Tuesday 23 October 2012

SO: Oct 23- Xclass flare and earthquakes

I've been keeping my eye on sunspot 1598 since it appeared revolving into earthview, and I had a niggling feeling that this bad boy wasn't going to go out quietly.  Guess I was right.  Two days ago 1598 popped off two M class solar flares, both with CMEs which should impact earth with just a glancing blow today/tomorrow, and a hand full of C's.  Then last night 1598 gave us an M5 followed by an Xclass X1.8 Flare.  The good news is that neither produced a CME, the bad news is that 1598 is just rotating into earth view and is all geared up to party some more.  The flares did cause radio black outs, but only for an hour or so on the sunlit side of earth.

Current Solar Forcast as spot 1598 rotates into direct earth view is 80% chance of M class, and 20% chance of X Class flares.

SuspiciousObservers video update for today has a lot of important information.

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