Sunday 21 October 2012

SO and Dutchsinse- 3 minute update for Oct 21

Some important info in todays SuspisciousObservers update.  Besides the tectonic shifts in the sea floor in different areas, the earthquakes and rumbling volcanoes, we are currently in a solar high alert zone.  Yesterday an M9 class solar flare popped off just as sunspot 1598 started turning into earth view. Right now the Earths magnetic field is far from perfect, and while the chance of an Xclass flare is only around 10% that doesn't mean we couldn't get slammed with one anyway.

Here is Dutchsinse's run down of the 5.3M of the earthquake in California this morning.  Click HERE for Dutch's impressive list of links for every bit of info you could ever ask for on the topics of earth sciences.

There is a lot of things happening right now- not only on our physical planet and our corner of space, but politically and economically.  Major changes are afoot.  Are you prepared?  Anyone who follows my ramblings should know that I'm not into fear porn, nor am I one to promote doom and gloom- quite the opposite.  BUT.... it isn't fear porn and scare tactics to point out that being prepared is vital right now.  Yes, we need to focus on the positive, but to deny that our world is drastically changing is just stupid.  

Be positive, but also Be Prepared!!!!


  1. I went to sleep last night frustrated because I had been monitoring for events on the internet, but it was so-o-o-o quite...too quiet.

    In a dream I was told,
    "Silly man, of course you don't know what's going're not supposed to know. And the ones who are supposed to know are taking care of it."

    Oh yeah? Wellllll, what about that war in the Pacific- huh? What about that? (

    John said in that post, that part of the reason the military has been caught flat-footed in that is because of keeping a security lid on the UFO situation for decades on end. And now those who are supposed to lead are frozen like a possum in the headlights. Not good. We had decades to get ready, we didn't, and now we have no chance. It was ironic he mentioned again how the USS Wisconsin (BB-64) an old WWII battleship that was recommissioned and served in the Gulf War has been the ONLY US Navy ship to be able to down a UFO (using the 16" main guns). The newer, higher tech stuff was like shooting with a pea-shooter, no much effectiveness.

    But Wisconsin is no longer in service. I haven't had time to see where she is now, for all we know, she's been turned into scrap metal or a museum somewhere.

    We've got to have some fresh ideas guys.

    1. let's just say that I don't think that Kettler is as factual as he claims and his own opinion colours his reports, and leave it at that.

  2. I second that John is a bit to far out on the ledge for my taste. I'm not following his updates anymore.

  3. I like dutch -- he's a good egg :)


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