Thursday 25 October 2012

Dinar Gurus predict earthquakes: a little humour for a Thursday morning

A friend sent this to me last night. I read it. I snickered.  I read it again this morning, and I snickered again.  So, as there is nothing else going on this morning I thought I'd share the giggle with any of my readers who have spent months and years reading Dinar updates from the "gurus"

The Dinar RV is sort of like an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault in California.  We know it's
coming, we don't know when, and we don't know how big.

So if the guru's were all earthquake experts, how would they be reporting this to us?

Let's take a look:

Intel Guru Bluwolf:  Would be standing right on the fault screaming "Any Second Now," but nobody would be paying attention to him any more.

Intel Guru Footforward:  "The earthquake should have already happened."

Intel Guru Checkmate:  Would be talking incessantly about why we need to get our earthquake preparation kits in order and why all the other earthquake guru's are wrong

Intel Guru TonyTNT:  "It's a great day for an earthquake."

Intel Guru Gary:  "Dr Todd is still scratching his head wondering why this earthquake hasn't happened yet."

Newshound Guru Adam Montana:  Believes that the earthquake will start small, and
then there will be multiple earthquakes getting bigger over time.

Intel Guru Okie:  He has been told that the U.S. Geological Survey is giving
him exclusive rights to announce the earthquake to the entire world.

Intel Guru Jonnywg:  Keeps staring at the seismonitor screens waiting for the
earthquake to register.

Intel Guru Soonerfan62:  Tells us once again that we will not have to go
through another weekend without an earthquake.

Newshound Guru BGG:  Believes that Maliki is somehow stopping the earthquake and
until he is removed from the San Andreas Fault, it' won't happen.

Intel Guru Poppy3:  "The corrupt politicians have figured out a way to stop
this earthquake, and they have to be removed."

Newshound Guru SWFlorida Guru:  Would produce endless research articles detailing exactly
why the earthquake has to happen, but still wonders if this is all true.

Intel Guru Bulldog75:  Would be sitting in a Starbucks near the San Andreas Fault talking aimlessly about geological events that might be happening soon, but nobody can understand what he's really trying to

Intel Guru Hammermann:  "Y'all know that I'm the smartest earthquake predictor
in the entire world, and I have it on great authority that the earthquake will start in Reno."

Intel Guru Blaino:  Will sound like Billy Mays as he does infomercials selling
his brand of earthquake prediction instruments to the public.

Guru Ali:  Says the earthquake won't be happening for years and years
down the road while he still eagerly sells earthquake insurance to
the masses.


  1. I have been following the Dinar melodrama for several years and until recently took it all with a grain of salt. The "gurus" all work for some agency that promotes the sale of the currency, and if taken in this context, all of the smoke becomes understandable. I really believe that what we are waiting for has already happened, but those in charge are trying to figure out a way release it without panicking the citizens that were told that it was a scam. The above article allowed me to chuckle a bit. Thanks for the post.

  2. BTS, you forgot comment on Guru TerryK LOL

    1. TerryK would be the guru saying "Ive been told not to talk about the earthquake and told to be silent, but I just can't resist telling you everything I know!"

  3. God, this ca not be more accurate. That is exactly why I can't stomach how these guys summon the brass balls to continue the endless cycle of reaffirmations after reaffirmations of empty perfunctory non-conclusionary declarations as if any of the proclamations they utter has any weight in the past of being of being right and exact to now take them seriously as if they never said anything of the sort. But you know why they do it RTS? They keep trying to find that opening, you know like in double dutch when you constantly iff and bluff to jump in when you think the timing is right and you do and ''bam'' you get tangled in between the ropes and have to start over again. That's exactly what these guys are doing because it's all ego thinking that they have a slight edge over everybody else so when it all goes down they will be the guy to stand out amongst the rest of the ''so called gurus'' who bluffs and guesses found that lucky opening in the double dutch game of chance after chance to finally not get tangled between the ropes. But here what they are not calculating and considering, the people who are witnessing their egotistical predictions of mistakes who are holding on for dear life trying to catch a break thinking, hey this could be it now I don't have to worry about rent, gas, car notes and mortgage for the rest of my continuing years after I cash in. And what do they get for their due diligence? Another month or another year of hardships and pain after resting on the words of people who they think have their best interest at heart. But it's more like they interest of their ego being the one to reign supreme over the other egos of gurus who want to be the guy who ''called it''. Can you imagine being strung along with the hopes and aspirations of finally not having to potentially worry about the day to day problems with guys who pretend be assertive in promises they are continuously wrong about for years and still listen to these guy today and they be wrong again? That's how I know people have killed themselves do to the incessant up and down emotional attachments of being jerked back and forth between having problems and the potential to financially escaping them once the Dinar revalues. Fuck it I'm done.

    1. Holy Smokies!!! You sound as if you have been really messed up with all of the melodrama. You SHOULD be DONE...

      Peace and Blessings

    2. You just described exactly what the gurus of the cmkx, WGS, Wanta-Regan-Mitterand-protocalls have been doing to all of the people following them.

  4. How long will this planned implosion of the markets take?

    Do you think the global reset and rv will happen this year?

    Also do you think the VND will have more of a return than the dinar?

    1. vnd will have an amazing return- but not higher than the iqd, BUT... the vnd IS more easily accessible.

  5. No, that's just from going to the site and getting on those conference calls with out any investments in the Dinar, so imagine people that do and multiply mt complaints by a thousand. Then you can see I would or could have been a little more harsher than that. And that just four months of experiencing the Dinar gurus empty predictions. So yes, I'm pissed just off of that little time I've spent listening to those ''dumb asses'' because I can never get that back.

    You've got 5 different factions who nearly hate each other....BATTLING for power.

    You've got the United States (we hold the purse strings and a HUGE chunk of Iraq's money)

    You've got Kuwait (they need to be totally compensated for being invaded in the 90's)

    You've got China's influence.

    You've got International banks.

    You've go the UN (they have Iraq by the "privates"--no nice way to put it-- with CH 7 sanctions)

    You've got the WTO and all their demands.

    And guess what?

    They each have an agenda...

    So I said screw this I am no longer interested in this Iraqi Dinar because to many factions of confusion to the point where theses gurus could be getting info from very ambiguous sources.

  6. I don't see how it could ever go back to 3 to 1 either. There is too much money out there.

  7. Actually TMAN of the WhiteHats, on a recent interview with Kerry Cassidy, recently described it, I believe, with this same metaphor.

    He says it is coming, it's going to make a lot of people wealthy, and that they should feel lucky to have been a part of it.

    In reality, it's a really good metaphor. It captures the false sense of assurance that people have over time when nothing seems to be happening but in reality things are happening underground that will cause a sudden change.

    Some people are ready for that. Others will not be.

  8. Again, thank you for holding a quality space for waiting out this long quiet moment before the -- earthquake.

    A quality online space for the labor of waiting is no small potatoes. By providing this, you offer a beacon in the face of all the deafening noise.

    A clear signal at this time is the hardest thing to find.

  9. ROTFLMAO! That's right BTS, you've got it right. They are all talk, and no substance. It is a great post to end the week with -- and the next time one of them says, "oh, I have intel but I can't tell you about it" lol then just reply, "good! keep the lies to yourself and have a nice day!"

    When and if the iqd rvs, it will be great -- until then, we live our lives the best we can. And, stop going to guru sites and believing guru bs.

    "Nuff said" :)


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