Tuesday 23 October 2012

Fukushima- Update by Dutchsinse

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Dutchsinse for putting together this very succinct run down of everything that happened during the past 24 hours with this story of the Fukushima fires.  Dutch outlines all the info and points a finger at the perpetrators of this hoax- because a hoax it is.

To my readers, I apologize for fanning the flame of this hoax.  On the surface it looked legit, with dates on the reports coinciding with yesterday's date. In future I will try to vet out information like this more thoroughly.

To the Perps..... you people disgust me.  We live in a world where we are lied to continuously by the main stream media and the governments and social and religious leaders.  When people wake up to this reality, they turn to other sources to get the truth.  WE, the alternative media, are suppose to bring the truth into the spotlight, not create pretend hype and drama, and perpetuate the fear mongering. Those of us who take this responsibility very seriously now have to deal with the clean up of this mess, and do what we can to repair the reputation of our sites and the alternative media genre in general. If cybertribe network and propheticseer think that this is the way to get traffic to their site, then they might as well go write articles for CNN and FOX news.

As for me, I'll never click on their sites again.

10/23/2012 — Fukushima Reactor #4 fire HOAX — Cybertribenetwork the source / Propheticseer responsible for major panic

HOAX-Busters !  Fukushima false reactor fire story …. caused major panic … all traced back to one source!
Im not doing this to be mean.. but blame MUST be put at the feet of those who made the hoax, caused false alarm, and duress to thousands.
The whole cybertribenetwork Fukushima Reactor Fire HOAX started yesterday — Oct 21 going into Oct 22 2012 — cybertribenetwork started the whole thing by taking (and misrepresenting) an interview with Arnie Gunderson (recorded on Oct 21, talking about events from the WEEK BEFORE, where Gunderson was talking about a SMALL fire that happened outside of Fukushima).
A small fire occurred last week outside the fukushima plant — no radiation was released , and the fire was put out within the hour it started in the grass around the facility.
Full Arnie Gunderson interview is here:
Cybertribenetwork (robert propheticseer) then took the above interview.. spliced a few seconds out of it where Gunderson was talking about the small fire that was put out days earlier… and then cybertribenetwork PUT OUT THIS FALSE PICTURE of an oil refinery burning while passing it off to godlikeproductions, youtube, etc.. as being FUKUSHIMA REACTOR 4 burning currently !!!!!  totally false!
link to that bogus cybertribe video here:

Here is the original picture cybertribenetwork ripped off / posted as  Fukushima burning..
This picture above was made into the original video that was cross posted by cybertribenetwork at godlikeproductions.. causing the massive scare yesterday..
Of course it was all a hoax made up by Robert Hauck , PropheticSeer , Cybertribenetwork.
links to the original false godlikeproductions threads: posted within minutes of cybertribenetwork uploading to youtube
That is where I came into the picture.  Got a phone call and text message to wake up and see whats going on.. that reports are coming in that Fukushima Reactor 4 is ON FIRE.
I immediately went to the live feeds (links I have for fukushima that most people don’t have — since I covered this from day 1)
Nothing showed at all.. regular day / night of cleanup on camera live streaming.. no smoke, no explosion, no fumes.. nothing.  Then I saw the fake news/pics/links from cybertribe popping up across the net…
So I posted the links here on facebook for all to see… along with this post:
Indeed there was NO FIRE at fukushima reactor 4, and also the picture used by cybertribe/seer was a fake one:
cams that I linked up :
Cybertribenetwork was obviously monitoring my facebook page.. since they didn’t have the link to the Fukushima cams prior — as soon as I posted the link saying NO FIRE is occurring… cybertribenetwork/robert then took a video from the youtube feed —— posted it in Godlikeproductions and on youtube saying they SEE FIRE and FUMES !!
here is a link to that bogus video of “fumes”:

In reality, this above video shows no fire, no fumes, no smoke, or plume.. the distortion propheticseer/cybertribenetwork reported as ‘fumes’ is NOTHING but ‘mirage effect’ of wind and moisture over a distance (fukushima cam looks on the whole facility at a distance.. wind off the ocean causes the ‘wavy’ look in the cam)  .. this is seen EVERY day on the cams.. it is NOT FUMES OR FIRE !    even a cursory overview of the other videos from the place he took this vid, show what Im talking about.
After I posted a debunk of the “fumes” on facebook.. cybertribenetwork/seer began to refer to me by name “dutchsinse” in several comments below his videos..  (notice what he says about me below the false picture video he put out) — meaning he is fully aware at this point the information he is putting out is 100% false.. since he is referencing my facebook posts with the links showing NO FIRE in reactor 4.
Notice he’s referring to me in MORE than just one video — again meaning he is aware of what Im saying and showing .. yet he carries on with the hoax — renaming the video “Fukushima smoking up” and then posting IT AGAIN across godlikeproductions, abovetopsecret, and across youtube channels
Then, the same anonymous person in godlikeproductions posted THIS link ..
simultaneously posting it on
look at the timestamp of the above deccan herald article !!!  cybertribe put this out as “breaking news” (turns out this is from march 2011 )
original link to the bogus “confirmation report” put out by cybertribenetwork:
the links title , and the post BOTH said:
quote “BREAKING NEWS FROM THE CYBERTRIBE:  Japan confirms explosion and radiation leakage”
here is the text of the post made on cybertribenetwork as BREAKING NEWS — supposed “confirmation of explosion”:
“Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano confirmed on Saturday there has been an explosion and radiation leakage at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s (TEPCO) (9501.T) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
“We are looking into the cause and the situation and we’ll make that public when we have further information,” Edano said.
“At present, we think 10 km evacuation is appropriate.”
Japan earlier in the day warned of a meltdown at a reactor at the plant, damaged when a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast coast, but said the risk of radiation contamination was small.”
Edano also said that Japan has expanded the evacuation area around the Fukushima Daini nuclear plant. “
This above article — IS FROM MARCH 12, 2011 !
OVER A YEAR OLD !!  from when fukushima first exploded last year after the earthquake.
They ripped off and posted this this old text from reuters:
Keep in mind, this whole time, I am posting the information on facebook (still viewable on my main dutchsinse facebook page )
Propheticseer / cybertribe network was well aware at this point that the picture they had up, and the articles they had up were either 100% false, or 100% Old recycled news that was not accurate.
Literally, the information provided, and obviously reviewed by cybertribenetwork / propheticseer, debunked the fire, debunked the picture, and debunked the ‘confirmation’ old article from  2011…

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  1. Now on to more interesting topics.. what the h*** happened last weekend? No news yet, but so much hype?

  2. It's regrettable that you--and others--experienced this needless stress. I must admit some relief that Fulford is somewhat vindicated by this not being true, since he didn't report on it.

    What you did in acknowledging this disinfo gives, in my way of thinking, a big boost to credibility; moreso than if you had not made the error.

    Keep throwing the hardballs fast--or the fastballs hard--or...well, you know, keep on doing what you do

  3. Thanks for clearing up this hoax! I had also thought it strange that Fulford hadn't even mentioned it in his update since he lives there. I have never heard of those sites that posted the hoax but now I certainly know I should stay away from them for sure. Shameless creatures that they are. I did see the hoax posted on other sites as well but they also have taken them down. I am a fairly new reader to your site and you clearing this up boosted you in my book!!! I appreciate your honesty on here!! :)

  4. I have been following your site for some time, and when I saw you posting articles about Fukushima, I wanted to abandon this blog for good just like I dropped Benjamin Fulford subscription not because of what Fulford does but the insane fear mongers like Merek and Edge who were constantly posting articles that were fabricated by the cabal to sabotage Japan’s economy only to prop up the US Dollar by weakening Yen. The Japanese people are not frightened by the radiation scares because they have KNOWN it was just a hoax, thanks to Internet Journalists like Richard Koshimizu. It is too bad that the 99% of American citizens do not know Asian language because the United States is the last place where people find the truth. Although I am fluent in Japanese, I will not translate articles in English anymore. Why? If the people are too lazy or too arrogant to learn anything other than Anglo or European that have caused centuries of human suffering all over the world, the rest of the world will have no choice but to leave them behind. The rest of the world is not willing to lose their precious lives for the people with the white skin anymore.

  5. According to Koshimizu who is very knowledgeable about technological and mechanical matters, the vital parts for building aircrafts at Boeing, just one example, are and have been built in Japan. So if the currencies reflect the true values, meaning US Dollar probably has the negative value right now, will not be able to buy parts to build aircrafts when the Dollar collapses. Koshimizu espouses the belief that the only way to eradicate the parasites (meaning the cabal) is to collapse all the fiat money, and he is willing for Japan to go all the way to zero, all thanks to the Americans and Europeans who have enjoyed their lifestyles from the toils of the rest of the world for centuries. By the way, the Japanese debts are all domestic; they do not owe anything to other nations unlike the United States or EU nations. So the day all fiat money goes to zero, Japan can start producing to make things that are need by Pan Asia and the rest of the world. Pan Asia needs neither the United States nor Europe. This is the reality most privileged people (the people with white skin with all the useless ideologies that Asians think are bullshit) do not realize.

  6. Anyone that visits,posts,or links to GLP or ATS sites is a Fidiot.


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