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Aluminium: Not just physically Toxic

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'm pretty sure that I don't need to go into the details and background of Chemtrails with RTS readers- you guys are a pretty darn knowledgeable group, so I'm not going to preach to the choir.  

Chemtrails= bad.  Nuff said.

The movies "What in the world are they Spraying" and "Why in the world are they Spraying" do a good job of outlining a lot of the basic information about chemtrails and the damage they are doing to our planet and our health on a physical level.

The main ingredients of Chemtrails are Aluminium, Barium and Strontium, along with a host of other chemicals and garbage, viruses, fungus, bacteria... 

“Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle has studied atmospheric polymers for years. He has found that some of them contain bioactive materials, which can cause “serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin.” He has identified microscopic polymers comprised of genetically-engineered fungal forms mutated with viruses. He says that trillions of fusarium (fungus)/virus mutated spores), which secrete a powerful mico-toxin, are part of the air we breathe.”

 ... and other biological agents, like Morgellons Disease- This article outlines one man's research into Morgellons and Chemtrails:
(he discusses Morgellons symptoms, of which many are similar to those attributed to "Ascension Flu")

But I'm sure most of you know this stuff, and I digress.

Besides the fact that Aluminium is used in everything from "tin"foil, pots and pans,  cans and containers for food- all of which shed toxic Aluminium into your food, many people do not realize that the greatest Aluminium "contamination" is what is directly injected into our bodies:


Almost every single vaccine has an  adjuvant—a chemical substance used to boost the immune system’s response to a vaccine— made with aluminium.  Newborn babies are injected with these vaccines at doses that would shock and outrage parents, if they were actually told the truth. 

 But although people are exposed to aluminum through the environment and their diet, Shaw and Tomljenovic counter that there’s a big difference between the way food sources of aluminum are absorbed by and excreted from the body and how vaccine-derived aluminum undergoes the same processes.
Tomljenovic, who recently had a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease on the link between the metallic element and that neurodegenerative condition, said that only very small amounts of aluminum are needed to produce neurotoxicity and that the substance actively crosses the blood-brain barrier.
“The main problem with aluminum is that even regular dietary intake can have long-term adverse consequences to the nervous system,” she told the Georgia Straight. “This has been verified by studies done in rats who were fed the equivalent of what humans take over a lifetime and then exhibited classical Alzheimer’s symptoms. The control rats fed an alum-free diet did not show such adverse outcomes. The reason for this is that aluminum is highly toxic and poorly excreted.
“Even the little that we absorb from food tends to accumulate and persist in a body, especially the brain,” she added. “The situation with vaccines is vastly different because we get much higher amounts from vaccines but that amount is almost 100 percent absorbed because it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. So injectable aluminum is potentially more toxic than ingestible aluminum.”

The research and official recommendations for Aluminium in medical treatments is not only confusing, but sketchy at best.  The FDA mandates that a full grown adult should not receive more than 25 micrograms of Aluminium per day (Aluminium is commonly used in IV solutions as well), yet another paper states maximum of 10 micrograms of Aluminium for a pre-term infant, and yet another states 4-5 micrograms per kilo of weight for an infant....  All very confusing.  But worse yet is that all these medical papers are discussing IV solutions, and do not even once take into consideration the added toxicity of vaccines.  

Let me give you the numbers:

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) - 225 micrograms per shot.
  • Hepatitis B - 250 micrograms.
  • DTaP - depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 170 to 625 micrograms.
  • Pneumococcus - 125 micrograms.
  • Hepatitis A - 250 micrograms.
  • HPV - 225 micrograms.
  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) - 330 micrograms.
  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) - 850 micrograms.

Infants receive multiple vaccines at a time, with an aluminium content of up to 1225 micrograms!!!!!

Yes, I'm digressing again, but I want you to think about the previous information in the context of what I want to talk about next.

In the Daniel Paper "Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension" He talks about the injection of Aluminium (among other things) in to the atmosphere:

First thing they had to deal with was the sun getting a lot brighter from the combustion of dust and debris, now present in significant quantities in the solar system. They needed to come up with a way to create a “global dimming” effect to block off this bright light. Aluminum, a nice, lightweight and very abundant element, works rather well for that as most of our mirrors today are coated with aluminum (not silver). Nanoparticles, distributed in the tropopause (about 7 miles up 24), would increase the albedo of the Earth and turn the upper atmosphere into a partially-reflecting mirror. 25 This has the result of  “global dimming” on the surface....

A while ago I was watching a video of David Wilcock talking about the effects of solar energy on humans.  (Unfortunately I can't remember which video it was, but if you know, please email me and I'll add the link here).  One of the things that David talked about was an experiment done by both the US and China space agencies in which they both sent seeds into space for a short time and then planted them on earth to measure if there was any effect on the growth of the plants or the vegetables they produced.  The US mission seeds did nothing out of the ordinary, but the seeds sent up by China produced AMAZING crops.  David commented that NASA space shuttles use a huge amount of Aluminium, while China's don't, and hypothesized that the aluminium in the US space shuttles had blocked out the solar energy/particles therefore their seeds did not show any difference, whereas the Chinese seeds grew huge vegetables:

Giant space vegetables ‘could feed the world’

Swollen to ten times their normal size and weighing more than an average man, these giant pumpkins would not look out of place in a science fiction film.

A giant pumpkin grown from the seeds

And it’s no wonder that they look out of this world, because the seeds from which these monster vegetables were grown spent two weeks orbiting the earth...
...How sending seeds into space produces such enormous fruit is yet not fully understood, but it is thought cosmic radiation, micro-gravity and magnetic fields may play a part.

.... What if the Cabal's use of Aluminium isn't just to physically poison us?  What if the Aluminium isn't just to turn out soil toxic to further their GMO foods?  What if the Aluminium in our atmosphere isn't just to block out the sun's brightening rays to trick us into thinking that everything is still the same?
What if their use of Aluminium is to literally block us off from those solar particles and waves of solar energy to stop us from ascending?
If our brains are clouded by neurotoxicity from a constant barrage of Aluminium building up in our system, how does this effect us on a "spiritual" or "psychic" level?  I think that this is the question that we should be discussing now. 

Can we detox aluminium from our bodies and minds?   Let's talk!


  1. If you want to learn more about metal toxicity check this website by Dr. Hulda Clark. She is known for understanding quite well the effects of such poisons in our body as well as the parasites that attack our bodies daily. Through the years I have lived by her recommendations and found great results.

    1. I just discovered Dr. Clark last month! thanx for the reminder

    2. Follow the trail to David Amrein and a Swiss company called "Behandlungzentrum," of which he is the director. You will come across a lawsuit that concerns that company and the Dr. Clark Association. This will tell you more about Dr. Hulda Clark's connection to a very powerful group.

  2. I actually had this thought a few months ago. I thought about it for awhile and it would upset me and kind of stress me out, until.... I realized that even with the constant barrage of chemicals dumped on a (mostly) unaware society (most likely due to the chemtrailing! working as intended), even with the GMO, even with the fluoride, even with the mass media programming, etc etc etc. even with all that, we're still waking up. Maybe not in the numbers we would all like, at the moment, but it's coming. I didn't wake up to anything until last year on Sept 4th. It happened in a day and if it happened to me, it can happen to anyone. It is my intention that the world will wake up and realize a new existence at one with all. If this is your intention, let it be. Don't fret about what "they" do. OUR intention is all that matters and we are intending to create a world of Peace, Compassion and Love. The City of Love IS coming to stay! Namaste

    1. I think people are awakening faster than we realize. I've had some amazing conversations with people I didn't think would be on the same wave length ~ my bad for making assumptions. I "intend" every day that another 100,000 human beings become spiritually awakened or enlightened today, tonight, this morning, this afternoon or when ever it is I remember to think it. :>)

    2. Hi Michael, Yes i agree- people, even with this vast load of toxins and subliminal messaging and outright lies, are still waking up by the droves!! The cabal is loosing, No doubt about that. I just wonder how much easier it could of been without the toxic over load, KWIM?

    3. To Michael: You should watch this clip of Alex Jones of him speaking on Zbigniew Brzezinski a ''top illuminati'' cabalist informing his fellow elites of what BTS just said about how out of all the stuff they do to prevent ascension the masses are still waking up. ( That is amazing a guy of that caliber would admit to that since he is one of the main contributors of our plight in this 3rd dimension.

    4. Hey BTS, Yes, I know what you mean. I think we were due to have started this evolution many years ago to ease us in to our new surroundings, but the stall tactics worked, unfortunately and unknowingly, on us for far too long. The time has come for the Divine plan to move forward. I do hope that there is an "event" to at least give people all the info they need in order to make the shift on their own TRUE free will. We've mostly never exercised true free will because we thought we were using free will on a daily basis, but actually it's been false free will. Kind of like putting an animal in a large cage and calling him "free". Anyway, it's been a good show and ride, but I'm tired and bored of all this and am ready to move on and experience a different type of existence. I'm grateful for all that have played their parts (including the "dark" ones) and I'm grateful for the chance to be alive at this beautiful time. We have such beauty and magnificence to look forward to. No more doom and gloom! I think in a way, it makes our Ascension even that more sweet. We'll go from the darkest, most backwards and archaic way of life to Bliss, Happiness, Love and co-operation. Who could've written a better script??!

    5. I myself have started on the path of enlightenment. It started of all things with Forks Over Knives, LOL. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it! It seems like I have fallen down a rabbit hole since becoming a vegan in May. Via this decision I have eliminated a couple of illnesses, discovered a somewhat radical group of fabulous doctors (McDougall, Esselstyn, Furhrman, Barnard, etc) found spirituality starting off with the Mayans, leading to Dr. Steven Greer, Raymond Moody and his NDE study, and you guys. My entire freaking world has changed, and I could not be happier. I mean really...jsut reading this thing about cilantro at noon, I went shopping, made the cilantro pesto, and am in food heaven. Thanks everyone who posts links and stuff here. Love it!

  3. Cilantro. I'm growing as much as I can, and eating it the same much as I can! I've also stopped wearing sunglasses outside, unless I really have to. And started sungazing. Doesn't help with the aluminum detox - but I feel it helps make up, some, for the "dimming" effect. Thanks for a good article!

    1. Cilantro pesto has very good detoxing properties including detoxing for heavy metals.

      Also as a side note to the Chinese vegetables from space; seeds stored and /or grown in a pyramid of correct dimensions grow larger plants and vegetables.

    2. Thank you so much for the link to the Cilantro pesto! I much prefer a natural remedy than chemical remedies the people below are arguing about. You are super-awesome :-)


  4. Reposted! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Working at a nutrition store in Washington State, I see plenty of cases of people with Autism and Alzeimer's, most not even realizing its the aluminum plaguing their brains. I would look into two products for aluminum detoxification, one is called Chlorine Dioxide (or MMS as some people know it). This little molecules can oxidize any anaerobic substance in our bodies. (heavy metals, bad bacteria, viruses, cancer cells) and it leaves our oxygen using body cells unscathed. Another product is called PCA by Maxam Nutraceutics. This product is similar to most standard chelation therapies, (EDTA, DMSA, etc...) but rather than using only one ionic bond on the alumnium and heavy metal molecules (which can easily break and make the patient more sick from redistribution of metal), the microorganisms in PCA create three chemical bonds, an ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds with the toxic molecules, totally encapsulate it, and remove it completely from your body. PCA is just a simple spray you do under your tongue twice a day, and it can even cross the blood brain barrier and get aluminum out of our brains (mercury, too). Hope all of this helps. If anyone wants more info or needs help with toxicity issued I'd be glad to help

    1. we use MMS in our house - I'm going out tomorrow to pick up what I need for MMS II protocol as a friend has had really amazing results with it.

    2. EDTA is both a cytotoxin and a genotoxin.

      Also, I would warn your friend against further use of MMS.

      I will give you two names to look into further: SV40 and The Order of the Friends of Jeshua. These will lead you to someone named David Ferrie. If you follow this trail you will learn more about Jim Humble.

    3. Lol Anonymous shill. I've seen cancer cured with MMS. And the product I was talking about isn't EDTA, it's totally nontoxic and works much better than EDTA.

    4. Jordan,

      Can we write to each other without calling names?

      The product you are using is not totally non-toxic. It contains colloidal silica, which is a cytotoxin. Its main ingredient is MSG which is a neurotoxin.

      MMS is a genotoxin, meaning that it causes genetic change in living cells over time.

      Do you have proof that MMS cured cancer?

      Do you know what the ingredients are in the things you are ingesting? I don't mean the blurb that is written on the package.

      These are very important questions, the answers to which you ought to be able to supply before you choose to take PCA or similar sunbstances.

    5. I got rid of my asthma with mms, and witnessed is stop a serious case of the croup within 10 minutes, I've also used it to get rid of a throat infection in one day. Please do not assume that people blindly take whatever without researching.

    6. PCA has no MSG my friend, and yes, I have personal relationships with those that have been cured. So just stop, for all of our sakes Mr. Anonymous.

    7. Jordan, this will be my last response to you. Beyond this point, you must rely on your own ability to think critically about things in this world.

      "Micro-Fermented Peptides Of Glutamic Acid" is another name for glutamic acid. In this case, since it has been fermented and thereby is now D-Glutamic acid, it is now processed free glutamic acid or MSG. This is, by the way, also associated with impurites that are carcinogenic as well as excitotoxic.

      I wish you the best in your life.

    8. To BTS,

      But is this a cure? Do you have proof that it cures anything?

      Think critically for a moment. What is a cure? It is that which offers a restoration of health. It provides a recovery from disease.

      Bleach is a disinfectant, a biocide, if you will. It is not an antibiotic. Not only does it destroy pathogens, it also destroys other living matter. It has been proven to lead to bronchitis and cancer and genetic mutation. It harms the very tissues and organs it comes into contact with by taking aromatic hydrocarbons in your cells and creating what are called polychlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons. These are highly carcinogenic. And they bioaccumulate. It destroys the flora and fauna of your intestines, even the lining itself. This is why people describe feeling that they "need" the bleach.

      The body will immediately react to the MMS by producing an autonomic poison response: vomiting, diahrrea, runny nose, watery eyes, shortness of breath. It will grow robust, and their is usually an initial burst of strength and a feeling of having overcome whatever illness you might have had. But this is not a cure.

      In this sense, it does not offer restoration of health, a cure, if you will.

      It is anything but a cure.

      Think about what you are doing and whom you are following. Please look up Jim Humble and his background.

    9. I wrote 12:19 above. I will just add this also: MMS is not a natural product as it is advertized. It is a synthetic industrial chemical and it is manufactured in a chemical factory.

      Chlorine dioxide is not naturally present in the body.

      People have died from MMS.


  7. I too considered that the purpose of chem-trails was to block the sun from letting us become aware. However, I think the reason that it has not worked, is because they did not take into consideration that they little aluminum particles that can be seen all over, especially on black, tar paved roads, (no, it's not part of the tar, it is aluminum particles that have fallen on it), have actually helped to accelerate the process. The sun is reflecting off the aluminum since it's a reflective material and is actually directing the sun rays back up to us.
    So the process that was chosen to keep us asleep, has actually worked in the opposite direction. Only takes someone with a high-school education to figure that out (me). So they really are not that much more intelligent than we are, but they fancy themselves as such.
    However, there is an alternative explanation that I find very intriguing. I once watched a video by,I believe, Pane Andov, which explained that chem-trails are used to block out the Sun for another reason. He explained that when astronauts were too close to the Sun for prolonged periods of time, they would "forget who they were". It affected their memory. So, just imagine how the increasingly strong rays of the Sun might affect us here on earth in the same manner. What chaos would happen if people started forgetting who they were? He says that is why chem-trails are being sprayed.
    Now, we could look at that explanation in another light. What if it didn't actually cause the astronauts to "forget" who they were, but to REMEMBER who they were before and where they really came from?

  8. You are foolish for using chlorine dioxide. It does act as an antibacterial agent, but it is an extremely hazardous substance. It reacts with water to produce hydrochloric acid, which is also extremely hazardous. Chlorine dioxide even in parts per million can cause everything from bronchitis to pulmonary edema. One of the long term effects is that it causes genetic changes in living cells. And it is also highly toxic to aquatic life in marine environments, everything from crustaceans to mollusks to fish. Be aware that when you buy it, the by-products from its manufacture have been discharged into the environment.

    Keep in mind that there is a great deal of hype and confusion over these cloud-like trails. There are chemicals and fungi and minerals in our air, some from ore mining, which has grown enormously.

    You might try powerful antioxidants like lycopeine, which is present in any concentrated tomato paste or ketchup. Also baking soda (which contains alum, or aluminum, by the way) is a very good anti-fungal, and has even been shown to reduce cancers.

    Alum has been used for generations. Be careful of what you are hearing. Much of it is disinformation beyond what you are familiar with.

    1. I will add to my post above.

      Firstly, Chlorine dioxide, since it is a bleach, works in a manner similar to chemotherapy; it simply destroys all bacteria and microorganisms, even beneficial ones, just as chemotherapy destroys all cells in order to destroy "cancerous" ones. Good bacteria together can kill pathogens without the need to introduce hazardous chemicals into your body.

      Secondly, I reference your recent post concerning what you call "ascension symptoms." Be very careful in assuming that these are the result of ascension and not that of the chemicals you are ingesting.

    2. It's a bleach and used in industrial setting in huge amounts toxic to humans, but in much smaller amounts its wonderfully beneficial to us. And chlorine dioxide kills by oxidation, chemotherapy works by killing every cell, good and bad by disabling various enzymes.

      BAHAHA you are foolish. There is no LYCOPENE in ketchup. Ketchup is grossly processed and full of high fructose corn syrup.

      Argument invalid.

    3. Jordan, I will leave it to others to think and to research the facts, all of which you have failed to do.

      I will say this: MMS is not selective in what it destroys. Rather, one can only selectively limit or increase one's exposure to its destructive effects.

      However, I find it ironic that you take one product to remove metals from your body, while you drink bleach that can destroy your body indiscriminately. When I think of the state of the world, though, I am not all that surprised.

    4. trollololollol @ you, MMS is no bleach. It does not work by chlorination, but by oxidation. I love me some MMS

    5. I stand by what I have written.

      Chlorine dioxide is a registered biocide. Although it is not free chlorine, it is chlorine bleach.

      It causes acute toxic poisoning and symptoms such as runny nose and headaches and hair thickening due to oxidation and cellular death. In one video, a young woman claims that her runny nose is the MMS "ridding" her body of toxic bacteria. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her runny nose is the same symptom found in EPA clinical trials of rats and humans. Runny noses, watery eyes, bronchitis, esophageal cancer and eventual death were all recorded from exposure to even tiny levels of chlorine dioxide.

    6. The EPA actually has registered it's use for washing of vegetables and sanitation of poultry, and it's also registered to decontaminate areas from Anthrax. It works the exact same way as Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone therapies. It's not bleach mi amigo, it is salt bound with oxygen.

      Is this you?

  9. I had the most profound experience last night, coincidentally I mixed 1 tsp each of Spirulina and Chlorella into a smoothie for the first time a couple hours before bed. Unfortunately, this stuff tastes ghastly but with the yummy fruit I used, I managed to get around it. (This was a dietary suggestion given to humans by Pleaidians) It is so nutrient dense and protein rich that 1 tsp - 1 Tbl is all you need a few times a day with lots of water, fruits and vegetables. I have over the last few days been digging around in my psyche. I have been looking for experiences that I can remember being traumatic. My logic is, if I can remember it, I need to deal with it, because I am holding onto something that I need to let go of. So I made a laundry list and after I drank that smoothie, I asked Archangel Michael (Guardian Angel of ALL lightworkers) for assistance. One by one I told him my intent for him to transmute into light each issue and remove from the blockage from my auric field. There were things that came up in even after I finished my list. My next step was to intend forgiveness for anyone who has accrued karmic debt to me, negating their debt. Next step stating my intent to multiply to whatever necessary degree, the light I carry, and my willingness to carry the light for all humanity if that is what it took. (meaning those who slumber). This was specific to the upcoming pole shift and the righting of Gaia on her axis, I intend it to be gradual and harmless. I then asked for all guides and angels that are available to me to guide my thoughts and every step through the upcoming event window. Last I surrendered my ego to my highest self with my intent to live the rest of my life from the aspect of my highest self. Then I went to sleep. What I experienced was a fusing of my ego to my highest self. I saw from above that EVERYONE aligned with their highest selves. This incredible prison break and liberation was mocked by some. There was little faith in the plan. So, literally ALL civilizations are focused on earth (glued to the TV so to speak) I was told that the internet was intended to be the ultimate tool for lightworkers to meet, share and synchronize events. Man, I wish I could get direct contact with David Wilcock. He would know what to make of some of what I was shown. Namely, a book called "Jeat, the unequivocal lightness of being"
    ??? I was told that we will definitely feel the difference in the density of our body. As I woke up I looked at my arms and hands for evidence of this. I was told that ALL the cabal members have been located and detained, they are no longer in control of anything. The prosperity is being distributed now. There is no longer any danger in implementation. It will be just a matter of days to clean up the toxicity of Gaia and restore to perfection, all life upon her. What stands out the most was the whoop of joy and the magnitude of jubilation as soon as the scale tipped in our favor. They are awestruck by how much blinding beautiful light radiates within and without Gaia. Imagine a superbowl where every civilization in existence was at the stadium. We lightworkers were not expected to succeed, not by a longshot. I am completely blown away!

    1. After each issue I surrendered, I also forgave myself for the role I played in it.

    2. "Imagine a superbowl where every civilization in existence was at the stadium. " I was surprised to see this as this was my dream several weeks ago. I am in a truck driven by a person I didn't know but we were working together and therefore in the truck together traveling down a street. Each side of the street was lined with what looked to be stadiums and there were so many people going into these stadiums. I realized that each stadium was filled with the people of different countries and speaking to them was their leader, president, PM. Wish I could tell you more but that is all I remember.

    3. Amazing stuff Kathy! I think I will try your recipe smoothie.

      "Jeat, the unequivocal lightness of being" a future book?

  10. This was not just who lives on earth at this Team Dark vs Team Light battle. I am talking ALL CIVILIZATIONS throughout space and time ALL of them, have been (glued to the TV) watching the battle between us. Whatever happens to earth will be like the ripples created by throwing a rock in a still pond. It affects all of space and time. Man, the whole thing was so intense. I got to see the reaction the moment the light was victorious. It was dazzling! The general consensus was, that we had a slim chance of success. This is not the first or even the second attempt to raise humanity up and out of duality, there have been many, many such attempts.

  11. I am certain we have a lot of galactic help in regards to the toxicity of Chemtrails. There is technology that can completely clean up and restore Earth and all her inhabitants in just a few days. I honestly think that chemtrails were a last ditch effort to kill us off and it has not had the effect needed in the remaining time frame. So, absolute last ditch effort was a nuclear false flag, also an epic FAIL! I have itchy skin lesions that very occasionally flare up and disappear. Nothing drastic though. Look at it this way, if the earth is still reacting as she should to solar flares, (accurate earthquake predictions prove this) then I think it is safe to assume we are reacting as we should too. Both Humanity and Earth are equally chemtrailed. FEAR= guaranteeing you draw to yourself what your thoughts (fear) create. Dont worry, be happy

  12. Bill Gates is behind the chemtrails allegedly, so if no-one minds while I'm still 3D I'd like to take the toxic gloop and shove it right up his chocolate wizz-way till his eyes light up, repent for my actions and still have time to ascend by the 21st.


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