Monday 29 October 2012

Italy the latest nation joining the Spaceship Program: Keshe

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 Post subject: Italy the latest nation joining the Spaceship program
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According to the Keshe Foundation’s principle of transferring its technologies to every country on earth, we are proud to announce the nation and government of Italy has accepted the transfer of technology of the spaceship program of the keshe Foundation. 

On the 26.10.2012 at 4 pm as per pre-agreed appointment with the officials of the Italian embassy in Brussels in Belgium, The Director of the Keshe Foundation M T Keshe handed over to the officials of the Italian government, the representative scientific attaché, all full patents (public and hidden patents) of the Keshe Foundation, the blueprint of space reactor, the assembly unit of the reactor and the design of the space craft.

The transfer of technology as with the government of Sierra Leone was in the format of electronic data saved on a USB stick.

The official of the embassy immediately checked the content of the USB stick and confirmed that patent files and blueprints drawings are fully on the USB stick which they have recived. 

The session was video recorded and according to diplomatic protocol, as the video was taken within the premises of the Italian nation territory, it will be archived and will not be shown in public unless otherwise instructed by the Italian embassy and government.

Now the nation of Italy has become the first nation in Europe which has accepted the full transfer of technology of the spaceship program of the Keshe Foundation for bringing peace and prosperity to the nations of the world.

We welcome the scientists and officials of the Italian government and the nation of Italy to the Keshe Foundation spaceship program.

We have offered our full expertise and technical support to the nation of Italy representatives in the meeting, if they call upon the Keshe Foundation to see this development through.

As per previous discussions, we will bring all nations joining the spaceship program soon together that they can exchange know-how and knowledge on equal bases and scientific grounds.

We would like to thank all the Italian people and internet community groups which encouraged their government representative to attend the 6.9.2012 meeting at the Keshe Foundation center for the world government ambassadors, and now we see the fruit of your hard work.

The knowledge transfer has been done on no economical charge bases and it has been freely given to the nation of Italy by the Keshe Foundation as we have done with nations of Iran and Sierra Leone.

We will announce names of more nations as they will become part of the spaceship program in the coming weeks.

We welcome the Nation of Italy to the most advanced space program at the present, which will allow this nation to be able to put men in space before the end of the 2013.

The Keshe Foundation welcomes fellow Italian scientists to peaceful open spaces of the universe and to our space program.

Surely in the coming weeks and months your nation and the Keshe Foundation will make ground breaking technologies for the prosperity of your nation and mankind.

M T Keshe 

Director of the Keshe Foundation


  1. I have some heavy doubts about Keshe....he has yet to show any technology publicly and he's been leading people along for awhile. I wouldn't give him any money personally until he proves the claims he's making.

  2. True, i would not give any money either. But for the time being, I do believe that sharing the patents with various governments, does add to his credibility.

    At least this way, the information, can be critically analysed, and hopefully we the ordinary people, suffering under the cabal, get to find out if this stuff will "fly" or not -pun intended.

  3. I am sure he will not make the same mistake as Josef Papp.... or would he?


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