Tuesday 9 October 2012

Message to the US Military

Sent to me by Aaron of Soldier Hugs. This is not just a message to the US Military, but a message to every person in the Military, police forces and security agencies- of EVERY country on Earth.

Make this VIRAL!

NOTE:  Some of these things are already happening.  Some of these things are already pushing the CABAL into the corner.  STAND UP!


  1. Thanks D!

    Yes indeed it is a message to all Militaries and people the world over!



  2. How will we know? If the military fights, will they be fighting to 'keep' the corporation? Will the Republic exist first? Is the foreign intervention to release us from the power of our own police state that has crossed all boundaries and imposed itself upon others?
    It would benefit this corporation that controls us and the world, to disclose they are purchasing bullets so we would purchase bullets, and tell us that another country is invading us so we would fight them. When we invaded another country to remove their dictator to make them free; yet we don't or can't or haven't removed the powers that control us here.
    This war that IS COMING will awaken many and those left will inherit what's left.
    Will you know who the enemy is in time and will you be fighting to keep or get rid of the thing you 'think' you are fighting to keep or get rid of.
    Remember, the info comes from both sides and they will play both sides to confuse us as to what to do.
    First. Know who you are. Then you'll know what to do.

  3. I posted this vid link on Facebook: no preview. I tried it again, and still no preview. So I posted the vid on my blog with an image, because FB will typically pick up an image when I share my blog on FB--but not this time.

    TPTB must be pretty terrified of this vid.

    Also, good point, Anonymous. We are so used to taking direction from what we read and are told that I think we will all be challenged by this need to intuit or discern the right path when confronted with a choice.

  4. The ancient mystery schools have assisted in the unveiling of the matrix...they have helped us to see through the curtain and assist mankind in the science of nature......some orders have been infiltrated by negative forces and have been lead astray.......this is a shame......


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