Monday 17 December 2012

Unravelling the confusion without saying too much

WOW!!!  When I posted my question about people seeing postal workers and couriers making deliveries yesterday I had no idea that it would generate over 260 comments in little more than 18 hours!!  

Reading the comments I realize that there is a lot of misconceptions about what's going on, and about what these deliveries mean- ie: the process for them to get to this stage. I've tried to answer everyone's questions and to clarify misinformation, but holy moley I can't keep up, lol.

I'm going to try to explain things as best I can, but I'm still hampered by what I can't say.... which is thoroughly pissing me off. Soooooooo, here's what I'm going to do- I will explain everything as much as I can, and I will post information that is already on the internet (therefore I'm NOT leaking it)... and I will let you readers add 2+2 and figure out what is and has happened. 

There are 77 different "Prosperity Packages" - PPs-  and while we call them all PPs, some aren't really PPs, but they get called that anyway- which can make figuring out which is which very confusing. There are also several large "Trust Funds" (for lack of a better word) that will be paid out.

Some of the "PPs" are:

-Farm Claims
-Other legal claims that have been owing for a long time
-"PPs" that people signed up for in the 90's, through attachments of the 14th Amendment
-"PPs" that will be paid out of the St. Germaine Trust and several other trust funds

The Farm Claims are American and paid out to American farmers who were screwed over by the government.  A basic history of the Farm Claims AND... more importantly WHAT has been done and what MUST be done in order for these Prosperity Packages- meaning the Farm Claims and the PPs that people signed up for in the 90's- to be paid out can be found HERE.

February 4, 2007
And the story of how the implementation of these claims can restore the gold standard, end the income tax and the IRS and restore Common Law

Note from Rayelan, Publisher, RMN
"Long before I had ever heard of a plot to bankrupt the Federal Reserve, long before I had ever heard of the Omega Trust, long before I had ever heard of NESARA... and LONG before I had ever heard of Leo Wanta and his $25 trillion trust, I had heard about the FARM CLAIMS.
I know one man who was involved in spreading the information about it. I recently wrote to him and asked him to explain it to me and to all our readers. Here is what he sent me."

Farm Claims Info to Raye 2-3-07
Dear Raye,
The following is my understanding of the history of the farm claims.
The story starts back in the early eighties.
Two farmer/businessmen, J. B. Foster and William Baskerville were being foreclosed on by one large bank and the Farm Credit System. I am not familiar with the details of what caused this action, but the two men and their wives began to defend themselves in court and at first used attorneys.
When they ran out of money the attorneys left the case and foster and Baskerville continued on their own. They were in and out of court during most of the eighties. At times they filed incorrectly and the case was dismissed for that reason, at other times it was dismissed for other reasons.
In 1990 or 91 they met up with Roy Swasinger and he began to help them. They then began to make some progress. At some point they filed an involuntary chapter 7 on the Farm Credit system after winning damages that were not paid. The Farm Credit System defended themselves by saying that they were not a business, but a Federal Agency and therefore not eligible for bankruptcy. The Judge agreed and dismissed the bankruptcy.
This is in fact true, you will not find the Farm Credit System filed to do business as a Corporation in any State or with the Federal Government. We tried numerous names, that they have used in their business dealings with their borrowers and with the Secretary of States office in a number of states. They were not filed in any of them. That means they should not have been able to use any State Court to foreclose on anyone, which was done numerous times.
That, however, is not the issue we are discussing here. According to the information I read in the Congressional Record, when the Farm Credit System was created by congress in the thirties they were to be only a loan guarantor to the bank making the loan. They were never to loan money directly to the farmer and to my knowledge that was never changed by congress.
Once a period of ninety days had gone by after the bankruptcy Judge's ruling, and it could not be changed, the people involved in the original cases, plus a few others with knowledge of the law, went to court with this and other documents to obtain additional damages. All these cases to date were civil cases. No one involved on the farmers' side ever filed or attempted to file a criminal case. However, the District Court Judge/Judges had evidence of a crime before their bench and they caused a criminal case to be filed. That case number is 93-1308-M. There was a civil case filed at the same time, but I can't remember that number.
The 1308 case is huge, with several hundred pages in the docket sheet. For those who might not know... the docket sheet is like an index of the case. It records all the various filings in a case by name and a number is assigned. If the filing happens to be sealed then it just has a number and it is marked sealed on the docket sheet. There are some sealed items in this case, but most filings can be viewed.
During the time that all this was going on the government came in and offered to settle. That came after they had lost several of the earlier cases and had appealed and lost those appeals as well.
At this time I was not involved on a day to day basis, but was aware of what was happening in a general way. That was because I knew one of the participants that was involved in a legal sense.
He called me one day in February or March of 1993 and asked me what I would recommend in view of the fact that they were meeting with the government in an attempt to settle. He knew that I had been involved in a number of issues that had been negotiated in the past. Since I was unaware, except in a general sense, of what the issues were I could not offer much advice. I knew there were money issues involved and on this subject I said that they should be sure they were plenty high since that would probably be one issue that would be a problem.
A week later he called and said they had an agreement. I asked how much they had reduced the numbers they went in with and his response was that there had not been one number changed. I commented that they must have been to low and he said they were pretty high. Since his home is in Iowa and he was coming home that weekend we made an appointment to get together and I could look at the now agreed to claim.
He asked me to bring some of my previous loans along which I did. After reviewing the claim form and plugging in some of my numbers we added it up and the total was approximately 30 million. I couldn't believe it and commented that there wasn't enough money to pay these if there were very many filed. He said that there was more than enough money even if everyone that was qualified to file did file and that is most Americans.
There are some exceptions, but none of those are the ordinary working person. That was my first exposure to the claim.
I filed in May or June of 1993 and at the time I did it I still had doubts about it ever being paid. But I was looking at what these people were trying to do and felt that if they accomplished it, the $300 I spent for filing the claim was well worth it, even if I never received a dime. There were arrangements made to file the claim for free if the person filing could not afford the $300. Most claim locations had between 40 to 60 percent of their claims be unpaid.

I think it is also important to look at what was agreed to and why.
When the fourteenth amendment was passed there were two attachments to it that most people are not aware of.

  • One of those attachments was a one time payment to anyone who filed from either side of the civil war that had suffered damages to their property as a result of the fighting. Obviously the reason for filing on this attachment is long gone by.
  • The second attachment was a one time filing and payment to anyone who suffered damages as a result of our Federal Government failing to protect the citizens of the several states from harm or damages by a foreign government.This is the attachment that the claim is based on. Most people are not aware of these attachments and that is due to the fact that President Grant, of civil war fame, had the two attachments sealed. Somehow our people had a found or in some fashion obtained them. Just because they are sealed does not mean they are still not valid.
    So the claim was based on the fact that a foreign government had damaged us as citizens of the several states. That foreign government is the UNITED STATES.

    When the Trading with the Enemy Act was modified and signed by President Roosevelt on March 9, 1933 the citizens of the several states became enemies of the Federal System called the UNITED STATES. That was the basis of the claim and the agreement by the Federal Government to the claim is proof that they agree.
    Since the agreement was reached in an out of court settlement after the litigants were in trial the Judge had to agree to the claim. He did and then as is normally done in cases settled while in courtthe resulting agreement was sealed.
    That means we can talk about the settlement and show the claim which is the result, but we cannot show the court record of this without violating the terms of the agreement which could and in this case no doubt would invalidate it.
    The result of all this court action was that we now had an agreement on a claim that could be filled out by the claimant One of the items that had been negotiated away when reaching the settlement was the right to put this information on the major TV networks, which was what was originally planned.
    Therefore the only way to publicize this agreement was to have meetings across the country. It was in this process that I became actively involved.
    The claims process had three major objectives.
  • First, the banks would be required to go back on lawful currency (gold and silver) as the Constitution requires. This had to be done because the agreement required that the claim be paid in lawful currency not legal tender. Please do not say there is not enough gold because that is not true. What this will do though is eliminate all inflation.
  • Second, the courts would all be required to go back to common law (versus gold fringed Admiralty Law) as the Constitution specifies. This would mean that we get back to the idea that if there is no damage or harm there is no violation of law and much of the creation of millions of laws to control people would be eliminated.
  • Third, the IRS would be disbanded and a constitutionally proper tax (sales tax) would be created and implemented. 
    The people who were involved in the court cases and the settlement of the details of the farm claim knew that if these three things were accomplished then the Federal System would soon be brought back under control and its size and power reduced to what is prescribed by the Constitution.
    Finally, the result of all this was... claim meetings began across the country and this continued and grew in size until the Government realized that unless it was stopped soon it would be completely out of control.

    So those of us actively involved in management of this process were raided and charged with various crimes, found guilty and imprisoned, some are still there.
    The government violated the agreement they reached and signed. 

    The fact that they violated the agreement though in no way causes it to be eliminated.

    It is still there and activities are ongoing to cause its implementation.
    I believe this is going to happen. I just do not know when.
    Because the Farm Claim payments and all that it would entail weren't allowed to occur... the avenue that would have allowed this country and its citizens to make the change gradually and without chaos was closed.
    Now... when the change finally comes that will ensure more freedom and a brighter future for our progeny, the resulting change... could be quick and violent and who knows what the end result will be.
    Throughout the history of the world, when countries place their financial systems in methods that use fiat currency and fraudulent paper, the ending is devastating and I believe this time will be no different.

  • Now.... many of you have been following the history and the current events to do with the PPs for a while.  Reading that history above, what has to happen in order for the Farm Claims to be paid out? Does this sound familiar?  There is a word for this act, isn't there? Can you say "NESARA"? The  National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

    Before the nay sayers start to rant "There is no NESARA!"  "NESARA isn't real!"  "NESARA really is the  National Economic Security and Recovery Act"

    You are WRONG.  

    The National Economic Security and REFORMATION Act is very Very VERY real.  (as everyone is about to discover)

    More info on the Farm Claims and NESARA can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.  

    Now, before the Nay Sayers pipe up again, I am going to say that no one know the EXACT details and history of NESARA because the court documents are sealed, so while I've been told that what the links above say is pretty close to the truth, I can not prove it.... until the court documents are unlocked.  

    There is the usage of the word "clone" in at least one article, and while I have no absolute proof that there are clones, I also have no absolute proof that there are NOT any clones.  There is mention in one article of the "Ascended Masters"- St Germaine specifically-  I, again, do not have absolute knowledge of the existence of the ascended master Saint Germaine as I have never met him personally- but I cannot deny his existence, because I do not know.  (having said that, I do know someone who does know him and has met him personally- St Germaine that is.)(that's a  W H O L E  other story).  I am posting these links as a basic background understanding of the Farm Claims, Prosperity Packages, and what that means to us.

    On a final note,  other than the Farm Claims and the PPs that are tied to the 14th amendment filings- which are American based, the rest of the "Prosperity Packages" and various funds are GLOBAL.  As I have said over and over again, this is NOT AN AMERICAN THING THAT IS HAPPENING!


    So I've given you all some background to better understand the history of what's happened and happening. Packages are being delivered.... I can't say any more at this time. 

    .... but put the pieces of the puzzle together and you will smile.

    To the naysayers- I know what I know, but you can believe what ever you wish- free will and all that.  I'm not telling you what you HAVE to believe, I'm telling you what I know.  That's it. If you chose to not believe, that's your choice and I certainly honour that. If you wish to post a comment on the fact that you disagree, go right ahead.  But I ask that all comments are kept respectful on both sides of the fence. 


    1. Hugs. It has got to be hell trying to explain things enough to shut up the naysayers -- provided that is even possible -- while keeping your mouth shut about those things that haven't been cleared for release. I'm not expecting any funds from anyone but if the financial reset cancels our debts, I'll be more than happy. As for what's "true" and what is a "scam."

      It will all come out in the wash.....

      1. *sigh* Put an "it" in the appropriate spot, will ya? I HATE not being able to "edit" a comment....

      2. "shut up the naysayers"? People are just using their brains not to jump into something that so far looks totally speculative. We have already seen some major disinfo posted on this blog, after all.


      4. What a lot of people don't understand is that according to the rules for distributing these funds there are many levels, for example under

        LEVEL 1, it is said...
        This is under the trusteeship of Master St. Germain. At his direction The World Trust can only be activated for payout at only two times during any given year, Easter and Christmas. At St. Germain’s orders the World Court activates the funding process. This process continues down through the four lower levels of trusts to the people, and under certain conditions the funding window remains open until the next holiday funding window begins. For example, if the Easter window is activated, the window can remain open until December 24, the day before Christmas, at which time it closes. The window remains open only if significant funds are moved to certain designated trusts during a set period of time. If not, the funding window is closed when such deadlines are not met.

        and we I presume are under this level....

        LEVEL 5, it is said...

        These are the Prosperity Program Trusts which represent the various 70-75 bank roll programs which are under the control of designated program trustees. Again, there are 4-5 trustees per trust or some 350 persons who must sign documents to activate these trusts. Some examples include Bergevene, SBC, ITI, Savage, Morgan, Omega, and Freedom. The largest trust is Freedom and it must be funded first. It is these trust’s that hold the wealth from the enlightened robber baron children.

        Then finally the funds will be released to the common man.
        As the funds pass through each trust, the trustee must use only certain designated “safe” banks and sign the proper documents with only certain designated banking personnel at those banks. Should this process be activated and then be stalled by deceitful bankers, deceitful trustees, etc. and the deadlines for funding to reach certain trusts are not met, the funding window is then closed. This is the problem members of the Bush family are blocking the release of these funds.

        Read more:


        Become informed instead of being spoon fed. If you don't like what you hear or don't believe keep it to yourself and hope for a better day tomorrow. That is all we can do at the present.

      5. Christmas and Easter are both pagan holidays. Why Christmas and Easter I wonder?

      6. I am amazed!!! I was a claims writer in the 90's and had lost track of everyone in involved. This is the first I have seen any news on these claims! I'm so glad to have found this site!
        Thank you!

      7. "Christmas and Easter are both pagan holidays." Ya' think????

      8. Simply provable fact - derived from cosmic phenomena - Solistice and Equinox basically - simplified - find out if you will! <(;-)>> *m

    2. Nothing will happen.

      1. "Broken Record" STRIKES AGAIN!

        At least we have that out of the way now....

      2. Oh thank goodness my friend- I hadn't seen you post in a few days and I was getting worried!!!

    3. So then the answer to your question when you asked us what needed to be done was actually:

      D- all of the above (our answers):>

      1. ahhhh- but now the question is: is all of the above in past, present, or future tense? ;>)

      2. Does it matter?

        As we speak, all timelines are converging into one, the NOW, right?

        Zero Point.

    4. The only thing that anyone associated with either the programs or the Dinar RV is that IT WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS YEAR and that comes from a very knowledable source. All of the hype and hopium that Poof puts out is just that. The only individuals that are going to receive anything before this year is over are those American Indians that were a part of the Cobell-Slalzar lawsuite and a nu,ber of checks for $1,000 have been received by a number of the claimants.
      It was a nice fairytale while it lasted, but we will not see a dime from either the programs or the RV until the latter part of the first quarter in 2013 which is March. So yeah, keep sending you dollars to Poof for all of his priceless information that just never seems to pan out

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. Who is sending Poof their money? I read his posts and I havent sent him a dime. On another note, after following this blog for about 6-7 months now and finally getting to hear D's voice I believe that she has impeccable integrity and sincerity. If some things have been posted and not outright truth or did not come to pass this does not mean the D is to blame. As she has stated many times before, she is simply relaying information from her sources and trying to do the best she can to keep us informed. Out of all the blogs I read hers is the by far the most accurate on the info she brings. And most of all she is not into the business of giving predictions or dates.

      3. When people post something that turns out to be disinfo, and they apologize for that, it is totally understandable. I think what is concerning the readers is that RTS not only won't apologize, but "won't lick his boots by apologizing". That's a little concerning.

      4. brando900017 December 2012 13:05,

        Spoken like a true sheep. BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..................

      5. Anon 13:29 you have no clue wtf you are talking about. I am no sheep and I follow no man, or women, other then myself. I just feel sincerity in D's efforts to run this blog the best she can. And if info was given that did not quite pan out I do not believe she has any need to apologize. The people running these blogs are doing the best they can to keep us informed on things the MSM will not and they do not owe us any explanation. If you dont like it dont come to the damn blog just beat it.... And please give me some links to any of D's posts that you feel she owes you an apology for.

      6. And you are???????????

      7. @Brando9000 Not me. I don't need any apology. But those whom the disinfo was about. It's only called Good Ethics. Oh believe me she knows.

      8. to my negative friend- any disinfo i've posted I've apologized for- if I haven't apologized, then it's not disinfo that I've posted. If you don't like that I won't lick his boot when I know and you don't, then leave. Simple as that my friend.

      9. Negative? On this blog, anything that is different from the blogger's opinion is called negative? Seriously?
        I just discovered this blog, I didn't know the rules, but maybe I should go too, before I am in trouble LOL

    5. what do we want NESARA! When do we want it NOW!

    6. A few years ago I had an elaborate dream the ended with my gazing into my own heart center. There, I beheld a man dressed in blue wielding gold light. I woke up with tears streaming down my face, and knew, somehow, this to be St. Germain. My tears came from feeling St. Germain to be more real than I had anticipated. In my heart lived a certainty that this historical figure is very much alive and real, and working incessantly for the benefit of humanity at this time.

      (Until that dream vision, I did not know what to think of St. Germain, and considered the mythology surrounding this figure to be both fantastical, curious and strange...but not subjectively real to me at all.)

      1. I feel you philvox,

        I connected with St. Germain years before I followed my path into 'THE WHOLE TRUTH..AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH' SO HELP ME GOD:)

        Anyway, I was researching Twin Flames and St. Germain lead me all the way through it.
        I felt so connected to his heart. Then when I found out all of the people he had incarnated as, that tipped the scale. He WAS Christopher Columbus not to mention Joseph, Francis Bacon just to name a couple. (the man who wouldn't die!)

        Which means for the US of A he has quite a bit invested in us. There is absolutely NO doubt in me that he will see us through. There is no one like him in History and his story is breath taking to me. I feel like I know him, which I absolutely do as do we all.

        Thank you St. Germain!!
        Thanks D!!

      2. ...i will just this lifetime...i call Him...Hu~~~go!...Love, ~chinka~

      3. Horse hockey. Sorry that's just pure bull. This blog is losing its credibility now all these flakes are dropping by. Must be the season.
        Used to be some serious posts and interesting discussion but now ................................

        Another one bites the dust.

        Bye all!

      4. I am just curious if anyone can explain why a saint would incarnate as an evil man who did horrible things to innocent people?

        Columbus acts are well known and well documented, he died in penury due to the lawsuits of De Las Casas against him for the crimes he committed against the indigenous people on the islands of the Caribbean.

        I am very curious-not only why a saint would do such things, but also why people would mention a man with such a history in an admiring way?

        The elites have spent enormous energy, funds and effort on propaganda against the indigenous and their worldviews, and unending efforts at exterminating all indigenous who refuse to assimilate into the top-down, power-over, money based control system that they call "western culture".

        When we could change now to non-money based, non-power-over, equality based systems;Is it not possible that the lure of free money within the top down system is quite similar to the lures used on fish hooks, for a similar reason?

        We don't have to wait for top-down assistance no matter who it is from. If it comes, great, use it too-but there are a lot of people, groups and ideas out there already moving forward into the new ways of thinking, acting and being that need only the actions of people to make them work.

        So many of the things promised or predicted just seem to be more permutations of the same old top-down power and control based worldview. Einstein said you cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking at which it was created and I agree.

        When people say this world is illusion, perhaps it is the mentally created world of culture not the rocks and trees that are illusion. Money and Power-over are agreed upon illusions intimately connected thru the illusion called Fear.

        Daniel Quinn explains how our world was enslaved by those who "locked up all the food" and forced the idea that there is only "one right way to be/think/live". They spread across the world, enforcing their one right way to be by removing free access to food and resources by inventing "ownership" of land, "money", and hierarchy.

        If St Germain really is Columbus then it makes sense he would perpetuate the world view of "owned land" "money" and power over, but if he really is a saint, then why use a tool Christ himself villified as false?

        Why not teach, as Christ did, that the power is *within us* to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth?

        This is just what I wondered when I read that, it is quite possible that I have missed something that would cause it to make more sense to me.

      5. ..makes sense - thinking in dimensional terms - hue-mane is inherently 5th-dimensional *Light*BEing* - INTERconnected >.< - a "master" (BE your own *MasTer*!) can have "ascended" to the 4th dimension - and submitted to the lower-4th-dimensional dominion of the "Annunaki" - "Chita-Uri" - "NePhiLim* - *WacxaMaxAll´em* - to give each hue-man in-di-vi-du-al - a seemingly generous offering of §$-Money-$§ - to quell the upcoming liberation and ascension of hue-manity - into a *UNIVERSAL* *HARMONiOUS* *PRESENT-BASED* - COMMUNITY ....

        If "St.Germaine" was to give you 300,000.- $$$ or €€€ or §*WacxaMaxAll´em*§ - you might just keep playing their game for a *while* longer is what they hope-for it seems. Just let go of money - and let your heart guide you in peace - in every moment of *NOW!* - REdiscoVer the JOy of a toddler *GiViNg* you ***sOmEtHiNg***! - enJoy the *Gratitude* in someOne´s eYeS - when you help them - give them something from heart to heart! In La´kesh Ala´Kin°*m

    7. Just listened to today's PTR call and sure enough there was an American Indian who did receive his check for $1,000 today. At least some people will be doing last minute Christmas shopping....:( The rest of us are getting coal in our stockings.

    8. I agree with Brando about POOF and RTS/BTS.

      I would like to add that anyone who actually has followed this Blog knows that BTS had gotten some poor info in the beginning. She actually did apologize for that several weeks ago and advised she will make every effort to vet her sources and cross confirm information before she releases news. BTS is just one of us who is trying to help and somehow "stepped in it". She ended up connecting with certain sources and is doing her best. I feel she has acted with more integrity than many of the other bloggers. If there ends up being some dis-info we can handle it. We are Big Boys and Girls and we'll be OK!

      1. ...I feel you to the
        max...good stuff...

      2. Is it just me or this Christopher account pops up only to defend brando, and not only here but on as well?

      3. Odd coincidence to be honest. And please post my the link where he backed me up on the other blog I wanna see this thanks!

      4. I used to post on Cobra's site back in the spring. We all used names rather than Anonymous. The posters used to discuss things and sometimes support each other. The blog ultimately became very nasty with a lot of trolls so I stopped posting, but have continued to keep my eyes on various blogs. A couple of weeks ago someone named Anonymous stated the Brando was a shill for Cobra and always defended him. I got pissed because the Chickenshit posted as Anonymous and was dead wrong. Brando often questions Cobra and downright challenges him. That's all, I defended once and agreed once. My apologies to Brando if you think it is odd. It is not my place to defend or speak for you. I was just pissed off!

      5. Oh..and by the way I am not an account. I am a person who has posted many times on other sites expressing my opinion as someone who has been on this journey for about 25 years. I did not just pop up to defend anyone.

      6. You do not have to appoligise to me my friend I appreciate your support. And I agree I did like the community on Cobra's until all the trolls. Most of the blogs have kinda went downhill as of late. This one and Enrichi's are really the only two I follow much now.

    9. Some hopium for you all:



      Lets see if the Oak is right this time.

      1. Hopium is about all it is. Okie has been the boy who cried wolf one too many times, but things are looking very doubtful for this year if you know how banking works. Most bankers disappear between Dec 15th and Jan 15th. Rest assured there will be no RV in 2012 no matter how much Okie might hope otherwise.

      2. Oh nooooooooo! don't post Okie- you'll jinx us allllllllll!!!!!!! (LOL)

    10. I received a little goody yesteday. And that's all I'll say about that. Hang in there.

      1. Congratulations!
        So today could you have been out shopping for a) a new car b) a new houses or c) new houses? ;)

    11. Repeating my question, in case it was lost in the glitch...

      Both of my parents signed up, in the late 90's, through M.K. and C.H., for Omega. My father is the only one who signed up for Destiny. Not only have they moved across the county, but my father has recently passed away. What happens with the money to his name?

      And thank you so much for the information. As for those treating the people responding to this blog with such negativity... you may want to recognize that these "fools" who believe in such a thing, have a lot of history with this and possibly more understanding of it than you. The arrogance, fear and/or anger that comes across in your words, will not spread here, so keep it to yourself and let us all receive in joy... and may you, as well.

      1. As I have have always understood how this might work, if two spouses signed up for a program years ago and one passes, the other spouse would receive. If only one spouse signs in their name and passes, I believe the funds from that program pass back into the total pool and is spread to the remaining recipients in that program. There is no doubt the programs are real and over the last week it seems to have been confirmed that some test packages have gone out, but given the time of year, unless bankers are either being chained to their desks or held at gun point, it sure looks like this is going into go into 2013.

      2. Alright, thank you for the info! I somewhat figured that could be the case, though we obviously won't know for sure. I would also hope it could go to my Mother, as they remained married.

      3. I will find out what I can for you my friend. If you don't see me update on this in a couple of days, email me and remind me.


      4. Thanks so much! :)

    12. That's about right D,

      I did get to read the original NESARA document before it was taken off of the net and it did say that it is supposed to be disbursed at either Easter or Christmas.

      This time we're gonna make it!!

    13. The St. Germain Trust opens for 2 weeks at Christmas time. It is either paid out or it then closes until the next year. However, I did read in one article that it opened at Easter as well. NESARA has not certain pay-out time.

      1. Those open times ARE the pay-out times:)

        Easter or Christmas pay-out

    14. I made a comment in the busy post that did not get posted.

      Either it was not supposed to be said (nothing confidential just normal commenting)
      or it didn't need to be said. Thanks for explaining the missing comments.

      Congratulations to the One who said they got a package in the prior post.

      1. When blogger comments reach 200 you need to load more and might need to keep loading more to view all. :)

      2. Thanks for taking the time to share information. I loaded them all, my comment was missing. I appreciate your kindness in explaining what to do.

    15. I just want the announcements about the cabal being taken down. And then movement on taking down the microwave towers.

      1. I hear you my friend..... waiting sucks. and I suck at Patience.

    16. Regarding the Global Account Fund (PPs) please refer to this link for your perusal.

    17. Also this one…

    18. While we are waiting, here is something intriguing:
      Dec 3, 2012 Gordon Duff and Stew Webb - Nsearch Radio

      "Gordon Duff really blew our socks off in this three hour interview that we thought would be about an hour. Gordon covered everything that we could think to ask him! Some of the things covered were the Wanta funds, Leo Wanta, Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, Free Energy, the Death Ray, A Decapitation attack, Obama purges and so much more! This is one of those shows you'll want to hear again!"

    19. BTS
      Is there going to be another opportunity for people to sign for these PPs outside USA?


      1. you can send an email here- I do know that canadians are signing up for this-so it might be international. It doesn't hurt to try....
        "Grants, c/o Clayton Hanna at "

    20. Anon 22:30

      Supposedly St. Germain Trust Of Europe opened up again about 10 days ago, maybe RTS will confirm & post here????

    21. I choose to believe. I always envisioned myself somehow coming across a substantial amount of random wealth. As long as I can remember I felt that someday it will happen. I deserve health insurance, eco friendly transportaion and home, being completely out of debt, seeing my parents more and overall a higher and healthier quality of life. WE ALL DO!

    22. I have a question for those involved with these programs, does this have anything to do with the International Award Payment Center by any chance? Does anyone who they are?

      Because I received a stamped letter from them via express courier service. It was sent by courier international. The letter keeps saying I need to send in $9 or $20 to be eligible for their BLUE SERIES prize for the contest. It is a skill test asking to answer a puzzle box that has numbers at bottom. It demands I send this back in seven days, or the prize cannot be claimed.

      I've heard everywhere that this is a scam but now I'm not so sure. I called the company and they claimed they are a long time, well represented direct mail lottery company. Does anyone have experience with International Award Payment Center in Kansas Missouri at all? Do you believe it is connected with the Prosperity Programs they send out? What actions should I take?

      Also I have received other notices in my mail. Particularly, I have been targeted by banks who sent me threatening letters stating they would enforce a court injunction if I took out anymore loans. It was quite overbearing what they did. I do not know why I was targeted, but appreciate any sort of help regarding the International Award Payment Center/North American Award Center who sent the prize letters.

    23. Not to be a naysayer, but what I can't figure out is why the funds distribution would be dependent upon a member of the illuminati, skulls and bones. Also, I recall a crop circle being decoded as saying "Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises...Much pain but still time...There is good out there...We oppose deception !!" The pale face are notorious for broken promises (ask the native Americans how many treaties they made that they never had any intention of keeping. I'm not saying this can't be good, I'm am saying it smells funny.

    24. We accept this gift! Now please roll it out to us!
      And once again, FULL TRANSPARENCY is key to the new paradigm, to the new world. Use this as the foundation and nothing you build will ever crumble!!! Much Love!


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