Tuesday 23 October 2012

Fukushima update: Hoax or not?

I've been going through headlines and reading articles on and off all day on the latest news from Fukushima Japan.  There are articles saying the explosions happened- see my article earlier today HERE.  

And articles coming out that debunk the explosions report as a hoax.  Paul Watson of Info Wars has put out his opinion that this is a hoax:

Conspiracy websites are buzzing with claims that spent fuel pools at the Fukushima nuclear reactor have exploded, with radiation levels off the charts, although the story appears almost certainly to be a hoax.
A post currently circulating on numerous websites quotes a “researcher” named Michael Eckstein who purportedly lives 50 miles from Fukushima in Japan.
“Explosions and fires have occurred at spent fuel pools two and four over the past four days and now radiation levels are spiking enormously,” states the post....
....Everyone acknowledges that the media is controlled, but if a deluge of people in Japan were panic buying food and rushing to airports, it would be all over Twitter and other social networks, which it isn’t.
Spreading false rumors about such a dangerous situation is highly irresponsible – precisely because of the very real threat posed by the potential meltdown of Fukushima, which still remains stricken over 18 months after the disaster despite the fact that it has disappeared from mainstream news coverage.
The spent fuel pool inside unit number 4 at Fukushima which stores the spent fuel rods is under dire threat of collapse. Scientists have predicted that there is a 98% chance the facility will be hit by a 7.0 magnitude or higher earthquake within the next three years, threatening a disaster that would be worse than three reactor meltdowns combined.
It has now been confirmed that the ground beneath reactor number 4 is sinking unevenly, causing the entire building which houses the fuel pool to tilt. Experts have petitioned the United Nations to help stabilize unit number 4, noting that the reactor contains 10 times the amount of Cesium-137 released during the Chernobyl disaster and that the complex is vulnerable to another earthquake.

...although I find it sorta humorous that Infowars is call us "Conspiracy Websites"- reminds me of a story I heard as a kid about a pot and a kettle and the colour black...

The site Fukushima Facts has this comment:

Tully NewsInfo
RE: Fukushima Reactor Explosion And Leak | I have just received a reply from a trusted source. Here it is::: 10/22/12 From Cathy Iwane: Yes, we confirmed this is a hoax for now. If you did a search, the blog in question has no source. And the reuters article as well as others, reference Yukio Edano as the Cabinet Secretary which he is NOT, presently. I have 3 sources in Tokyo who are following closely and there is no word from trusted sources, as well. Iori san also confirmed this for me. I called my husband in Japan and his information is exactly as ours only in Japanese, so we can exhale for now...but be vigilant, reactor 4 is more precarious than ever...

This video is showing what is claimed as a live video feed of the Fukushima site:

All I can say at this point is that we need to weigh the information we are receiving carefully.  The media is empty of any reports, but if this is as serious as some are saying, there could very easily be a news black out.  Twitter and Facebook?  We know that creative editing happens on those sites regularly. As for the supposed radio active cloud heading towards America's West Coast, there have been a lot of strange things going on in various bases in California, and FEMA is gearing up for serious problems.  

Regardless, if the explosions have indeed happened, they will not be able to keep it a secret for very long. Vice Versa, if they haven't happened, that will become apparent very soon too.

Keep your eyes peeled.  If you come across something interesting- either positive or negative- let me know.

And to all the commenters that left their snide and snarky remarks on the article I published this morning on the Fukushima incident in question:  All the links I posted and all the articles I read this morning were dated either today or yesterday.  So gee, I'm sorry I'm not psychic and I posted something that may or may not be true, but at least I do my best with what I have.  And to further lower myself to the grade school rhetoric- what have YOU done lately?



  2. The fact that Ben Fulford lives in Japan and put out his weekly report today, says NOTHING about this incident, tells the whole story. It is a hoax!

  3. Why lower yourself to grade-school behavior? There are many of us who do ALOT for others, yet we don't post about it. You posted some bogus info, you got slapped for it. Just do more research before posting next time -- you'll learn, heck we ALL learn daily (I hope!). Keep on doing the best you can, that's all one can do.

    And for the record, I don't believe Fulford is a clone, or liar, or fake.

    Be well.

    1. Don't understand your comment about Fulford. I did not say anything negative about him in my comment above nor do I see that anyone else did either. I said the fact that Ben did not report the supposed Fukushima event on the very day he released his report, tell us that it is not true. Is that more clear?

    2. Hi Anonymous- I tried to respond to your comment, but unfortunately Google wouldn't allow me too (don't even get me started on the topic of blogger!!)

      my only comment on this subject is that Fulford has repeatedly reported that there is no radiation threat from Fukushima, that it's all propaganda. and yet several independent sources and scientists have confirmed the radioactive readings in the area, and there are several articles about the mutation of insects in the area- butterfly with wings too small and bodies too large to fly, bees dying by the thousands..... This, in my opinion, makes Ben's commentary, or the lack thereof, suspect.

  4. Hey - fair enough reporting, RTS. As long as something is reported accurately, as confirmed or just a rumor, it is fair game. We all know that we won't hear the straight scoop from the MSM. The Alternative Media has an important job to do. Keep doing it, folks

  5. I like your articles. Don't worry about the asshats. You do your best to be as accurate as possible and correct yourself if wrong. That is all anyone can ask.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Obviously, you weren't "slapped" for anything. In my opinion, you've always been one of the most responsible journalist bloggers around. I appreciate your sharing what you have, and then keeping us apprised when you find out more. I've done that myself on Twitter. It's our "job" to report as accurately and informatively as we can, and the readers (us included) have to take some responsibility for checking sources, as well. Bless you for taking the time for this blog that you do! You certainly don't have to be doing this!


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