Wednesday 17 October 2012

More on the explosions in Louisiana and other strange happenings

Edited 10/17 1pm est

More and more questions coming up from the explosion(s) in Louisiana  that I reported on yesterday.

I will be following this story closely- along with several friends of mine.  I will update here as more information becomes available. Below the video are the notes and links from the YouTube page and several of the links are ones that I posted yesterday.

C&P from this YouTube page:

Really sloppy cut & paste journalism? Or purposely misleading...things get weirder by the day in Louisiana...More information will be uploaded later from Nuked Radio episode that aired today. 

High-level radioactive waste stored in a salt dome:


YAHOO Today:

Local News Facebook page:




FOX News today:



"SOMETHING CAME DOWN, NOT 'BLEW UP'??!!:|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1

RadChick page on Facebook:!/pages/RadChick-Radiation-Research-Mitigation/26061...

Comment on Yahoo news: "I have a close friend that works for the Fire Dept. in that area. He told me the state police wont even let them near the site. Why wouldnt you want the fire department at the scene of a huge explosion? He also stated it seemed like they where trying to "buy time". All sounds very sketchy to me..." 


We also have this report of ash falling down after the explosion- as reported on main stream tv.

On top of this, yesterday there was a very rare earthquake in Maine - USGS calling it a 4.0, yet was originally reported as a 4.8-

Dutchsinse gives an update on the Louisiana sink hole issue HERE  and gives information about plumes from the Pinacate volcano just south of Arizona HERE - both articles have multiple links to further information.

And a swarm of earthquakes in Yellowstone - that the USGS is editing, actually deleting some of the recorded information:

The USGS has been deleting and altering earthquake and volcanic activity records, sometimes altering the magnitude of the earthquake, sometimes deleting it all together.  Not good folks.  Not good at all.

As for the Louisiana  explosions..... they are a cover up.

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