Monday 26 November 2012

Nov 26: More incoming CMEs

Well I don't have much to add to SuspiciousObservers run down of what to expect today and into the week.  One CME impact down, and at least one more to go today, plus two filaments ripping off, sending more fun and games our way on a direct course to Earth.  Add to that two very active sun spots and a high probability of more M Class flares to come.

Here's a look at a couple of the CME's this weekend:

And SuspiciousObservers update for today:

For all the other astronomy geeks like me out there, check out this site!  Awesome stuff!!

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  1. I was never affected by the earlier ones, but I have been feeling discomfort, not pain, but body changes on these later ones.
    Lots of loud burping and nausea unless/until I burp.
    Eating less and sleeping more and more and more.


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