Thursday 29 November 2012

Solar Update Nov 29: A Renaissance in Consciousness

I started writing this article yesterday, and then got side tracked by Life the Universe and Everything.

Our lovely Sol is tossing off solar flares once again after a very short break. Two M Class flares- 1.0 & 1.2 two days ago, and an M 2.2 late last night.  But even during the small break from flares, the sun has been sending a constant stream of CMEs from filaments tearing off.  Not all the CMEs have been Earth facing, but there have been a fair share that have been- we are expecting two directly earth facing CMEs today through to tomorrow and some minor geomagnetic activity.

Daily Sun: 28 Nov 12
Fast growing sunspot AR1620 has a beta-gamma-delta magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

November 27 CME seen on SOHO’s LASCO C2 and LASCO C3 coronographs (Credit: SOHO/LASCO)
More M-class flares will probably occur in the coming 48 hours in one or both of these active regions. NOAA/SWPC forecasters estimate 35% chance of M-class and 5% chance of X-class solar flares.
Region 1623 also grew significantly in areal coverage but the magnetic complexity is difficult to determine with its proximity to the limb.
Active region view, November 28, 2012 (Source: SDO’s HMI Intensitygram)

A proton event is possible in case of a strong flare in any of these two sunspot groups due to their position in the western solar hemisphere.
The Earth is currently inside a slow (around 380 km/s) solar wind flow with average (around 4 nT) interplanetary magnetic field magnitude.
The arrival of the interplanetary shock driven by the ICME corresponding to the partial halo CME observed on the Sun yesterday is expected on November 30, 2012. As a result we can expect active to minor storm geomagnetic conditions. Isolated unsettled periods are possible through December 1, 2012 due to coronal hole high-speed stream effects.

"Isolated unsettled periods are possible through December 1, 2012 due to coronal hole high-speed stream effects."   I highlighted that last sentence because I think it's important to note that we have a massive coronal hole now direct earth facing and sending a constant stream of high speed energy our way.
Coronal Holes: 28 Nov 12

Here is SuspiciousObservers update for today:

Skywatchers88 put together this excellent video outlining the solar activity on the 27th- amazing visuals of our sun dancing the energy our way:

I have always thought that solar energy is one of the greatest factors in our evolution of consciousness- hence my intense interest in Sol's endless dance of light.  Reading Daniel's paper on "Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines & Ascension"  really gave me a boost of "Eureka!!" as he directly linked the activity on and in our sun to the energetic changes happening to us, our planet, and our solar system.

This article also gives a simple explanation (although not quite accurate) of these effects:

A Renaissance in Consciousness

Solar cycles and their activity play an intimate part in the unfoldment of human consciousness. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), all human and animal behavior and all psychophysiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.

Solar flares can cause some people to be nervous, anxious, worrisome, jittery, irritable, lethargic, to have short term memory loss, to feel nauseous, queasy, and have prolonged head pressure or head aches. They can also cause trouble with the radio, phone, Internet, computers, and all forms of communication--both human and technological.

Solar activity can also be stimulating, invigorating, illuminating, and create a heightened sense of awareness, and it can enhance vision and creativity tremendously. It especially stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, which is our center of vision and creativity. The pineal gland is a "neuroendocrine transducer" that converts gravitational-magnetic signals into chemical hormonal responses that control, via the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master control center of the brain that governs the rest of the neurological system. This information expresses into the cellular structure of the individual--essentially into the molecular matrix of the cell in a "DNA Illumination Sequence" that is responsible for our evolutionary awakening. The pituitary is the administrative seat controlling cellular memory, and hence, the remembrance / emergence of our true selves.

How a person experiences enhanced solar activity is a function of the resonance of their physical neurology. If a person is crystalized with mental, emotional and physical blockages, then increase solar activity may seem uncomfortable. It is like trying to get something to improve in vibrational resonance that has resistance to do so. It a person has a more refined neurological resonance, that is for people that have done the inner work to clear mental, emotional and physical crystallizations, then enhanced solar activity is enlivening, and gives one a heightened perceptual awareness. In addition, if a person's pineal gland is severely calcified, which is common amongst most humans and generally occurs at age six, partly due to the stifling of extra-sensory awareness and creativity when very young, then the pineal is not able to respond (vibrate) to increase "light" solar activity as it should.

Solar activity, although dramatic, catalyzes, and is essential for our evolutionary process by stimulating radical change and transformation in the organizational foundation of matter, energy and consciousness. Solar activity plays an intimate role along with the dynamic transition in Earth's precessional cycle, and the erect precessional cross which occurred around 1998-2000 A.D. and which began the "time of change" in Earth's ~25,000-year "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul." Solar flare activity and other stellar explosions (supernovas) are the primary catalysts that stimulate a renaissance in consciousness. They provide cosmic impulses that supports the evolutionary maturation of the incarnate soul--the illumination of consciousness that we all seek.

Remember, solar activity illuminates consciousness, dissolving duality's paradox - the fear and judgment based monsters within are consumed in Light - old patterns of behavior vanish, while true elegance and majesty of self emerges.

Unconditional Love banishes Fear - a choice.
Choose a new octave of participation in harmony and beauty,
above the raging tempest of the old world.

So as I've said before, if you're feeling the physical effects of  all this amazing solar energy, slow down, take it easy and rest as much as possible.  One of my favourite things to do is to go outside and sit back and close my eyes and feel the sun on my face. Imagining it bathing me in positive energy, feeling it flow into me, energizing me. 

..... and a little Vitamin D never hurts either!


  1. Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran

  2. So whatever happened to the update? Or was the Keenan thing "it"?

    Are things still looking good? And, critically, are they still looking like "SOON"?

    While still here in 3D, paying the rent, buying food etc. are still urgent issues. Any update is appreciated! Thx.

    1. I will be updating everyone as soon as I possibly can my friend- I'm just waiting for the "GO!"

  3. there is no change in consciousness, EVER. it is always the same.

    unfortunately, these days the reflected consciousness that makes the subtle body think is independently aware but is actually part of the mind is lumped in to what everyone refers to as consciousness. but if you stop and look you can notice that something is aware of the thoughts and experiences that comprise this pale reflection. there is an awareness that forever stands outside of every moment, yet is an integral part of it.

  4. BTS, is this the silence that you referred to in your short update? It sure seems like it. All blogs are sort of just hanging there....waiting for something with meat. lol

  5. I am wondering why with all the awesome ascension info people are still stuck on the update thing? I think the more of us that work on upgrading our thoughts and actions, the faster all of the updates will manifest. Just a thought........

    1. Hello my sister! I think that many (my self included at times) struggle with the concept of financial freedom and equate happiness with the ability to breathe freely without struggling to pay for food and housing and bills. I know that I have put on hold many things while working with various groups to see this financial/political change over through to the end- waiting desperately the for moment when it's all over and we can focus 100% on wonderfulness of what's before us. when you struggle daily with finances and that stress, it can take over. This I completely understand.
      But you are right, we do need to change our focus- hence the articles this morning. :>)

    2. ..... but I'm feeling an update will be coming soon ;>)

    3. Oh no! You said the "S" word! SOON! (Audible gasp!)

    4. I could not agree more Kathy! My focus is on meditation and learning as many 3D lessons as I can in the time I have left here :) Namaste

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