Monday 22 October 2012

Fukushima explosion- radiation levels spiking

Several people are following this closely and I will bring any more information I can find as soon as I have it.

Japan confirms explosion, leakage at nuke plant

FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Reuters)

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano confirmed on Saturday there has been an explosion and radiation leakage at Tokyo Electric Power Co's (TEPCO) (9501.T) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

"We are looking into the cause and the situation and we'll make that public when we have further information," Edano said.
"At present, we think 10 km evacuation is appropriate."
Japan earlier in the day warned of a meltdown at a reactor at the plant, damaged when a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast coast, but said the risk of radiation contamination was small.
Edano also said that Japan has expanded the evacuation area around the Fukushima Daini nuclear plant. (Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by Joseph Radford)

Edited 22/10 6:36pm est

original link from the video below:


  1. Isn't it amazing that Ben Fulford lives in Japan and just put out his regular Monday post which mentioned nothing about this???? I find it hard to believe that something this significant would be left out of his report.

    1. Benjamin Fulford has now been identified as an MI-5 agent of disinformation! Even before the confirmation of Benjamin Fulford being an agent for MI-5, It was obvious that Benjamin was working for somebody for many reasons. First, he said there was no radiation around Tokyo and it was only affecting the Fukushima local area! This is a LIE! Also Benjamin Fulford never funded any free energy projects with his trillionaire friends... The lesson that must be learned from this important video is that aliens and agents of MI-5 will not save us! Stew Webb exposed Fulford on his show and it was taken down which further confirmed he is a Cointel Stooge just like Alex Jones, Ted Gunderson, Steve Quayle etc.

      Alex Jones, Drake, and Benjamin Fulford and other Cointel assets that work with them NEVER give you the ability to post your own articles on their main websites because they MUST carefully control the debate! If you post an article from a 28 year Federal whistleblower like Stew Webb that exposes Cointel they will take it off immediately and ban you!

      Alex Jones even banned Stew Webb from his social network even though Stew never even talked about Alex Jones in any of his posts! That shows that he’s a big fake that doesn’t want the truth out about his FBI Cointel buddies like the satanic Ted Gunderson! It proves he has an AGENDA! If he had no agenda then he wouldn’t have banned information about Stew’s legal actions against the banksters and he wouldn’t be lying about the Wanta funds! Here is the rest......

    2. I agree. Drake and Fulford must be disinfo agents since nothing they have ever said has turned out to be true.
      You can read Stew Webs expose of these fakes right here.

    3. Ariel notice that I haven't commented on his latest report, even though RTS is mentioned. I hear ya.

    4. Yes I did notice that, ''thank God'' I'm glad you seen through his BS also. Since you are already hip to Mr. Fulford I figured I elucidate why I feel Drake shares that warranted title ''dis-info agent''. I knew Drake was a dis-info agent simply by how he binds and milks his time on a two and a 1/2 hour show by talking about the weirdest things that has nothing to do with why his listeners are tuned in. He never elaborated on how it went from a green to red light being given, to get your food and guns ready now to it might be a couple of more weeks or he simply doesn't know. I heard T-Man of the White Hats on Kerry Cassidy show even mention how ludicrous and insane it was for one man to be given some sort of jurisdiction or be the man selected as the voice for Military and Militias as a secondary person over their commanding officers who probably don't even know who Drake is. Drake is only 20% believable the other 80% is just to suspect in it's 8 from 10 ratio to continue listening to this guy as a credible voice.

  2. I don't understand what's taking them so long to fix and stabilize this. I mean this all started a year and a half ago.

    1. because the disaster is THAT bad!! the mainstream media really did a job of deflecting inquiry into the seriousness of the disaster, and have done no follow up on it- so most of the public just assumed that it was all taken care of.

    2. When 3/11 happened I knew that the Daiichi nuclear meltdown and subsequent explosive scattering of overfilled "spent" fuel rod pools was going to be the defining disaster of my generation-- and seen as such by historians-- and for that reason all but ignored by the mainstream media. I followed the news closely via alternative sources for several months before realizing that the fearmongering was having an additional negative effect on me, whereas positive thinking would actually help to counter the negative effects of the nuclear disaster.

      Literally, I feel as though the Japanese people have been sentenced to slow death; sold out by their governors in whom they place so much trust. It breaks my heart to see the extent to which people would rather be deceived into thinking "everything is fine", and the extent to which social pressure will pressure potential truth-tellers into keeping their mouths shut and believing in the politically-correct groupthink.

      Sorry for the long comment, but I feel it needs to be made known.

  3. Doods this article is from literally a year and a half ago:

    or find it at any of the 100s of other sites where it was likely mirrored...a year ago!

    If the webmaster can't even effectively vet a stupid story FROM A YEAR AGO, how can we trust anything that is published on this site? I know we are all desparate for big events (read: big CHANGES), but cmon...this is truly pathetic. Relax, and look for a bit of legitimacy in the stuff that gets you up in a huff.

    Removing the Shackles, losing credibility by the character...

    1. Indeed an old article. However, the youtube video and the linked story within ( IS NOT.

    2. Sadly, even year-old news remains vitally relevant inasmuch as radioactive particles have already spread around the world to show up in milk, fruit, fish, and grain. Yes, there was an explosion a year ago, but how many people know that baseline radiation levels across Japan and the United States, not to mention everywhere else, are higher than they were before 3/11?

    3. Just read that this article is from some time ago. Phew--assuming, indeed, there is not some new Fukushima crisis.

      I also wondered why Fulford didn't mention this explosion this AM. Personally, I do not get the vibe that Fulford is disinfo.

      We are generally told that if someone is 90% right with 10% disinfo they are all about disinfo. I disagree. How often is any of us 100% right? As an example, I believe three of the guys who knew & loved Jesus best--plus Dr. Luke who tried to take a scientific approach--wrote the Gospels. They didn't mean to lie or spread disinfo, but each story is a bit different. I think that is inevitable, like the telephone game.

      To assume that someone is cointel simply because he / she is wrong occasionally (or virtually always, as the case may be) is probably not just. Don't we all need to pick through stacks of info, then go with our gut about what is significant, and / or true?

      Anyway, RTS, love what you do. I am a little disappointed in you if this is a much older article, but maybe I can chalk it up to your being deeply engaged in monitoring some cosmic battle against evil--which I still hope has a chance of tipping in the favor of liberty and justice for all!

      Peace to all who read these words--and to those who don't

  4. A word of advice: bracket this kind of information with a big disclaimer stating that the truth status of this article is presently unknown and that it could very possibly be disinfo.

    Given that the truth status of the articles posted here last Friday and Saturday still remains to be seen, I think we all would do well to keep the volume of hype to a minimum.

    If this Fukushima article turns out to be disinfo, it could capsize the credibility of otherwise well-intentioned bloggers.

  5. Maybe it should be renamed Removing The Truth.

  6. This is a bogus article! There is no explosion at Fukushima! It's an old video people!!!

    Fukushima EXPLOSION DEBUNKED "Live" Video Feeds

    Good grief folks -- stop the madness of believing in bogus videos. Do some research for yourself.

  7. GE built these faulty plants in Japan, and others in the States - new on going up in Texas (as I recall). Failed to maintain them. Corportate neglect.


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