Wednesday 24 October 2012

Soldier Hugs and Watchmen of America: Militia Rising


Edited 10/24 8:51pm est
For those of you outside the US, even if you have Discovery Channel, you will not be able to watch Militia Rising  (apparently they don't want to give people from other countries any crazy ideas, lol). Aaron has just informed me that the show's audio will be streamed live HERE  I'm still searching for an internet live stream of the show....

Update 9:22- the link above for the live stream will also have video!!!

From my buddy Aaron at SoldierHugs, brand new series on Discovery Channel all about the Watchmen of America. The launch episode airs tonight on Discovery at 10est.  Freebyrd from the Watchmen has said that this series will be amazing AND.... in this first episode they discuss the patriot movement and the return to the constitution. 

....I know what I'm watching tonight!

Discovery Channel – Militia Rising – Watchmen of America

I just got off the phone with the administrator of the “Watchmen of America organization. They have a great new program series called “Militia Rising” airing its pilot episode tonight on the Discovery Channel at 10pm EST.

Here is the Trailer

From the Watchmen of America website: 

* * * *   OFFICIAL PUBLIC RELEASE   * * * *

SUBJECT:  PROJECT Dx  - Discovery eXtreme
                WATCHMEN OF AMERICA
DATE:  OCTOBER 15, 2012



For almost a year now, the Watchmen Of America and several State Groups
have been contracting and filming with the Discovery Channel to Create a New
Show called "MILITIA RISING."

The Discovery Channel network came to us with the desire to finally divulge the Real Truth
in the Patriot movement and why so many Americans are training and preparing for
"Ultimate Survival" in this heated political climate.  They expressed the desire to have us 
provide them access inside the True World of the Legal and Constitutional Militias and
other Survival and Prepping Groups that all have become a part of the Watchmen of America
Program.  Discovery has a true desire to share the information about the Patriot Movement
and why so many Militia groups are growing, and to divulge the Truth that the Mainstream
Media has Refused to Tell.

Under a strict set of guidelines and Contractual agreements, the Watchmen agreed
to participate in this Documentary and possible television series, so long as they 
did not demonize or criminalize the movement, but rather expose the simple Truth
in why so many Americans are enraged and not willing to stand by and let our
country be destroyed.  In addition, they wanted to focus on the entire Survival and
Prepping movement in order to enlighten the American audience to the everyday
dangers we all face with Natural Disasters, Man-made Disasters, Economic Collapse, etc,
and why a large portion of the population are engaging a "Survival Mindset".

This Fantastic project has taken almost a year to complete and included Filming
productions that took place in 3 States and involved several dozen Watchmen Members,
not including all the Discovery and Magilla Production people.
We want to thank ALL those who devoted so much time and money and energy
in making this happen and giving us the opportunity to be the Organization that
was chosen to help Expose the Truth in the Patriot Movement.

THE TIME IS HERE...........

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the Initial Television Show Special that
we participated in and will be airing on Wednesday night, October 24, 2012 at 10:00 p.m. eastern,
on the Discovery Network.

We will be making Special Announcements on our PRN Radio Network including
a Special "Round Table Discussion" Show on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at
8:00 p.m. eastern.

We would like to ask all Watchmen Members to join us in our excitement to finally
be able to expose the Truth in America's Plight with the Nation and the World with 
this fantastic television documentary/series opportunity.

Help us spread the word Far and Wide.................
Post the links and press releases to every social media site you know of
including, Facebook, Twitter, Web Blogs, Networking Web Sites, etc.
Let's get America on board and Moving in the Direction of Unity and Brotherhood
for All of our Sisters and Brothers, who cherish Freedom and Liberty.
The more support we can generate for this show the Greater it will be.

The Watchmen are On the Wall, and will remain "Eternally Vigilant"
"Now is the Time, for All of us to make the stand and let the world know that
America will always remain America as long as the Spirit of Freedom and Liberty
presides in our Hearts and Minds as a Free People."  ~Freebyrd~

Please find below, links to the Public releases sent out by the Discovery channel
just hours ago.



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