Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Questions and the best answers I can give

Yesterday a comment was made on RTS on an article that I have been thinking about all day.  I tried to answer it twice in the comment section, but realized that as more and more comments of a similar nature rolled in, that it was best to put the original question and my replies into an article for everyone to easily access.  And it gives us a space to discuss this topic in one area, instead of spread out among the many articles recently posted here.

The original question/comment is in black and my replies are in blue

Anonymous 11 December 2012 14:15

Me and others like Brando have been worried that nothing much is happening. Here's some valid questions for BTS/RTS and everyone else:

1. Why have we not seen any hard proof by now, yet we are so close to a "golden age?" Also could those prophecies be a hoax?

The cabal has done everything in their power to stop people from waking up: from manipulating the media, creating mind numbing, brainwashing control mechanisims like TV, movies, sports, music, paparazzi snapping pictures of hollywood and rock stars, to drugging us with vaccines, antidepressants, fluoride, gmo, and the promotion of zero nutrient fast foods, to physically blocking our waking with chemtrails, to political, religious and racial brainwashing.  They continue to do everything in their now meagre power to stop the explosion of information and truth. 

Could these prophecies be a hoax?  ALL of them?  No, I just cannot see that.  The back ground to these prophecies, as you call them, is too extensive.  The history, if you care to look deep enough, is too intricate and too ancient.  But do I know this for a fact?  No, I do not.

2. What will be the fate of humanity if nothing happens? Furthermore, could this whole ascension and Mayan prophecy be an elaborate hoax if nothing happens?

The fate of humanity if nothing happens is so dark that I don't care to think about it.  I don't dare to think about it.  As for ascension, I have no absolute answers: I'm not a guru, I'm not in contact with the astral planes or with 4th, 5th or 6th dimensional beings, I'm not privy to the deepest secrets of those that are working for us.  I know what I feel.  I know what intuitively know.  I know what makes sense to me in the thousands of hours of reading and researching that I've done.  I know that the Cabal's fight to stop this from happening stems from more than just financial gain- up until recently they had all the money in the world and all the power..... their fight isn't just to get more money and power- it's to STOP something from happening, something that would release their slaves into freedom.

The Cabals efforts to see into the future and to change the future - a la Montauk, looking glass, Philadelphia experiment etc- is because they KNOW what's coming and are desperate to try  and stop it. 
....THAT speaks volumes to me

3. Have your insiders shown you any proof or are you simply resonating to whatever they tell you? Can you be sure you aren't being fed disinfo?

I have been shown physical proof on occasion, when it's available/allowable.  I cross reference all intel with other sources and do not believe anything unless I can confirm it several times from different sources from very different areas.  Have I been fed bullshit before? Yep, many times.  Have I bought that bullshit?  Yep many times.... which is why I'm extremely cautious and cynical these days.  Can I be SURE I'm not being fed disinfo?  Nope.  but I do everything in my power to try my best to prevent it.

4. Do your insiders and other lightworkers know that if nothing happens, a lot of humanity will call the whole thing a hoax, ridicule you and stop reading your blogs?

Yes we do.  We know that our reputation will be ruined and that everything we've tried to tell people will be considered lies and a hoax.

5. Why are the elites still powerful enough to control humanity just days away from the "golden age?"

It took centuries (if not aeons  for the Cabal to get this powerful, the the fix is not an instantaneous thing.  HUGE things have happened and been accomplished. The bad guys may still pretend to be all-powerful, but it's just a very thin veneer and it's cracking everywhere.  I have thrown tantrums, cussed and sworn, threatened and begged.... but I do not know the timing- the ultimate timing of this unfolding.  THAT is the most closely guarded secret on the planet.

6. How can we help your insiders in the final few days before the deadline to improve the chances of bringing forth an event?

I have asked exactly this same question. the answer I've received is "We'll let you know when the time is right".  Right now the best way to help is to be the Wayshower that you already are.  Help the people who are sleeping to understand what is happening - especially when it suddenly all rolls out and they are left shocked, dazed and confused.  There will be a lot of people who will need serious emotional  help- spiritual help too.  Every lightworker will be needed to help the public.

7. Why do we call those who are remotely negative "trolls?" Don't they have the right to their opinions and beliefs too? Isn't their worries and fear legitimate?

Absolutely they have their right to their opinion, and those that openly discuss their negative ideas, or even worries, are always welcome to discuss their opinions on RTS.  I do not consider them trolls.  But those that come to post over and over "never gonna happen" and disappear without engaging in conversation or dialogue, those people are trolls.  Their comment is posted for one reason only- to get a rise out of others, because they feed on the negativity and attention. Or, they are disinfo agents. Anyone who is lashing out in fear, deserves our attention and our help, not to be ridiculed.

8. Are you worried that nothing will happen?

Yes.  I would be lying if I said never.  I have nights when I lay in bed, unable to sleep as I think and rethink every piece of intel, every piece of information, every word from sources.... I've questioned every source over and over in my mind- what if they are cabal? what if they are disinformationists? what if they really are just making it all up?  The thought that it's all a pipe dream scares me shitless occasionally.... when I'm depressed because yet another "deadline" has gone by and another threat hasn't come to fruition, another event hasn't  taken place.  That's human.  But the other 99% of the time, I know it will happen.

Thanks for your time, everyone. I have been worrying for months now, but recently just started growing numb. I don't know what to think any more. I keep reading more and more interesting rumours  but yet I see no hard proof of anything happening. Now I am hearing there will be some sort of "event" on(or just before) 12/21/12. I really hope this happens, but I don't feel optimistic any more and am looking for answers what's really going on and if things have taken a turn for the worse with all those delays. We all feel numb sometimes and the questioning and depression I think is normal, considering what we humans have gone through for the past centuries.

Proof of arrests, and massive changes- both political and financial - will come when the time is right.  I sure as hell wish I knew WHEN they plan on rolling it out.  But I don't, and neither does anyone else- we can make intelligent and intuitive guesses, we can do our best to sift through the intel to see what's really happening and when. ... but we don't know.

Personally, I do not hang my hat on the December 21, 2012 date.  I do not think that something abruptly and shockingly will "happen".  I hope it does!  But I think that the golden age of enlightenment will be a gradual wakening for the masses. That's just my opinion though, and like I said, I'm no guru nor am I even remotely beyond the 3D reality of which we're part of.  I am just me, doing whatever I can to help.


  1. I appreciate your honest answers to that person's questions because many of us share similar concerns.

    One thing I never read anyone comment on is this: you can't blame the whole damn mess on the cabal. When does personal responsibility enter the equation? Believe me, many, many sheeple are happily asleep and DO NOT want any of us to come along and wake them from their slumber. So, in that respect--and these sheeple are really the vast majority, let's face it--are we not getting the government (and cabal) we deserve?

    1. To some extent, maybe, yes. However, is it wrong to love peace and be somewhat innocent about evil? Most don't see the evil of the "cabal" because it is beyond what we might imagine. I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing. Taking advantage of that innocence and desire for peace, yes, that is evil.

      I think sometimes about the days before I knew what I know now. I was happy; I had fun--not that I never do now, but I rarely forget the shadow lurking in the background.

      I look back over my life. Who were the infiltrators into groups of people I loved? Were they intentional? Did they know they were there to promote evil and undermine liberty and truth? It's tough to blame people who don't want to examine their lives, friends and acquaintances in this way.

      Aren't the struggles of building a family and making a living enough? Must we also look under every rock for a plot to deceive and ruin us, making us impotent, sick slaves?

      Of course the answer is yes, we must be ever vigilant, and Thomas Jefferson told us so a few generations ago. But I have no blame of or anger toward those who are not vigilant and who choose not to see.

      Trust, overall, in most circumstances, is a good thing. All the sheep have done is trust. Acknowledgment of betrayal is one of the most difficult emotional hurdles. It takes time and LOTS of evidence--and, if possible, an atmosphere where a person feels safe.

      I feel a responsibility to continue to present evidence, to beat a drum; to be reasonable, peaceful and [mostly] gentle, chipping away at the layers of lies.

      Yesterday I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for awhile. She has woken up and become aware of the social engineers--without my help. People wake up every day.

      One additional note: being divided among ourselves, criticizing others who are making an effort to wake people up, is dragging the old paradigm of duality along with us into the new that requires love and unity. I hope we can quickly learn to agree together--or at least not argue over irrelevant / insignificant issues.

    2. I have always believed that there are way way more good people in the world than bad. I think the reason some of us find it hard to believe that cabal-backed governments would do the things they have done to us is because we ourselves would never dream of being so wicked. When we realise what's been happening to us and whose done it, it comes as a great shock and leaves us painfully disorientated for a while.

      It is tempting to dive in feet first and bombard our family and friends with every darned thing that's been done to us ~ the giant net that encompassed every aspect of our lives ~ but we have to resist the urge. I did a kind of analysis of each person in my life to see the best way to sow the seeds. One that seemed to be most effective was to ask "if so much money is being put into cancer research, why are more people suffering from it than ever before?" I was surprised how many said they'd been thinking about that recently too and conversations went on from there.

      Whether we will have time for a softly softly approach remains to be seen. I hold my hand up here and confess that sometimes I wish there was a thunderbolt or something for a simultaneous awakening so we could just get on with it!!! lol! People will wake up when its their time, I think.

      Sine Nomine

    3. to my anonymous friend Sine Nomine- what's the expression? "Walk softly and carry a big stick" we walk softly around friends and family who slumber, yet the big stick can be used to give a little poke, instead of bashing them over the head over and over.

  2. My point is not to blame others for not being awake to the cabal, that is totally understandable. What I am speaking of is how many still want war, they want firm control in their society, they admire and aspire to the ruling class, etc. In other words, people are getting exactly what they are asking for. As long as this mentality exists (and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere quickly) there will always be a cabal there to acommodate.

    1. Very good and to the point. People want the competition, they want the ladder to climb over others. But..... Is it because 90% of humanity dont want change? Or is it that they have been tricked into allowing themselves to be disgustingly programmed into the way they are. True Im sure there are many that given the chance to awaken would not change, but how many would? Thats what we need to find out. Thats the chance they need to be given.

  3. Nothing will happen.

    1. SOMETHING will always happen.
      CHANGE is inevitable.
      Look how far man has come...

    2. Anon 14:10....

      You have stated your 3 word opinion in each post in the same provocative and inspiring manner each time. I tip my hat to you sir! But honestly bro your gonna have to come alot more correct then that if you are going to effect the energy and direction of the people on this blog. O and I still love you!

    3. I am not trying to "effect the energy and direction of the people on this blog". Why do you believe that I am?

      I care not what you believe. It has nothing to do with me. You are on your own, as am I. What could be better than that?

    4. Anon 15:40 then why do you feel the compunction to keep repeating the same three words? What is your motivation? It seems you are trying to convince yourself, not us.
      Sending three words back to you, lots of love.

      Sine Nomine

  4. D,

    About this "update" that you've been asked not to give just yet. Is it just another update or is it information that will coincide with the major event we're all waiting for and should only be made public when the veil is about to be removed or as it's being removed?

    1. She cant tell, its a secret. So sit back close your eyes and dream of the update you always wanted. Then send it out into the universe and forget about it. The universe always sends back what you give to it.

      Just a little example of this..... When me and my GF had our first child it was a boy. People always asked if we wanted another and if we wanted a girl. We always stated out intentions that we wanted a girl and we wanted her to be 2 years apart from our son. We have not been trying or even wanting another child at this point in our life but low and behold my GF is pregnant and for the time of conception this baby will be born within 2 weeks of my sons 2nd birthday.

    2. Its all about setting your intentions and then letting them go with love. Dont hold onto things and bottle them up inside. They arent doing you any good in there. Release everything except the light and love hold true to it and it will hold true to you!

    3. You can do this with any negative emotions you have as well but I promise the universe wont send them back to you if you let them go!

    4. D,

      Just need a little clarifying about the first announcement or whatever comes first.
      Are they telling you all that you will be able to give us a little 'heads up' or not?

    5. I am waiting to give the big update my friends. just waiting to be allowed to spill the beans. I doubt I'll be allowed to give any details prior to, but hoping to give a lot of information at the time it happens. I'm negotiating to be able to give background information, because the first announcements will be rather kindergarden for this group and for most light workers, so I'm hoping to be able to give deeper information- more meat and potatoes, less broth ;>)

    6. Thanks D,

      Obviously you agreed to come and stand in the gap for us, helping us to hold on. You are doing an awesome job. Thank you with all of my heart :)

      At this point and time, like many others, my heart is full. Allow me to vent a little and if you would, answer what you can.

      I consider you and the other website/blog owners to be on the 'Earth's Allies' ground team, helping to get things off the ground and running. Can't wait to meet and hug all of you!

      Watching things for a while now, I'm trying to get a perspective as to why things keep getting pushed back.

      Why is the Cabal being allowed to hold things up? We were supposed to have the entire year (as many said), but it's gone. Now it looks like being in the hospital is reason to NOT get picked up. Pick them up and give them special doctors. I'm sure they have them already. They are just stalling!! Why are they being allowed to?????

      Don't get me wrong, I am totally excited about the Ascension but it would be nice to enjoy SOME of 3D as a free planet. In 5D we will have everything but a little of 3D would mean the world.

      A little while back you mentioned that the people who signed up for that last Prosperity Package were 'lucky dogs' as you termed them. Can you say anything about why you said that? And what about the other Prosperity funds that should have been circulating?

      I live in a big city and every time I go out I see homeless people, lots of them. I give what I can when I can but it breaks my heart to see them rummaging through trash for food, etc.

      5D won't have homeless people but 3D has mega homeless people not to mention those from Sandy and even around the world starving, homeless, sick. We all know what's needed. We need all that is coming like YESTERDAY!

      What are they trying to get so 'perfect'? Things won't be perfect until WE make them perfect in 5D. If we are given what belongs to us, we can do the rest.

      It would seem to me that if we had them, the vibrations around the world would be lifted up so much that Ascension would be most phenomenal.

      I'm just 'sayin.

    7. my friend- I have asked this question over and over: "Why is the Cabal being allowed to hold things up?". I haven't yet received an answer yet that I accept or resonate with. many times all I get is silence.

      Now.... I could be completely wrong but this is my deepest feeling on this: I feel that we are waiting for something. Something that is not in the control of the little asian lady, or the blonde french lady or the guy in the strangely shaped office (maybe). It feels like groups are pushing it through, and yet something is holding it back, but even though I hear all sorts of intel about it and about what's happening... I still feel that a piece of the puzzle is missing to all of this. I'm waiting to see that piece, because I'm damn sure it's there and I just can't see it yet.

      as for the prosperity funds..... doorbells are being rung. Those that signed up through the email, will most likely be going out in the second wave.
      ...and I just said way too much.

    8. Au contraire my friend, you said just enough!!

      Thank you:)

  5. "Now I am hearing there will be some sort of "event" on(or just before) 12/21/12."

    The event could simply be a drastic shift in the energies that make up our collective consciousness. I have been feeling them for some time now. There was a big shift today during the global meditation for 12-12-12. But people that are not sensitive to this will most likely feel nothing. I for one know that if there isnt some huge physical event that the hole planet witnesses on or before Dec 21 I will not be disappointed. I will carry on holding the light in my heart and doing my work as we delve forwrd into this amazing adventure. And trust me it is an amazing adventure and excitment IS somewhere around the corner!

  6. I can not believe what I have experienced over my lifetime is the way life is supposed to be.....and my life has been better than average...I can not and will not give up on humanity....I have seen so many good things humanity is capable of....too bad MSM, TV, papers focus on the negative...cause we are better than that....

    I say something is going to happen because I have felt all my life that this is not the way things are supposed to be...I could never put my finger on it til recently....but I always felt there was more....had to be just feels nothing I have ever felt before....

    @ BTS...I think we will have 3 days of light or dark depending on where you are....this alone will shake up everybody....

    1. This is when us wayshowers will be at our most needed moment. A time we can finally step and and help as many as we can understand what is happening. I for one am ready to throw one hell of a 3 day block party in the light or darkness if it actually happens.

    2. Totally agree with you Brando. I was thinking that in a sense it almost doesn't matter what the Event actually turns out to be. The point is whenever whatever it is happens I suspect the generally awakened ones will get over the initial shock very quickly - it's kind of what we've been expecting for awhile haven't we?. That's when we'll need to come into our own and have our work cut out helping those around us, whether it be family, friends or strangers. I think it will also be a time when we need to let go of everything, particularly our egos, dig deep into to find all our strengths, meditate often and be able to remain centred amongst any transitional chaos that might ensue.

    3. The Maya say that there will be an 8 minute window of energy from the Galactic Center (God) beaming straight down on earth. The beam of energy wil be from the Southern United States to Approximately Guatemala. The Pyramids built by the Maya and other civilizations will anchor the energy to earth. Without them there would only be 8 minutes of enlightenment. The pole shift of earth is a naturally occurring consequence of the alignment. The gravitational pull shifts earth upright.There will be earthquakes and volcanic activity as the earths crust adjusts. She has been revolving at an angle from a meteor impact long ago. We will not be without the sun or anything like that. The catastrophic predictions will not come to pass as a result of the awakening of humanity and the light quota present now. We lightworkers, Starseeds, and Wayshowers have far exceeded the expectations of heaven. Congratulations are in order! Ascension will not be a one day event. My assessment as a result of thousands of hours of research is that it will be an opportunity no one will miss. We might not all make the shift at the same time. We lightworkers have all at one time or another experienced a like event on another world at another time. We descended from higher realms to assist in this process. I don't think our experience is going to be as monumental as the rest of humanity. We can not ascend and assist at the same time. The process of ascension will render us useless, as it is all encompassing. We are the ones who will remain to guide those who need help. Our task will be completed when everyone has ascended. I think that the prosperity is for those who aren't ready to go and the guides remaining behind to assist them. With that prosperity everyone will at least truly be able to focus on the inner work and not worry about basic survival. That allows what would be suffering and hardship to become a joyful labor of love.

    4. One more thing I want to make clear, by feeding into the false reality created by the cabal we have been the co-creators of what we are experiencing. Your belief system and thoughts create your experience. We are all still speaking, behaving like we are being victimized. That belief is what is manifesting this current drama. Get it? We are the authors of our experience. Be aware of what you think. If you are thinking negative thoughts, follow them with a positive one. BE AWARE that you CAN control what your mind thinks. Be an active participant in joyful thoughts, smile at strangers, seize an opportunity to be a servant of the light.

  7. All I know is I am sick and tired of the secrecy,enough allready!!!!!!!!! (not directed to you BTS, you really don't know the truth for sure,either)
    What ever is going to happen, It better include the truth.

  8. I think 3 days of light or darkness would qualify as an "Event" BRING IT ON BABY!

  9. Quick survey - have you noticed a drastic decrease in chem trailing the last few days? Here in Kansas City, we have had beautiful blue skies the last 2 days - absolutely no chem trailing! Previously, we could play checkers in the sky, it was so ridiculous. I'm wondering if they gave up and figured that they can't stop whatever it is they have been trying to stop?

    1. Nope. It was pretty bad at one point in Denver today. Around 10 am to noon or so, it was especially bad. One plane after another, after another -- they created a bank of clouds in the S-SSW that seemed to follow the sun's trajectory. Just as I thought maybe it had stopped, I watched another stripe along.

      Par for the course over Denver. No way has it stopped here.

    2. I was thinking the same thing! For the last two days I have not seen even one chemtrail, and this after continually pointing them out to people for the last few weeks to try to wake them up!

    3. Lots of chemtrails here in San Diego today.

    4. My part of the SC skies looks like a new kind of experiment with scud and banks of clouds with jagged edges. Oppressive atmosphere.

    5. it's been so overcast here for the past 5 days, that I couldn't' spot a chemtrail if I tried.

  10. Thank you BTS for this honest 'full disclosure' and background. Very much appreciated!

    You have a somewhat unique voice in this tiny corner of the internet, in that you present information without implying false certainty. You also admit that you can be mistaken, even potentially wrong. This sets you apart, speaking for myself, from at least 90% of what I read elsewhere.

    I do look forward to learning more about you after The Event transpires, and find out more about how you got where you are and how you managed the difficult gap between what information has been entrusted to you, and what tiny part of that you can share here.

    To me, the fact that you can express human fear and uncertainty about these matters openly and transparently here helps me trust you that much more. I have seen so many well-intentioned individuals line up behind channeled entities and supposed authorities about NESARA, et al., and, time and time again, hand away their power, their center, and their vision so as to be soothed by the knowing tone of one's perhaps more blind than themselves.

    The difficulty in engaging these themes with any kind of seriousness is, I think, in straddling the uncomfortable principle of philosophical uncertainty, and staying in the saddle the entire ride. Terrence McKenna suggested that in our uncertainty hides the secret of our transparency before the truth. He suggested that although we have good reason to ponder 12/21/12 as a significant marker in time, there is a vast difference between being open, yet unknowing, about that date, versus taking on a belief about it that is not grounded in our own direct, immediate and visceral living experience.

    In other words, McKenna suggested that being uncertain is the closest the mind can get to enacting reality as it is -- so vast, deep and alive is it.

    I have found much consolation in this notion. By remaining uncertain and unknowing, I am most open to all possibilities. In this way, I can bypass flat belief systems and cheap channeled fortunes and catch the cosmic swing hiding in the tick of time, and take the ride with my whole being and my whole body, not one cell diminished by second-hand rumor, doublespeak, disinfo, and all the rest.

    That all said, my dreams over the decades have convinced me at heart that this grand story we are following now is neither fiction nor false, but more real than perhaps anyone can possibly imagine.

    Once the damn breaks and the flood of truth hits, we'll all know together at once. In the meantime, cognitively, uncertainty remains the mind's best friend.

  11. We've gone lifetimes to get to this, the 12-12-12. An extra week or month is well within our capabilities. Let's just hang in there. The wine will be ready to drink one day, maybe ''soon' -- but not the day before.

  12. Cabal are allowed to be here. Sheeple are allowed to be here. You are allowed to be here. Don't wake them and they won't tell you to go back to sleep.

    Each of us has a task. We see others performing one; we wonder what is ours. Maybe it's to be aware, or forgiving, or to apply something you've learned, or learn a lesson that keeps presenting itself to you.

    I have learned a lot; applied a lot. Realities intersect like weather. I see clear skys and puffy clouds. Someone somewhere else sees rain and fog and thunderstorms. Both realities are real for each observer, and occurring at the same time.

    I read someone say nothing will happen; in their power, they can create nothing happening. I read someone excited about the changes they see and feel; in their power they will/are experience(ing) the changes they are excited about.

    RTS will not ring true for both parties. What RTS is excited about will resonate with those that share that excitement. Others will bash and go away creating nothing, seeing nothing. Why disappoint them from their expectations.
    Universe gives YOU what YOU desire. At least learn that from this awakening.

    I have done things to remove the shackles. I am free. My freedom is being suppressed. I went back to the beginning. What did others did to free their selves? The people on the Amistad boat (there is a movie). They were free and captured and treated as someone's property. They could not speak the language, but when they did, in a court of law, they were able to speak their demands. Give us, us free. Give us. us free. That was a demand from a freeman. A free man. Free is a very powerful word and court is not looking to free, it's looking to see who will carry a charge. Those people made it known, they were not a party to the charges. They wanted their free back. (I know freedom, but the word was free).

    The system in the United States had slavery at that time. The corporations and plantations (businesses) profited from the work of those they had bound by the letter 'X' signed on the paper when they could not read what they had been forced to signed.

    The information pours from their system. It says, "We are treating you like slaves. We make you work for less than your worth." Yet people look for the other man or woman to run away into an underground railroad and tell them how to get out.

    Many groups have people are seeking their own escape from the oppressors.
    Only One with the Desire and the Will can free the rest of us like Christ did.
    It will be a selfless act, not for fame nor money but for the Right to Life. (not talking about abortion either) Some are waiting on someone to be born named Jesus Christ. They will be waiting a long time.
    The One that can and will release the rest will not return the same way as before.

    Elite/Cabal/Illuminati they have the money (not their money), the power (by deception) and they would like to keep us from figuring out how to be free (too late).

    What's happening now is the unwinding. They have to give back the money. Derivatives have to unwind. They can't just use credit and eat at the best places, travel to the best destinations, and be entertained and served with the best energy of the people around them vying for their 'credit'.

    The articles...talking about wages...economic divide....poor paying taxes, wealthy filing deductions and exemptions....bonuses paid while employees apply for welfare...the very entitlement they are trying to reduce...Walmart knows their employees need public assistance in section 8 housing, food stamps, and public medical care and free school lunches, and they know their employees get paid by them and spend that money back in their stores (only place they can afford to shop) so paychecks become their profits. How many Walmart shoppers here supporting that?
    What we do creates the future we want to see. If we support oppressive systems and see no change and do nothing to change, we will get what we desire by what we do.

    1. Peace, & Thanks for this ^^^reminder^^^
      ...exercising our freewill is always available, even if we sometimes relegate it to being the last matter how WE (individually AND collectively) got "here" due to what "others" have chosen for us, "they" no longer have the ability to keep US frozen in place...the choice of what to do about it is decided the person who accepts that...said person changes his/her self, which changes the relationships they have with others, which changes others, & the momentum continues to Build until...

      if "something is going to happen" from today thru 12/21, on 12/21, 12/22, any day now, 2013, 2014.., it's up to US (individually AND collectively) to make "it" happen, by their own unique contribution...again, thanks for reminding me & others of the above...
      Good night @LL!

  13. This is how I look at it, so it's just my belief and not some philoshophy I'm trying to promote. At the end of the day, no matter what happens externally, it all boils down to what Nikola Tesla calls The Secret of the Universe - Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Our beautiful Planet is ascending into a higher dimensional existence, with or without us. We have been under the control of the Dark only because our vibrations (low) allowed their existence. In a higher vibratory reality, the Dark cannot exist. So when Mother Earth transitions into 5D, it will be free of Dark energies.

    We can transition along with her, but only if we match her new vibrations. At the end of the day, for me, this is what matters. We tend to forget that this is a spiritual event. We need to raise our own vibrations and make this Shift along with our Planet.

    1. Me again, sorry :) I just finished watching this beautiful video with matching message. I hope it's beneficial to your readers.

  14. Appreciate your candor D (and your BS detector as related to other matters a few weeks ago).

    The truth is no one knows what will happen and when - it's all pure speculation. Due to disappointment re deadlines that come and go I've pared down my blog reading considerably. It's helped. That said, I don't think many will blame those of you who blog about these changing times if nothing dramatic happens in a few weeks. We've all been there with you ~ hoping against hope this time indeed portends great and beneficial change or we wouldn't be reading your blog and others like it.

    And as much as I want amazing and thrilling things to happen and happen quickly on or after the 21st, realistically I also share the belief that any changes that take place will happen over the long term. As such, I plan to continue self-medicating with chocolate for the foreseeable future. . . :)

    1. Anon 23:36 I agree with your sentiments re RTS (and the choccie!!!) lol! I appreciate her honesty in not pretending to know everything and I appreciate the fact she is willing to point out the inconsistencies and bull shine elsewhere and admit she's got it wrong or been duped sometimes.

      I've also cut down my blog reading to the bare bones. No time for fear-porn and mumbo-jumbo as I'm too busy in the now.

      Sine Nomine

    2. chocolate makes the world go round..... oh and coffee.

      thank you my friends- I will continue as I have deciphering the crap from the roses and bringing you what I find out.

  15. this questions are the ones I have too, and maybe it does not change over night, I know for sure things are not right in this world, and would be very sad if no changes for the better happen, at least we know and we are awake,bey from holland

    1. Yes my awake dutch friend :>)

      (ps: I love the Nederlands! but haven't been there in years)


  16. It is great to see so many dreaming about freedom and a harmonious society. This is the first step towards materialization of those concepts.

    Doubt about change is normal. Don' t worry about that. Just dream on and the dream will materialize. The more that dream, the faster it wil materialize. Basic natural law....

    1. erik...I think you have it right...we need to spend our time in pleasant thoughts...don't give the dark cabal our energy...we know all we need to know about them and their horrible plans for us...we get the picture, they ahve poisoned our air, food, water, vaccines, bioweapon virus' and are even terraforming the planet to suit themsleves with less oxygen and more desert....WHAT WE NEED TO DO NOW is concentrate on the change we want for ourselves and earth...meditate on peace, visualize abundance of good nutritious food and the planet;s good health restored, imagine a world without controlling governments..etc., etc. and it is this change in mass consiousness that will usher in the Golden Age....and most of all, give up on these phony timelines and promises of mass arrests etc.,the universe does not work on these timelines that we know....the cable - each and everyone is a hideous, dark mass of bad energy and despite their stolen wealth and power they are also prisoners of their own dark energy...don't spend time thinking about them or revenge....think about WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE MANIFEST on this planet and it will be...........

  17. Philavox!! How eloquently put!! and consistent with bloggers here I have cut my reading down to just a few. I think I may also be in line with many that after the 21st I will change direction once again. I think due to BTS honesty and down to earth efforts this may the only connection I will have left. It really won't change who I am save that I will have lost faith in most any fore teller of events.

  18. BTS, Thank you for your honest answers.I have a question...who is top Cabal? Jesuits? Vatican? Other?

    1. It is the Committee of 300 with the Queen of England as it's Director. Everything else is an offshoot of it.

  19. So appreciating your candor, BTS...♥!

  20. How Batman Massacre James Holmes was Programmed to Assassinate

  21. Many people are coming to a realization of where they have been just as evil as the Cabal, or in some cases more evil still.

    When they fully take recognition of this fact, including the depth of depravity in wanting "all or nothing".....that is when the rest of the dominoes tumble.

    1. You have to be ready and able to face your fears before you take a look at the dark side of our world.

      It is only after you take responsibility of your own reality and manage to forgive yourself and others that you finally begin to really awaken.

      For me, when I passed through this layer of pure negative energy, me and my hole family became sick, like if we were all poisoned. It was very fast and intense. The worst for me was to brake away from my hidden beliefs of weakness from outside influence and realize my own power over it and those around me. I was prepared enough because I had a solid understanding of myself and the world around me in terms of the spirituality and without it, I would have fallen into despair and pure paranoia at a much deeper level.

      So, my belief is that the "sheeple" that most people are blaming are not this way out of choice. They are those who are the most vulnerable and their awakening as to be done slowly and personally for that very reason. Forcing it on someone is simply not a good idea in my opinion as it would do more harm than good and this goes on a personal and on a collective level.

      I personally believe in the collective power to generate natural events such as storms, earthquakes and the like or the power to facilitate the actions of individuals upon specific actions such as world domination for instance. So, imagine too much people falling in that layer of fear and despair all at the same time, feeding the negative ambitions of those power hungry fools and also imagine those getting mad in response. What kind of calamities would begin to happen if too many people would wish for revenge and justice on groups of people they think is responsible!?

      The best thing for us right now I think is a slow and gradual replacement of this darkness and this is a job for those placed in those positions. For those of us who are away from the action we have to work on ourselves instead of others and the rest will change with us as we show the example. We have to take responsibility for our actions and realize our power to choose what we accept in our lives, this is the real vote given to every living being.

      We have to believe in the power of kindness such as the simplest thing as a sincere smile making all the difference in the world around us. The biggest thing for me was my profound disappointment in humanity. I was ashamed to be a human being! But now, after finally confronting my strongest fears and awakening to a deeper level of understanding of my life. I finally realize my part in it, the personal test it represents and how much it was needed for my growth. Everything happens for a reason and no one as control over another without their approval. This is the soul contract I believe, the things we chose to live in order to pay for what we think we did wrong previously. The key is called forgive as you finally manage the release yourself from your imaginary shackles and manage to understand the true meaning of love.

      So, after all this, my reply as why nothing seems to happen:

      It is because it has already been happening since a long time. The changes are gradual as we all change gradually in a personal level as well. Some kind of turning point should be possible at some point for a massive and positive disclosure but only when all the people responsible is taken away, making the grieving process much less dangerous.

      This is only my opinion however, but for me it is what i see in my reality.

  22. For what it's worth, here is my perspective on a few of these questions. Humanity was robbed of 10 years worth of gradual adjustment and growth toward the 12/21/2012 Ascension date. They Cabal was supposed to step down and return to the light. They are of the light and agreed to live a lifetime of darkness to allow for the balancing of Karma of many people. This whole Ascension process is nothing that has ever happened before, EVER. There is nothing to compare the experience to as this is a 1 shot deal. No one knows exactly what will happen. I do know that time frames have been jacked up and literally hijacked so that now, we have 3 timelines converging together to zero point (or original timeline) on 12/21/2012. Because of the loss of the necessary 10 years of adjustment time, things are not unfolding smoothly, there have been last minute contingencies to events that were not supposed to happen. Our liberators are literally making it up as they go along. There is no script. The only absolute is how dangerous it is to corner someone when they are scared (not to mention uber wealthy). A perk humanity received as a result of the refusal of the Cabal to step down has been the intervention and assistance from other civilized worlds beyond earth. We have Galactic help, LOTS of it. If there was not so much fear in the general population they would have shown themselves already. World Governments are VERY AWARE of their existence. It is only the common folk like you and I that have been kept in the dark. So know that the Cabal (Corrupt Government) has been confronted by them. Also of importance is that the Maya still live and are actively assisting preparations for 12/21. There is a Maya website with terrific info and video of the Mayan explanation of what will happen. I strongly suggest that you take the time to watch the video posted there. It explains a lot. One more thing I want to mention is the shooting in Connecticut. It is not what it seems, it was staged. When you watch TV and get enraged by what you see, you are working against the light. You are doing EXACTLY what the Cabal wants you to do. All extremely violent seemingly random events are anything but random. They are carefully orchestrated by the bad guys to get you to live in fear. Fuck That! Disconnect yourself from hate and anger and send the victims unconditional love. Love is all there is, was and ever will be. Remember that.

    1. Excellent post Kathy, one question though. Where did you learn about how we were robbed of 10 years of adjustment for 12/21/12? I'd be interested to read up on that if there is any good source of information on that. Being a big fan of Sci-Fi, it's hilarious how often the media tries to portray aliens as scary, destructive, and malevolent. Granted there of course are negative ET's, but there is always a balance between dark and light which is seriously skewed in Sci-Fi. Also, have you ever heard of Sheldan Nidle? He's a channeler for a benevolent race of ET's and the message resonates well with me. Just was curious on your thoughts about him. Thank you, looking forward to the changes coming to our world in the near future!

    2. Funny you should ask that Lateralus, Sheldon Nidle resonates with me as well as a few others. I can't off the top of my head remember exactly where I read the 10 yrs at the moment but it will come to me. I have done an immense amount of research over the course of my life. I will say it was someone with an impeccable reputation. Great, now this is gonna drive me nuts! The harder I think about it, the more elusive it gets. Check back here tomorrow most likely I will have remembered by then. BTW I have a sneaking suspicion that I am a Pleaidian Starseed. Everything I gravitate to and resonate with indicates this. I found it a relief to know there was a reason for my weirdness and I was not insane LOL.

    3. Still cant remember exactly but I am thinking it was something written by David Wilcock.

  23. Here is another piece to the puzzle. Geno worked very close with the White Hats, particularty the signatory of the Global Settlement, 47 Trillion Dollars. I used to read his comments at the White Hats Report site; however, Geno no longer writes on behalf of the White Hats because Geno’s value for the “truth” and that of the White Hats are not compatible. Geno has done an extensive research on Ashkenazi, and I find what he says educational.

    "Geno KalmesNovember 28, 2012 1:51 PM

    GK11/28/2012 10:57am
    We didn't give the money to China. China had quadrillionaire ancient families dating back thousands of years who have real gold wealth and every other precious metal known to man. Their fortunes are in statues and art made of solid gold that dates back as far and whose intrinsic value cannot be measured. When will you people grasp the fact that fiat paper currencies have no value? This is why the RV is being delayed because you cannot have sudden wealth by declaring a paper currency valuable over night. It has to be backed by true wealth and that is why China may back this effort.

    Mike 11/28/2012 11:52am
    Just for the record...The US gives China millions of dollars every year for "humanitarian reasons". This is ironic considering how much the US borrows from them don't you think?

    What I state is fact. Paper currency and all the shifting around of it for "humanitarian" causes is the shell game of fiat worthless debt based currency... They make products in sweat shops that we buy with our paper currency.... all this does is perpetuate the illusion of a viable economy... we haven't had one since 1913. If the income tax taxes human labor, we don't own our own labor. That is slavery. If a bank can take your home over property taxes, we don't own property...The state does.

    The plan of Agenda 21 is no private property and toll roads and all health care decisions decided by "the state" which includes forced vaccinations. What we face is the final screws on totalitarian government and the debt based system got us into this bottomless pit, and it's way less than 1% who have the keys to this cage.

    This fiat currency of the dinar if revalued will perpetuate the fiat system right when the Fed charter was up and as the world has finally begun to figure out the USURY that enslaves us all... The fiat counterfeiters will gladly extend this brief period of paper prosperity as long as we sign all their new agreements. China, has the power to really throw them a knuckle curveball... Setting them back decades. This is the true reason we are not seeing the RV... China and the countries of the world with the sense to insist on gold and commodity backed currency, simultaneously removing the reigns of power from the sociopaths who ran our country and the world into the ground for the last hundred years could result in a golden age of true freedom and prosperity... But again, the old claws do not want to let go. People need to look into the Rothschild control of debt based banking to understand this is a USURY system. If they print the money and loan it to the bank who loans it to us what that is is no different than a payday loan. Ever try to catch up with a payday loan? Jefferson and the Federalists understood that banking needed to be servant to industry not the emperor to industry... to facilitate the free flow of enterprise like a road to travel on...

    Every time I hear anyone say that the RV is the solution to wealth I cringe at the lack of understanding. And if you want to really know who hates the idea of a prosperous Iraq... Think about it. Who in the middle east wants total control of the middle east let alone all of banking?"


    1. Also according to Geno, Christine Lagarde represents Rothschild while some says she represents the White Dragon Society. In my humble opinion, IMF, WDS and Rothschild are one and the same. If we the people want to be set free, we need to rely on ourselves, not the external forces which means what we actually do outside of the Internet.

  24. Rothschild isn't as much a sociopath anymore as he is a sociopathic child.

    He has never grown up out of his delusions that fiat based currency is the only answer. Despite industrial metal now valuing in at over ten times the amount..

    He desires the Dinar to be backed by paper for another example, for no other reason than to excise taxes off it. All of these absurd dreams are going away, no fiat currency ever lasts and is the playing card of crooks...


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