Tuesday 23 October 2012

$*&%$*# !!!!!!!! Blogger! grrrrrrrrrr


Just a quick note to my readers.  I am, yet again, fighting with this stupid blogger/Blogspot account.  Some comments are taking 24 hours, or longer, before I get notification of them.  Some of them have suddenly vanished after I click publish - and by that I mean real comments, not the troll dung that I've deliberately deleted.  And as of yesterday, there are several comments that I cannot reply to.  Yes, apparently Blogger is not allowing me to respond to the comments on my own blog.

Strange fact #1: did you know that there is pretty much no possible way to contact anyone from blogger/blogspot for technical help?

So please have patience with me, besides being swamped with comments- which I genuinely appreciate, I'm once again dealing with the ridiculous imbecility of Blogger.

....Oh Blogger, How do I loathe thee, let me count the ways....

I so look forward to the day that I can afford to hire someone to transfer all the articles I've written here over to a brand spankin' new site that I will have full control of!

Anyway, I'm finished complaining and whining for today. I'll just shut up and go sit in the corner and sulk.

I will be posting an update in a few hours.  I'm just waiting for confirmation on a few things and one update.  See ya soon!


  1. You could maybe try tumblr, heard it's good.

    Wordpress, etc. etc.

    Just the moving all previous articles over and all the other problems.

  2. Why not reply under a different identity and simply sign your name? Could work...

    They must be intentionally blocking you, right? Just because we are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't really out to get us ;-)

    Thanks for persevering. Gotta keep those good vibrations happening

  3. Blogger has ticked me off as well.I have a tech blog and in September the algorithims found my blog to be a spam blog.They deleted my blog with a note asking me if I'm human to restore by typing in my email and captcha code so they could review it.Gone through this process four times and nothing yet,blog still deleted and no one to contact at blogger.Frustrated as hell...

  4. BTS,

    In your opinion, is the "wiping out of world debt" to include something along the lines of what Drake says is valid about Nesara? In other words, will all mortgage debt and all credit card debt be forgiven? If so, what is a reasonable timeline for this to transpire?

    1. Hmmmm....I guess he has no answers, anon 12:51.

  5. Just a suggestion: try TypePad. It's as easy as Blogger and you can have 100% control. I used it for years.

  6. The biggest problem isn't using a different blog platform- it's transferring all the articles and info over! I'm a techie moron- I can just barely turn my computer on and type! lol


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