Thursday 18 October 2012

Interesting info- Oct 18 2012

A few interesting pieces of info that I thought I'd pass on .... you know, to pass the time while we wait.

Last huge crash was on oct 19, 1987

5 MILLION OUNCES of REGISTERED Silver Withdrawn From Brink’s Since Friday!

This just came out on fox-classified space program/flying saucer plans docs, very interesting that it came out today

Moody's downgrades worlds oldest bank to "junk"

"Iran Renews Internet Attacks on U.S. Banks-Officials Blame Tehran for Sophisticated Disruptions of Capital One and BB&T Websites; More Strikes Planned Thursday"......

.... cough cough cough *bullshit* cough cough cough


  1. Thank you for the great report ...

  2. They have to know were all aware of their false flags. Don't they?

  3. Check this out. Things are on high alert with militias ready to take actions possibly before next week.

    DEFCON Militia Status Page; High Alert – Check it Out!

    Someone posted the link below on Drake’s Global Voice Facebook page. It’s brand new to me. Very interesting. Have a boo for yourself.

    The Militias are on Orange Alert, which is what I believe they refer to as DEFCON 2 and the next step up is Red Alert, or DEFCON 1.

    Click on one of the buttons for a new page with “confirmation” and more info.

    Each U.S. border state in the south has its own button on page 2 as something else they are monitoring.

    READINESS: Unit Leaders prepare to assemble and organize. Be ready to Bug-Out on 2 hours notice. Check all exit routes and contingencies. Pre-evacuate by loading all gear possible and notifying family members. Contact unit commanders in your chain of command and keep lines of communications open at all times. Be ready to mobilize on a moments notice. Stay away from public events/ gatherings

    Go to this link

    I can't believe we are this close. Drake is right things are starting to move.


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