Tuesday 25 December 2012

Shift is Happening: 12/21/12 show Transcript

Merry HO HO HO everyone!!  One of my presents today was to receive this amazing transcript of the Blogtalk radio show Deb, Carrol, Hope, Sherrie and I did on Friday Dec 21,2012, from my merry friend (who is stupendously AWESOME!!)

I am going to be writing an article- tonight? tomorrow? .... depends if I can find a closet to hide in for a while- to talk about something that has been, for me, really amazing and slightly overwhelming.  And that is this newest energy that has been saturating us for the last little while.  

For the past few days I've been talking to friends about what we've been feeling and seeing and experiencing, especially since Friday.  In talking to others, we've come to realize that we all have some symptoms, if you will, that are the same, yet we hadn't associated them with the influx of energy until we spoke.  I figure, if I'm going through this, and other friends are going through this, then it stands to reason that many of you probably are too.  So let's talk about it!

I've also spoken to Deb and the other Gal Pals, lol, and I am hoping we can get together very soon to do a radio show on this topic- get everyone involved in discussing the effects of the energies and having people call in so we can all talk about this together!  I'll let you know as soon as we finalize the arrangements.

For now, here is the transcript of the 12/21/12 show.


Wake Up-Shift is Happening
12/21/12 Gal Pals Roundtable - Mass Consciousness

Deborah: Welcome back to Wake Up, Shift is Happening. This is Deborah Ariel Pietsch. Today is none other than December 21, 2012...a very auspicious, a very powerful, a very well-known date  that has been put out for quite some time in regards to the ending of the Mayan calendar, the ending of many cycles & the beginning of new cycles of light & more transparency of truth on the planet & anything that is falling in alignment with new beginnings from the old paradigm as we move into the new paradigm.

There is so much for us to be chatting about today. Before we go into the activation that is at the end of this broadcast, I am very blessed & honored to be joined by three, actually four because we have Sherri behind the scenes, three incredibly powerful women, four incredibly powerful women. I’ve been calling them the Power of Light Gal Pals, so we’ll be joined again today with Hopegirl of Fix the World project, Carrol who is none other than the Facebook No Holds Barred & D, who is among many things & who has a whole tribe of children around her today, with the Removing the Shackles blog.

Carrol: Hello everyone, Happy Ascension Day.

D: Hi, everyone. It’s great to hear you all again & see you all again.

Deborah: So, we have a very interesting show that we are going to be bringing forth to everyone. Also, we’re going to note that we are so in the flow & being so organic with everything, that if D needs to jump off the line for a bit because she needs to attend to one of the children in her world at this time, that she’s going to do that.

Anything that we’re now bringing forth, that we’re really about being transparent, being honest, being really organic about how we are in flow. That is one of the things that as these energies have intensified, that that is one of the things, one of the aspects of this new paradigm that many of us are being called to take a look at, to be open to & to be willing to be forgiving, to be compassionate & not hold people so much to the fire, as they are up & down with all this energy.   When I say hold people to the fire, is really giving people the space to be in whatever their truth is in that moment.

This actually just came up this morning, earlier today. D, we’re gonna just dive right into this conversation. Because you have some trepidation & some concerns, which almost had you bow out of participating today. As soon as we started talking about it, I really got very clear that this was part of what was meant to be part of our conversation for today’s show.
I would just like to open that up for you to share from your own perspective what your concerns were & are, etc, so that we can just really open the field up.

Before you do, the one thing I’m going to say & to preface as we move into this conversation, is that the intention of the five of us is that we are creating & have created a safe space for people to share, to lovingly share their truth, where there is no judgment, there is no projection. We are creating an opportunity for people to even transmute & neutralize any of their triggers, old paradigms, dogma, potentially programs, etc, whatever is in divine, highest truth & good. So that you as the listener, your highest good, is brought into this situation.

I am here to bring forth experiential, transformational media & that possibly you can actually have a shift from your own experience & your perspective. So as we move into this conversation,  which could get kind of heated at times because there’s a lot of potential triggers here, that you know where our intention is. I don’t want to speak for everybody, but at this moment I am speaking for us in setting that intention & then each of you can share your thoughts & wisdoms in regards to that.

So just to get this party started, D, would you share where your trepidations & concerns were & we’ll go from there.

D: Hi, everyone. Deb, I would love to. I had a long conversation this morning with both Deb & Hope, because I did have trepidations about the show. That derived from the use of...& if you’ve already been on the RTS site this morning, I touched on it a little bit...the word Christ Consciousness. I’ve always had a very much of a problem with the use of the word Christ, in terms of consciousness. Because Christ denotes religion of the old paradigm really.

I’m going to speak very openly from my heart & I hope that I don’t offend anyone. Please know that what I’m speaking of is solely from my own experience & my own feelings on these things. Having grown up in a very Christian household, my father was a minister, when I kind of went my separate ways from organized religion, I spent many, many years studying all sorts of religion from all around the world. And came to my own place in my heart of knowing that organized religion was not a place where I was comfortable. That dogma & belief systems put on by a large group, if you will, didn’t suit me, because they didn’t resonate with me.  

So, that’s where I’m coming from, when I’m talking about the conversations we had this morning. For me, whenever I’ve read people & listened to videos & radio shows talking about the Chirst Consciousness, it immediately does not resonate with me. Because of the word Christ. Being obviously the central figure of one of the biggest religions in the world, being Christianity.    
It’s just one of those things, for me it’s very hard for me to overcome the use of that word into the actual idea of what Christ Consciousness is. I’d really like to discuss that with everyone today.

Deborah: Fabulous. Hope & Carrol, do you have anything that you want to add to that?
Hope: Very well said, D, very well said. You know I have some similar experiences. I hold my own truth. I’m always aware that all of us come from different backgrounds & different belief systems. This is a very interestiing time right now, because we’re all converging into one.
So, to have a word behind something...this is a little bit of a tricky subject to talk about. I’m glad that we’re to keep this space safe for people to come out. We’re going through a purging right now.

Everybody’s issues, everybody’s stuff is all coming up & we’re at this nexus point & moving forward into the new way of being & a new way of being together. Talking about dogma & religion, I think it is appropriate & I just want to say thank you so much D for expressing from your heart, because it was very, very well said & I’m looking forward to working through this with everyone.

Carrol: Well, I don’t have a problem with any of it. I sort of broke away from any religious thinking when I was very young. I mean I got kicked out of bible school when I was seven. Yeah well, when they started telling me I was going to go to hell for this & that & the other thing, I already knew that there was something wrong with this picture. The bible teachers didn’t like me very much, because I kind of argued about everything.

My mother was very open, she was always into yoga & more spiritual teaching. She just allowed our family to choose our own way, without trying to force any particular religion on us. Although I  believe & I believe all of us know there’s something bigger & beyond us. That we are not the originators of life & the creation of thought. Religion over the years has been broken & split apart & fables have been intertwined with some truths.

I think that’s kind of where the world needs to get to, to understand that there is a supreme being & there is a higher level of consciousness out there that guides us in a divine way. But not to place a label on it, not to say I’m a Buddhist or I’m a Catholic or whatever...I’m a follower of higher consciousness. That’s where I come from, that’s the place where I’ve been in & have been in for my entire life now.

D: That was so well said...a label on it..that’s exactly it. Words have power & words give a preconceived notion to different people meaning different things. When we talk about labels, that’s exactly it. We give something a label, you bring with it preconceived notions based on what word you use for the label. I think that is something that troubles some people.

Deborah: Absolutely. What’s interesting about that is...let me just share what my background is.   I did go to Sunday school & things like that when I was very young, but other than that I wasn’t forced to do church. And I’m really glad, because I didn’t need to un-program myself from a lot of the dogmas that has been forced down people’s throats & into their hearts & minds in regards to the programming, especially when it comes to the conformed religion aspect.

What I’m also aware of & even using the word Christ, I’m actually quite uncomfortable with it when I say the word Jesus Christ or whatnot. Because there’s so much stigmatism around the being that has now been used, I believe, as a being to control people through religion. That was not at all what that mystic, that initiate, was here doing.
So, even when I use the word Christ, I will normally refer to this being as Master Jesus, referring to the being who was here really trying to empower people to be in their I AM presence & to be in a higher realm of knowingness & absolutely not have any connection(?) with religion.

Now in regards to the lingo, this is actually quite interesting, because what I think that also has been done is that the labelling hat people fall under...if it’s born-again Christian or even if it’s Latter Day Saints etc, it’s to use these labels to project to other people that that must make them a good person or it makes them this or that etc. When none of that actually has any validity. It’s how is that person operating in their individual life. Not based on what their religious experience or labelled path is. Anybody have anything to say about that?

D: I agree. This is the thing, I’m someone who is very aware of words & the use of words to convey a message. Not just in an exact meaning or an exact definition of what that word means, but also in the connotation that comes with the word. We can have a word that the Webster’s dictionary may give you this definition, but in modern idiom it comes to mean something else or it can be interpreted differently. There’s where you can get confusion.

For example, like Deb & I discussed earlier, the term Ascended Masters. I’ve never liked that term, because it has the word master in it. To me, I don’t have a master. Do you know what I mean? The word can mean different things. For myself, the first time I ever heard that term, I went, Whoa, wait a sceond, Master?...Excuse me, I don’t have one of them.

Seriously, this is the power of words. When I’m talking on Removing the Shackles, when I write I try to be very careful about what I write & the terms & words that I use, because sometimes what I can mean by a word does not mean the same thing to someone else. Sometimes we use a word without realizing that other people will have a completely negative connotation attached to that word. You know, English is screwed, I’m sorry, the whole language is just a mess with double meanings for things.

Carrol: I agree with you on that one.

Deborah: So, one of the things that I would like to address with now is what you just said with the word master, like Ascended Master. My interpretation is that these beings of light are referred to as Ascended Masters not to be our masters...and I know that’s not necessarily what you have been saying, you’re even just saying the word me it is mastery. These are beings in a higher vibration frequency that have moved into a degree of dimension of high vibration...that they’re now in an ascended, mastery vibration. 

Quite honestly, I actually think this is perfect for bringing this up at this point too, is that the reason that we’ve come here...many of us to be incarnated at this to elevate to ascended mastery. That is what we are here to do, not the ascended or the ascension, but for us to be incarnating our higher self into this dimension, bridging several different dimensions through us, so that we can express that ascended mastery through us in this dimension & this time.

This December 21st is a significant energy shift on the planet that’s going to allow & open a gateway, it’s not just about this date. It’s a stargate, it’s the energy, it’s the planet moving into the photon belt, it’s all the scientific stuff that goes around this, it’s the spiritual information etc. It’s going to assist us in being to create & move through this dimensional shift, so that we’re able to create magic & manifest modern-day miracles.

This is all just really awesome, everything that we’re talking about, because there is so much misinterpretation. As we’re moving into this new paradigm, we’re already shifting our language. This is just the beginning of us being able to create languaging that now describes the paradigm that we’re moving into & that we’re co-creating. Hope?

Hope: Very well said. I’m glad that you brought up the date of the 21st & that you were talking about that it’s a shift. One thing that I feel moved to express is that a lot of people might have a misconception that the 21st is THE’s all gonna happen’s all gonna happen all at once. I’ve had some family members reach out to me, saying you know everything that’s going on, tell me what’s going on & what’s gonna the world going to end on the 21st? So we still have that perception out there.

The truth is, is that it’s not just a one day, one event’s a movement. It’s a rotation of the planets moving through the galaxy & there’s so many different pieces that are coming into play. So I’m really glad that you brought that out. I can tell...right now I can feel that all of humanity is                  standing by with bated breath & complete anticipation of what they think might happen right now.

I mean, you can feel can really feel it...everybody’s wondering....what does this mean...what’s going to happen. I feel it too...we all do. But you can feel it, it’s like I’m sure if you were measuring magnetic pulses around the planet that you could see a spike. Because of the mass consciousness of humanity all standing in anticipation...for change. 

Deborah: Thank you. Carrol, I know that some of the things that we’re just talking about, you have some thoughts in regards to this as well that you might want to share.

Carrol: When you were talking about the Ascended Masters, what I wanted to share about it, I can understand some people would not like the term mastery & are thinking, Oh, here we go somebody going to master over us?  I look at it & what I think about it is what we need to move into is what they are.

And they have mastered the ability to control their thoughts, to not allow the thoughts to control their emotions. They are loving beings, they have mastered the art of this & they are our teachers, not our masters. It’s just like somebody on this planet goes & gets a degree & they have a Master’s degree, which is a degree higher. It’s only because they have learned more & spent more time gaining knowledge. 

The Acended Masters in my mind are just beings of light that have been around for eons & they have mastered the ability to control their thoughts & emotions, which is what the human race cannot do yet & we’re working on it. Because if we are going to go into the higher consciousness & become more aware & use more of our brain & become more telepathic, then gradually we’re going to have to master that as well. Because I know for myself, sometimes there are thoughts that I go, Whoa...glad somebody can’t read that one.

Hope: I gotta say that I’m kind of nervous about that whole telepathic thing, because there’s stuff that I don’t want people to know that I’m thinking.

Deborah: Well, okay, so let’s even address that you guys, because this is very interesting that you’re bringing this up. First of all, this has been my experience, when we are in our activated I AM presence, we own our sovereignty & our energy field. Nobody can read our thoughts, right? Now, I will tell you...because all of us on this call or on this show are empathic and/or somewhat clairvoyant/telepathic...when people are leaking their energy, we will pick up on their thoughts. It definitely can be very detailed, right?

Hope: I was going to say...most definitely.

D: Oh, yes.

Carrol: Well, I had the experience...just prior to you all getting on the telephone a few minutes ago...because I desperately needed a nap...I heard somebody calling my name, Carrol, Carrol, are you there? And then you all called me & I looked & you were all trying to call me on Skype. And I was like, Oop, they woke me up. 

D: We’re sorry, Carrol.

Carrol: Oh that’s was time.

Hope: While we’re all talking about this, I wanted to share a couple of experiences that have been happening to me over the past week. Because we’ve been talking about these energies & everyone’s been feeling these energies in their own way. For some individuals, that may mean that they’re not feeling anything & that’s okay too. Because this is happening on an individual & on a global level.

So for me, I’ve been noticing very interesting phenomenon that have been occurring. Just strange areas of communication, where I’ll be thinking about a particular person & all of a sudden, at that moment, that person’s contacting me or sending me an email. Or I was taking a walk around the neighborhood & I was walking by these huge trees & the tree just stopped me, dead in my tracks & started communicating & energy to me, telling me that I was a mighty oak. Strange little things like that.

Last night, I went for a walk around my neighborhood & I went to walk down by the ocean. I was just sitting there listening to a great song & thinking about all the changes that are coming & some of the latest news that came out, of the financial system. Just waiting & looking & saying, Is it really gonna happen now? At that moment, I was listening to my headphones on my phone & listening to a song & all of a sudden the song cut off. I looked at my phone & my entire screen was green & I heard the words, “green light”, in the back of my mind.  

I was outside a couple nights ago, when I saw this red-like laser beam just crash down & it was a very supernatural occurrence. So, these types of things have been happening over the past week. This is something that’s very, very new to me. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It just seems like there’s this flow of communication.

Sometimes, if there’s interference & I can’t get in touch with someone, something breaks through & when it breaks through, it breaks through big. It’s happening on a supernatural level, where I’ll just make a heart connection, with an individual or a situation. Before I know it, that person is presented in front of me. These are some of the experiences that I’ve been having. I’m wondering if anybody else has had some experiences along those lines that they’d like to share, so I can feel like I’m not going crazy.

D: No, darlin’, you’re not going crazy & if you are, you’re not alone.

Carrol: If you are, they’re gonna need a big nuthouse, there’s a lot of us out there. I’ve had these experiences my whole life. I’m used to them. I can tell you the story of the experience I had when I was 12. My father was military, so we were taking a ship from Germany to the United States. While we were crossing the ocean, I remember thinking that my grandmother had moved.

Now, this is my father’s mother. They had lived in the same small town in Texas, in the same house for 50 years. We arrived in the US & drove from New Jersey down to Texas. We drove through this small town & we were driving down a country road & I pointed to a house & said to my parents, That’s where my grandparents live. Now, I had not been to their home but once or twice when I was like six years old for a visit. My father says, No, no, you don’t was a long time ago...that’s not where they live. Well, we went to the place where they lived & found out that yes they had moved & they had moved to the house I pointed out.

The way I got the message was that while we were on the ship going over to the US, my grandmother had mailed a letter over to us in Germany, but I received the message in the middle of the ocean. My parents were always like...we used to laugh & they’d say, Carrol, you’re just a weird kid...this is just another one of your weird’re just a weird kid.

I’m just so used to it, these strange occurrences, that I just don’t question them anymore.

Deborah: The point here is that it’s time for everybody to really embrace our own gifts of expression, the multi-dimensional aspects of who we are & to really be okay with whatever people’s journey...whatever their truth is. And not to judge, that whatever people are choosing, to not be judgmental.

What you just shared, Carrol, with your parents, this is very common. How many of us have had our parents, where they didn’t want to be embarassed by kids that were open & different or unique. And then shut the kids down because of their own fears of them being judged. Here we are now moving into a very...oh Carrol, I’d love for you to share your experience of the sunrise this we move into this new energy. It’s like...

I just had lunch with an ex-boyfriend a couple of days ago & his two-year-old. He said, It’s unbelievable how smart this kid’s like, just off the charts. And I was like, This is a big key, this is like the crystalline kids are coming in & they’re very awake, they’re sponges.

And I know, D, this is a big part of your past too, is to be talking about the kids right now. You’re having a challenging time right now going through with them their own transitional energies.

D:’s been a ride, let me tell you. Watching it build...because it’s subtle at don’t realize that it actually started months ago. Now I can look back at it & go, I can remember when that behavior started...oh wow. Looking at the immediacy, as we have gotten closer & closer, my five-year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum, has emotional issues in communicating his emotions & in dealing with them.  

As we have gotten closer & closer to this day, this week, I have watched him almost spiral to the point where he is, you can see him...he is spinning in a vortex of these energies. And he’s bursting into tears for no reason. One person looks at him the wrong way & he is sobbing his heart out. The next time someone bumps into him, he is screaming, he’s so angry. And then five minutes later, he is laughing so hard he has tears rolling down his face.

But with all my kids, my eldest daughter, who is a pre-teen, is been going through probably the most radical least it may only be the fact that’s she old enough to be able to really verbally communicate. She’s having an intense shift of perception. She is seeing & hearing things all the time. As we’ve gotten closer & closer, it’s getting stronger & stronger & stronger.

And so today, I had to sit down with her & we had a long conversation about it. I said, You know, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by these things, you just need to close your eyes & take some deep breaths...if you’re feeling overwhelmed with an emotion, just picture it like a sink full of water & pull the plug & let the emotion drain down to help overcome this. Because there are children...they really don’t understand. It‘s really funny, because I was saying to my kids this morning, I feel so badly for all these millions of other children out there whose own parents don’t understand. At least I can look at my kids & I can kind of understand what they’re going through & I can see the cause & effect.

With my daughter, how many other kids are going through similar things as she is & parents are like, Oh, you’re just imagining things...never mind, you’re just imagining things. And then it comes back to what you were talking about, the parents putting their agenda of normalcy upon the child & it closes that child up. Because now can they trust to open themselves more & talk about their experiences? No, because they’ll be belittled. It’s a very interesting time that we’re going through right now. Let me tell you with my kids. I can’t believe it’s been this quiet for this long, we’ve been on for 40 minutes & I haven’t had one person come pound on the door yet.

Deborah: So then, it was just meant to be. Their higher selves are probably saying, Mommy needs her privacy right now, so just keep playing.

D: I think all the other grown-ups in the house right now are doing everything they can to try & keep them as quiet as possible.

Deborah: Exactly, okay that’s awesome. This is just the beginning of the conversation for all of these different things. Because, as we move into these energies & more of the transition occurs & more of the shift occurs, there’s gonna be much, much more that is going to be brought to people’s attention.

What I’m feeling right now is there’s like a little rumble of these intense energies. And once this money stuff is finally broken & the water’s broken on that level, we’re into a whole another level of the game & the shift at that point. Thats really where people are going to start to see where their programs are running & very much opportunity to see where their programs are running & where they might not be unified & things like that. 

Before we even go into that subject, I’d like to ask Carrol to share what your experience was of the sunrise this morning.

Carrol: It was late, because I’m always up in the middle of the night. I face due east, so I watch the sunrise every day. I decided this morning I wanted to see exactly what time it was going to rise. I felt that it was coming up late. I was at the computer & watching the time. It actually came up about 20 minutes later than what was announced as far as the actual time of the sunrise. However, it was also different. In watching it rise all these times in the past, it comes up a nice, beautiful orange/yellow color.  It’s bright white today...white, I mean bright white. It’s so brilliant, I can’t look at it. I put my sunglasses on to try to look at it & I cannot look at the Sun. 
In my sky, it’s completely blue...the sun is up there & it’s white. I also heard this from other people yesterday on the other side of the world, where they already had this experience when the Sun had come up, that they felt that the Sun was a different color & that it had come up white & not yellow.

D: That’s very interesting. Have any of you read the Daniel papers that I put out, along with Aaron from Soldierhugs & American Kabuki?

Hope: Yes, I have...I love those...

Carrol: I did. 

D: Okay & one of the things that Daniel talked about is the Sun turning from a yellow Sun into a white Sun. It’s really, really funny, because I’ve been talking about this for the last month. I’m up here in the great, white north & we’re having ridiculously mild weather where I am. My kids going out & playing in a hoodie jacket, when it’s sunny outside. Because even if it’s only two degrees...Celsius, not Fahrenheit...the Sun is warm. Even in the middle of December, the Sun is warm. This is unbelievable. I keep saying, I can’t get over the difference in the Sun...the tangible, visible & perceptive difference in the Sun right now.

Carrol: Well, if a person looked up into the photon belt as we’re shifting up, the entire Earth was supposed to have eternal spring. Not to say that we won’t have climate in higher elevations, snow & all that, but the whole entire Earth will be more like what we now experience at the equator, where we have eternal spring...70 degrees all year round. I do believe the Sun has is different. So do other people that I have spoken to who’ve been observing it. That it is bright white, it is not yellow.    

D: Do you know what’s really sad for me? I have been desperate to look at the Sun & watch this. We have had two-and-a-half weeks of solid cloud cover. I am not exaggerating...we have had one afternoon of sunshine in the last two weeks. The last few nights we have had cloud cover & as soon as the sun goes down, you’ll see it start to clear away. I have not physically seen the Sun in at least seven days. 

Hope: Well, I’ve got to share with you what I’m going through right now. Because I was really excited about watching the sunrise this morning. I didn’t check the weather & I didn’t realize...I’m in New England & I live right on the water. We are getting hammered right now with some kind of storm...the winds are so strong, they’re almost as strong as they were in the last hurricane that we had. My whole house is shaking. There’s garbage cans flying all over the street. So, there’s no Sun for me. I’m sitting here on my couch while it wobbles back & forth, talking to you guys on this radio show. I’m okay, everything’s fine, my windows aren’t going to bust in.

D: I have some ruby slippers, I’ll send them to you if you need them.

Hope: Well, thank you, I’m really good at clicking my heels. I know the Sun will come back. I’ll see the Sun again one day.

Deborah: I think you’re experiencing the winds of change over there, Hope. 

Hope: The winds of change...well it’s actually quite exhilarating I must say. Nature is really kicking up out there & it’s very powerful. I’m probably going to go for a walk, because that‘s what us crazy New Englanders do, we walk in this weather.

Deborah: does anybody want to share anything in regards to the money, the shifting of, the changing of the guards & the money...what can we share at this point? Carrol, is there anything that you can share?

Carrol: Well, all the news that is coming out is still very positive. The dinar gurus are all saying that the RV has occurred, we just haven’t had the announcement. The Federal Reserve is dead as of the 23rd of this month. It is now currently being staffed only by the lower management to keep it going until the 23rd, when the US Treasury will actually be taking over. I do believe we’re going to have the announcements of the change of guard in the White House, as well as the change in our financial system, here in the next few days from everything that I can read.   

Deborah:’s all good news. D, do you want to share anything?

D: I can’t share anything right now, but I’m nodding my’s that sound? 

Carrol: Here’s something else that you all might be interested in hearing. I was listening to Archangel Michael on InLight Radio the other day. There’s always been this talk about the 144,000 people needed on Earth to make this shift. Archangel Michael said we only need four.

You all have encouraged me to participate in this program with you & I always wondered where is my place in all this. Why am I here? I still feel like I’m just a little old lady sitting on the back porch working on the computer. Then I thought about it & I looked at the locations of us, we are four & we are north, south, east & west...and it only takes four. Four beings of pure energy & divine thought to help propogate this shift.

Deborah: So D, do you know now why I was so adamant about having that phone conversation with you this morning?

D: Yes...I do.

Deborah: I all but said, Get...

Carrol: We all represent the four poles...north, east, south, west.

Deborah: Okay, thank you Carrol for sharing that, because that just gives us an opportunity to go right into another subject here. One of the things that I...I was actually on the phone tuning in with Hope last week. About an hour-and-a-half here on the phone & we ended up recording it.
A lot of information was coming through & that’s when I got the guidance to do this Christ Mass Consciousness activation for today. And to include the three of you, for us to create the four & that the Maltese Cross. D, this is another subject we talked about briefly this morning.

And this is really important for us to talk about, a couple aspects of this. The Maltese Cross, which is the cross that St. Germain wears...I specifically did not put this information out in too much detail. Because it is sacred & it is to be held sacred until the actual energy is activated, which is going to be within the next hour.

Each of us was being called forth to participate in one of the elements of the Maltese Cross & that very powerful energy to birth the new paradigm, to birth the codes, to birth the frequencies for the shift. And specifically, it’s all females here, so we are anchoring & activating the divine feminine & the resurrection of that feminine for the receiving channels to be opened up, for the floodgates to open.  

Important to this is...I can’t even tell you how much my Guides were saying this is important...for this to occur. This is not from ego, this is just because we’ve been... And here’s the other thing too...ever since our first phone conversation...I’m just going to share this transparently with our audience...ever since our first phone conversation, there’s always been a complete alignment between the five of us, because Sherri is here as well & has been from the get-go.

I think you guys would agree with me that from our very first phone conversation there has been such a powerful alignment that this I feel is a divine appointment. That perhaps was either scheduled a long time ago and/or was reorganized, because we are in a contingency plan at this point. I’m very, very aware of that. This was potentially set up in the astral, who knows, in the last five or six months or whatever. There’s a very powerful energy between all of us.

As we’re moving into this new paradigm, it’s not about one leader, it’s about all of us coming together, creating counsel. Also, utilizing the signs, the symbols & the ceremony that really has been used by the Illuminati & the Freemasons & other groups in for-less-than-light ways, however you want to label it.

I know that was one of D’s concerns this morning with the use of the Maltese Cross. I was very adamant when we were talking that it’s not about the symbols, it’s not about the signs, it’s about how they’re being used. This is a very, very important key message for us to be talking about as we go into this activation. That it is the purity of heart, it’s the purity of intention & the clarity that each person individually...I’m speaking of us now, the four & the five of anything that you were doing. Whoever’s listening to this, anything that you’re doing. It is about the intention, the purity & the clarity by which you are being conduit for that energy & frequency.

Now, I want to open this up to have you guys talk, but there’s one other thing I want to share with you guys. It’s been a very interesting week for me. I thought until Monday...some of you maybe have heard me share that I was scheduled to be in Chichen Itza, Mexico for five months. Since July, I thought I was going to be down in Mexico with this group that I was consulting with & that I was going to be participating as a keynote speaker, etc, for this weekend.

It was just before Thanksgiving that I had some very heated meetings with the producer of the event & the media department, showing them where there was challenges in their media department & trying to help them get it fixed. One of my best, best friends & spiritual colleagues is the other producer on the event. So I was trying to realign where there was some less than light energy that had basically infiltrated the team. I had some very powerful meetings with them, trying to get this all aligned. Then I had to bow was like, Michael the producer, needed to make his own was basically his event. 

Well, let’s just say that’s the old paradigm thinking, because what’s been revealed to me is quite different. And this is a key piece of us all moving into this new paradigm...that we are, the four of us are holding space for & creating. Now right at that time, I then got very unexpected guidance to not go to the event, to stay back in LA & to do this broadcast, this three-day broadcast.

So, this Monday, everything kind of fell apart for the broadcast. There were some specific people that didn’t necessarily follow through with opportunities. It was Monday morning that I realized, Oh my gosh, I stayed back from Chichen Itza & now I’m not even going to do the broadcast. Now, this is not about me, I’m just using myself as a vehicle for sharing some information & insight.

What the took me throughout the day just processing & tuning in & getting guidance about it. What my Guides were saying is that right now & they started saying this a couple days prior to somebody else that I was tuning in for that was involved in one of the events & what they’re saying is, All of these events are being used as initiations. Yes it’s all great...yes it’s raising the vibration & behind the scenes, these events are being utilized to have people go through initiations clear & also to show, whether it’s being shown to themselves or other people, where they may still be operating from ego or are they operating from purity of heart.

So, it’s been very, very interesting, because I got to just sit back & completely not be where I thought I was going to be, both in Chichen Itza & here in the double broadcast & even involved with the Shift network. They didn’t want me to come in & was actually revealed to me in the middle of the night through kind of a dream sequence of some people who had talked negatively about me. I have no judgment, I kind of already knew that was part of their M.O. But when you do that, when you are talking badly about somebody, it’s almost like a black widow type of energy.

The reason I’m sharing all of this is because as we move forward in what we are being called forth to do, & what each of these ladies has shown up to participate in, is very powerful. Hope, you had said earlier in the show is that you didn’t want some people to hear that telepathic thought.

Well, the interesting thing is that our Guides & the beings of light that are really holding space for this contingency plan, this new timeline of light, they’re watching. It’s kind of like the song Santa Claus knows when you’ve been bad or good...that kind of thing. Everybody’s kind of being watched to see, are you able to hold the presence of love unconditionally...are you able to hold the vibrations of the new paradigm.

Because that beingness & that vibration is what sets you...Hope, I’m going to go back to something you said a couple of days ago, which I love. You said, You’ve now got a seat at the table. That’s really what we’re all moving towards is being able to have a seat at the table, to express our gifts & to be able to share with the world who we are that we’ve come here as anchors for love & light, etc.

There’s a lot there & I know that each of you probably have something that you want to add to that. Hope, do you want to share something with that?

Hope: Absolutely. Thank you for sharing that Deb. We’ve all been going through a lot of stuff. I can’t say it enough, everybody’s got their own experiences. When you talked about everyone’s watching & trying to find a purity of heart to hold the space for something, from my perspective I feel that everybody’s watching me.

I came forward, I was pulled out of my life, I came forward to do this great work. All of a sudden, I was in the spotlight & everyone’s watching me. It’s a challenging role to be able to play. In my heart, what resonates with me, is humanity. I have experience with finance & I seen the corruption in finance. I know that this is a big part of what’s wrong in our world right now. A lot of it starts with they use finance to enslave humanity.

So, here we are & we’re shifting, we’re shifting it. I’m going to be playing a role in finance & leadership & business & I’m trying to create a new business paradigm. The whole time I’m doing this, I’m not acting alone. I’ve got a lot of people that are working with me & that I receive a lot of guidance from. We’re all creating this new business paradigm from our hearts.

My challenge is to hold that space for the purity. How do you take something that has been functioning in a corrupt manner, such as the financial system or the way that businesses operate, how do you take that & merge that into a place where the people are put first. There’s a purity of heart & you always make sure that you go back to the source of...we can’t let the corruption back in. So, I feel like I’m being watched in that perspective.

I have conversations with high level business professionals who are still kind of merging out of old paradigm, because nobody really knows what the new paradigm business structure is going to look or feel like. Because it’s never really existed until now & we’re creating it in the moment.                It turns into piece-meal decison making, where here’s policy or concept that most businesses operate by, so Hopegirl, what are you going to do? How are you going to change that? Where should that originate from?

It’s been a re-creating of things, one at a time. Each time I’m in that space, I have to go back to that place of what does my heart tell me. Because I always want to make sure that people & humanity & love & the light is the source that all of these decisions are made from. Because that’s how we’re flipping that energy.

So yes, I feel very watched & it can be very challenging at times. We really are all in this together & it’s not all up to me & all of us need to work with each other & each of us has our own special place. We really do & if we have our inner calling, we can tune in to that inner calling. It‘s also been a little uncomfortable like you were describing in your situation, Deb, where you thought you were gonna be here & then you shipped it over to there, that’s what’s sort of happening right now.

There is no blueprint plan that’s set in stone for those of us who are doing this great work to follow step by step. We need to be flexible, we need to be in the flow of the energy & sometimes that can be a little messy. We’ve just got to hold on to the trust, you have to trust that the energy is coming & we are all in that flow & that in every situation, no matter how it will come up, just to be your best act with as much grace as possible, because that’s how we’re gonna get through it.

I know that this is all going to settle. It’s kind of like all of us are like a deck of cards & we’ve all been thrown up in the air & we’re all fluttering around & eventually we’re all going to fall into place. And one at a time, it is falling into place & then at the end of the day or at the beginning of the new paradigm, we’re all going to be in our right place. And we’re all going to be doing our right roles, which is going to be very different for any of us than what we used to do before. And that’s uncomfortable. Let’s call it for what it is, it’s uncomfortable. 

Deborah: Exactly & it’s also an opportunity for us to shift our perspective of ourselves. That is one of the biggest things right now that I’ve been getting the guidance about, is to really share with people that in order for you to move into your more expanded version of yourself with these energies is you have to change your perspective of yourself.

Hope, I would imagine or guarantee a year ago you never would have saw it, that you would have been where you are & what you’re doing right now & who you’re communicating with, right?

Hope: Every day, I’m still in a state of shock & awe over what I’ve gotten myself involved in. some of the conversations I’ve had...I’m like, Is this really happening? But, I love it...I love it & I’m so grateful for it. I feel so’s wonderful.

Deborah: Right, so you along the of the things that you needed to do was to shift your perspective of who you are in order to embrace all of this that’s coming in & being revealed to you. 

Hope: Oh absolutely & it wasn’t about just shifting my perspective of who I was, it was about remembering who I really am. That’s a much deeper process to go through. I never want to go back. It’s beautiful when you get to the other side. Even on my worst days...even on my worst days, I’m so happy to be where I’m at. 

Carrol: When you were talking about the new business plan, what I keep seeing is that as we progress further down the road & businesses decide to change their focus from being a capitalist society, I see us as moving into a more cooperative type society. Where we will utilize each other to the highest benefit for all.

Everybody’s skills, regardless of what they do in whatever area of life will be just as important as the other ones. We won’t have these great divisions, where just because somebody is a doctor they’re entitled to have a better life than the person who is a bricklayer, who builds the home that the doctor wouldn’t have if the bricklayer didn’t build it. But the bricklayer can’t go to the doctor because he can’t afford the insurance or to pay the doctor right now.

That’s where all this flip flop has to occur. People have to recognize that we all need every single one of us to do our jobs in order for us to survive & thrive on this planet. Nobody is worth anything more than the other. Everybody is just as important, regardless of who they are or what they do.

Deborah: Absolutely. Carrol, I’d like to go back to what you brought in in regards to the four. Do you have a special relationship with the Maltese Cross? That was something I wanted to ask you about. 

Carrol: Not particularly a special relationship. I’ve just been given gifts of these crosses over the years. I have five of them hanging on my wall. I always liked the way they look. I don’t have a cross or a statue of Jesus hanging on my wall, because to me that was kind of sad. I wasn’t about to put that on my wall. But these Maltese crosses, I just enjoy them. So, over the years people have given me the gifts of them.

Deborah: I just thought that that was interesting too. The other thing too that I was given the guidance to gather 333 people. The numbers you had been sharing...144,000...which many of us have heard that figure for a while.
And also with these master numbers & the 333 being the master number that will, I believe, neutralize much of the different energies that have been utilized to disempower the feminine. It’s now time to empower the feminine & bring it back into balance on the planet, so that we can experience that unification in ourselves as well as in the mass consciousness. That was also something I think resonated with you as well when we talked about it a couple of days ago.  

Carrol: Yes it did, because when I wake up at that time every morning, it’ll be either 3:03 or 3:33, right at the button. I don’t or haven’t used a clock...I don’t even have a clock in my home. If I have one, it won’t be set or if I wear a watch, the watch will stop. I don’t care how many batteries I put in it. My energy just won’t relate to these electronic things. I’ve stopped the batteries in watches. I haven’t used an alarm clock or a clock in 20 years now. So, the only clock I have now is on my computer. So I power it up, hit the little button, that little thing on the bottom of the computer & there it is. Every single day...333...333. I’m like, Okay...333.

I wasn’t going to participate in this one because I thought I needed to conserve my energy for a while. For today, I was planning on being silent. But then when you wrote the email...

Deborah: Uh oh, did we just lose her?

Hope: I think we did. I’m still here.

Deborah: Do you need to call her back, Hope?

Hope: Yeah, why don’t you shift over & I’ll call her back. 

Deborah: I was just going to say if there’s any callers that would like to call into the show, I’d like to go ahead & open up the call line at this time. That was something that was the next thing that I was going to go into anyway. As I said, we are going to go with the flow. Actually I’m being told that nobody is on the line right now. We’ll get everybody back on the line.

So, if you’re listening in live & you’d like to call in at this time & communicate anything, either ask a question or participate in a Q&A. Let’s go ahead & open up the phone lines for about 20 minutes or so. 

Caller: Hello.

Deborah: Hello, what’s your first name?

Caller: Jerry.

Deborah: Oh, Jerry...I recognize your voice. This is the Jerry that I know. How are you doing? I know you’ve emailed me a couple of times & you have questions. So, this is great...let’s get into at least one of the questions. What’s going on?

Caller Jerry: Yesterday I was meditating & I got the experience of having like a big, big, big, bright white light on my third eye. I was just baffled by it & I was like, Wow. I got a different perspective of, What’s going on? I just wanted to know what’s your thoughts on that?

Deborah: Okay, so, let’s you mind me sharing? Have you had an activation?

Caller Jerry: Oh, go ahead. Well, the last one was when I was with you.

Deborah: Okay, well I didn’t want to just disclose that...that’s why I asked it that way. Alright, so you’ve had an activation. And I know from that activation, you’ve been experiencing more of your multi-dimensional self, shall we say. 

Caller Jerry: Yes. 

Deborah: You are saying that what you just experienced was a white light in front of your third eye. Now were your eyes closed or open?

Caller Jerry: They were closed.

Deborah: Okay, so you were meditating & tuning in, etc?  

Caller Jerry: Yeah.

Deborah: So you saw the white light & what did you actually see...hold on, I don’t even need to know what you saw. What did you feel? What is your sense of what is being shown to you all about?

Caller Jerry: I just felt like I was something bigger than I assumed & thought I was. I felt like I thought I was...I guess you could say...pure. It was just so amazing, like Wow. It kind of reminded me of that last time when we were talking & had that activation. How you were saying this is who I am...this is who I really am. That’s what it led back to.  

Deborah: Let’s just also share here...when you did your session & activation, what’s really cool & unique about this energy is that it creates a visceral, experiential experience, correct? 

Caller Jerry: Yeah...of course.

Deborah: So, it’s not just logical where somebody’s telling you, Well you’re more than who you think you are. Because that to me is the old paradigm...just like, What the hell does that actually mean? Right?

Caller Jerry: Right...that’s right.

Deborah: So what you’re having is an experiential experience of your expanded self. And so what your Guides & your Higher Self is showing you is a feeling tone, not only know my Guides will say to me, Okay we’re not going to just (tape breaks up for a second or two) some very audio & have full-on conversation. Then when they want to show me something specific & not just tell me, they’ll audio communication. They’ll say to tune into your third eye so we can show you some things. And then I’ll tune in just like you tune into watching a movie.

And so what you were experiencing is, I think, another level of your pineal gland activating. The pineal gland being the gland in the body which is the projector. That is part of what opens up our telepathic pathways. What you were being shown in your third eye, because it’s much more believable when you’re seeing it & feeling it yourself than just somebody telling you, right?

Caller Jerry: Yes..

Deborah: So you can embrace it & engage it. And Jerry, I know just based on the couple of conversations we’ve had that you’re very much engaging proactively in your awakening, correct?

Caller Jerry: Yes...yes. I’m saying(seeing?) my (??) every day, in the morning.

Deborah: What you’re now doing is you’re being more opened up, because you’ve been calling it forth. So I think that’s the most I can share with you at this time, at this moment. You know the training series starts in further activate the telepathic & everything. 

Caller Jerry: Okay, I’m going to raise some money & then go for it.   

Deborah: I’m not sure if you got the newsletter in regards to the training. In December, it’s still being offered for $111 with three payments, like we’d talked about before. In any case, I just really honor you. By the way, actually I’m just getting some information to share with you...just hold on. Because we also talked about a specific person? Who’s involved with the pyramids, correct?

Caller Jerry: Yes.

Deborah: Well, I’ve gotten more information in regards to that whole situation, that includes that person & I believe you & I will be talking further about that person as well. I’m not naming names at the moment, but you know who I’m talking about.

Caller Jerry: Okay. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Deborah: You’re welcome. Congratulations.

Carrol: Can I jump in here for a second? My call got dropped, so I only heard the last little bit of your conversation here. But I heard you talking about opening up to your Higher Self. I did meditation 20 years ago, where you blend with your Higher Self. I always thought that these were really important in helping us recognize who we are. And they’re very, very simple...where you go into your meditation & you meet your Higher Self. You give them a gift, they give you a gift, you have a conversation & you name your Higher Self. And the name will come, it will free flow out of you. I use those...I did those many times.

I think that when you do that, you start to open up your third eye even more & start to recognize who you are. You actually absorb it...integrate your Higher blend with your Higher Self. So that you become more of who you are in this physical being, when you do these particular meditations.  

Deborah: Thank you, Carrol. This is definitely something that I also talk about & assist people with. There’s not that many talking about this, which is another element. I’m really glad that you brought this up. So, when you go to meet...because there’s a different way that I started doing go to meet your Higher Self, you actually are...

I’m going to reiterate what you’re’re actually meeting your Higher Self as your Higher Self. You’re allowing those two essence energies, the two being energies, to communicate, correct?

Carrol: have an introduction. What I did in the meditation, I chose a place that I felt that...that would be the place I would go & meet...and I chose Stonehenge. In my meditations, I took a long walk...a careful, quiet long walk, just observing what was around me till my Higher Self appeared. Once that being was there, we had an introduction & a conversation. We exchanged gifts. I was introduced to it & given the name...the name was Joy, which is something I have lived with for 20 years. I live in joy all the time. No matter what’s going on in my life or what’s going on around me, I live in joy. I have since I did that blending. Because once you have that introduction & you know who you are, it’s like another part of the awakening. You can’t go back. You’re’s done.

Deborah: That’s right. And the other aspect of that...I’m going to take it even a little bit further. So, what I do was...I was doing meditations that was actually inviting my Higher Self to move through my crown chakra into my physical vessel. I did this for a while...and grounding it into this dimension. Now, what I’ve also come to be aware of is that we have many layers...I call it like seven-layer cake...we have many layers & levels of our Higher Self, not just one.

Then as you increase your vibration of your physical vessel & also your consciousness, your awareness, etc & your heart also is a big piece of this...the more you ascend into unconditional love & that purity of heart, the more your vibration increases...the more of your Higher Self can step down into the physical vessel.

There’s many aspects of this whole journey & enlightenment, etc...whatever you want to call it...the great awakening, etc. I think what we’re talking about right now is the most important awarenesses for people to have is that relationship with our Higher Self. And the visceral experience, Jerry, that you were receiving is basically a gift from your Higher Self to show you...well, I opened the door, right? The activation to pierce the veil?

Caller Jerry: Right.

Deborah: I opened the door, but now the beautiful part of that domino effect is for your Higher Self to work with you to share with you & reveal to you more of who you are & not have anybody else do it for you. Just give you the guidance & the tools to further expand that awareness & relationship & beingness.

Caller Jerry: That’s right. Thank you very much.

Deborah: Okay so, I’m getting the guidance to start the activation, by about five after 12, so let’s take one more call.  (unable to hear next three callers)

Carrol: The energies are zapping everything. My electronics go nuts on me when we have these conversations. I have two computeres on & two phones on today, just to make sure I can stay connected.

(unable to hear next caller, who has called back several times)

Carrol: It’s just heavy breathing.

Deborah: Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.

Hope: That’s a different show ladies...simmer down now. 

Deborah: Too funny. Well, actually, now that we’re on this subject, one of the next things that I’m going to be bringing out...I actually put a website up, I’ll tell you the URL in a second, almost two years ago. I decided not to do anything with it because once I started going down the banking/money rabbit hole two years ago, I realized that this subject was what really needed to have attention & the energy & holding & activations & whatnot has been a tremendous amount of work over the last two years, with holding the vibration & doing activations with different people & whatnot to shift the money game.

But, the subject...I’m going to be coming out with, that’s very near to my heart... And we were kind of joking about this yesterday, Hope, when we were talking & you guys were on the conference call at the end, then I got into about sex. The whole subject around sex, how we’ve been shut down around being open around sexuality.
That’s really where the highest vibration, when you’re in sacred partnership, connection, etc...that’s really where the energies can go extremely high.

The funny thing is I got an email from someone I did a session with about a month ago. And I’ve activated her, she’s now communicating with her Higher Self & with St. Germain. She’s like, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but St. Germain’s telling me to tell you I’m supposed to write a book with you & it’s about liberating people from sexuality. She’s telling me to have the balls to say this to you. And I was laughing as I was reading the email...I was like, You go, girl...good for you.

Because then I sent her the link to the website...actually it’s down right now...I figured out the hosting thing got switched around, so I need to reactivate it, but the name of the site is: I Am Woman, Hear Me Moan. It’s all about bringing to light about sex & bringing it out of the dogma about religion, the pornography, etc. I’m just laughing, because I’m thinking about the heavy breathing thing & saying that’s a whole other show. 

Hope: Bet you’d get a whole lot of listeners for that one.

Deborah: Really...

Carrol or Deborah?: It’s time has pun intended.

Deborah: Alright, you guys, it’s at the top of the hour & D is saying she needs just a few more minutes. So, I’m going to take one more call...this person just called back in. You’re on the air, can you hear us? (unable to hear the caller again) Maybe there’s something wrong with the blogtalk call connection? In any case, Hope or Carrol, what else do you want to share before we join in the activation?

Hope: I have something I’d like to share. It’s something that a lot of people may be experiencing right now, I’m not sure. But there’s definitely a transference & it’s also a balancing of energy where it’s shifting from the masculine to the feminine. It’s been coming up in many people’s lives in a variety of ways.

I just wanted to acknowledge that. For example, here we are the five of us & when we have conversations with each other, we’re talking about government & politics & finance & media. We’re talking about things that were traditionally held in a man’s world of power. So there’s been this shifting, this rebalancing of power. And with this comes a lot of upheaval, so there might be a lot of people who are having some interesting conversations in their relationships with their significant others. Everyone’s kind of reacting very differently.

I just wanted to put that out there to let people know that this is definitely an energy & it’s very strong right now & you may be experiencing some residual effects from this. If you can, just tune into your heart space & say, Oh, that’s probably what this is...if I’m having strange conversations with my significant other, that just might be what this might be a residual effect of this shifting of power from masculine to feminine. Or more accurately put, a balancing of power from masculine to feminine. So, I just wanted to put that out there...does anybody have any comments on that?

Carrol: The only thing I can say is I think that what I see, not only in myself but in a lot of women, is that they have empowered themselves. Part of this is the energy coming in...where they just realize it, they are their own being. They don’t have to listen to anybody else tell them what they need to do, think, hear, say. They have the ability to make & create their reality without the need for other people’s approval or even opinions anymore. And I see that quite often & much, much more in the last 6-10 weeks, it’s really become quite strong.

Deborah: D, do you want to share anything? I thought D was actually back on the line?

D: Hi, guys. I am back on the line...I’ve got my two-year-old here with me, telling me he has to go to the potty. So, I’m just going to mute for the moment.

Deborah: Okay, so when D gets back, we’re going to go ahead & get to the activation. Here’s the thing that I will share in regards to the feminine & masculine at this time. It is very powerful energy & this is where there’s potential misinterpretation that when people thought...when somebody speaks about the divine feminine...I think that here we are back in labels.

And I think that what’s we actually started the show off with. I’ve never been a staunch woman feminist or that kind of thing. My whole thing is just equality. The feminine energy...when you just look at it as the energy that each of us has, that it’s really calling forth more nurturing & also for receiving. That’s where we’ve cut ourselves off.

One of the things that I’ve just been reminded when I was on the phone with Hope & I was asked to do this activaton today. I’m glad I’m being reminded because this needs to be shared. What I was reminded is with the US dollar sign, the S & then the two lines. The right side of the two lines is the masculine & the left side of the two lines is the feminine. Through ceremeony & ritual & unbeknownst to us, that feminine has been neutralized. The feminine that stands for the receiving energy has been neutralized. I’m even going to go so far as to say snuffed out.

That’s also why it’s been possible to make this, to create this energy around money to be so contracted. So, as we are moving into the stillness now to do & to participate & to be the conduit for this activation, that we are presencing the profound information & insights that are coming through. And that the energy we are holding space for & activating is very much to resurrect that feminine energy, to open the floodgates for the receiving of all resources. 

Now, I’m already starting to have St. Germain coming through. So I’m wondering, D, if you’re back on the line? Because I’d like to have us move in to the activation.

D: I am back. I can’t guarantee that I won’t be interrupted again, but I am trying.

Deborah: Fabulous. So, I’m just going to go ahead & ask all the callers who have called in to go ahead & drop off the line. Because I’m going to go ahead & go into this activation now. And this is experiential transformation media, where we are utilizing the media to powerfully create transformation & to support people experientially to have their own shifts & awarenesses.  

(1:37:37-1:42:40: Deborah verbally guides listeners into a meditative state.)

(1:42:40-1:53:05: Deborah provides the activation in a very fast verbal cadence, which one simply has to actually hear to experience how incredible it is.)

Deborah: Okay...Carrol, D, Hope? How you doing?

Hope: Buzzing...

Carrol: Buzzing. That was interesting. I just kept seeing the Earth & money being spread out all over the universe, flying all over the place. 

Deborah: Okay, so St. Germain is saying this is complete...we are complete. It’s not just St. Germain, it’s the Council of 33. So everybody just breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. That was very, very potent energy. D, are you still on the line? 

Carrol: She wrote she’ll call you back after the activation.

Deborah: Yeah, I see what she wrote here...haha. Dare I repeat it? Holy...and the laughter is good.

Carrol: She says she’s in the queue.

Deborah: Oh okay, so laughter is great...the joy is holding that joyful co-creation. D, you there?

D: I’m here. Are we censored at all? Because there’s certain words that come to my mind at the moment & I’m not so certain I’m supposed to be saying them on the air.

Carrol: I saw what you wrote...bad girl.

D: That was a wild trip. For any of you guys listening out there, I don’t know if it was because we were directly involved or what, but that was one hell of a wild trip, let me tell you.

Deborah: So D, this was the first time you were experiencing it? You weren’t available for the 12/12 that night?

D: you guys could have warned me, you know.

Carrol: Well, I didn’t know what it was about...I was like, Whoa.

Deborah: So, this is great...this is really great, that we are laughing. There was a lot that was being shown to me. This energy definitely was quite potent. This is not unlike, I want to say, Welcome to my world, that’s kind of normal. But at the end of this at the same time, this was actually quite potent.

So, one of the things that I must do after I bring this energy through is that it’s important for people to really engage in it, to actually take some time now if you can just to actually be still, be quiet & to allow it to integrate. Because like I’ve said & my Guides shared through this, is it really does set off this alchemical, transformational process. 

Here is the thing that you may experience starting from here forward, if not already. I’m saying this to you guys & also to the listeners. What I have found to be a very common experience is that you’ we didn’t do a complete piercing of the veil to your fifth-dimensional Higher Self to communicate...but that oftentimes does actually occur and what will happen is that the nighttime will become a bridge, a doorway for commmunication.

So, Carrol, you’ve talked a bit about it...and you know Hope too...all of us are being awakened in the middle of the night, none of our sleep patterns are the same. That what may potentially occur is that your Higher Self is revealing things to you...that your nighttime is becoming a very different experience. You might find yourself being up & down three or four times a night. Definitely get a journal & write down what’s coming through in the night, because it’s detailed information that your Higher Self is wanting you to anchor & to ground into this dimension.

Now, I’m just getting the cue, we only have a minute and a half left. The other thing is that it’s important to do is to continue to pay attention to yourself. If you get tired in the middle of the day, lie down. Because you are probably going to be experiencing DNA activations, downloads, transformations...things like that.

Okay, ladies, you have a minute. Anything you guys want ot share before we end the show here?

Hope: Dream dream analysis.

Carrol: I’m reading in my sleep. I’m actually reading in my sleep. I can see the words....going down...reading. 

D: This has been an amazing opportunity & I’m really glad that I’m here today with you wonderful ladies & everyone else who’s listening in, of course.

Hope: I have one more thing to share very quickly, because we all know that we’re going to be flooded with money very soon. This is so important that we all get in touch with ourselves, because what’s coming is going to be so intense. We need to be as grounded as we can be in who we are...that’s why this is so important. 

Deborah: Absolutely. And will you ladies join me back on the show again once we have the money release announcements & everything, so that we can start supporting people with all those details? 

Hope, Carrol, D: Absolutely. Thank you.

Deborah: I’m telling you, from the bottom of my heart, I am so honored & blessed to be in the presence of you guys. I thank you so much. I know what we have accomplished here today is huge. As I always say, we’re in this together. The most important relationship to have is a loving relationship with ourselves.

Until next time, this has been Deborah Ariel Pietsch, with Carrol, D, Hope & you’ve been listening to Wake Up, Shift is Happening. Until next time, much love, Happy December 21, 2012...let’s rock it.

D: Happy birthday, everyone.

Carrol, Hope, Deborah: Bye.


  1. Dear RTS and everyone else:

    First Merry Christmas a time to celebrate everything that we do have, not what we don't.

    I have been reading in Rumormillnews, Veteran's Today, and all the other sites out there that aren't afraid to give information to the people. A good thing too, or no one would yet be awake.

    On my journey, I have seen a lot of fear being promoted. Frankly, I am tired of it. It's good to be aware, but not frightened.

    People are all talking about the NWO and how they almost have it complete.

    What if they had it all complete for quite some time but no one was of the wiser? It had already occurred and now it's being dismantled. The Federal Reserve Note was the "Petro Dollar" that all the world trading on.

    The BRICS system came online, and all that changed. After this new system was up and running, it was easy to see how the house of cards began to fall. It's falling further... that is a good thing.

    So, all the fear out there, just know we were already there. Every country was all types of taxes to corporations, not their government. Control, control, and more control. Many things are changing. Good or Bad? I don't know.

    At this point, let's rejoice in knowing that the NWO is being brought down to brave men and women who seen it and wanted it gone. They knew the truth, the truth they are now releasing to the public.

    We see how the cabal has used so many ploys against nations, for these people are globalists, they have no care for what country they hurt.

    Today, let's celebrate this day with joy, knowing there is a future for our children and our children's children. The fight we have will not have to expand to them, because the enemies we think we have, are naught.

    A few people ushering the hostile, mind controlled, and war mongering is at end.

    Thank you, my friends for all the hope I see through your eyes and the incredible sacrifices that were made by brave individuals. The bloggers brought the information to the people... thank you thank you thank you

    Merry Christmas to all!

    1. 'At this point, let's rejoice in knowing that the NWO is being brought down to brave men and women who seen it and wanted it gone.'

      What planet are you on? because it sure isnt Earth.

    2. I hope the light achieves a speedy victory or most of us won't be living on Earth much longer.

  2. Maltese Cross and the Council of 33. You have to wonder about this.

    1. I do, and I have and will again be speaking to Deb about this because it does not sit well with me. I will discuss it further very soon.

    2. Ascended masters telling you to write a sex book. uh-oh!

    3. Crosses and stuff are not my bag - sorry! If you want N S E & W use a compass. Definitely not comfortable here, not no way not no how! To each their own though.

      Sine Nomine

  3. Hey there,

    I've been following your blog for a good while now and considering all those great announcements about the financial and/ or economic reset, disclosure of the cabal and the things they've done...

    why on earth do you discuss such an unrelevant topic? Supposing that all this will roll out on a golbal scale, wake up calls of individuals won't just be necessary will they?

    Such articles just make me think that you could personally doubt the things you've stated :s




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