Sunday 16 December 2012

Beings of Light Unite-Roundtable radio show- Transcription

One week later, and after a HUGE amount of work from a reader here on RTS, who spent hours and hours writing out the transcription of the radio show last weekend, here it is!!!!!!  I'm sending a ginormous hug to my merry friend!  Love and light to you darlin!

Our wonderful friend who worked so hard to transcribe this, struggled with poor sound and the issue of all of us talking at once, lol, so it might not be absolutely perfect...... but it's perfectly wonderful to me!

Beings of Light Unite-Roundtable radio show (12/08/2012)

Hello & welcome to Wake Up, Shift is Happening. this is Deborah Ariel Pietsch.

Deborah: I’m very excited about tonight’s broadcast. We already have quite a few people holding on the line. I get to be here, joined with some amazing women, who are taking & have been taking a stand for so many. You guys have been getting information regarding what is unfolding behind the scenes, the truths & the deceptions. Really holding a space for living an empowered life & to be in the know & also to be able to remove the shackles of the enslavement matrix & the illusion that we have been kind of wrangled into, as we’ve been kind of lulled to sleep as we come into this incarnation.

I would love to introduce everybody that’s here, so that we can get rocking & bring you guys what we have to share with you. Eventually we’ll open up the phone lines & have you guys share. This is a conversation whose time has come. As we have this roundtable here, we know that this is just the beginning & there is so much more. We’re all here, we’re in this together. This is a time, & it is time, for all of us to embrace who we are. In our soul remembrance, I AM presence & to collectively unify as beings of light that have come back into this incarnation to remember who we are & to shift the way that life has been so far for most of the people on the planet & the mass consciousness.

So first, I’d love to introduce you to my dear friend, many of you know her as Hopegirl. I actually call her Hope--this is of course her pen name. Many of you know her from the information that she has put out, first her blog which was information regarding the illusion & the different things--the blog is called While You Were Asleep. The project that she is putting so much energy, integrity, effort & collaboration into is her How to Fix the World project. Hope, I’d like to introduce you & welcome you to the show.

Hope: Hello everybody. It is so exciting to be here & with these amazing women that we have here with this roundtable. I can just tell everybody right now that the amount of energy that is flowing through me, I can feel it from everyone that has called into the show & that’s listening to the show now & also in the archives, that we are really starting something quite amazing here. I’m so pleased to be here & thank you so much Deb for putting this together.

Deborah: Absolutely...this is just the beginning. The next gal that I’d like to introduce is Carrol, who is the creator of the No Holds Barred Facebook group & also has a website that we’re going to talk a little bit about this evening, that she’s put out there that is an opportunity for people to give & to receive. With the group that she’s also put together with Facebook, there’s a lot of information sharing that goes on, on a daily basis. With her background in the government & the different things that she has done, I’m sure that this is an interesting segue for her. Maybe one that she wasn’t exactly planning. But I think that that’s actually a really big piece of everything that’s unfolding at this point. We’ll talk more about that. I’d love to introduce to you guys, Carrol.
Carrol: Hello everybody. Thank you for having me, it’s a real pleasure. I can feel the energy too...everybody’s buzzing around. Excited to be here representing all the beautiful people that are in the No Holds Barred group. Can’t take credit for this...this is a group effort.

Deborah: Awesome. The other gal that we have here is someone who’s known for her blog, which is Removing The Shackles & is also about breaking the silence. We’re very excited to have D here. When we had our conference call yesterday for everybody to meet, quite honestly for the first time for me with Carrol & with D, we had an amazing conversation. I’m really excited to be able to hold the space for all of you people. D, thank you for everything that you’re putting out there & supporting people for literally removing the shackles from the enslaver matrix. so, D, welcome to the show.

D: Thank you very much...I’m really excited to be here too. We’re all doing the job that’s been put before us & that’s what we do.

Deborah: Awesome. So, just as we get this really rocking & rolling here tonight, how we’re going to really present & share with you guys is that this is not an interview. This is a conversation, this is a roundtable, this is an opportunity that is for us to collaborate & to share information & for us to unify out there in the world.

Utilizing the media is, I believe, the most powerful medium, whether it’s a blog or radio or tv show or newsletter, however it’s disseminated & hopefully disseminated with truth & with light & with integrity. That is the intention of this first show that we are here gathering for & showing up for. To be able to provide some voice to some of the information that has been circulating & to begin actually a regular opportunity for us to really have conversation & through these conversations for you to have counsel for you to unify & to really shift the paradigm.

We are the ones that we have waited for. There is not necessarily a cavalry out there that is going to do the magic wand. Yes, there is absolutely things happening behind the scenes & more & more I think is about to be revealed. All of this is a collaborative, unified effort for us to really shift where we’ve been in the mass consciousness, in order for us to experience that beautiful, loving, peaceful energy & life experience that I think many of us are holding a space for. get us going here, I’d love to just start a conversation about the things we’re going to talk about. There’s things that have to do with the Ascension, energies, or the awakening, or the transformation energies that we’re going to touch upon. There’s things in regard to where we’re at, thinking & with the different changes & shifts that we can at least talk about at this point.

Then we’d like to move into a conversation about what is necessary & what it’s going to take for us, as we are being called forth to suit up, to show up & take a stand as wayshowers. To be available for whatever potential, transitional...I don’t want to project this, but potential chaos or challenges as more of the truths are revealed.

So, I’d love to invite Carrol at this time to share some of the things that you’re seeing from your conversations with your group & whatnot. Where are you seeing people having questions & concerns at this time?

Carrol: In my group, one of the primary discussions we have is about the political changes that we see happening in our world. Some of the necessary changes that we’re going to need, coming into the future as we move into the new way of running our world. Where things are more in balance & we are trying to get rid of the corruption. We discuss the Ascension processes. We’re kind of well-rounded, I would say, in that group. Those are the conversatioins that we tend to have.

Deborah: Carrol, you also have a background & some experience as an intuitive. I’d love for you to share that aspect of yourself at this point as well.

Carrol: Well...I was born with the gift, I guess you would say, to talk to dead people. I don’t know how else to put it & this is the way I always joke about it, I talk to dead people. I have always been receiving messages from the other side.

When all of this stuff came to light for me was actually about five years ago. When the markets & economy changed, I lost my businesses & things went down. I also lost both parents at that same time. I kept hearing from my father on the other side, that in 2012 things would be different. I have had experiences with healing my own body through meditation & have been able to use my hands to help others as well. I kind of geared my spiritual journey more in the healing area, for about 20 years now.

However, when Drake came out on the David Wilcock program back in the end of March, that peaked my curiosity as to what that was about. I started researching on the internet, things that I did not believe when I first saw it out there, about the cabal, the Illuminati, the corruption in the government. I spent 20-22 hours a day, reading, watching videos, trying to learn as much as I could to see how that resonated with me, to see if that was real. Once I came to the conclusion it was, I felt that I had a mission to get this information out there to the public. That’s pretty much why I got to where I am today & why we have this group & why we have these discussions.

Deborah: It’s interesting too, because the way that people are finding out this information & the timing of people finding out about this information...I’ve been seeing is...because I’ve been aware of most of this for several years now & started tapping into people like Wilcock & Fulford when they were first being interviewed years ago.

What’s interesting about what you’re sharing is a couple things that I’d like to touch upon before we move on to D & Hope, is one...(tape cuts off for several seconds)’re relatively new to all of this, correct? Like, we’ll say, the awareness of awakening to the illusion.

Carrol: Absolutely...I don’t think I even felt comfortable discussing it until maybe May of this year.

Deborah: the other thing that you brought up, the other aspect of who you are as a...and I keep referring back to this, is one of the things that we’re also holding space for. In my show & the information & the pieces that I’m holding space for & creating I should say, is a really grounded conversation & a knowingness that we are multi-dimensional beings. And that we are here to communicate beyond just our physical conversations like this. And that when the physical body dies & we move on to...whatever...a different plane or dimension or whatever that experience is, that there are ways that I believe are to become more normal, for us to be communicating on a regular basis, beyond this kind of communication & being multi-dimensional.

I just want to presence what you just shared, because this is also a big piece of us awakening to what we are, is really embracing that & gaining the tools to be able to move into this space.
Because it’s been natural for some of us, or it’s just a more natural part of us. The other part of that is, that I believe is that a lot of that that was meant to be a natural progression of alchemical transformation, the telepathic communication that’s a part of that has been shut down in ways...with the chemtrails & HAARP & technologies & the different things with the pineal gland & the peer(?) & survival. So, we’re definitely going to be coming back to that in another place. I just want to acknowledge you Carrol for sharing openly about that, because this I believe is also part of our awakening, to hold that presence of being multi-dimensional, to be a normal mainstream way of accepting & being with each other. You know what I mean?

Carrol: Yes, I did & thank you for that.

Deborah: And it’s really taking it out of the woo-woo & grounding it in a different type of perspective & reality. It doesn’t mean...because I actually kind of steer away from...when I share about my telepathic communication, I actually don’t use the word channel, even though I do channel certain information. I’s more telepathic communication.

Carrol: It is telepathic communication.

Deborah: And there’s a difference, wouldn’t you say?

Carrol: Yes, there is a difference. If I am communicating...say if I want to have a conversation with my mother or my father, who I’m very well connected to even though they’ve been off the planet for about five years now, I have that conversation & it is a real conversation, just as if you & I were talking on the telephone. It’s absolutely no different. I hear their voice just like I hear your voice. Then there are other times, for me, I will get a message that I may not know who it’s coming from, but I get a message about something that is going to occur in the future & it usually does. It may be something unpleasant. I often will know...maybe somebody who’s going to cross over a few days before they do, but it usually happens.
Deborah: Great...thank you for sharing that. So, that’s setting the stage then further for all of everything that we’re moving into in this conversation & beyond as well.

I would love to now move over to Hope & have you talk, Hope, about what you’ve been experiencing since your awakening.’s the other thing. I actually am not sure...I think you’ve been more aware of the different illusions that have been playing out for...sorry Hope, I’m going to come back to you in just a second. Just to clarify with Hope what your experience has been as far as like the timing of all this. There’s a reason that I’m kind of bringing all this up. So, D, how long has it been for you that you’ve been really aware of the illusions & things that have been playing out?

D: Oh my goodness...that’s a tough question. You have to excuse me, I’ve got a bit of a cold, so pardon me if I’m clearing my throat. My awakening process, if you call it that, is been a very gradual one. It’s very funny, because now I can look back & actually see each step. As my eyes have become more & more open & I’ve connected more dots together & led myself on that journey to discovering more & more.

I guess I’ve known since I was a teenager that things just weren’t right, that things weren’t the way a lot of people expressed them to be. I went through the rebellious stage, etc. But it’s only been, I guess, in the last ten years that I’ve started really working on a journey of educating myself & digging deeper, beyond what is in front of us in the media & tv & movies & music. Started really researching, trying to find the answers to why things don’t make sense.

But honestly, I can say that it has only been really the last two years where all of a sudden it’s kind of hit me in the back of the head with a two-by-four...of wait a second, this is a whole...this is all interconnected. It’s not just specific things. Because I’ve been a political activist for well over ten years now & in a very tightly defined area. As I’ve moved out of that area, I’ve come to realize that it is all interconnected. Not just this corruption in government, this corruption in finance, or this corruption with Big’s all tied together. That was kind of the huge awakening for me. It was like, oh my god, this is all interconnected. Then I really started...the waterfall is like literally going over the falls in a barrel...going oh my where am I going next. It’s only been especially the last year & a half where I’ve really started digging in on this.

Deborah: Interesting...your timing of that. I’ve actually had the same experience. I was awakened in ‘87 & it’s been a gradual, very proactive, spiritual, conscious awareness. But it wasn’t until May...I guess December, 2009...that it started. And then in May, there was a whole other up-leveling of the veil being pulled back & the telepathic communications with the details. I won’t go into it, but it is amazing, now with people like Hope & is like happening so fast, with the details that you’re getting & how you’re stepping up & sharing all this information. Really holding such a high capacity & integrity for everything that is being shared.

So, Hope, coming back to you, I know you’ve had your experiences. Do you want to just share a bit about your experiences of really coming into this information? It’s been rather recent as well.

Hope: Yeah, so I’m quite the newbie to all this information. It’s only’s less than a year, like nine months. I’d like to share a little bit about how that higher process took place. It was very similar to what Carrol had gone through. I call that time frame the down-loading time frame.

First, let me back up a little bit & just say that I’ve always held integrity in my life & the things that I’ve done. I’ve always held a pretty good moral sense of what’s right & what’s wrong. I’ve always just tried to do the right thing & I’ve always been a caring & kind person, just in my general demeanor. What happened to me is I was in the big world of business & I was working for a very large company. I was right in the thick of it with all the investment bankers, the same ones that have been destroying the economy. I had access to all of their books & I saw things with my own eyes. I came up in front of that corruption.

I brought my demeanor into this & said, well we need to do the right thing...this is hurting people...this is not right. So, I tried to blow the whistle & as a result of that action, I came up front, face to face, with the dark cabal. And that energy, the dark energy, really rocked my world. It was from that experience & it was very traumatic for me, that I then started saying, what the heck is going on here...this is not right...this does not feel right.

I started to watch documentaries, which led me into more documentaries, which led me into reading & I went through the most intensive...I’d say it was about three months of download period, where I just...every day I would wake up & say what mind-blowing information am I going to learn today. About our ET family that I wasn’t aware of...about the financial corruption that I was aware of, but I just didn’t know, like D said, how connected everything was. It was previously like a piecemeal thing, Oh it’s just this one area or it’s not one area, but then I started to realize how connected it all was. When you read so many different pieces of information & you start hearing the same names over & over again, you start seeing those patterns. It was a tremendous experience for me.

The reason why I wanted to share my story, as far as I was brought into this awakening through a very traumatic experience, I know that there are so many people out there that have had similar experiences. In some cases, people won’t wake up until they hit that bottom. It’s kind of like that saying, that sometimes God has to break your heart in order to get in. It was sort of like that for me, because I had to hit that point where I saw just how bad the corruption was. That created that awakening & that personal enlightenment in me to seek out more information.

I can tell you, it’s not always very comfortable knowing about all this truth in the face of a world where it feels like the illusion is very strong sometimes. I never want to go back...I never want to go back to being asleep. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my’s just incredible.

D: I hear you on that.

Carrol: You can’t go back to sleep once you’re hearing this stuff.

Hope: That’s can’t unlearn it.

D:’ve taken the red pill.

Deborah: Exactly...I was just going to say it truly is like the movie, “Matrix”. You know, I think the other aspect of all this to bring forth too is something that people have now really started to become a bit more aware of it, in the circles that are more awakened to the illusion of everything.

Hope, you mentioned about the dark cabal & the energies of that. I actually would like to have us each share about that, because I think that this is one of the largest & biggest challenges that has created more arduous journey for most of us than was ever anticipated, expected & still is one of the most under-rated aspects of life on this planet.

And that is the eneriges that are unseen. The things that have been done proactively...with ceremony, ritual, etc...and program that has thwarted the free will of the planet on a global, mass consciousness, as well as us individually.

What I would like to do...I’ll just share how I came into the awareness of that. Because as I share this, as we each share whatever we’ve experienced with this type of thing, is an opportunity for somebody to receive this information that might not actually realize that they are being affected by energies & unseen energies.

I will just say that I was always the kind of person, as a very proactive personal journey, I traveled a Egypt, to India & all sorts of different places doing spiritual work, throughout the years when I was in the entertainment industry. Which was one of the whole reasons that I was guided to LA, was to be in there to administer, to bring Light through the media.

It was in 2005 that I started working with a client out of New Zealand, who was able to bring through high-vibration light language that activates. I was very ahead of my time with technology & had immersed myself in the internet way back in 2003, doing webinars before people even knew what webinars were called. They’d be like, webi-what? I was doing webinars with my client doing activations & it was just sky-rocketing very, very quickly.

Well, just as quickly as it had sky-rocketed & the way that we were supported & activating people globally, it also ended...within a couple of months. The rug was pulled out from underneath us in a way that was very traumatic.

And Hope, you were talking about your awakening was rather traumatic. I always thought I was just going to focus on the love & the light & as long as I do that, I’m going to be fine.

Well, it’s been my experience that is actually not the case & that it is very important for us to be in the know about how to clear our field & to know that there are other energies. But a big piece of this journey is to be in our activated I AM presence, to be able to stand as a sovereign being & own our energy fields.

It took me three years to figure it out, between 2005 & 2008, I was devastated...financially & in every way of my life. I couldn’t figure out how & what was going on. I finally reached out to somebody who I trusted--multidimensionally, as far as doing a session. That’s when I started to become aware, because when she got into my energy field & the interesting thing is I hadn’t talked to her in those three years & when I reached out to her, I was having all these feelings things & thoughts about myself that I had never had before...of being a loser & I can’t make anything work... I was introduced to Law of Attraction & those kinds of tools back in the late 80’s, early 90’s when they first came out. So I was already incorporating all that & manifesting, etc. So it goes from there to a place of like nothing would work & I finally had to go, you know what, there’s got to be something more, this is just not me.

So, the reason I’m sharing this with you is that any of you can relate to this, we’ve had this download spiral since 09/11, where there’s energies that have been able to come in to this plane & really create almost like a corruption, like a corrupted software program, in our lives & wreak havoc in ways that are illogical & almost like at a level of insanity. One of the things I have talked with more people about & the feelings they’ve had is know you create your know you take responsibility for that.

What I’m sharing here & what I’d love for you guys to share in regards to this, is your experience with this is that, yes we create our own reality, but there’s been some unexpected corruptions that have infiltrated...and not to be a victim of it whatsoever, but just to be aware of it. And that there are ways that you can clear & move through it & that there’s different things that are happening on a planetary scale that are shifting that as well, which is a big part of this conversation tonight, the shifts that are occurring energetically.

So, D, would you like to just share if you’ve had any types of experiences with this yourself?

D: Yes & no. Not so much on a spiritual level I think, more on that again going back to the whole awakening level. But witnessing kind of the way it’s worked around me, surrounding in the people that I’m involved with, the groups that I’ve been involved with. Kind of witnessing it from that level, almost like the outsider looking in. At the time, a lot of times you realize that you were blind, you don’t see it for what it is & it’s only later on, that you realize now that I can look back & say, Oh my I I can see what was happening & what was going on.

Deborah: Great...thank you. Carrol?

Carrol: Well...for me, it’s kind of always been there in my life. I actually started meditating at about the age of six. I’ve had it come in bits & pieces. What really got me, was...I had two successful businesses & everything in life was going smoothly. Then all of a sudden I had two parents get sick at the same time & die within four months of each other. Next thing I knew, one business went & the next business went. You know, I was kind of like you all, I couldn’t find a job. It didn’t matter what my experience was or my background was, nobody wanted to hire me.

I had to sit there & ponder, What was this all about? What lesson was I supposed to learn at this point? So, when this knowledge came to me, I then turned it around & decided that my purpose, my mission at this time, was to sit down on this computer, on Facebook, find a way to get this information out there to others. I have considered all of these things, that maybe other people will consider to be bad in their life, as a blessing. I’m really grateful that I had everything taken away & that I have to sit here on the computer & do with you all.

I have friends who are totally unaware & unawake...Hope, you & I discussed this earlier today...they laugh at me & that’s fine. It just felt like it was a mission. They often ask, what do you do? Why are you so busy all of the time? I laugh & I joke & I say, I have to save humanity. Somebody has to do it.

Deborah: Exactly & where is my cape?

Carrol: Exactly...the only time I’m traveling is at night, where I’m doing some astral traveling right now.

Deborah: Hope, do you want to talk a bit about this in regards to your experience...oh, you know what, actually Hope, I just was thinking we could share how we even met.

Hope: Oh yeah, well let me bring it back up a little bit & talk about some of my experiences with that energy. Basically, I always believed in the concept of karma. If you put good out, then you get good back. This kind of worked in my life for most of it. Whatever I was putting out, I was getting back. What happened recently, in the last couple of years, is that I was putting out what I truly believed was all the right energy. Putting out the right energy, I was doing the right thing & then all of a sudden, my karma started to change. I wasn’t getting back the same energy I was putting out.

I now realize, after I had gone through what I had gone through, that the reason for that was because I was meant to awaken. I was meant to be put on this path. At that time, I would do the right thing & I would put the good energy out there & the different experiences & the people that I was working with in my life. I just wasn’t getting it back anymore. There was this amazing question of why is this happening, this is not making any sense. I now realize it was happening because it was a little bit of that interference from some of that dark energy that was getting in my way.

It was getting in my way on purpose so that I could eventually awaken & be on the path that I’m on right now, which I completely understand this path & I know exactly what it is that I am supposed to do. I feel better about doing this than I’ve ever felt about doing anything.

So, that’s the beginning of it. I will share a little bit about the experience, talking about that interference, that energy. We’ve been calling our little circle, we’ve been calling it understanding of infiltration, is when you have those negative, dark, archonic energies that are just kind of floating around. They try to infiltrate anything they can, because they’re dying energies, their time is over & they’re just kind of the residual, left-over energies.

When Deb & I first connected, it was a few months back I think. I had reached out to Deb to talk about my Fix the World project, to try & say I’d love to go on your show & talk about this project. This was in the very beginning stages of the project. I reached out to Deb...I sent her some emails & I never received any word back. I also had sent out a lot of emails to a lot of different individuals, many whom would be key players in this entire awakening experience on the entire planet. I wasn’t receiving any emails back from anyone, for like an entire week. For that entire week, I felt kind of strange. It was like, this doesn’t make any sense...I’ve been putting out the energy & I have this weird silence.

So, what was going on at that time, was that there was infiltration. There was some sort of chaotic energy that was preventing me from reaching out & making connections with certain individuals. Because obviously we needed to make those connections, because we were going to team up & become a team of liberators for the planet. At that point, they knew that, so there was interference. So what Deb had got...

Deborah: Can I jump in here? The other thing I want to share what my experience was with those emails & what occurred & that also what I’d like to say is what you were just talking about, is oftentimes what I think many of us have done over the years, when something doesn’t connect, like you just explained & experienced with kind of like that dead silence for a week after you put the information out...I think oftentimes people will go, say...well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

For many years, I haven’t really resonated with that. Yeah, there are things that if they don’t connect with grace & ease, there’s a possibility that they’re not meant to be. But, there’s other things going on as well. So, what Hope was just sharing is...she had put an email out to me & I responded right way saying, yes, let’s talk, let’s collaborate. As soon as I hit the Send button to send it to her, I got a weird encrypted message. And I was like, okay, now that’s not good.

So I sent her another email, same thing. I was like, alright, she’s been infiltrated...immediately I just knew what was going on. That was a Saturday night & it was Tuesday I got an email from somebody in my unified field group saying, Hey, you should connect with this gal. I emailed her back & said, here’s her email, I think she’s been infiltrated, can you just reach out to her? And when I sent the email with Hope’s email address in the email, not in the CC button or window, but in the email, I got the encrypted message again. I was like, Oh this is not good.

So then two days later is when we have our unified field call & I brought it up in the unified field call. The gal was there & she said she never got the email. I’m pretty sure that this gal, that Hopegirl has been infiltrated & let’s just bring her into the field, into the light, let’s just surround her with light & clear everything that’s not serving her in Highest divine truth, etc. Then the gal that I had emailed reached out to help & that is when you & I, Hope, connected...later that day. And I shared with you immediately the experience. And wasn’t it that day the silence broke & you heard from other people that you had reached out to?

Hope: Deb & the unified field group cleared a space, put the energy out there to clear the space around me. On that exact day when they were doing that energy exercise together, for my benefit & they had never actually met me...all of a sudden every single person that I had sent out emails to over a week before, suddenly got in contact with me on that day. It was one after the was like Drano, you know...there was a giant clog & they poured the Drano down & all of a sudden, everything started flowing through. It was absolutely incredible, so I can say from personal testimony that there’s energy work...that these intentions, they really do work. This stuff is real is what I’m saying. It’s like the shit works.

Carrol: It does. I’m just so honored to be here with you all. You all contacted me, because I always say I’m just a little old granny sitting on her back porch trying to save the world. I’ve met the most fantastic people this include all of you. For me, with all this information on the internet, it was just that certain of your blogs resonated with me. And I thought, this is the truth, this is the truth, this is the truth. That’s what I wanted to share.

Hope: I call that my discernment radar. That’s something else that has happened with me while I was going through all this information. There was lots of information. I know that everybody listening knows exactly what I am talking about. There is so much out there & thank God for the internet, because I don’t know where I’d be without it.

There was like this meter inside of my heart that was my discernment radar. When something was truth, it would go off & I would recognize it. My Higher Self recognized that tidbit as truth & then likewise when something wasn’t true, it wouldn’t resonate as well. That’s why it’s really important to find that inner stillness inside & try to connect with your Higher Self, so that when you read certain things you can discern what is real & what is not real, based on your resonance with it & your feeling.

D: I think that’s also true when you’re dealing with people as well. You know, as we the conversation we had yesterday, you get that resonance that goes on. You get that energy that goes through the group as you’re conversing. For the last year & especially for me, the last six months, has been completely insane with the people that I’ve met...completely insane. The way that I’ve met them...kind of the back ways, pear-shaped route that I’ve come to meet people...really bizarre set-up...sometimes meeting people through other people who were just...icky. Sorry to use such a scientific word. You know what I mean? That...ick-y.

It’s one of those things...when you speak to people & I’ve spoken to...especially like I’ve said in the last six months, so many people, with gathering intel & the work that I’m doing with the various groups....I’ve met a lot of people. One of the first things I try to do is I try to talk to people, verbally, you know, not just chatting when typing. And you get a feeling right away. I can get a feeling right away. There’s certain people who were held up...some of them who still are...within the kind of lightworker community & when I spoke to them, I was just like, um...well, I don’t think, No, I’m sorry, I don’t like you.

It‘s not necessarily like, but you know, you get a feeling, don’t know, I can tell right away that...I won’t use that word, we don’t need to be censored...people are talking bullcrap. People who’s intentions are not good. People who have got some other motive behind may not know exactly what it is, their agenda. But you can feel it, you can feel it when you’re speakiing to them that this person isn’t speaking on the level I need to speak to people on. I can tell that there’s something there that’s definitely not good. I’m telling you, some of the people I’ve spoken to on the phone, you’d be really surprised...when I’ve sat there & gone, No, you’re not who I thought you’d be...No, definitely not.

Deborah: I think this is really important for us to talk about, because there’s so much information that’s being...two things...there’s so much information that’s being put out there. There’s all these channelled messages about disclosure & all of that. There’s all this stuff that is...when you go down the rabbit hole of the banking...and in addition to all of that, people are...I don’t want to say desperate, but it’s been some challenging years. So I think many people have lost hope. They’re kind of like desperate for What the frick is going on & they want that information. What’s important at this point, is very...what you’re talking about “D” & will help all of us...what we’re saying is having that or being able to get into that inner stillness or being tapped in enough where we’re not so hungry for the information that we’ll accept anything & that we are willing to be very discerning & being tuned in enough to our own inner knowing & our own truth Geiger counters, to look at everything that’s coming in.

Here’s the thing, I think this is us having a conversation & that this is the first of many potentially. As more of these truths are revealed, there’s potentially going to be tremendous upheaval. And right now, what we're doing is, we're setting the stage for all of the people that are a bit more in the know or aware of the illusion, etc. We are here to be the wayshowers through this transition. And if you're hearing this, there is high probability that you are to be answering the suit up.

D: Absolutely...I think that is so vitally important. I've said this on my blog from day one. It is our job...anyone who knows anything...if you know even one truth, it is your job to get that truth out there. And there are the people who are following along...and you're right, there is going to be times when there is going to be confusion & people are not going to understand when things change. When all these things that I've been talking about, & so many others have been talking about for so long, happen...there's going to be masses of confusion.

It's the people who know, even if they only know a little bit & maybe they've just discovered this last week, their job is to be the help the people understand where this is going & the why. And to be the calmers & to be the supporters & to be the shoulders to hold people up & keep them going & help them break through those illusions that they've got & to understand what's going on.

It's a very important role that lightworkers have & I think that the word lightworker for a long time was kind of kept...almost & I'm sure some would disagree with me, but it almost was for a while there kind of elitist, like lightworkers, you know. You know what, anyone who is awake is a lightworker. I'm sorry, that's my feeling on it & those lightworkers & wayshowers are awake for a reason & that is to help in what's coming in.

Hope: I have something that I really want to share & this is in regards to the conversations that we have with people. In my particular circle, I'm pretty much working on a global scale. I'm speaking to people from so many different countries, that come from so many different cultures & backgrounds on a daily basis. I've been recognizing is that regardless of where you come from, what your background is or even if maybe we don't...the English may not be that wonderful...but regardless of that, the energy of all of us as human beings is the same. So part of that is when you're having a conversation, that's why it's so important to tap into that inner stillness & to get that discernment radar.

Because in the past when I wasn't awake, I dealt with people from different cultures over time & sometimes you would have a little bit of a conversation with someone where it would just be a cultural difference in your conversation & and that's what the misunderstanding was. But now, I'm not finding any of the cultural differences. I really think that all of us on this planet are uniting & we're moving towards that We consciousness & we're moving towards that oneness, regardless of where we come from.

And it's such an incredible thing to...from the Fix the World project, you know we receive 300 essays from people that are in 37 different countries. What we found in our work is that everyone wanted the same thing. We all want peace. We all want abundance. So that's tapping into that energy, that collective consciousness. I just felt it was really important to share that, because I know that we've got some other countries that are probably listening to this conversation right now. Just to recognize them, that they are the wayshowers too.

Carrol: I agree. I dabble with military...I've lived all over the world. In my career & in my life, I've traveled extensively all over the world. I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe in any country I've been to. Because people are people & it's just something I've always felt. I've never had any prejudices, regardless of religion, race, background. It didn't matter, because I always knew we just wanted the same thing. We want to end all the craziness...the wars, the suffering, the poverty. Nobody deserves to live in some of the situations that I've seen in my travels.

D: I hear you. I've traveled extensively too. I've lived in Southeast Asia & I lived in Africa for a while. There is no reason for it...there is no reason for it. There is no overwhelming reason why people should live in poverty. I lived in the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a little while. This is a country that is incredibly wealthy in resources, natural resources, unbelievably wealthy in natural resources. And yet, people are living in abject poverty. How can that be? When people say, there's too many people on the planet, etc, Hogwash, are you kidding? The problem is there's mismanagement, not that there's too many's just the managers are screwed.

Deborah: And, what you guys are talking about also, there's been a lot of campaigns with the military, the industrial military & all of the wars & everything, in order to keep the drama going on the planet, we have to be kneeing(?) somebody, we have to be having an enemy. I think what we're finding, as you guys are sharing what you're sharing & then the things that I'm know I'm producing this three-day global broadcast from December 21-23, everybody is unifying. We're going to be tapping into I think 30 different locations on the planet. Everybody is coming together, saying I don't want to be at war with you, you are my brother.

It's those of us now taking a stand...everybody who is listening to this, whether you are listening live or you're listening to the recording, it is in your beingness to take a stand for this planet being a planet of love. And that nothing other than that is acceptable anymore. When we take that stand, even just in our beingness, because that doesn't mean you have to be out there being an activist, but in your beingness, it's No, I am a stand for love & a stand for peace.

And you hold that vibration in your inner peace & your inner knowingness & your inner beingness. That you are now the conduit for peace on this planet. You are now a conduit for that vibration & the mass consciousness rising to a new bar. So, as we move forward in this conversation, I think that this is also one of the things that we are continuously coming back to is reminding people how incredibly powerful they are & that we are especially united.

Carrol: Yes, we are. It was earlier when I was thinking about the conversation we were going to have tonight, I thought that one of the things that a lot of people don't realize when we talk about creating our own reality, we create the reality that we live in with our thoughts & with our subconscious thoughts, but we also have this amazing power to create the reality for the world through global consciousness. That is what I keep trying to promote.

As we are moving into the new age with the new energies & the new information that's coming to us, when people start to realize that right now our thoughts are manifesting...we've always manifested our thoughts, even our fears, whatever...we manifest them. But right now with the new energies moving in, we're manifesting them very, very quickly. I always try to tell people, be careful what you put out & be careful what you take in.

Deborah: Absolutely. Carrol, thank you for reminding us about that, especially now that we are moving in...every day I think the planet is...the grid activating, the light becoming incredibly powerful, we're moving into the photon belt & every day we're being up-leveled. I'm seeing it all around me, the technology is being affected because of the electromagnetics. We're electromagnetic beings & the electromagnetic, so our thoughts are...we're now also able to what my Guides refer to, as this time we were meant to be really moving into this time, over the last 10, 11, 12 years. And the vibrations where many people were creating modern day miracles with the universal laws & cosmic laws & manifesting. Now I do believe that more & more of us are starting to experience that & as we do, we move back into a place of believing.

And also what we had said a few minutes ago about a lot of people have lost hope, it's time for us to ignite then & to reignite our hope & our belief in humanity, in each other & in the ability for us to unify & to co-create, individually as well as collectively. I think that's a big part of the jumping-off point of this conversation.

Now that you know a lot of the information, we're just assuming in this conversation that if you're listening to this you probably already know most of the illusion that's been playing out in the banking world & the politics & the different things. Our intention is to now jump from here, springboard into Okay, what's next?

D, I actually would like you to share whatever you can at this moment, at this point, of what you're aware of before we move we also seem to have quite a few callers. I think it would be great to open up the lines to have people participate & engage at this point. But, D, what can you share at this point in regards to things that you know about where we are with shifting & things like that?

D: Oh goodness, you're just going to ask the hard question, aren't ya?!

Hope: No pressure, D...

D: No pressure at all.

Carrol: The whole world is listening, so...

D: I've said on my blog, I can't talk in specifics. There is information out there that is vital that it stays silent right now. And until it comes out publicly & Oh baby, it's coming out very publicly--that's a hint by the way.

Carrol: Another hint as I erased all those public announcements...

D: This is one of the things we talk about people losing hope, because I see it. I have an incredible group of people who converse on the Removing the Shackles site, coming in daily & they talk back & forth....there's just an incredible group of people there. I can see so many people who come in & they're losing hope.

You're absolutely right...people are like looking at it's going, Ah, it's December 8th today, what's going on? All I can say to these people have no idea the incredible things that have happened in the last few weeks...mind-blowing things.

I am dying to tell everyone some of the stuff that has gone on & I can't & I'm just gonna shut up now. I don't want...I so need people to just keep's there, it's happening...we are in a place of no return at this point. That's all I can say right now, but don't give up hope, because hope is the one thing that is infectious. You know, help each other, guide each other, buoy each other up. We all have down days...listen, I have days when I want to smack my forehead off my desk over & over again.

Hope: Been there, done that...

D: Yeah, I think we all have. And then, those are the days that then you have a conversation, maybe a friend calls & tells you something wonderful. I had a friend call me today who told me... just a couple little things that she said gave me just that little push that I needed to kind of perk me back up again. And I go, Yeah she's right, yeah. So, I can't give details, but amazing things are going on right now.

Deborah: D, really, I appreciate you even just sharing that much, because I knew you couldn't give details. But, by you even just sharing that much, I'm sure that people listening to this are going, Oh my gosh, I at least have know what I mean?

D: Feel the energy people, just feel the energy, I'm sending it out to me, it is so good.

Deborah: Awesome...

Hope: Why do you think I chose my name? This is Hope calling, don't give up on me.

D: That's right.

Carrol: We'll never give up on Hope.

Deborah: And Hope, you had a call last Skype'd & you put this information out on your blog. Do you want to just share some of that, that came forth last night, yesterday?

Hope: I put a wonderful post up on my blog that I would really love for everybody to go to if you haven't gone there yet...incredible company. It's: There's this company that has come forward, they're called Global Genius Trust & they corresponded with me. It was a direct response from the Fix the World project & for anybody who isn't aware of that project, we basically posed the question of, If it was up to you to come up with the solutions of what you wanted to fix this world in every single area of the world...
the education system, the financial system...What would you do, What's your suggestion. So from that, we got all of the essays from all over the world & we put it into one document. So this company read the Fix the World solutions written by the people for the people of the planet & responded saying, please put this on your blog, because we want these people to get involved in what we're doing.

And if you could see their website, you will see...and their website is:'ll see that some of the projects that this company's involved in are planet-changing projects. We've got all kinds of financial things going on for alternative currencies. We've got different, free energy technologies. It's all there, it's huge. I can't possibly cover it. But they said, it's like an open call, a recruitment call from this company to say we want you, we want your help. Because we really took to heart the suggestions that you put forward in the Fix the World project. It's very's very exciting. You know I was speaking(?) the fence for quite a while now & it was really an honor to be able to put that on my blog post to share that with everyone. To say that this is the way that you can get involved & this is very real.

Deborah: Fabulous. Thanks for sharing that. Carrol, is there anything that you want to share that would also support people in having hope & anything that you want to share at this point before we start taking calls?

Carrol: Well...I'll share something from a personal level...just from my own intuitive experience, because this is what has kept me going. I have always had dreams of the future. I had the dreams of the third world war, the global destruction catastrophic events for years & years, waking me up just frightened & full of all kinds of fear. Those stopped several, several years ago, almost ten years ago. I started seeing the Golden Age.

As we have progressed more toward 2012, when I was on Facebook & I would see all the catastrophic events being floated through the home page & people commenting on that & all the destruction, again it didn't resonate with me. Because it just didn't feel right. What I'd like to say to people is that, don't buy into the fear, because we may see changes & shifts on the planet, but we are not going to see what is being put out there. And when it's over, it's going to be a world like they've never seen before.

We are going to have that Heaven on Earth we were promised. For me, it's as real as looking out the window right now & looking at the water or's's now. It's just now kind of letting go of old patterns, old thinking patterns & realizing that this is what it's going to be. It's not going to be the devastation & destruction that so many people like to talk about. We will have a transition, but when it's over, it will be that world that everybody wants to live in.

Deborah: Thank you for sharing that. I think that actually is very much in alignment with what we've got going on in this conversation, which is to encourage people to really step up right now, because it's not just going to happen miraculously.
We are the wayshowers, We are the conduits. We are here to manifest that. I get a lot of the things I talk about are how our Higher Selves are here to step down into our physical vessels here & to participate with us to co-create.

There's been a lot of stagnation over the last several years. I actually look forward to like since 9/11 & 2005, we've had some interesting things that have been shared with me that have created more challenges. So, Carrol, that what you're speaking of, I believe, is that is the most important thing for everybody listening to this is to be proactive to participate if that's what they choose to experience on this planet, that we each need to be proactive. Would you agree with that?

Carrol: Absolutely...a lot of people think that manifesting is, Oh, I'm just gonna think about it & then it's gonna happen. Yes, you think about have a thought & then you get excited about it & then you start doing start working towards it. Whatever it may be, just follow that internal guide & go with it. That energy that you create is's's like laughter. Ever started laughing & you don't even know what you're laughing about & then all of a sudden everybody in the room is laughing. Well, the energy that we have does the same thing, when we hold that space.

Hope: I want to say something about that too, because some people might be saying, Okay, I have to manifest this...How, how do I do that? I just wanted to give a little ticket of what I do for anybody that might want to know how. It really is about us all. The concept is...and I'm pretty new at this too...I'm by no means a guru in how to manifest, I'm just doing the best I can like everybody else.

The concept is you get what you think about most of the time. If you're thinking about something positive for five minutes & putting out this positive frequency, then the rest of the day you're thinking about depression or anxiety or any other negative emotion...if that's what you're thinking about most of the time, that's what you'll get back.

What I have learned, is that our brains are actually frequency transmitters & we broadcast an energy through our brains out into the universe. And the Law of Attraction brings back the same frequency that we are broadcasting. So if we are excited & thinking about abundance or something that we really really want & we're broadcasting the feelings of joy that we're putting out there, then the universe will bring us back the feelings of joy.

What you can do to see how you're broadcasting that, if you're in that sweet spot of broadcasting the right frequency, it's check in with how you feel. If you feel really, really good while you're putting it out there, then you're in the sweet spot. Then what happens is & this is really hard to explain because this is not something that's easy to explain, but the universe will bring it to you. It just comes & it comes in interesting, interesting ways & it's outside of your radar screen of how you think it's going to come.

The important thing is just think about it & feel good while you're thinking about it & transmit that & don't worry about the how. Don't worry about how it's going to come, because when you start thinking about how, you start to let doubts come in. And when you start thinking about doubt, your vibration lowers & you're not transmitting the right frequency. This is the tip of the iceberg of a humungous amount of information on how you can manifest things. I just wanted to share a little bit with people to give them a couple of tools on how they can manifest.

Carrol: And also, a lot of people think & I hear them say, Well, oh, I'll believe that when I see it. It's really the have to see it first & then it happens. You don't wait until it happens & then say I believe it. You see it first.

Deborah: Absolutely. I was actually talking about this the other day. I think that...the part that I was just talking about is moving from believing into knowingness. So this...what I've just experienced recently, as I changed my plans for where/what I'm going to be doing for December 21st. The challenge was actually a very big challenge & a very big decision for me, but the thing that I did experience was that because I chose to stay in Los Angeles rather than being a keynote speaker...down in Mexico with Foster & Kimberly Gamble & some other people in a large event.

The shift to the guidance that I was getting, which was to stay in LA & to do broadcast with Peace Aid(?) tv basically & I haven't made the...I've kind of made the official announcement. but the interesting thing is we didn't have the funding for the LA studio. And, Hope, what you were just talking about in regards to the how...well it took me a week to literally tune in every day, getting the guidance about this. It was rather challenging, because I had a lot of integrity about being with the group in Mexico, etc.

When I finally said, Okay, the guidance I'm getting is very clear...the details are clear, I need to know we don't have the money for the LA studio...I just stepped into, I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing & what we're meant to be doing & I'm going to just move into the knowingness. What's interesting is what's just transpired in the last couple of days, is that absolutely everything is falling into place. We do have now a studio & everybody is unifying.

And that's another thing I'm going to talk about when I do a show I think on Monday with the group that I'm doing this with. It's rather huge, quite honestly--this global broadcast...we'll be able's a tv broadcast & we'll be able to reach millions of people. But what you guys are talking about & Hope, this is what you were saying is, I had to just get out of the way & not go, Well, how is this going to happen?

I just stayed in the knowingness that this was exactly what was going to happen & I kept that vibration & amazing things have shown up. As far as even having a studio being offered to us that was part of another broadcast as well.

The important thing here for people to be in remembrance of, & this is part of our soul remembrance, is that we are powerful beings. We've moved now into this timeline of like...if you're consciously choosing the timeline of light, that we are now clearing away the slow density energy, the slower less of(?) light energies, that already have potentially been holding us back & not being able to co-create with universal laws & the cosmic laws. What my Guides & I am here to share regards this is it's safe to go back in the's safe to have that remembrance.

Carrol: Can I share something about being in the knowing with you all & how it worked for me? Back in '89, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The doctors said I had the worst case they had ever seen. My whole body was just wracked with pain. My optical nerves were degenerating. I developed two ruptured discs in my back. I progressed from a totally active, healthy woman to a cripple in a year-and-a-half. I ran from doctor to doctor to doctor, trying to get a cure & find out what this was. Nothing was working.

At the same time, I was beginning my studies in metaphysics. I was learning from a being who never incarnated, never had a physical body. However, the message was what I liked. So I was spending hours every day listening to these tapes & doing meditations, guided meditations with these tapes. And one of them was called Crossing the Bridge of Belief, where you go from believing into knowing.

I remember being on the phone with my mother & she said to me, she wanted to come & visit me & I told her not to, as I was in such bad shape. I really didn't want my parents to see me looking that way...I didn't want to cause them concern. I explained to them that this wasn't the time & my mother said to me, Carrol, don't you remember you have the ability to heal your've always done that.

It was a "light bulb" moment for me, I mean a literal light bulb went off in my head. I decided right then & there, in that moment, that I would heal. The first thing that I had to heal was the ruptured discs in my back, because that had prevented me from walking. So I decided that I would focus on those discs & all I did was...I had decided in my brain that I would look at my discs the way I saw them on the MRI & I would shrink them every night. Somehow I decided I would shrink them by the width of a hair.

I did this for only 20 minutes a night & on the 14th night, both of those discs popped back into place. I did the same thing I always did, I went back to sleep. The next morning when I got up, I remembered that meditation that I did. I remembered feeling, seeing & hearing those discs pop back into place. I thought to myself, Alright, let's see, I put one foot down, no pain...the next foot down, no pain. I had a complete recovery. And that was because I had a believing into the knowing.

I do the same thing with this wonderful group that I have on Facebook & they're all amazing, amazing people. They think like this. We gather together every day. We talk. We bring our energy up. If somebody's down, we bring them up, because we think like that.
We know this is going to happen. Sometimes we get impatient, sometimes we have a doubt. But the other ones will bring them back into the place of knowing again, because to me that is the only way it can work.

Deborah: Absolutely. Challenge can be...& I think that's a (tape cut off for several seconds)...for the beings on this planet that have wanted to keep people asleep, have been in that fear & survival energy...also having the scarcity & the contracted energy around money. Gosh, there's so much rest for us to actually talk about, then I want us to go to callers.

I just want to recap the point, Carrol, that you're talking that for people to be patient with themselves. Because when you're in a place of you've lost hope or you've been struggling for a long time, it's challenging to keep that vibration in the knowingness. It can be done, absolutely, I'm not going to ever discourage anybody.

All I'm saying is just be patient & call upon your friends, call upon the people that actually can hold that vibration & that knowingness with you, so that you're not doing it alone. Where two or more are gathered, is always going to be more powerful than just you holding it...well, I'm not going to say always...but is oftentimes more powerful than just you holding it yourself, shall we say.

D: That's right...strength in numbers.

Hope: The key is...feel a little bit better. You don't have to go from being really upset to ecstatically happy. Feel a little bit better.

Deborah: Okay...let's go to calls you guys. I'm going to go ahead & Sherri, I'll just go ahead & do this. We have our producer on the line. I'd like to introduce her as well...Sherri. I'm just going to see how this works & just go down the line. Hi, welcome to Wake Up, Shift is Happening ... you're on the air.

Caller:'s it going? My name is Jay, calling from Canada. You know this shift you are talking about, how does the guys, the male energies, is perceived right now? Because I'm a guy & I'm feeling the shift right now too, but I'm kind of sensitive of what's going on. But the thing is that most guys are really...they're not there. So I'm just really curious in terms of what do you think guys are feeling right now? The male aspect of what's going on.

Carrol: I think they're feeling the same thing we are.

D: Oh yes...I know several very awake & aware guys who are definitely going through the shift & feeling it all. I think it's equal in numbers between men & women really. Maybe men don't express it as openly?

Caller Jay: Oh, maybe that could be it too.

Carrol: They may not discuss it publicly either. You've been told so long to be brave & be strong, but it's sort of hard for a lot of men to get in touch with their emotions & to talk about these things. I see it...I see them discussing it.

Deborah: I also think that part of it is that there's some kind of a very interesting balancing of masculine & feminine energies within both women & men. So that's part of the shift as can be's more of an individual & the amount of balancing that's going inside of you as an individual, not necessarily as a man or a woman.

Jay: Hmmm...I just wonder if it differs with the shift that's going on. It seems like it's for the feminine power right now...I find right now. I just find that it's...I don't think it's overwhelming or something like that or dominance, I just feel that more women are more wakening up, more than guys. That's my feeling right now. It's hard to say...when you're walking through the spiritual book stores, who's buying the books & who's there reading them & what are they doing & things like that. So I think there's a lot of closet people out there too, eh?

D: I think that's a great premise for a show, Deb.

Deborah: Yeah...exactly. I would like to respond to that. I think that, Jay, what you're bringing up is very, very potent & important. And at this time it is imperative that the feminine energy awaken & be empowered...not only in the female gender, but also in the male. That it is time for us to unify within ourselves our masculine & our feminine. I think that one of the things that I've got...well there's many things...but one of the things that I've gotten guidance on in regards to... (tape cuts out)...on the planet is...I'm just going to generalize for the moment...that a lot of them are pissed off. They've been told & programmed that it's not cool or appropriate for them to be in touch with their emotions. It's (not) disempowered, it's not castrated them from being a whole being.

I feel that more & more men, even yourself, will come out & openly have conversations & talk about how important it is to be in touch with your emotions. Because we're not here just know, the masculine energy is a very doing energy. It's very productive, outward energy. And we're all meant to have that. And we're also meant to have the feminine energy of receiving & nurturing. I think that your question is a big question & I think a lot of the men on the planet are experiencing probably a lot of not understanding what's going on in themselves. Because we are being called...this is a journey from the head/the mind to the heart. It's like for the male, it's an even kind of a, let's say, longer journey, not longer time wise, but it's like because of the programming most men have been trained to live from their heads up.

So these transformations & transitions that we're experiencing & it's incredibly powerful, the transitions & the alchemy changes & transformation. I know I've out a show out just this past week about the different awakening symptoms & D, I know you've put something out on your blog. It's real, it's visceral, what we're experiencing.

D: Physical & tangible.

Deborah: Absolutely...physical, tangible, visceral. I personally believe that we're just at the beginning. That this is going to become an interesting ride in the next couple of years of how much transformation of they further activate our DNA & whatnot. Does that help?

Jay: You're right about're right about that. I'll find that the 21st is not the end day...the day the world ends. I think it's more of a beginning. It's like you said...that week, there's a lot of planetary alignments lining up...maybe they'll shoot us a whole bunch of energy in that. I think it's going to be an interesting time. Right now, I think it's just the calm before the wake-up, if you want to call it that.

Carrol: I think a lot of people are focused on the 21st, but I think that I'd like to bring this to the attention of people too. We have the 12th coming up here, the alignment of 12/12/12. That's going to be a really powerful day too & part of what happens on these days...when we have these alignments & when we talk about energy coming in & we talk about the shift...the shift is a shift in consciousness. We talk about downloads of information.

What it does is, I believe, when these energies come in & they come into our brains & they change the frequencies in our bodies & our brains, it opens up new pathways for thinking, for higher thinking, higher consciousness. So, what I do in preparation for that is I always try to get myself centered, centered centered centered, balance balance balance. So that whatever is going to be coming in, I am prepared for it. So it doesn't just hit me like a Oh, where did that come from? I'm like, Okay, I'm here, I'm ready to receive.

Deborah: Right...absolutely. What we're just talking about in regards to the 12th...what I'd love to share at this point then is that I am going to do my first global activation on 12/12/12. This is open to everybody. This is the beginning of the Beings of Light Unite unified field. You may not know that I've been activated as an activator.

So, when I do meditation, I bring through very high vibration frequency energy. Like other clients & people who have worked with me over the last couple of years...I say this humbly, because this is just one of the piece of the puzzle that I get to be here to be for the great awakening...because we all have equally as important roles & gifts to bring forth...that people do experience pretty drastic shifts & transformation from this energy.

It's an ongoing domino effect. If you'd like to participate in this global activation, you can go to my website, which is: & under the heading, the button Beings of Light Unite, you'll see the 12/12/12 Activation. Basically, at this point I haven't put in detail about...then I'll have the details by Monday. Also, if you want to just go to, that's another way to get there as well.

In regards to 12/12/12, the intuition that I have gotten is that stargates is what we've been leading up to for all these years...the 10/10/10, the 11/11, the 12/12/12...these are stargates where more light is being activated on the planet. And yes, we've got the Gregorian calendar & people are like, What's all this?, How can that be? Well, it's also codes...these are codes...that as you were saying, Carrol, regardless of pathways & the alchemy of the brain, there's codes for the planet, for her birthing. Between 12/12/12, that stargate which is incredibly powerful, it's what I've been told by my Guides....leading up to the 23rd basically...that timeframe in there, we are going to experience quite a bit of up-leveling of high vibration light.

It's not going to dissipate, it's going to continue to expand. So, that's why it's important to being having these conversations, getting this more grounded for people. We only have about 15 more minutes & I want to be respectful to some of the other people that are here holding. Jay, thank you so much for calling in & participating & asking that very important question & definitely we'll have much more for us to talk about.

Jay: Thank you very much again...take care.

Hope: Hey, Deb, can we acknowledge that I think that the show went out as being three hours & it's actually only two hours.

Carrol: I thought, Boy three hours went fast, there it goes again.

Deborah: We'll clarify that. It was advertised for three hours & apparently it's only two hours. So I just wanted to make sure our listeners were aware of that & to apologize for any confusion in our outreach for this. We changed the time of this & I'll be honest with you, I forgot to actually extend the time on the other end, so it went from three to two. But I have a feeling, just based on what we're experiencing here, that we'll do this again very, very soon. I'm just going to put that out there to you guys, do you resonate with that?

Carrol: Absolutely.

D: Yep.

Hope: I do.

Deborah: Great. Thank you, Hope, for having that integrity of bringing that up. Let's go to the next caller. Wow, you've been holding for like 45 minutes. Hi, welcome to Wake Up, Shift is Happening.

Caller: Hello, good evening Earth angels, how are you all tonight?

Deborah: Very good...what's your first name?

Caller: My name is Hugh. Well, I'm spirit driven to things & I'm so happy I found you, because I'm actually standing in my truth. I'm working on bringing in a whole new paradigm for mankind, bringing spirituality into global economics & combining it with unconditional love, making everything transparent, ethical, legal & moral. Forcing companies to be more responsible for their employees, their customers, the environment & the community.

D: I like it.

Hope(?): I love it.

Caller Hugh: The only problem I have is I'm a one-man show. I'm changing the world from my dining room table. It's going beautifully, but I want to kick it up a few notches, especially with those out there who are depressed & don't know what to do. I just want to put this out real quick, that I already know when the world's going to end for each & every individual on the planet.

And it's when your mission is finished, then God calls you home. Are you gonna be ready? Because we all came here with a purpose & if you don't know it, what I suggest is you get out of your head & into your heart, align it with the Creator, whoever you feel that may be. Ask for divine guidance on a daily basis.

The other big keys that people miss is to always be in gratitude, no matter what your circumstances. They may be horrible at times, but it may be because you have to learn some lessons. The other thing is to always take actions, just don't talk about things. Take positive actions that will improve your life & help others, your family & friends & most especially, those who can't help themselves.

In that regard, I do have a poem that is so apropos for these times. It's on a blog, if I can share that blog with you, so people can see this poem. It's in the president Ronald Reagen library & it's something that people should really contemplate & they'll see the proclamation related to it.

Deborah: Go ahead...what's the name of the blog?

Caller Hugh: It's the poem is only three lines's titled, "Caring, Sharing"...and it reads: If you dare to care, then share...If you share, pay heed...God will award every good deed. It's time for people to put down the beers guys, turn off the ball game at the very least, sit your child down around the dining room table with family, find out what their interests are & start a home-based business.

By the time they're ready for college, the tuition may already be paid for instead of going into debt...where they may choose not to go to college, because they're in a career field that they actually love.

What a beautiful legacy to do for a child & the grandparents can get involved with that. That's the way it's caring & sharing all the way through humanity for our future...a place of unconditional love. We've never had that since the beginning. It's been all control, conquer & divide. But if we could just come to that love.

And as far as the individual, what you put out, you get back. The Law of Attraction is so simple & basic. So why would you want to put out fear & hate & greed? Put out the love & get that back. God bless you all. I'll let you continue.

D: Thank you very much, Hugh.

Deborah: Oh my, thank you so much.

Hope: Hugh, I gotta say, this is Hope, I love the caring & sharing. I'm getting some suggestions here that we should perhaps put the caring & sharing into the mission statement for the Fix the World organization. If you haven't heard about the Fix the World organization that we're starting up, please contact me, because I'd love to involve you in it. I really love where you're coming from & thanks so much for coming in tonight.

Caller Hugh: Well, I don't use email, but if my phone number can be shared, please anyone call me, because I have so much to give out.

Deborah: Let's just not share it on the recording...I think it would be better if you don't. But if there's a website where people can contact you or something. Housekeeping, we actually try not to share telephone numbers.

Caller Hugh: I was saying if you could share it amongst yourselves, any of you could check me out & go back to the others when you're ready.

Deborah: Okay, perfect. Thank you so much for sharing & caring.

Caller Hugh: Everyone, happy holidays & I can't wait for the world to end, so that we'll have a beautiful, new beginning.

Deborah: Okay, I'm going to go ahead...I'm going to 8182, you've been on hold for almost an hour. Hi, welcome to the show. Are you there?...Are you there? Okay, we'll have to go to the next one. Hi, welcome to the show. Are you there? Okay...sorry you guys. There's four on the board...I guess when they hang up, they don't stay on the board. Let's see here, let me grab this one. Hi, welcome to the show.

Caller: Hello.

Deborah: Hi, wow another male.

Hope: I love it.

Caller: This is Chad from Wisconsin.

D: Hi, Chad.

Carrol: Hi, Chad.

Caller Chad: I actually kind of woke up first part of March. I usually daily meditate, try to come to my heart center & everything else, but I've noticed I get a real tense pain in my shoulder plexus. Every time I start getting centered...I don't gets kind of radiates on my right arm & stuff. Is that typical?

Carrol: I've heard of a lot of people having those pains, because of chakra centers opening up.

Caller Chad: That's the heart center?

Carrol: Yeah, well people have a variety of areas, but in the heart center particularly. Because we are moving into this time where we will be living from the heart. A lot of people's heart chakras weren't fully open. So you will have those pains & that is just the heart chakra opening up.

Caller Chad: Okay, cause I haven't actually really made it to, I guess, my perception of heart centered, due to that pain. I don't know if I'm not opening up myself enough or not, or how that's all new & I'm just trying to learn as I go, I suppose. I just figured I'd ask.

Deborah: Yeah, in fact here is what I'd like to suggest. This is Deb. One of the things that I do is I tune in with people's Higher Selves & Guides & get detailed information. If you want to call in, not as part of a session, but if you want to call into one of the shows next week, I will do like tuning at a time for people to get some information & whatnot. Because there's probably several things that it could be. And you're saying it's a shoulder flex?

Caller Chad: Yeah, it's my neck/shoulder, in the shoulder flex area going down to the right arm type area. Feels like someone's stabbing you in the back of the neck. It's really painful. But I don't know if that's normal or if maybe it was a past life where I've lost my head or something & it's coming back as an experience. I've heard all kinds of different excuses. I'm still set up to learning.

Deborah: Absolutely. I think that it will take a little bit more investigating & insight in regards to that. Because I think it actually could be a couple of different things.

Caller Chad: Okay, I'll check into your actual web, your activation & stuff on your website.

Deborah: Okay, that's great. Thank you for calling & for participating & engaging. Does anybody else want to say anything to him?

Carrol: Well, you know, I did something with somebody recently on working on all the chakras on the body. It was really quite an amazing experience. We can help ourselves adjust through this time by visualizing our chakras. What she had me do was, she had me start with the crown chakra & work down to the root chakra & visualize...I'll just say it briefly with you here, cause it took about a half an hour to do. But you can take those chakra centers & move them. And you move them to the left three times & to the right three times & to the left three times & to the right three times. And you can feel them, sometimes they'll move too fast or too slow.

And what you want to do is continue to move them & you may try to consciously move it only three times & it might move five times, which is fine. But you want to concentrate on that chakra center, until it's like a clock pendulum, sort of swings maybe three times to the left & three times to the right. And then when you feel that that's in balance, move down to the next one. That chakra alignment that I did with this woman was probably one of the best experiences that I've ever had. It fully activated me.

Caller Chad: Oh, that's nice. Then you just visualize it, kind of through your mind's eye?

Carrol: Yes, just visualize it through your mind's eye & you will actually physically feel it in your body. I mean you will feel them move.

Caller Chad: Oh that sounds great. I appreciate it.

Carrol: You're welcome.

Deborah: Chad, thank you so much for calling in.

Caller Chad: Thank you so have a wonderful night.

Deborah: Okay, we only have a couple more minutes. What I'm going to do is ask each of you for your website, blog information & we'll semi say goodbye & then do is take another call, cause I think we could stay on another 5-10 minutes after the hour. But I want to make sure that we at least have you share your information & then we'll take another call until we actually get booted.

Hope: My blog is: & that's the place I have up at the moment. We are working on building a new site, but all the information that you can find about me & most specifically about the Fix the World organization is on that blog. You can also reach me at

Deborah: Fabulous....and D?

D: Okay, well the blog is: & one of these days I'll have the money to get off Blogger, cause it sucks, but we're working on it....just saying. My contact email is right there on my main page, so it's We have a very active community who chats all the time, so come on over if anyone would like to chat about these things.

Deborah: Oops, there we go, we just got the 90-second cue. Carrol, you're up.

Carrol: Okay, I'm on Facebook with a wonderful group of people & we chat, I mean a lot. It's called No Holds Barred & you'll find us through Facebook, No Holds Barred, the new one. My email is my name:

Deborah: Excellent...thank you. And this is Deborah Ariel Pietsch. My site You can also get to the Deborah Ariel Pietsch site from there at the About Deb. My email is:

Just as a reminder the will also get you to the site & the information for the activation on 12/12/12. Okay, so, actually I'm getting the cue from the board op we're actually going to get booted out of here.

I really want to thank D, Carrol & Hope for everything you're doing here on the planet. This is an awesome opportunity. I'm so excited that we've done this & I know that we're going to do it again soon. We'll announce that because I think it was just the tip of the iceberg.

I always say to people, remember that we're in this together & the most important relationship that you have is a loving relationship with yourself. Thank you for wherever you are in your journey & we are all here conduits of light and love. So Carrol, D, Hope, thank you so much, with so much love.


  1. Been a month or so since I stumbled upon this site. Nothing here but a lot of I know something but I can't tell and stroking of each other. Just a lot of boring hopium!

    1. New David Wilcock post is out, this is exciting!!!

  2. God Bless the Transcriber! Great job! David's new post is spectacular, especially in light of Neil Keenan's recent and updated video. I invited my neighbors over to watch it this morning!! And, no I haven't seen any postal workers in my neighborhood today - should I be watching for them? YAHOO! This IS exciting!

  3. Ty so much for this awsome job of making the whole record redable - I love it <3 <3 <3
    And ty to you too dear D, for having this wondeful site.
    In my learning period, Ive come across several *Channelers* and bloggers who didnt resonate with my heart and several of this have now been pushed into the light and stript for what theyre really was. At this moment my heart resonate beautifully with youre work here so ty again <3

    I will keep my light up to shine for those who wants to see and are also sending lots of lots of Light & Love to all souls, under - on & above earth <3 <3

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  5. I am always confused with the process of 'manifesting' one's desires, wishes etc. by picturing or asking what you want in life whether it is a healing or material things.

    We are told to visualize or ask what we desire but... there are some who say you may not get what you desire or visualize because it may not be what God, Spirit or Cosmic Intelligence want you to have. It may not be right for you or it may not be the time.

    I find it extremely difficult to have positive thoughts while visualizing what I want because in the back of my mind I am giving out at the same time negative thoughts saying that this may be too selfish or materialistic and Spirit does not want you to have what you visualize because it may not be the right thing or moment to have it.

    This poses a real problem for me every time I hear people say if you want something visualize and/ask what you want. Because immediately when I set out to do this I have thoughts in the back of my head saying 'no, Spirit is not going to allow this because it is probably not for my higher good etc.

    So I end up doing no visualizations or asking because I do not know what Spirit will allow me.

    For example, I have complications in my life and I am now in a house that I want to move out of but I don't see that happening. If I move out it will mean having to move to another country and I really don't want to do that again.

    Or, I want to have a relationship but again it is highly unlikely because my life is too complicated. So if I lie down visualizing a new house or a relationship, this already sounds too selfish and materialistic and my thoughts are telling me that Spirit is probably saying 'no', so I am wasting my time and mental energy going through all of this when it is a 'no' from the beginning.

    It is impossible to lie down visualizing something with positive thoughts when you have negative thoughts in the background telling you that Spirit is not going to allow this because it is probably not for your higher good. And how are you going to know what you can ask for?

    Here at frame 15:50 is Eve Eschner Hogan describing exactly what is wrong when we 'ask' Spirit for something which sounds more like: 'gimme, gimme God, this is what I want'.

    YouTube: 'Letting Spirit guide and manifest itself on Earth & Labyrinths - Eve Hogan‬'

    So, I am confused. By the way, sorry this was not meant to be so lengthy. :)

  6. I forgot to say that I thought the interview was excellent. It was very positive and heart warming. Just what the soul needed to hear.

    I am one of those people who is sick and tired of the corruption among global elites, their agenda to create a one world order and police state, and the control they have over the mainstream media to dish out lies and deception to the masses.

    I hope that there is indeed hope, and what you loving people seem to hint at in the above interview is true.

    I have been to HopeGirl's site - a wonderful overview of all the facts put together from over the years.

    I have myself been researching all of this since 9/11 and HopeGirl has done a good job on putting it all together.

    Always a pleasure to be in a company of courageous and loving beings such as you people here. Peace and Freeedom to you all.


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