Wednesday 31 October 2012

Update Oct 31: Frankenstorm, Benghasigate, and big ol' mess.

Here is a couple videos that show the evidence and a breakdown of how Hurricane Sandy was manipulated and the storm driven to exactly where "they" wanted it to go.

Here's is some more of that dirty brown foam on the beach How Storm Will Affect Investors: ‘Month to Remember’

And SuspiciousObservers update for today has short commentary worth taking note on the topic of geoengineering weather

Video on Elite War:

About the threat in the Nuclear facilities- 26 of which were in the path of Sandy:

The unit at Oyster Creek is the same as Fukushima Daiichi No. 1: “Oyster Creek is one of the oldest US nuclear plants and is the same design as Fukushima unit 1.”-SimplyInfoRemember, Fukushima reactor number 4 was shut down for maintenance when the Japanese earthquake hit.  And yet the fuel pools at reactor 4 are in such precarious condition that they pose a giant threat to humanity.

Now, I've hinted at one of the reasons for the shut down of the NY Stock Exchange.  Let's face it, they didn't have any damage in the NYSE (regardless of what CNN said, lol), they could of kept the electronic trading sections opened, and that was the original plan as of Sunday night, but suddenly in the middle of the night, they decided to close down all trading with no notice.

...Why would they close it?  Is it because they powers that be knew it would crash on Monday?  Many of my sources warned of exactly that happening.  And if you're going to be doing certain things in the financial sector, it's that much easier to make changes if the Markets are not open, right?  The market has been artificially propped up for a long long time. In order to "fix" things, some of that "propping" needs to disappear, back into the pit from whence it came.  

With all of America's eyes on the projected (snort) path, and then the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, it gives the main stream media a reason to beat the storm drum and distract people from other news that's happening... can you say "Benghasigate"?

Right now, the truth of what actually happened (or at least, a slightly sterile version of the truth), is being leaked to the media and to the public.  What many people do not realize is the ginormous magnitude of this of the truth of what happened in Benghasi. 

Don't get me wrong- I do NOT like this guy and do not endorse him- BUT the information in this video is vital for people to understand the epic issues that engulf this situation.

Several sources have told me that this information- that O and the White House KNEW the attack was happening on the CIA outpost in Benghazi, and they refused to protect or help CIA Op "Ambassador" Stevens and the other Americans in the safe house- has been deliberately leaked to the media to force O's hand.  He didn't follow through with what he was suppose to do.  So they turned up the heat and next step in the "leaks" has kicked in. You might want to listen to these reports closely to watch for the expanding allegations and leaks and where they lead.  

These are fully arrestable and indictable offences. This is jail time. 

Add to this, the $43 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit - and if you think it's not real, then ask your self why the two young children of CNBC executive were murdered one day after CNBC broke the story in the main stream media, and then the story was immediately removed from their web site.

Add to this the fact that the news was broke that a Citizens Grand Jury has indicted both Biden and Obama:

OCALA, Fla.Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Larry Klayman, founder and chairman of Freedom Watch, today announced that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have been criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, U.S. and Israeli war plans concerning Iran and their cyber-attack onIran's nuclear facilities. ...

A true bill of indictment was issued by a Citizens' Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida, who reviewed evidence and voted unanimously to indict Obama and Biden at 6:02 pm on October 29, 2012.
The authority for a Citizens' Grand Jury can be found at
The criminal defendants, Obama and Biden, will now be given notice of their indictment, arraigned and then tried for their alleged crimes.....

So let's get back to Hurricane Sandy.  It was driven for a purpose. Even the name "Frankenstorm" strongly hints at the creation of this abomination. People lost their lives, their houses and property. Citizens- in several countries- are now without electricity in a season where the cold is seeping in. The death toll is now over 50 since Sandy's inception.  There are repercussions in the nuclear power industry that are very worrying.  There is the, albeit slight, chance that the elections will be delayed due to the power outages and the clean up in the aftermath of Sandy.

To quote SuspiciousObservers:  Eyes Open. No Fear.

To KNOW is the first step towards creating change.



  1. We should all know by now that the ''CIA is Al-Qaeda'' The US government trained, armed, funded and supported Osama bin Laden and his followers in Afghanistan during the cold war. With a huge investment of $3,000,000,000 (three billion US dollars), the CIA effectively created and nurtured bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network using American tax-payers money. Afghanistan is one of the world's poorest countries, where such an enormous sum sum of money would have had extraordinary value. Barrack Obama is one man, out of all the stuff they say this man is doing there would have to be 100's of Barrack's running around. The Bengahzi attack is no different then the 9/11 attacks, and Libyan consulate along with the CIA annex outpost next to it was never in the common mind of the average folks until that attacked happened, why are we just hearing about this now? Who is to say that the people who are responsible for the killings of two innocent children of an CNBC executive Kevin Krim wasn't the same people involved with Benghazi? They know there time is up so to me they are trying to hinder or slow down things that would surely see an end to their rule. Hillary Clinton already admitted in a Fox News interview that Al-quaeda was an U.S. government invention Along with that she again admitted that Al-Quaeda that there was an explicit link between the Qaeda franchise in North Africa and the attack at the American diplomatic mission in Libya that killed four Americans, including the ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens. We all know that Al-quaeda was here longgggggg before Obama got into the White House so how in the hell is he responsible for the Libya attack? Hilary also said American intelligence and law enforcement agencies were working not only with Libya but also with other nations in the region to investigate the attack in Benghazi on Sept. 11. That indicated that the attack’s planning and execution might not have been the local, spontaneous eruption of violence that the administration had initially described.

    1. I agree with the part of your comment about maybe the same people involved in the Bengahzi incident are involved with killings of the children. and about Al-Quaeda, who are financed by the good old USA government. Great comment.

      IMHO, I wonder why they could already indict Obama, but they can't seem to indict the Bush/Clinton nazi mafia of anything....could that be cause they used the state of Florida {Jed Bush's state} to do so ??? something is very fishy with this whole mess and the Sandy hurricane change of path.

      Why is it that the innocent are harmed/killed, but the evil in the world is not. They seem as strong as ever, even tho articles say different.

      I look forward to a "golden age" world after the dust is all settled.

      Namaste, earthspirit7

    2. Exactly, Like I said before the cabal are pulling out all the stops to prevent the inevitable, ''their defeat''. Just look at all the things they have tried to implement, they are responsible for that Muslim film in Iran, they are responsible for the Benghazi attacks via Hilary Clinton, they are responsible for the killing of those two children who's father Kevein Krim the executive at CNBC when they reported on that 43 million dollar lawsuit. These are desperate moves which are not working. The closing of the NYSE Stock Exchange was all that needed to be done to put into place the new financial system perfectly using hurricane Sandy as an excuse to do so. They say that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have been criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, U.S. and Israeli war plans concerning Iran and their cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. But isn't it strange that they never elaborated on how it was done? Isn't Tom Donilon in charge of such information? How the hell is he the advisor and not also be indicted? So I know that this Lawsuit is another attempt by the cabal to slow things down and somehow reverse their fate. Ain't going to happen.

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    1. If you so strongly believe he is a make-beleive insider, WHY do you come here....stay away and we won't have to read your snarky comments.

      Much love and light....earthspirit7

    2. Anon 8:29, you sound like (a sometimes misguided) Jean Haines. LOL

      I agree Beck has done a great job over the years exposing the political garbage in this country. People of a certain political bent can't handle it, obviously.

    3. Looks like Breaking the Shackles can't handle rebuttals concerning the Glenn Beck comments. Very suspicious, indeed.

    4. No, it looks like Breaking the Silence can't be bothered to handle rebuttals that make no sense and are nothing more than attempt to bash what an anonymous commenter doesn't understand, and is a cover for their own ignorance of what "Left wing" means.

    5. Didn't Cenk Uygur of ''The Young Turks'' expose Glen Beck for his insane corporate funded perfunctory rhetoric's and his nonsensical ideas demonstrated on power point charts that have no real world basis whatsoever on political issues? ( Isn't this the same guy who's advertisers have pulled out of Fox News’ resulting in Glenn Beck leaving the Fox News program, bringing the tally to 36, according to the watchdog group Color of Change.

      The list includes Applebee’s, Bank of America, Bell & Howell, DirecTV, General Mills, Kraft, Regions Financial Corporation, SAM (Store and Move), Travelers Insurance and Vonage, per to the group's press release. Travelers Insurance, Bell & Howell and DirecTV were already on a “do not air” list for the show, though their ads appeared during the show anyway, per the release. Now why have all these sponsors decide to jump ship on and seemingly informed guy who just wants to educate the masses on political issues?

      Because for one Glen Beck is a paid corporate shill like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O' Rielly who's shows are steadily mocked by John Stewart (The Daily Show) and Steven Colbert (The Colbert Report) for the outrageous stories Fox News admit to fabricating for the sake of ratings and shock value. Because for one if you have a syndicated show there is no such thing of exposing the truth if it's funded by corporations who decide whether or not it's beneficiary to them to allow you to say certain things that threaten there power base. You guys should know this by now.

      Beck is on the same page with his sponsors. It is not by accident that he brings on to his program almost exclusively neoconservative guests, like the pseudo-historian and passionate advocate of anti-discrimination legislation, Jonah Goldberg. Beck’s neoconservative pals provide the proper context for his remarks, which are typically aimed at safe targets.

      These include spendthrift Democrats and long-dead Progressives, who supposedly paved the way for the current Democratic administration. You have got to be insane to consider Glen Beck a truth teller when he wen on a tirade against a caller that spoke about the Netherlands healthcare system which resulted in a furious Glen Beck just going insane making these weird noises as he spazzes out on this caller ( And you mean to tell me you guys listen to this prick?

  3. Check out American Kabuki's site. According Keenan the Spiral Law case is not valid.

    "I received the above response from Ben Fulford in regards to some fact checking I attempted do on this anonymous temporary "paste-board" hit and run viral attack on Spire Law Group $43 Trillion Dollar Law Suit. Paste-boards are temporary HTML sites that the documents eventually time out and are deleted. This one has 90 days on it. Someone well experienced in generating viral memes created this posting. Its not an amatuer. The anonymous poster had his twitter account suspended.

    I also asked Spire Law Group for comment or rebuttal, and I got no response. For what its worth, the Mr Stein mentioned in this link is not listed on the court documents or the press release as a contact. Why they attack the character of a lawyer not on the law suit is beyond me. Seems like a bit of sleight of hand misdirection to me.

    I was also sent this link below which seems to have used the information from the same anonymous source above. There's not much difference between the two, which leaves me suspicious of both. But then did we really think a $43 Trillion dollar law suit wouldn't get some blowback?"

    1. Mcroft: Neil Keenan is so late in this game that his credibility to me is void and perfunctory. This guy Neil Keenan says The Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocol/Funds will never be released, but Tom Heneghan very recently reported that IMF President Christine Lagarde and the Paris Club have signed off on the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols back in September on the 9th Sunday evening before he reported it that Monday.French President Francois Hollande, Spanish President Mariano Rajoy and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, along with the German Bundesbank, were fully in accord with that implementation of those funds.

      The final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols will wipe out Chinese debt, reduce derivative exposure of the European Central Bank (ECB) and reduce the U.S. budget deficit to ZERO within 60 days right? Add to the fact that In 1997, Norway instituted Debt Forgiveness and “Wrote Down” 90% of the Countries Mortgage Debt.

      It’s been done, documented, and completely hidden from the World, through the World Media, until 19 April 2012.
      Complete and Total Censorship of anything Debt Forgiveness Related, World Wide. Now remember this is coming from the IMF with Christine Legarde heading this operation saying that targeted household debt reduction policies can deliver significant economic benefits and said such policies can substantially mitigate the negative effect of household deleveraging on economic activity.

      Now I can go on and on and on and on about this Niel Keenan guy, which I think is working against world recovery. So why every time I here Neil Keenan he always going up against something that was already established before anyone even knew who he was? Neil has a God Complex believing that no money can come to the people but by him. The funds to do Ambassador Leo Wanta's task assigned by Regan came from the Treasury. He used these funds to trade in the Ruble which brought down the USSR and ended the Cold War. This created the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols. Therfore, since the money came from the Treasury that which was gained from the trades belong to the people of the United States, and not Neil Keenan and the Collateral Accounts. Neil Keenan has no power over the IMF who are in control of these recovery efforts period. Drake, Fulford, Keenan, Gunderson, all are suspicious in my book because they bring nothing but talk to the table against people who are actually doing the work like Christine Legarde and Tom Heneghan who's been around much longer them Mr. Keenan.

    2. Ariel Toliver! You are making some good points about lots of issues I don't think Keenan has the whole picture since plans has been in motion long before he joined the party.

      Concerning Bengazhi I love your view people are screaming their heads of about 4 dead Americans while both Bushwackers killed thousands of Americans and Iraqis.

      The reason Ghaddafi had to go was cause wanted to trade with other means than the petrodollar.

      Same with Iran who btw is trading with Israel huh?! Obama wants health care for the majority of the US citizens heck how can that be bad? Lots of people seem to need brain surgery cause they are blaming Obama for things the Bushwackers did!

      Everybody knows there is a delay from decisions to implementation with years soon hopefully to be rectified.

      May the force be with us all cause we need it.

    3. Right, Niel Keenan came into this game with tunnel vision to an operation so vast and complex that is has no room for telescopic opinions and lack of research which Niel Keenan never does to properly support his views that would warrant any credence to his claims. We are talking about trillions of dollars here, how in the hell one man is in charge of such vast fortunes with out the IMF playing any supervisory role in making sure it is kept untampered with? It is just not possible but somehow that doesn't stop Neil from pretending he has such power to manage that type of responsibility. Just use your logic with this guy and you will be surprised how easily he can be debunked, I've done so on several occasions debating people about this guy and the simple things I mention just kills their whole argument about the validity of Keenan's claims. If you do your homework who will see how delusional Keenan really is.

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    5. I'm telling you Neil keeps shooting himself in the foot commenting on things that he is not involved with. Everything Neil is doing has been done by The International Court of Hague in the Netherlands who is over seeing the judicial process of incriminating the cabal. They already have everything they need to be successful in bringing these guys down. Everything from the bank resignations, to bankster suicides, to I.R.S. and Federal Reserve resignations of head officals is not the result of what Neil Keenan has put into place but rather what people like Christine Legarde has in her possession like the infamous Legarde list containing 1,991 names of wealthy, Swiss-bank-account-possessing Greeks who are being investigated for corruption and tax evasion – is causing a major stir in Greece right now. Some weeks back on October 3, the “Lagarde List” was passed to Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras from PASOK party leader and former finance minister Evangelos Venizelos. Since Friday, two men suspected to be on the list have turned up dead in apparent suicides, now you tell me who is more dangerous, Niel or this woman Christine Legarde? Then you can see who actually making moves in this whole game. Then you should come to the same conclusion I have come too and say what the hell is Keenan doing that have effects of this magnitude? Answer: !!Nothing!! I'm telling right now Neil is more of a liability then and asset.

  4. Hello, me again. I've been posting about the media hype. I'm going to address the videos and the information you posted above. Keep in mind, the media is trying to confuse us about this storm.

    The videos you posted are misunderstanding what is called sea foam. Sea foam is a naturally occuring event when proteins and lipids in sea algae are stirred up by hurricanes, creating a surfactant that traps air inside the water. Here's a description from Wikipedia:

    "Sea foam, ocean foam, beach foam, or spume is a type of foam created by the agitation of seawater, particularly when it contains higher concentrations of dissolved organic matter (including proteins, lignins, and lipids)[1] derived from sources such as the offshore breakdown of algal blooms. These compounds can act as surfactants or foaming agents. As the seawater is churned by breaking waves in the surf zone adjacent to the shore, the presence of these surfactants under these turbulent conditions traps air, forming persistent bubbles which stick to each other through surface tension. Due to its low density and persistence, foam can be blown by strong on-shore winds from the beachface inland."

    This has happened often in the past. For the claims in the video to be true, the claimant would have to prove that this type of foam never occured prior to, say, 1900. He cannot, because it did.

    One thing we have to remember is not to fall for the fear that the powers-that-be use to control us. When we succumb to fear, we refuse to take the time to think calmly, the way we would on a nice summer afternoon. The fear that Edward Bernays and others talk about is what they use to shut down our ability to reason clearly.

    The water in the subway is nothing to be alarmed about. I lived in New York during several heavy rains when the subway was visibly flooded to the steps, and we had to find alternate means of transportation. This was, catch it, in 1999. No hurricane, just moderate rainfall. For the claims in that second video to be proven true, the claimant has to prove that four feet of water has never fallen during lesser storms. He hasn't proven this. Ergo, claim per se can be dismissed.

    Notice all of the shots in the papers and on telelvision are from above and very closely cropped, or from below and cropped. No wide landscape shots. Phones have been working, power has been on.

    Last but not least, be very careful about believing these statistics about deaths "caused" by the storm. What exactly does that even mean when they say "caused" by the storm? What were the immediate and proximate causes of death? Did these deaths happen in conjunction with the storm, at home or in the hospitals? Were they contigent upon accidents indirectly related to the storm, but avoidable by most people? Did they happen at all?

    I say be careful with these numbers because death is a serious moral claim. To claim numbers of deaths for political purposes is a great moral evil.

  5. Here's my deal, If the ‘cabal’ could do what they did on September 11, 2001 – killing thousands, creating panic and fear, and receding basic freedom and human rights throughout the world – why wouldn’t they sacrifice one man to start a new ‘religious’ frenzy of fear and xenophobia? They are trying any and everything to start a war and it is not working. For example 100s Hundreds of Libyans converged on a main square in Benghazi and another in Tripoli in response to a call from the military to hand over their weapons, some driving in with armored personnel carriers, tanks, vehicles with mounted anti-aircraft guns and hundreds of rocket launchers.

    From his earliest days in office President Obama has been confronted with a vicious and unrelenting oppositional campaign from Republicans, the religious right, the controllers of the economy, and other members of a national and global elite determined to incapacitate the President and see a return to their rule.

    Not much attention was given to it until gained traction in the wake of the attack against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. This demonstrated that those people do not want war which to me was instigated by CIA to prevent the government to having to pay money they did not have before the fiscal year ended on Oct 1st 2012. That is why they tried desperately to start a war over there. Illuminati had a hand in the eruption of violence in North African countries.

    Their worldwide power base has crumbled, but their “black ops” agents still are initiating foment wherever they can make a wedge. With the impetus of publicity about a provocative, irrational film, the agents easily manipulated a firestorm of outrage among many Muslims while many others of that faith are demonstrating their regret about the violent reactions. From his earliest days in office President Obama has been confronted with a vicious and unrelenting oppositional campaign from Republicans, the religious right, the controllers of the economy, and other members of a national and global elite determined to incapacitate the President and see a return to their rule.

    They know that Barrack is not on their team because if he was he would not get so much negative opposition funded by the same people that got him into office with the assumption that he would play ball, an he has shown them that he is against their agenda time and time again. Especially when he threw Hilary under the bus as she was responsible for security for the Benghazi attack and we know that she is an illuminati puppet. And we know that the financial system is being revamped as to have a more sentient presence as to detect criminal activity much more efficient than before, read Poof latest message on that It is over for these clowns. Now I know why they called Sandy the perfect storm.

    1. I am in complete agreement with everything you have said in the above narrative. I was planning to make a comment on the Benghazi thingy, and those out to paint Obama as some type of Bush Jr. wannabe, but now I don't have to. You said it all. To the "lightworkers" that have been seduced by the lies and deception of the dark force, all I can say is that maybe you will make it next time around, if it's not already too late for you. See ya on the other side Ariel !!!

  6. To follow on my last post at 8:43.

    Concerning these power outages that people are talking about, it's very important to consider how often the power has gone out at these places in the past, during mild summer storms, for instance. The power often goes off in various locations for various reasons. The fact that the power has gone off does not in itself indicate that this storm was any more serious than other storms in this area. How many times have people been without power during the past year? Would the power have gone off even had the hurricane not made landfall? Did the power companies purposely allow the lines to go unrepaired in order to bilk the federal government for funds during a declared "national disaster?"

    At any rate, here is a post from another website, another indication of how things really are on the ground, and how greatly that differs from the media hype:

    "Here in Central MA on he Mohawk Trail, things are settling back to normal at a good pace. We had some extremely high winds (~75mph) the night of the 29th with heavy rainfall and some short-term flooding in the streets, is all. Some falling trees caught some power lines here and there in between towns; little more than that. No massive outages of anything, no collapsing buildings, no looting. Even the Internet service stayed on."

  7. Prophetic words pertaining to the transition of power taking place. This is to good not to read. This is why October 31st is so important.

    This just in from Kathie Walters Ministry -- A DAY LIKE NO OTHER – THEN COMES FREEDOM.

    Ian Johnson

    Because 31st October is 95 years since the ANZAC forces (Australia & New Zealand Army Corp) saw Be'ersheba in Israel freed from 400 years (to the day) of Turkish Ottoman rule. (The Turks took over on the 31st Oct 1517) I started to do a bit of research and the Lord started to speak to me about the significants of the hour. Actually the day 31st Oct.

    It was on the 31st Oct 1517 that Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of the Church in Guttenberg to bring freedom. So it’s now 495 years since that event.

    It was on the 31st Oct 1904 that Evan Roberts returned to his home Church in Loughor. His purpose was to attend a series of meetings to awaken people to Christ. Within two weeks large parts of Wales were in revival.

    Quite by chance I discovered that 95 on the Table of essential Elements is Am - Americium and I thought OK that's US-America.

    I heard the Lord speak clearly, He said: “The God of New York has been silenced (The Stock Exchange) and the underground has been halted.(The enemies Kingdom). Now let the God of Israel be seen because there is an exchange of wealth and a release of the Kingdom of heaven on earth.”For those who have ears let them hear. 31st October is an exchange of Kingdom authority and a new season of release. Don’t fear; call out to HIM... nothing will ever be the same.

    For the USA I hear; “even in the face of the storm, don’t be afraid but call on the name of the Lord”. There is another 31st Oct event coming that will explode into a huge move of God and a transfer of wealth from the enemies’ camp and into the Kingdom of God.

    The current Storm is a signal of the transfer of Kingdoms. It just so happens it’s also the 95th Storm with Barometric pressure lower than 960 to hit the East Coast of USA since 1948 when Israel became a nation. There’s that number again, 95.

    My friends in the USA have told me that they are feeling the breeze of a fresh move. Hold steady my friends because the storm will try to blow you off course. The Atmosphere in the East Coast of the USA currently is quite unlike anything ever experienced. That because there is an exchange of Kingdoms occurring.

    In the same way the ANZAC’s faced impossible odds in 1917 and Martin Luther in 1517 also Evan Roberts in 1904 but then came the start of a move of freedom; so too this October 31st 2012 is a day to mark the turning point in the USA. Don’t look at the circumstances hear what the Spirit is saying in the midst of the storm.

  8. Toliver, be careful about numerological fallacies. Here are some events for October 31 that you failed to mention:

    1994 American Eagle ATR-72 crash down at Gary, Indiana: 68 killed
    1993 "Wonderful Tennessee" closes at Plymouth Theater New York City after 9 performances
    1993 25 people killed during Ghana-Ivory Coast soccer match
    1993 Germany unemployment hits country record of 3.5 million
    1993 Rapper Tupac Shakur charged with aggravated assault

    Given these events, people with eyes to see may begin to believe that October 31st is a date portending infamy and death for the innocent. Here are some events for October 9th, a date which I picked at random:

    2011 In Poland, the Polish People's Party coalition becomes the first government to be reelected since Poland transitioned to democracy in 1989
    2011 Germany's Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest driver to win the Formula One World Championship twice
    2010 Wild celebrations occur as a drill reaches an underground chamber with 33-trapped Chilean miners inside
    2010 The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins, progressing to Major League Baseball's 2010 American League Championship Series
    2008 Iceland takes control of 3 banks due to the global financial crisis

    Given these miraculous-seeming events, people may begin to believe that October 9th is the date for wonderfully good things to happen to good people, not OCtober 31st.

    Do you see how numerological fallacies can take place if you generalize from a few events?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. First of all, how did you pick up that I was doing numerology when you don't see any + or = signs to calculate that certain event were supposed to happen on a particular date? That was not meant to be interpreted as numerology line ups. What I wrote was historical events that actually took place rather then writing numbers that dictate historical events that have the potential to take place or have based on those calculations. These are not even my prophecies or predictions but I'll elaborate on a few. Because trust me I didn't not fail to mention anything because for two, the prophecy that I didn't add due to PC problems doesn't even have a date rather it alludes to something that never happened before and never will again, like when hurricane Sandy flew directly over Washington D.C.

      (The Spirit of the Lord began to speak, "You will decree a release of one of those scrolls." I stood up and said, "The Lord would say, "Watch Washington, D.C., for there will come upon the place a physical storm. This storm will be a sign. This sign is necessary and cannot be prevented. This physical storm will rest down and when the storm descends-----the scroll for the government of this land will be unlocked.
      "I will unwind a structure that has gotten intertwined with the enemy's plans. I will reinstitute law in this land that has been removed. I am sending angels in at My command based upon the revelation that is being spoken now, and from those angelic hosts, a land and its governments will be changed.")

      Now you tell me what is being implied here? Since Sandy didn't even have a date assigned to it until merely days ago. You can't say that that was numerology right? I think this prophecy was right on the money given the hurricane Sandy was shown as being right on top of the D.C. area don't cha think? Oh and that prophecy was predicted back in June or July of 2011 just so you know. And it came into fruition perfectly, with know numerolgy attached. No one expected a hurricane so late in the season let alone for it to fly over D.C.

      (Posted on Elijah List) Note: The name “Sandy” means: “protector of mankind, helper of humanity, defender of mankind.”

      Lets take a look at this quote: (For the USA I hear; “even in the face of the storm, don’t be afraid but call on the name of the Lord”. There is another 31st Oct event coming that will explode into a huge move of God and a transfer of wealth from the enemies’ camp and into the Kingdom of God.) This brings in to play the prosperity packages when the Lord mentions a transfer of wealth from the enemies hand into the ''Kingdom of God'' Now what is a Kingdom? (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a territory, state, people, or community ruled or reigned over by a king or queen or in this case the president right?

      This plays into why the NYSE stock exchange had to be shut down when electronic trading could have kept going but we all know that once it RV's the prosperity packages can be mailed out once the new rates show up on the stock market correct? So if the cabal can no longer manipulate the markets isn't that a transfer of power given that everyone will be financially well off since the new treasury bills will be backed by actual gold instead of digital fiat perceived value? The Dinar RV is exactly that a transfer of wealth from the elites who stole it to the people who it belongs too. I can go much longer but I'm am also doing other things. But I'll try to elaborate more later.

    3. for you..for me...for us...America Home Sweet Home...Kiss!

  9. BTS, what is your position on the stock market right now? Some commentors seem to point out that the new financial system has already been implemented during the time NYSE was closed down... Is this correct? If yes, how is it possible that there is still trading going on? Or is it just about a matter of time before the previous manipulations become too obvious so the markets are going to RV a bit later (once it has become inevitable)? Thank you!

    1. I cannot really comment on this at the moment. we wait.

  10. Sorry my friends- two days AFTER Sandy and we lost power today for hours! Then Halloween preparations kicked into high gear and there was no time for the computer once the power came back on. I'll try to catch up here tomorrow. For now, I have chocolate to eat!

  11. Thoughts on these few links. One person called this 26 days ago, another says Iran was to blame?

  12. I pray every day that the big old SUN knock out every satellite every electricity every oil plant everything literally EVERYTHING so ALL of us would wake up at once and start from zero nada and start to pay attention to mother nature a little bit... I pray that we all go back to stone age and so we'll need to hunt and fish to survive because we're all to much spoiled!!! I can't hold onto anymore disinformation,fear porn,whistleblower,cabal, galactic federation, etc.. I imagine a world without phones,cars,money,internet,TV,etc.. so we're left alone with terra,gaia,earth whatever you call it, so all of us would learn a HUGE lesson.. and simply be able to look back and see how STUPID all of us were and how small we are and start to look up to the Creator and simply say THANK YOU LORD I AM ALIVE!!!

  13. I wish there were some positive news. Seems like this will be a great October surprise for Obama. With fears of climate change undecided voters will probably vote for Obama the dictator in droves, not that Romney would have been much better. Just less scarier. When the hell are the good guys going to take action? I've been in this movement for 15 years and every year we wait for for them to take action. The ETs are waiting for them to take action.

    If the documents are signed why wait? Plenty of people are ready to help. Is enyone else getting tired of tyranny and the loss of our freedoms and false flags events that destroy innocent lives just to keep these psychopaths in power?

  14. So was the hurrican meddled with by humans or galactics? Some channeled messages suggest the storm was kept over the area for longer in order to distrupt the financial district, whilst new systems were installed, which the cabal did not know yet know about, well then you have the other camp who insist that HAARP was used etc to make the storm much worse, and so the general public are left as usual confused and not knowing what or who to believe, TIME WILL TELL as they say and we pray its in the favour of humanity being freed from the disgusting filthy humans that we call the cabal AKA illumnati, who do not have hearts, but have black empty holes in their chests..dispicable and dangerous and high time they were exterminated, never mind sending them love and light, we need to be free by any way possible...


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