Monday 5 November 2012

We need new medicine: The Most Lied About Election in American History

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When a system is corrupted with gangrene and rotting from within, the infection needs to be eradicated before it can be healed... and a bandaid fix with a different face will not get rid of the dead flesh and infection, nor heal the gaping wounds left by a system that is killing it's host. Modern medicines answer to infections is to treat it with their antibiotics, but the antibiotics that have been used for generations have proven that they have no power over this flesh eating disease and in the end they have only made the situation worse by creating the Super Bugs that we are now battling.  When modern medicine doesn't work, it's time to return to the original treatments that our forefathers used. It's time to go back to the origins of the United States and return to the medicine called the Constitution.

Unafraid – Gordon Duff

Closing the Ring The Most Lied About Election in American History by Gordon Duff – We’ve gotten it. Thanks to a reader. . . ~J

Posted on November 5, 2012
Please copy this story; I really don’t think they want it out and might shut it down here. ~J
Sunday Morning, November 4, 2012, Closing the Ring
The Most Lied About Election in American History
by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
It began when the Republican nomination was stolen. Ron Paul won in a landslide. Thus far, 25 grand juries have been seated to deal with felony charges tied to crimes in rigging both the GOP primaries and convention.
Legal groups across the US are, finally, challenging the overt corruption of America’s “two party dictatorship.”
Even with a flawed constitution, there is nothing that supports this system, nothing that supports how congress is run and certainly, what constitution we have should have protected us from rule by foreign corporations, more specifically, organized crime packaged as “foreign corporations” that the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” blasphemy has saddled us with.
Over the past few days, with my delightfully tapped phone (all calls say “US Government” on them), those still working for what is legitimate of that government have been calling. I am told I am the only journalist that isn’t either “brain dead” or “bought” or “scared to death.”
The volume of information held, the types of information, the mass of it, is mind boggling, even for me.
We’re going to touch on a few “pre-publishing” issues simply because time is running out with the election.
“They love me – They love me not.”
What I can say, early on, is that I get sick of finding fault with America. Unlike many, I am not bitter, don’t hate my own country, but I also no longer believe in the American people.
I find that “patriotic Americans” are a brave few, embattled, many inside the government and military still, many were eliminated during the Bush era, some returning under Obama but not enough.
The story we are going to look at today has to be painted with broad strokes. It starts with the Reagan administration but not with Reagan himself.
Those of us who worked for Reagan, and I have a group of friends and coworkers who were his direct advisors or who worked in military and intelligence positions, saw the change.
There were a series of scandals, all “erased by the sands of time,” such as “Iran/Contra” or “BCCI.” All are forgotten. What wasn’t seen was how the CIA was subverted by members of the Executive Branch, we are talking the Vice President, along with key members of the Pentagon and Congress.
America had long been saddled with foreign rule. It began well before 1913 when Woodrow Wilson pushed through the Federal Reserve Act, written on Jekyll Island by a banking cabal, a law meant to enslave America through manufactured economic disasters, war and debt.
Without the Federal Reserve, there would have been no World Wars, the truth goes that far.
This is why we have Mitt Romney instead of Ron Paul. Romney represents the European banking consortium and organized crime. His purpose is to unravel the roadblocks put in place by Obama, few and weak as they are due to our flawed system of “bought” government, and put us back into historical perspective.
This means a world war, more prisons, looted banks, all wealth shipped overseas and the eventual descent of America into third world status, depopulated, deindustrialized and enslaved.
This is what I have been told, what sits in his files, FBI, intelligence agencies, what can be proven, can be shown, what has been presented to every agency chief, every court, the leaders of congress, all have seen the files.
Romney and friends, turning dollars into ???? – but how, really ??
The story began, “Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 when Cartel head, Raul Salinas, his partner, was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Salinas said, ‘If my story gets out, the governments of the world will tremble.’
Romney was terrified, walked away from Bain’s secret overseas holdings, well over $1 trillion dollars, not the $66 billion claimed, and flew to Cuba to meet his mistress, Maria Perez Andropov (Russian intelligence agent) and for an audience with Castro.
We have records of his flight, photographs from Cuba, we have recordings of conversations there….”
I have hours of these debriefings, in “cloud” storage, now sitting with several intelligence agencies where I have good friends. The story first broke here, proof to a number of agencies that I could be trusted, then the deluge of even more information began.
Let’s get back to this in a bit. We need more background.
Vietnam was “in the rear view mirror” and its lessons. We aren’t talking about real learning, that war is useless, that humans deserve decency and a chance for life and freedom. What Vietnam taught Washington was that “waste is profit” and that the real business of government is narcotics.
Mormons in Utah prison for polygamy
What had, since the 1940′s, been the dalliance of a few powerful banking and shipping families, those who later grew fat on the civil war, the “Robber Barons” who became the war profiteers of World War I, they were the beginning.
There were others, this is where the Romney family comes in. Mormon history is largely secret, two wars against the United States, wars over polygamy, over the “Kingdom of Deseret” and its withdrawal from the United States.
The Romney family were citizens of that “kingdom” and had their US citizenship formally withdrawn in 1882 by the Edmunds Act.
They became federal fugitives, fled America and stayed out of the country for 26 years, citizens of Mexico. No “returning” Romney family member was repatriated as an American citizen, all remained Mexican citizens, some returning to Mexico.
During their time there, they formed alliances with ruling families, with bandits, with forces opposed to the United States and its seizure of American land. Mormons who fled to Mexico had become a “5th column” when they returned and remained tied to Mexico.
Thus, when the briefing continued, it didn’t run immediately to Carlos Salinas, the former Mexican President who ran their drug cartels, the Harvard and lifelong companion Mitt Romney, according to “surveillance records,” but to the father.
George Romney at the 1968 Republican Convention
It was George Romney, the “poor kid” who claims to have nearly starved during the depression who went from “rags to riches” in months during the 1930s, from grocery clerk to running an auto company to eventually, during World War II, managing the entire auto industry.
The tapes say that it was dad, along with drug dealers, gangsters, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Columbia, that funded Bain.
It was dad, George Romney, former President of American Motors, former Governor of Michigan, former Secretary of Health and Human Services that had been running a vast multi-national criminal empire.
I had no idea and I had met him. Then came the warning:
“When we tried to explain this, the web of hedge funds, of ‘limited partnerships,’ of railroads, shipping companies, even the largest retail chain in the world, how they were involved, how Mitt Romney is the largest casino operator in the world, all done through layers of partnerships, no one wanted to take on anything this powerful.”
“One of the keys is the Texas Pacific Group, funding 254 companies. Another is GE Capital, originating as a Mexican bank that laundered drug profits, grown into one of the largest companies in America by ‘Jack Welch’ and then destroyed through a ‘pump and dump’ costing American investors billions, crushing many pension funds and impoverishing tens of thousands or more.”
The list of major American corporations, many “giants” was endless. No wonder prosecutors, press and, of course, elected officials were overwhelmed.
Those listed as representing organized crime make up groups responsible for 50% of political donations in the US and this doesn’t count the estimated $4 billion in drug profits brought in through phony front corporation or the money collected during overseas campaign funding drives, trips to Israel and Britain.
Of course, collecting campaign funds overseas is a felony.
In 1997, Norman Grigg produced a prophetic article on NAFTA that included the following:
According to former DEA agent Phil Jordan, the tidal wave of narcotics flooding the southwest border is an ineluctable product of the NAFTA agreement, which — as the agency predicted in a 1993 intelligence report — has proven to be “a deal made in narco heaven.”
The report, which had been completed before Congress voted on the agreement, described how Mexican-based narcotics cartels had bought up business fronts along the border to exploit the upsurge in uninspected cross-border commerce. In an interview on the May 5th edition of ABC’s Nightline television program, Jordan said that the Clinton Administration told the DEA that the impact of NAFTA “was a subject we could not discuss” prior to the vote in Congress.
The July 30, 1995 New York Times declared that “Mexican traffickers seem to have embraced a vision of North American integration not unlike that with which NAFTA … was sold to skeptics in Washington.” A former U.S. official explained to the Times that “once Bush and Salinas decided to go with NAFTA as the No. 1 goal, then everything else had to be manageable.”
John P. Walters, who inherited the post of “Drug Czar” from William Bennett, made the point even more clearly in a subsequent interview with the Times. “People desperately wanted drugs not to become a complicating factor for NAFTA,” explained Walters. “There was a degree of illicit activity that was just accepted.”
This trade-off has not met with the approval of U.S. law enforcement personnel. Writing in the July/August 1996 issue of Freedom Review, Douglas Payne observed that “U.S. Customs and DEA personnel now openly refer to NAFTA as the ‘North American Drug Trade Agreement,’ while Texas law enforcement officials prefer, ‘North American Free Trafficking Agreement.’”
Fifteen years later, drug enforcement officials, fearful of having their names in print, fearful of not only the cartel but of their own employers, the US government, not only back up Grigg but indicate how much further things have gone:
“NAFTA wasn’t just negotiated by Bush (41) and Salinas and had nothing to do with trade. It was a Romney/Salinas document that was intended only to support drug and human trafficking, money laundering and the deindustrialization of the United States.”
It is expected that anyone criticizing the United States is obligated to point to Fidel Castro as a “godlike figure,” standing for international justice and to see Cuba as a bastion of individual freedom.
Thus, finding that America’s criminal “monied class” moves in and out of Cuba, using it as a “safe haven” for meetings that could be held no place else makes us wonder, how “clean” is Cuba?
“We don’t know when Romney began visiting Cuba but our first encounter with him there was 1999, one of two trips that year, one through Vera Cruz, the second through Toronto. There he met with Maria Perez/Andropov, a Cuban intelligence officer who is his mistress. We know Romney used diplomatic passports for travel and that Perez has traveled in the US under a very unique identity.”
Intercepts of highly classified intelligence from Cuba, confirmed at the highest sources, indicate that Cuban intelligence agent, Maria Perez Andropov, while in the US, used the name of former Massachusetts governor Jane Marie Swift. The terms “cloned” and “stolen identity” were used.
The same intelligence sources confirm that Perez/Andropov, traveling as Jane Marie Smith, accompanied Mitt Romney on more than one occasion, a Cuban intelligence agent, inside the US under false identity.
The other “Swift” became governor when Bush appointed Paul Celluci, then governor, as Ambassador to Canada, April 10, 2001, in an unusual political move to which we choose to attribute no significance.
Swift though not serving in public office, is at the highest decision making levels of the GOP. My questions as to why this identity would be chosen and how it may have been used ended with a refusal to follow up based on a need to protect sources.
Thus, we have so many questions, how many meetings with Castro, we know of more than one, what role does Cuba play other than that of “secure host?” How much money is out there, all those numbered accounts, thousands of them, estimated at well over $1 trillion, all taxable somewhere?
Editing: Jim W. Robin Gardiner



    this one works!

  2. Remarkable information, but we could have guessed at some of it, I guess.

    I read Bryce Taylor's and Cathy OBrien's mind control books and one of them--can't remember which one--wrote about NAFTA being crafted to support drug and human trafficking. She was used as a drug mule.

    I have a growing concern regarding "Christians" (awake ones, who should know better than to buy into the polarity of Dem / Repub) who say they won't vote for the lesser of two evils, but have an undercurrent of wanting Mitt Romney to win. Alex Jones seems to fall into this category.

    I even heard one "Dinar Guru" conservative Christian guy say that he thought maybe Cheney had something to do with 911, but he was pretty sure Bush was innocent. HUH?!! Did I hear correctly? I decided not to listen to that "Guru" anymore. If he is that deluded, how true can his "intel" having to do with the dinar be? But I digress.

    Then we have "New Age" awake people rooting for Obama. I don't hate the man. I do have a friend who was a licensed firearms dealer who was framed and unjustly jailed for a year with no trial as part of Fast & Furious operations ( ).

    Could O be under constraint to do evil? Sure. Anyone with children might be--right? Perhaps he was a victim of circumstance in Benghazi-gate. I'm ready to believe that, if there are indications that is so.

    I would have some trouble dismissing Fulford's contention that the Pope and the Queen are backing him.

    BUT: I believe this leaning of "lightworkers" toward Obama and leaning of "Christians" toward Romney is a potentially dangerous precedent, and yet another attempt to divide us. I am concerned it may be working.

    Don't we all have to be together, releasing love for all?

    I'm going to try to spend today on peaceful pursuits and tomorrow I'm going to vote for CA Prop 37, and write in Ron Paul.

    Richard Gazowsky, a Christian prophet, was told some months ago that there would be fire in space, then a cloud that covered "at least" 10,000,000 people. This, according to the prophecy, would be followed by the collapse of a "kingdom," a nation or corporation. After that, great blessing was to be released. The fire, he believes, was the spectacular meteor a couple weeks ago. The cloud was Sandy. He expects the "kingdom" to collapse in the next couple of days.

    So I guess we got that goin' for us...

    Love, joy & peace to all

  3. "roadblocks put in place by Obama, few and weak as they are due to our flawed system of 'bought' government". Does this mean the president's Executive Orders are a safety mechanism to assist in preserving rights under the Constitution? Talk about a different perspective...!

    1. I agree with you here ANON and I was thinking why all this negativity against Obama and the smearing campaigns. Usually this means that the dude does something right. Even though he has written tonns of executive orders it does not automatically mean it's a bad thing.
      Look how much opposition he is facing all the time both in congress and in the senate. He has his flaws but also look what he has inherited after the Bushwackers!

      What do people expect???

  4. Here is another blog with the same info :

  5. Compartmentalizing individuals can only divide us. There is no point to this bickering and self-engrandizement (sp?) each time a person reacts and comments about political parties or personal faith and beliefs on the various blogs. There is no more time. There seems to have been coup. The time has run out. We are all in this together and it's going to take everything we have for humanity to survive.


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