met on a particular day which is not possible because some of those actors have sometimes 3 different movies releasing the same year. So how can Kevin Costner shoot the ''Man of Steel'' superman movie coming out this summer and promote and be in jail at the same time? Use you common sense man, because people like you are going to be all over the place trying to figure out who is who and doing what if you depend on other people to come to conclusions for you. Anyone can be just as creative in making such comparisons. That site is void, leave it alone.

    2. Wait. Is that the site that claims Truthergirl Sonja is really Lady Gaga? Me no think so

    3. I can give you my 100% promise that I am NOT an actor! :>)

    4. 'Boy I watched some of the videos again and this is plausible. It is too easy to do. Right in our face. Wow. Even if his analysis isn't 100% correct this is mind blowing. I keep saying this from just researching and trying to market my book. If you don't cop to certain UFO and Martian theories no one wants anything to do with you. It is like a ritual you have to go through so the general public will think of you as a whack job. The truth is stranger than any of the things that are being sold to us as such.

      This is upsetting if true. This guy is even calling into question this forum and the people who run it. This could get ugly and undermine the work of many powerful people if true. Have we all been punked to this degree? Disturbing.'


      Devil's Advocate:

      If the government has technology capable of Time Travel and Cloning Grey Aliens to use in MILABs etc etc., is it really that far of a stretch to assume that they have technology enough to change people's appearances drastically? '

    5. Not this forum here! (Project avalon)

    6. Anonymous 17:01 cloning isn't much of a stretch of the imagination now, is it? This journey of investigation and discovery has been hysterical to me in hind sight. There was a time when I would of scoffed at the idea of time travel, clones, ascension, ets,.... yet each new piece of information opens the doors of the mind just a wee bit wider and the next piece of the puzzle you discover is not nearly so "wild" as the last piece.

  13. Funny timing:

  14. Hello everyone,
    I printed this article out so I can read and reread it so I my eyes don't get too sore.
    Anyways, today was a beautiful day. The skies were completely blue and little puffs of clouds floated across the amazing sky. Somewhere during the time of 1:00 pm things changed. The skies were filled with those (I would love to swear but won't) chemtrails. They are everywhere, with crosses and X's sprayed in no harmony. It grayed out the sky and gave us the same overhead junk we had for the last four weeks. We never see the sun or moon anymore. The spraying is so constant, we never have a "down" moment to recover. I am so sick of no one ever listening. I wrote to the Senator, and received a reply that there are thousands of letters flooding his office regarding chemtrails, stating they are contrails. I wrote back to him stating that either he was lying or completely out of touch with reality. It doesn't take a scientific eye to confirm what is being done to us. Well-- now I can go and read this interesting piece of information. Thank you for allowing me to vent a moment. :)

  15. And about HAARP, when did HAARP ever have the desired out come the cabal wanted it to have anyway? Hell, Mc'donalds worst then HAARP, HAARP not causing obesity, heart burn, acid reflux, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. If HAARP was that powerful how come it took so long for New Orleans to get hit directly by a hurricane sense Hurricane Camille August 17th 1969? Louisiana was hit by 49 of the 273 hurricanes that made landfall on the American Atlantic Coast between 1851 and 2004. And guess what? We still survived Katrina in a way because everybody know that the levies were blown up by explosives which caused that flooding so if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be living in Shreveport right now.

    So ask yourself how powerful is HAARP? Mother natures only allows the cabal to have a degree of power which was never absolute because they have always bee on a leash. That should explain it to you right there. If we only got hit by 49 hurricanes out of 273 don't you think that if HAARP was as powerful as it is portrayed the number of hurricanes that hit should have been significantly higher then just a measly 49.

    The cabal are sociopaths I mean beyond insane don't you think that if HAARP was used as religiously as people say they do why does New Orleans sit right on the coast line and dodged damn near every hurricane to ever come to that area? That's how I know they are not as powerful as they say they are because New Orleans would have been under water a long time ago and even worse than 9/11 given that we are a direct target for hurricanes. To give you an idea how close I lived to the levies, type in my old address in Google Maps, it's 14600 Beekman Rd. East New Orleans LA. in Little Woods. and tell me that we wasn't supposed to be under water a long time ago.

    1. ...unless there is a reason they don't want New Orleans under water ;>)

      I'm not saying that HAARP is the be all end all, but at this point we truly do not know exactly what it's capable of.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I am posting this comment for someone who wasn't able to post it themselves:

    AnonymousNovember 6, 2012 1:01 AM
    I could not post a comment on the blog "removing the shackles" so can someone copy and paste my comment on his blog as well?

    A question everyone should be wondering is will ascension occur when the Mayan calandar ends 12/21/12? Alot of sources and channels believe so. Also will ascension be gradual or sudden? If sudden and soon, how will humanity(especially those still asleep) have the time(1.5 months at most) to wake up and learn how to ascend?

    1. As I understand it, it will be gradual as anything sudden would be too much of a shock.

    2. When we reach the 100th Monkey everyone will awaken en mass. It cant be too far down the road. Understand that those of the Cabal volunteered to live a dark lifetime for the greater good. When that time was over they were supposed to stand down and return to the light. Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely. They have refused and are fighting to the last man. They can not move beyond 12/21/2012. It is my understanding that there will be a splitting of earth and there will still be a 3 dimensional earth for those who still need or want to learn their lessons here. At the same time there will manifest another earth transiting from the 3rd to the 5th dimension for those who are prepared for ascension. All of the solar flares and energy are not just breaking through the vibrational quarantine that has surrounded earth, but it has also been the catalyst for the reactivation and integration of our original 12 strand DNA. Because of the Cabal's refusal to step down, most of us have been unable to physically upgrade to the necessary level to survive in a crystalline based world. The process is on going. The bridge that has been built to connect the two will be there as long as we live so that we can make the journey when we are completely upgraded. Your thoughts play an important role in all of this because THOUGHT CREATES! So think and speak from your heart and not your head. Be loving, forgiving and compassionate in all things. Do not dwell on anger it is a 3rd dimensional vibration. Its all about LOVE!

  18. @ARIEL
    Can you, please, leave your e-mail address?


  19. One thing I also want to point out to everyone. I believe there is an aspect of our awakening that is sadly lacking. FORGIVENESS! If you haven't read Financial Tyranny by David Wilcock, I strongly suggest you do. It can be found Free @ in a variety of downloadable formats. He has interviewed at length a woman who defected from freemasonry. She is very candid and open about her experiences and what day to day life is like for them. Once you understand the how these people came to be as they are, you have no choice but to develop compassion and empathy for them. It is HORRIFIC, Heart Breaking and Eye Opening to say the least. These people would have deserted a long time ago, if they truly believed they could do so and LIVE. After reading it I couldn't help but view the Cabal a bit differently and I feel compassion I was incapable of feeling previously. So, check it out and see if it doesnt change your heart.

  20. There is one big part missing in all of this...the Celestials. No one but one person that I know of is bringing forth information on how the Angelics are working with humanity at this time. They play a huge part in this for it is said humans have angel DNA. For anyone interested, I suggest you check out the work of G.W. Hardin. He is the only one I know of who is tieing it all together. I first heard about the timelines, the Looking Glass, etc from him a few years ago. He had some great interviews on Amerika Radio Now with Barb Adams and Scott Stevens. The links are:

    He also has some great articles on his website:

    He frequently contributes material to Kabuki's blog. He is the best resource in my opinion. He's got some great contacts, including the Celestials.

    1. oops, his website is and

  21. So any financial intel to share with us BTS? Seems like a lot is going on + the elections right now.

    1. Pete, we are in the quiet before the storm.

    2. I sure hope some good will come out of this week. The election was such a bust in my opinion.

    3. I like, many others, hoped something major would happen prior to the election... and then Obama got elected. I just can't imagine what America will look like in 2016 if it continues the route it's on.

      Breaking The Silence: can you share a little more info about the "quiet before the storm" and roughly, how long before the storm hits? Many thanks.

    4. I'm getting information coming in now and waiting for further intel later this afternoon/evening. I'm hoping to be able to give at least a small update later tonight- tomorrow at the latest.

  22. BTS, I have another question for Daniel. I would like to know if the term he uses here in this sentence:

    "It actually has to do with the solar magnetic ionization level, not wormholes, which will take a significant hit as our solar system crosses the galactic neutral magnetic sheaf..."

    ...if the term "galactic magnetic sheaf" is equivalent to what Santos Bonacci often refers to as the galactic equator in his discussions of the Precession of the Equinoxes:

    Thank you both!

    (This Daniel person really has my nerd genes hopping - lol!)

  23. I am really enjoying All the comments here. I invite All of you to contact me at so we can create friendships and touch bases with each other. I feel like the topics we are discussing and interested in are not your average everyday conversations.
    I wanna acknowledge BTS for creating this blog and space to develop communication between us that are here right now sharing this info. Please share my info with Daniel also, I would like to connect with him as well.
    I got a question for Daniel, are there any groups out here he knows of that are actively developing PSI abilities in support of the Unified essences (non-physical) nature of us to develop True Will and Unity Consciousness?


    1. I am also really enjoying all the comments here Ed. We have an amazing group of people here! I'm trying to figure out a cheap (lol) way of creating some sort of chat or forum that I can attach here so that the conversations can continue and grow.

    2. good...~chinka~...Kiss!

  24. Guys I just want to leave my Facebook address ( If you all wanted to chat on there also. Peace.

    1. Ariel,

      Are you the one wearing sun glasses? Just want to know it's the right Ariel :)

      Anonymous 44

  25. Check out these to articles they really tie in together nicelly...

    First from Gordon Duffs veterans today:

    And then from Benjamin Fulfords latest:

    If you then add Leo Wantas bio in this we have a nice little package..

    Love and light


  26. Okay, I have some VERY important info I want to share with you. This is in regards to the Maya/Keepers of time and Ascension. There is a Mayan priest alive today who explains very well EXACTLY what will happen on the solstice this year. He is running around like a madman in Mexico preparing for the event. He has made a video regarding vibrational frequency and ascension and a whole lot more incredible info that link is here and there is another video of a lecture he gave in Los Angeles on Ascension and that video link is here Apparently some of the original pyramids that were to ground the influx of energy from the galactic alignment to earth and keep it there, have been destroyed. The actual energy from the event will only last 8 minutes. He is working to create replacements for the lost pyramids so that the energy is grounded for at least a few months. He needs help. I think it is a perfect way to burn the energy we have waiting for news of the Cabal's destruction to a good use. With Love and Light to ALL


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