Sunday 25 November 2012

Stay Tuned: Major upcoming article

....NOT about financial stuff!!   (Just sayin' - I don't want to get another lecture for not forewarning people!)

At 12:50 this afternoon I and several other sites will be launching a major article and petition.

No, I'm not giving you any hints.

Now, you know that I do not promote Drake, but today at 1pm he will be having a very special guest on who will be announcing the launch of this major article.

So please tune in today at 1pm:

.... and no, I'm still not giving any hints.

On another note, I am hoping to post an update on the moving and shaking that's going on this evening or later tomorrow morning.


  1. Woohoo, can't wait for our late Sunday special (update). Always makes my week.

  2. Or Monday, in this case, but I'm also looking forward to some POOF!

  3. The latest Poof:

  4. Signed and done. Looking forward to the update. :)

  5. BTS,

    Ref: "moving & shaking"

    It is starting to seem like the same old hopium, but we never see any tangible results! Lotsa talk & even some new details(GS/PP/RV), but where is the funds? Who is holding this up, again & why/how?

    C/mon BTS, we need clarification!!


    1. I"m sorry my friend darylluke, but I am silent tonight:

    2. darylluke, we have a date(12/21/12) that has been prophesied by the Mayans and others to officially begin a golden age. Just three more weeks and we find out what, if anything happens. As for who is holding up, of course the elites, they are fighting very hard to maintain the status quo.


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