Saturday 29 December 2012

Life as an alarm clock

We've talked about this topic for a while now in the comments of various articles here on RTS.  Everyone has their own opinion on the topic of "waking the sleepers". 

I thought it very timely that a good friend sent me this article this morning and we had a conversation on the topic- talking about how sometimes all it takes is a few words to suddenly open someone's eyes.

I have had the privilege of having several people enter my life that have guided my foot steps gently and a few that have very forcefully given me a good shove in the right direction. (Thank you Nicole).  

Some of the gentle guidance came from people posting a simple message on social media or a forum.  The first one I remember very clearly, was a woman who I barely knew posted a comment on a parenting forum that said "Do you know that there is antifreeze and formaldehyde in infant vaccines?"  To this day I can remember the stunned feeling I had when I read that. I immediately raced to the computer to look it up, mostly to refute it, and there is was..... confirmation from several sources that yes indeed those toxic chemicals are in infant and children's vaccines.  That lead me to researching other ingredients, and discovering other articles.... it steam rolled from there. 

I started researching everything on that very day, and I haven't stopped since then.  People have come along who've pushed me farther and faster, who've challenged my scope of view, who've forced me to question the limits I put on myself and the things that I thought were absolute truths.  I do not have even the smallest piece of anger or malice towards those people, no matter how painful some of the discoveries were.

Here's the thing:  would I be here today if some person I hardly knew hadn't of had the balls to post that information about vaccines?  What if that person had been too shy? Or didn't want to stir the pot?

Yes, given the fact that I'm damn sure my reason for being here at this moment in time is to be on this roller coaster ride, I probably would of woken up sooner or later, but.......?

Here's the thing, waking up the sleepers doesn't mean you have  scream at them and shake them so hard that they fall out of bed and give themselves a concussion!  It can mean just sticking your head in their room and quietly calling their name.  It can mean gently tapping them on the shoulder and telling them it's time to get up....

If your buddy has slept through his alarm clock and is going to be late for work, wouldn't you rather at least attempt to wake him up, instead of shrugging and walking away? .... if he throws the alarm clock at you and rolls over and goes back to sleep, that's his choice.  You made the effort to help him. 

As for me, I'm a loud mouth knowitall (ask my friends, they'll tell you).  When I know a truth, I have to share it.  I'm gentle. I'm not pushy (much). And if someone throws the alarm clock at me, I will just walk away and let them sleep. (for now).  But I cannot just ignore the fact that my friend has slept in too long.  Maybe I'm just a walking alarm clock. Maybe that's my job.  I don't know.  I just know that I let my gut guide me as much as possible.

We all have a job to do here.  Wayshowers light the way.  There is no greater light than truth in my opinion.


Minesweeping for Truthers

“Being the change we want to see in the world” is first and foremost. Our lifestyles, disengagement from the matrix and raising of consciousness being paramount.
But with that comes activity. We cannot be consciously aware of what’s truly going around us without being prompted and moved to tell others what’s going on and doing something about what’s set before us.
And you never know just what wonderful energy you might be releasing into the fray when someone you affect joins the Awakening.

No Stone Uncovered or Tunnel Unexplored – The Passion for Truth

This expression, “don’t leave one stone uncovered” is a true searcher’s motto. Whether it be forensics, detective work, investigative journalism or literal archeology. This clearly also applies to the passionate alternative researcher’s methodology. Leave no part of the rabbit hole labyrinth unexplored.
Those who experience a genuine wake up go on a personal campaign of truth finding and have their lives so fundamentally altered they’ll never be the same.
And some run with it! I was one, I went ballistic! How could you not try to scream from the housetops what you’ve found out when it’s so vastly profound and all encompassing? Especially when the very lives of those you love and everything on the planet is at stake!
However, many get muzzled. Mostly by themselves, and worries about what others will think, fear of rejection or humiliation. The beauty of a true wake up though is you no longer care what others think in that regard. In fact, you don’t want to convince others so much as get them looking for themselves. But there has to be something that gets them started.

It Just Takes One Spark to Ignite a Bonfire

You never know who you are influencing. At all times. Someone may be watching you from a distance, knowing what you’re about to some degree, and is watching your life transform and whether you live up to what you. Some may be people who argue in your face, even close friends, who appear to reject everything you even start to say. In many cases they may be just testing you while actually thinking a whole lot more about what you’re saying than it appears.
Many are at the end of a mind-blowing email with an eye-opening article or YouTube video that puts them over the top. Some visit a blog that leads to another that leads another and WHAMO! It hits home.
You never know!
It may be someone you discretely stop and point out a heavily criss-crossed chemtrail sky to and the scales fall off their eyes, at least about that subject. I’ve seen it happen. A website and a few key words may set them into a massively changed and charged life of activism!
We never know!

If You Don’t Tell Them, Who Will?

What if the person you get the pull to talk to is getting as close as they’ll get to an awakened person at the time you happen across their path? It happens. There are always ways people can find the Truth for themselves, but what if? What if the comment or gesture you would have made was the nudge that would cause their life to veer in a completely different direction at a point that was just perfectly laid out by Universe?
Sure, there will be other chances, but when?
Especially with a world rushing headlong into a Totalitarian clampdown. Then what chance will we have? The only way to respond is to respond in any way we can. I promise, if you get the boat in motion, the rudder will take effect!

Where’s Waldo?

They’re out there. You and I were out there. Now we’re Here. Home at last in the eternal Now. Others are either still looking, or under a spell. I just want people to know if you look with the eyes of expectancy and yield to that inner voice, you might just help wake up some amazing movers and shakers in addition to the other dear souls that will be ever grateful, each of whom will have a ripple effect as well.
We preach to ourselves a lot in this alternative media, but there’s nothing wrong with it. We get inspired, educated and hence armed for battle, if you will. It’s empowering and we need all the juice we each can get during these times. And it will be increasingly so in the days to come. The wonderful thing is, better than solar or nuclear power, consciousness is infinite and always accessible.
As we learn to tap into the True resources more and more we’re going to be seeing some amazing things in the days to come. When darkness falls, the light of Truth appears to shine all the brighter!

Spontaneous Combustion

The wake up has its own wonderful dynamics which we can’t begin to fully fathom. But we can each do our part to facilitate changes in situations we encounter, or find ways to broadcast the awakening and its loving, enlivening and enlightening vibrations for greater and greater availability.
Seeing someone catch fire with the Truth and the passion of conscious, responsible awareness it engenders is perhaps the most gratifying experience anyone could encounter.
I’ve had 3 one hour conversations with someone staying in the same accommodations I’m currently at and she cannot get enough. She works in one of, if not the biggest defense contractor firms in the world. She’s down to earth and knew something was up, but when we embarked on the journey through the maze one thing leading to another, there was not one place she couldn’t see how what she had been told “ain’t necessarily so”. Yesterday she was on her phone to her daughter, who was at one of our long conversations, telling her daughter to “look up at the sky, the chemtrails are massive today”.
A week ago she never noticed them.
That’s how it works. Where she goes with what she’s now been introduced to, I do not know. But I sure like to imagine. ;)
Keep the Awakening rolling. Look for openings and listen to the nudges.
Minesweeping for Truthers – it’s a blast! Literally.
Love, Zen


  1. D, I agree and it's something I will keep doing is trying to wake up people.In the last month 9 out of 10 attempts 9 got hooked.It's how we approach friends and family,what's worked for me is throwing a cookie then they want the whole bag.This is what I've been doing esp the last few days it's got me going to bed at 6am,but all worth it.They certainly won't see it on CNN CTV BBC ect.The funniest is when we discover someone on the same wavelength and they will tell me "you? who would have thought?" And this person told me "I don't speak with anyone about this stuff, people might think I'm crazy" the look on her face after knowing she has someone to talk was I will continue throwing cookies :)

  2. Prosperity, What Subjects Do You Approach Them With? The Only Thing I Have Success With Is The Chemtrails, And Even With That One Person Argued And Said They Are Contrails.

  3. Prosperity, I had exactly that happen this year! A discussion with one friend revealed that she and her DH were truthers, although I have led her further down the rabbit hole. I am also very patient, I push people's knowledge just a little bit further and am good at reading them to know when to stop - for now. ;) D, as you may have ascertained by now, never needed to be handled with kid gloves! :D You can discuss the craziest and most far-out idea with her and if she doesn't agree, the biggest reaction you might get is, "Hmmm, yeah, I don't buy that." Love ya, D!!

  4. It is really intriguing watching all these updates from One People's Trust unfolding... Have y'all seen the newest updates on AK yet? :}

    1. Best I can decipher, the "notices" are being handed out to the various former powers that were that, in effect, they are broke, and notices of various "rules" of the UCC ( which are rather useless to me since I don't have any access to those written rules ) are being adopted by the new self-governing body of the entire world. The UCC codes/rules/etc., are only useful to those that follow them ( including TPTW ( the powers that were ).

      At face value, 5 billion in silver and gold, and the "tools" to get that delivered to each and every person is what is being promised. To me, just another human eating rice and grateful for it, I have absolutely no use for gold and silver. Can't eat it, and it would probably serve to my physical demise if i had it around here. Too many people think its valuable and if they found out I had any, then poof! LOL So, I suppose my best defense to avoid such things would be to use the same "tools" to help everyone in my neighborhood get it, instead, then they can all share their bananas, pomegranates, and crayons with me if I am found in need.

      Sure wish I was edumacated and stuffs.

      ( Sine Metu goes back to trying to color the fat lady singing.. yes, inside the lines.. please stop poking fun at how my little green blobs do not look like trees )

    2. It suddenly occurred to me, and I haven't thought this through, I'm just bouncing it right off of the inside of my head and onto this post:

      What if there was a 'ton' gold to be 'allocated' to each of us, and yet, as Sine Metu suggests their could be the risk of it being of no use as we can't eat it...but...

      What if, just knowing that we each have more wealth than we need, in a format we can't 'eat' but it's there nonetheless, what if that was just the nudge this world needed to step into a no-money-economy, where we all just do our thing, to create all the things we currently use/eat/wear, and take whatever we need whenever we need it, without exchanging any form of payment because there would be no point as we all have that gold sitting somewhere in a useless stack - nobody needs to be given any more useless gold?

      Of course, the shift in mindset must happen to snap the few greedy I-want-ALL-the-gold-in-the-world-for-me psychos out of their madness, but most of us are not greedy, and would see the logic in this no-money-society.

      Some are already calling for this kind of living and if it could ever happen, this supposed Gold allocation might be just what we all need for the shift over into it, and the start of real freedom and real prosperity...

      From S in Europe

    3. You've got something there S in Europe! Its what I and my friends have been discussing in recent days! May be its all part of the Shift!? It levels the playing field and makes us all equal, which indeed we always were, its just many of us are not cognizant of that fact yet. Maybe that's the lightening bolt, slap in the face moment some have been waiting for to get this party started! :D

      Sine Nomine

    4. I hope so, Sine Nomine! :)

      S in Europe.

    5. So I've been lurking as an Anonymous poster for about a month now since I first randomly (or maybe not...) stumbled across this page but finally decided to set up a gmail account so I can post identifiably. It gets confusing trying to figure out who is posting what, except "Mr. Cryptic", he's fairly easy to ferret out lol

      So, my thoughts? S in Europe: I think you're right on the money, pun intended :) With regards to an endless supply of funds for the everyday man, I am more intrigued to see what will happen when no one is any longer motivated by money or the need for it to feed or shelter their family. For example, if everyone in the world were suddenly given all the money they could ever need, I would venture to guess that there would be an immediate run on real esate. Many, many people are unhappy with their current living conditions. Given that the current supply of mansions is limited, I would assume that there would be a shortage thus a demand thus a need for builders. With the fact that builders are no longer building to feed their families, that would beg the question: will anyone be willing to work out of the goodness of their heart alone? This is the true test of the evolution of humanity! Does the builder build because he needs to be able to afford to survive or does he build because it is his true joy and calling to provide shelter for those in need? My true hope is that an endless supply of funds will eliminate the need for monetary exchange to occur in the first place. I pray that the vacuum created by the lack of a need to work will be filled with the freedom to be as creative as your soul can express. Maybe that builder now focuses his efforts on not just building functional residences to shelter, but innovative designs with individuality and creativity unique to the homeowner's interests and activities. This question could apply to any vocation that is considered "hard-work" or time-consuming. Do these vocations even continue to exist in the new paradigm? Or do they just fall away because no one wants to perform them anymore?

    6. I also want to add how impressed and amused I would be by our "liberators" if they indeed freed us from our current confines with irony. I can think of no better way to say "WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLAVERY" than by inundating humanity with so much "currency" that it becomes absolutely worthless. Only by seeing mountains of gold and people blowing their noses with Benjamin Franklin's face could people ever realize how truly valueless it all is in the big picture. It's sad that sooooooo many countless lives have been lost throughout human history over paper and hunks of metal or black sludge. Your value should be based on YOU -- and how you treat others when money is no longer in the equation that makes you a person of high value, not how much jingle you have in your pocket. The delivery method of this message would not be lost on me :)

    7. "Your value should be based on YOU -- and how you treat others when money is no longer in the equation that makes you a person of high value, not how much jingle you have in your pocket."

      Hear, hear!!

      Absolutely! Smartest thing I have read here on this topic so far.

      Thank you, also, for going non-Anon through a pseudonym. It really does help, and I believe naming things is a true act of empowerment. I love that your nick is "Freedom Suffragette." Nice. :-)


    8. And so.... freedom from money is easier. :)

      That is where communities become very important. We all have them. But they have been "broken" or rather, perhaps, usurped.

      Would you help build a house that you would live in yourself? Would you help build a house for your neighbor that helped to build yours?

      I would guess that machines will replace the "basic" dirty jobs and the rest will simply poof. Necessity is the mother of invention. I hope I live long enough to see another generation of kids go by, though. Would be kind of sad not to see anyone truly benefit. I want to hear one of them ask me what it was like in the old days and if people really killed each other back then. Then I will know its time to go home.

      I read in those letters on AK's site that the one lady would like a new president to take the duty off her hands. What would be the pay for a job like that? I would do it for a hot meal, a warm bed, and access to a computer for the rest of my life. That's all I have right now, and not sure its going to last all that much longer. :)

    9. Community. Indeed the foundation of human society. I would like to think that given the opportunity, most individuals would help build a house for someone else, despite knowing it had no real personal benefit to themselves other than the satisfaction of knowing you sheltered someone in need. I was actually just thinking about ths concept of "community" before you replied. Let's imagine everyone now had the luxury of working for pleasure, not out of necessity or by force. Let's take a look at gardening-- would people be willing to dedicate their time to working hard in the dirt? I actually think yes, some will because they enjoy growing things and collaborating with the earth. And to be honest, with many people having absolute freedom over their time, I think lots of people who may have never gardened before will do so now. They have the leisure time available and access to funds for property, gardening tools, etc. Also, I think more people would participate in benefitial activities if they knew it was on their own time. I would personally donate my time equally among causes I believe in but didn't have the leisure time to contribute to volunteering for-- horticulture, animal/wildlife protection, health/wellness, artistic expression-- I would be much more productive in a way that benefits other beings and not supporting corporate entities that have invaded and dominated our very existence for millennia.

    10. And thank you for the welcome Calliope :) I think the nom de plume is about as close to an accurate description of how I feel inside as I can come up with... I've always been one to question "authority"-- it''s all just an illusion. And I'm glad it's ending <3

    11. re: Freedom.S...

      Oh, well, something makes me pretty sure that the boys will enjoy being in the garden, certainly, if not for any other reason than the women will be there. I would guess that in a moneyless society, work RULES would be about safety only, and have nil to do as much with socializing on the job.

      But property? What good is that? The only thing I can be certain to take home with me when leaving this vessel is my honor. As a being of Earth, I must confess that I didn't come here with anything much at all. And for quite a few years I was kept and taught and certainly earned a debt for all that pain. Hope that will be worked off by the time I go, but seriously, no sense trying to pretend that I own anything as in 'mine'. My body came from the minerals here, too, yes? So, those must be returned as well, eventually. I am kind of hoping I end up in a place where nobody finds me so the birds can pick my bones instead of worms. Just my druthers. :)

    12. you say you'd like everyone to wake up from their slavery, then some document shows up explaining how we will all get a ton of gold! that just sounds like another lullaby to me.

      sometimes I think these guys make bets on how much bullshit they think we would be willing to swallow.

    13. Hello everyone, We all seek the truth in the only way we know how,and that all depends on what and how you were taught . Sometimes,I cannot even wake myself up in the morning,even when I know that there is a never ending chain of events to keep up on daily.Honest straight forward thinking ,and discussion , on these subject matters ,will and can only be absorbed to the degree that the sponge is capable of holding in it's own capcity for absorbtion. Some of us are so saturated ,that we are dripping with the truth ,and we cannot hold the excess ,and so we sprinkle and drip our pearls of wisdom, wherever ,and whenever we can.Some are absorbed by those we come in contact with ,and some just evaporate into the ethers.Those of us awake want nothing more than to have the whole world awaken to the same reality as we experience. But ,I have come to realize,that we all truly do have and experience our own concept of what we believe to be reality.It seems to me that this is how the Matrix works.When we experience lack ,it is often hard ,if not impossible to expect people who have not experienced it ,to be able to understand what it is like. It is the same with abundance.If you have been in a state of lack ,it is hard to imagine a world where we will all have what we need to exist,survive,and thrive,although,many other beings are experiencing abundance in their reality. I can only hope and pray,and not speculate on what the outcome of the changes will result in here on Gaia,but I do know what my hopes and dreams are for us all,and this is what I cling to.I also cherish the community we have here,and that we all are grasping at straws of truth UNTIL,THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH IS FINALLY REVEALED.We are all here to inform and support each other and I am so grateful for you all.It seems as though the time has come ,and yet time as we know it may also be our own illusion ,and experience. AS far as we have come,I for one still feel like I am in infancy to all that is yet to be learned, and taught to others.One cannot sleep forever,no matter how tired you are. I believe ones awakening is inevitable in accordance to that which we experience.The masses are still in twilight time and not in full LIGHT or LOVE, but it cannot remain in this state eternally.CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN THE UNIVERSE, AND SO IT SHALL REMAIN . Chaos is the order of things .We beat ourselves up over it ,and all we need to do is to honestly,"GO WITH THE FLOW".I CAN ONLY HOPE MY RAMBLINGS RESONATE WITH SOMEONE. LOVE and ENLIGHTENMENT TO ALL..

  5. Funkyjo, With most people I start with 9/11,most believed the official story and that is scary to believe it in 2012.So once you show a whole bunch of info,and things are making sense,they are hungry for more truth.The chemtrail thing has worked against me when I speak to men for some reason.My brother in law claims to have never seen chemtrails but is well aware what a Freemason is,which I don't get.I had another argue same like you, that it's contrail.Other times I start with telling them you give a portion of your money to your partner and you do all the slaving.What partner they will ask..I reply the government.So we buy a house and we have to pay "welcome tax" we go to work we pay tax, we eat we pay tax,a home reno we pay more tax,a vacant lot we pay tax.So now they sart to look at life a little different.. I throw them more all depends who you're talking to and how you want to bring it up.Personally I don't hold back(anymore)I speak with everyone about it.Kepp doin it! :)

    1. Just a little tidbit, but, instead of "Chemtrails" ( a word invented by people observing the spraying of aerosols into the atmosphere, but whom had inadequate direct educational materials by which to assess them ), you might want to research "Geo-Engineering" instead, since that has been around for at least the past 40 years to my recollection. Then you will have some meat for your 'guys' instead of cookies. :) Just my opinion, but I doubt your 'guys' will have any problems admitting that there is Fluoride in the waters, right? The two matters are akin.

      ( I play with crayons, so, likewise, I neither agree nor disagree with the content of either of those two links above, in whole, or in part, but they do supply enough research topology for anyone that is interested to do their own homework )

  6. Nicole, two nights ago,I went down the rabbit hole six hours into it, they got a little spooked,but I tell them "don't feed them with fear, you are so powerful"

    I wonder though, how far does the rabbit hole go? I've seen some crazy stuff with my eyes...


  7. personally, i hold back now (for the most part)...let people come to their own discoveries. that's not to say i'm absolutely silent on several subjects, but i found it to be a kind of cruelty to try to pry one's eyes open. most people i know, don't want to know. they know what i think, and they disagree, to put it mildly.

    even THRIVE didn't make much of a dent, which i gave out as a Chirstmas gift to everyone on my list last year, as it was the most credible, positive and least fearful "conspiracy" documentary i know of personally...i thought it would open some eyes, but it really didn't. i guess i just know an abundance of people who are of the alarm clock-throwing variety.

    the way i figure it, when the time is right, something will nudge the sleepers on their own accord. i'm tired of alienating myself from those i care about, and i don't like that they all think i'm nuts. at most these days i send along pertinent info regarding "new energy" tech, which also simply gets ignored. i'm done with trying to get people to open their eyes to 9/11, UFOs, illuminati etc etc etc. the frustration of *trying* to get people to see what's right in front of their face is too much and too damaging to my relationships, which i value.

    just my .02


    1. I have found Thrive to be a good beginning tool- it touches on a lot of different avenues and I think that most people have thought about at least one aspect to that movie at some time or another.

    2. I have learned a lot, and the people around me know it. They suggest I teach but I tell them I would be crossing jurisdictions.
      See, they are still in the system and behaving in pre-programmed ways. To get them to know something I know and try to do what I do while still attached by the umbilical cord may, i did state may, cause them harm.
      The system will notice them and put them right back into place.

      Neo was ready to wake up and there was someone to help him. Before they gave him the deeper truths, they got his permission because he'd have to be ready to know...there was no going back.

      When Neo agreed to go into the rabbit hole and found out the things hidden in plain sight from him, he was upset and wanted to go back.

      Even Morpheus mentioned how he never wakes up anyone past a certain age.

      I'm around people who are asleep. They see me move about in the Matrix, knowing things. They don't want to know. They don't want to get depressed and need pills, or fearful and need a gun. They just want to live in the forest as if there is no wolf. They have a right to do that. They have a right to be vulnerable. They have a right to be innocent.
      I do not violate their rights to not want to know things.

      Every once in a while someone will ask me my thought about a news article and I'll tell them what I don't hear them saying. Or tell me about a shooting and I'll tell them what should have been part of the initial reporting. I get them to see the use of the word 'may' in communications. I get them to see that if a believe for 'sure' that something that is reported as 'may' happen is something that 'will' happen, they are contributing to making it happen.

      A 'may' is not a 'will' or they'd used 'will'.

      Most things have may, but people don't see it.

      Those so eager to wake up others, i read what they want others to know, but waking comes with responsibility. what's the remedy for the 'problem' you were so eager for them to see?

      Unless there is an immediate danger or immediate desire to know something, I am silent. People do come to me because they say, I know a lot of things; but none want me to be their teacher. They want me to shout from the rooftops what I know so I can wake up someone else.

      Even Christ chose a close twelve to teach. The rest he just spoke to so they could learn to tweak their discernment skills. Christ was probably like Cryptic is today.
      Cryptic messages weren't accepted then, just as cryptic messages are not accepted now.

    3. Thank You All For Your Replies.( For One I Would Miss Cryptic, Who Makes Me Think Even More Than Usual). Yesterday I Sent A Friend The YT 9 Part Series On 9/11, Hoping I Have Not Alienated Her.I Already Introduced Her To The Great Steven Greer Book. We Both Have A Friend Who Lost Their Daughter In One Of The Towers, So We Will See What Happens. I Had Sent Her The Link That Scared The Crap Out Of Me And She Responded With Affirmations About A Few Of The Things Such As Gun Buy Backs And Police Depts Getting A Ton Of Federal Money In The Last 5 Years, Which I Already Knew About.

  8. This article is great and so timely. And the title could apply in two ways, one as above and "Mind"-sweeping for Truthers! LOL!!! ;-)

    Sine Nomine

  9. The greatest challenge of all will be to educate each other on the level where people actually are meaning not throwing tons of info at them which is like throwing them under the bus.

    We are like diamonds in the sky!


  10. I only ever give my opinion to somebody I'm having a conversation with if/when they mention something that I know something 'alternative' about. For example, when somebody mentions health matters, doctors, pharma prescriptions, I usually offer insight into alternatives and mention the doctors/drugs don't offer cures, etc.

    I don't intended to burst their bubbles, though what I say often gets them thinking, wide-eyed sometimes and often they suddenly realise, I can hear the cogs turn and click, and they start to process all the times they've been given a drug that didn't work, or somebody they know has been damaged or let-down by the pharma industry one way or another. I often notice that people do know things are wrong, but they are not focusing on it, necessarily.

    So, if I 'wake' them or just 'tap them on the shoulder', it's done in a gentle, natural way as we're just having a conversation, but as I'm not in the habit of telling people lies or agreeing with their information if I know it's lies, they get to hear whatever I happen to know or my personal opinion, on whatever subject we happen to be discussing. They don't have to agree with me, or even if they do agree, they don't have to do anything about it, they can go back 'to sleep' if they want to.

    But, as somebody once told me, "Once you hear something, you can't un-hear it."

    So even if somebody appears to go back to sleep, they are never in that same deep sleep again, and it won't take long before they begin to wake up again on their own.

    From S in Europe.

    1. "once you hear it, you can't un-hear it".... so very true!!! I recently had someone I talked to well over a year ago about vaccines, who at the time refused to even read anything about it, come back to me asking for more info.

      a seed planted can make a huge growth spurt months or even years later.

  11. I have to say I am Mr. Positive and have always tried to see the good side of everything and hold myself in the highest light and love possible, but the more I read into the hole idea of the elites planning all of this shit this year the more it makes just as much sense as my beliefs that the light is heading up the changes coming to our world. Peopl on E's blog are all talking over the gold backed announcement like the elites are the ones planning the return to gold backed currency because they are sitting on huge amounts of gold that will give them all the power once the gold back system comes in and then they will jack gold prices back up and be even more loaded. Where is one when one steps outside of all the beliefs of normal society and embraces their own truth but then begins to doubt their own truth?

    1. re: "Where is one when one steps outside of all the beliefs of normal society and embraces their own truth but then begins to doubt their own truth?"

      Welcome to Earth, Brando! ^5 ( that's a high five )

      Just my opinion, but "society" is not normal. But nevertheless...

      If you doubt your own truth, then change it. Seriously. I wouldn't chit ya.
      You have realized you have nobody on the "outside" except for all of us trouble making, rabbit loving, crayon users, and even some of us can't color inside the lines! Doubt is fine. Its a SIGNAL. Go inside yourself. Truth is there.

      Real truth can only be true. Doubt can only be for illusions. This is the truth about truth itself. Truth can only be TRUE. It is the difference between "thinking" or "believing" something and KNOWING it. If you would like a very simple example: Hold up one finger in front of your face. THAT is TRULY there.
      You know it is there. Thinking about IF it is there is a waste of your time.

      Doubt has a role, though. Learn to smell it. Then ask yourself, seriously, for the answer. Did you hear the very first reply in your mind? Regardless of whether you THINK its incorrect, regardless of whether you catch yourself trying to argue with it, give it a shot. Seriously, take the very very very first answer that comes into your mind for your question then try and see it for all it is worth. If it brings up more questions, then POW... do it again.

      About the "elites" and the "PTW ( powers that were )": They are humans too, right? Pity them.

      That's my advice, take it or leave it. :)

  12. Alarm clock?
    They want to wake up.
    Sleeping through an alarm?
    They wanted to wake up.

  13. Ok, D, 'fess up! How are you involved in this The People's Trust??!?

    On one of the emails posted on AK's site:
    From: Heather Tucci-Jarraf
    To: "" <2goforth"">
    Cc: "" ; "" ; Trustees ; Advisors ; ""
    Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 12:07 AM
    Subject: (POOF) RE: time for the mystery of Truth to BE known

    AK, KP, and "Poof" (cc to D, the Trustees and the Trust Advisors)

    This is becoming quite confusing. I must be reading them wrong, because my first impression is that the Chinese guys are now bad??

    1. And I am still bothered by the Quick Transport Solutions employment resume of all 3 members of this trust. My father has a business registered with an organization that, shall I say, is "similar" (cough, cough) , to this organization. He legitimately contracts drivers to move freight across the US. I don't follow how this "experience" is/was necessary as background learning? Also, her constant use of :) smily faces seems less than professional, considering that this group is supposedly saving our butts. I really want to believe what I am reading, but there just seem to be some rather large, awkward holes I am having difficulty traversing.

    2. hhahahahahah- different "D"!

      I"m hoping to have some conference calls on the Peoples Trust later today and I've got several people looking into it for me as well. I'll let you guys know once I have more info

    3. ps: anonymous 9:49- you'd be surprized how many just regular people are the ones that are doing amazing work on saving the world. the reality is: would you prefer a real life regular person who understands what's going on, or some professional lawyer or politician who writes beautiful prose.... and will steal your wallet the moment your back is turned. I don't mean to be snarky, but I'd rather a mother of 4 who has said "enough of this shit" step up to bat, instead of some so called professional. just my opinion.

    4. re: Anonymous29 December 2012 09:49

      And yet we all currently give our ( cough, cough ) allegiance to erm... a bunch of crooks in DC, London, Rome, etc, that use "smiley" faces on TV photo ops when they think their lies are working, right?

      Just my opinion, but, I couldn't care less about "professional" liars. If The Peoples' Trust is a legal and lawful vehicle to get the job done, they can make as many smiley faces as they like. I can guarantee you this... they can use all the help they can get right now. Let's compare them to the people in the W hite H ouse... let's see, goes off to Hawaii and let's his "staff" handle the e-mails, most of which are screened and pre-selected automated and scanned by people earning more than most families do in 10 years. Ever send him an e-mail without wondering if you will end up on the high-security list?

      Enough of my opinions... here are a couple of good ones. :D

      About the transport company... It's a company. It lists one vehicle that transports people, only. It fits perfect for the reasons she described.
      Have you ever tasted the pudding before serving it?

      When the fat lady sings, she sings. I am far too old to be impatient. Smell the roses, instead. Has anyone asked you to believe what you are reading? Do you have any bets placed on the outcome? I would much rather trust the Trust from the get-go than demand anything from them. They haven't demanded anything from me, but those other guys in DC et. al? OMG... that's all they know how to do is demand.

    5. I totally understand what you are saying, especially since it is clear that those with the power to make changes are benefiting from the current system - however, what is the probability of ANYONE outside of those who read alternative news even considering this possibility? I don't even talk about any of this to my kids anymore, they just laugh and ask me where my tinfoil hat is. And all those chemtrails? Just contrails, silly. That's what they keep telling me, even when the sky above our suburb has a checkerboard of chemtrails laid out. One is an accountant and the other is an engineer. We know where their loyalties are. If we can't even get our own families to acknowledge the state of the world, what hope is there for unknown people with questionable backgrounds? Zilch. Which depresses the hell out of me. Every time it seems that we are getting close to something happening, we take 2 steps back. It seems like we just took 2 steps back since we are now being told that the White Dragons may not have our best interests at heart. Sigh.

    6. Anon 11:10 was a reply to BTS 10:27...

    7. different 'D'.. but your email address is there..

    8. re: Anonymous29 December 2012 11:34

      ...and so what part of gag-order is hard for you to understand? Do you like, uhm, not like lasagna or something?

      ... and now back to our previously unannounced commercial interruption...

    9. To:

      Anonymous29 December 2012 08:43 and 11.34:

      I'm thinking D is Heather,of course I could be entirely wrong. Or D is helping the People's Trust in some capacity but she hasn't had the go ahead just yet to reveal all. It's funny as a few people including myself mentioned the People's Trust and I was expecting a big article on here about it like there is at American Kabuki's site and Kauilapele's blog. Well it seems I may have said too much but this can always be deleted by D if that is the case.

      For what it's worth I won't say any more but I will sit here colouring a lovely picture of global happiness and peace. Love to you D for all you are doing. x

    10. re: Sine Metu29 December 2012 12:05

      ...and so what part of respect is hard for you to understand? Do you like, uhm, have an attitude problem or something?

      ... and now back to our open and friendly discussion...

    11. I have been reading the various documents and in all truth, they are only seen by my eyes as early as yesterday when posted by AK. However, that being said, I thoroughly recognize Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf's rightful understanding of Truth. I recognize it from personal experience of my own which occurred nearly 13 years ago. I have only reason to believe every word she has written. And yes, there were people awake 13 years ago when there was only Truth to rely on and the whole world appeared to sleep. She says a "symphony", but for me, the word "choir" is a bit more appropriate. So it goes. Before 9/11 occurred, it was pretty difficult to tell anyone anything. Gold was only 300+ per ounce and everyone told me I was stark raving mad. So, seriously, a day? a month? after over 13 years of knowing, and even before that with so many hints, e-mail addresses and the who's-who of implementation are just ex post facto for me. Pass the crayons, please, D. :)

    12. re: Anonymous29 December 2012 13:30

      Well in all truth, Anonymous, do you really think badgering the hostess of this forum to violate a gag-order with remarks to the effect of calling her a liar is respectful? Perhaps this is more your style:

      ..and yes, you did imply she was a liar, and yes I did just tell you so, with all due respect.

    13. Well Sine Metu, you clearly are confused as:

      1. I did not badger D, as that is the only comment I left above and
      2. I did not imply anything, please do not pretend to have access to my thoughts. I was pointing out something that was confusing to me and wondering if there would be additional clarification by anyone. D can choose not to respond and AK can remove this information if it is sensitive.

      Have a good day and please follow D's common courtesy suggestions on how to participate in the comments section.

    14. re: Anonymous29 December 2012 14:21

      If you post as anonymous then join the collective of Anonymous in the thread.
      "Anonymous" created this thread with the question "How are you involved in this The People's Trust??!?"

      To which D replied, "... different "D"!"

      To which YOU replied... "different 'D'.. but your email address is there.."

      Which is badgering here, in court, or otherwise. Question was asked and answered. You even went as far as to "suggest" as fact in the matter to divulge her personal information. So, once again, have the courtesy to remove the log from your own eye before telling other people how to participate in any way shape or form. And yes, that means I will defend her rights to privacy just as much as she will awaken somebody to avoid their suffering. It also means, yes, your failure to realize that you are prying by no means relieves you from the responsibility of the act. Has anyone pointed out YOUR e-mail address recently?

      Your point number 2 above clearly states that you did not imply anything. Your words, though were "different 'D'.. but your email address is there.." This is a direct challenge to her statement, it directly implies she is lying. Implication has nil to do with your thoughts and everything to do with your acts. The antecedent being "but your email address is there", and the consequent being that she therefore spoke false.

      It's obvious you cant take a hint, even at "lasagna" humor. Would you like my e-mail address to badger ME some more about this? Do you also want the last word? Being a badger, how can you resist? You have so much anonymous credibility to protect, no?

    15. I"m about to post an update of sorts on all of this tomorrow after I talk to heather.

      ..... but as a little pre-quel: I was suppose to part of the release of the People Trust information, and I didnt' find out until about 4 hours ago that my spam folder ate every single email on the topic!! I didnt' even know until I called AK this afternoon and got the whole scoop.

      ......... So Yes Anonymous, "D" IS me, lol!!

    16. LOL, well that explains a lot, D. I actually sent you a couple of emails on various important topics over the past several weeks; in fact, I sent one regarding The One People's Public Trust immediately after American Kabuki initially posted it.

      I never received a reply, so, I figured either (A) you never received the emails, (B) you skipped them because you're too busy, or (C) you just don't like me very much! LOL ; )

      Anyway, I assumed (C) to be unlikely since you are generally so cordial on your blog, and besides Obi-Wan Kabuki from AK stated that you were a woman of integrity who can be trusted.

      Either way, it's nice to know that you're now, not only aware of, but actively engaged in correspondence with The One People's Public Trust. I'm looking forward to your update and synopsis of the situation.

      All the best,


    17. I"m sorry ASH- if you didn't receive a reply from me, then I didnt' receive the email..... argh- I need to fix this issue, it's pissing me off.

  14. Omg what in the world is going on?! I LOVE these updates!!!! This is EXACTLY the kind of good news I've been waiting for all my lives!! It's hard imagining everything being said actually being true but WOW. This kind of transparency is something I've never seen before from TPTW and I greatly appreciate all I am seeing. Thank you!

  15. Ah and the answer flows from the People's Trust, who truly knows and publishes the Creator is within each of us.

    I've been stating in various ways that when Creator sees fit to awake is when the Creator awakes, to awake someone because you want to is to be as their God or Creator.

    Anyway and e-mail comment from American Kabuki puts it eloquently without mentioning the karmic aspects of interference.

    It discusses every manifestation of the Creator - equal - each manifestation is the same source, creator

    The last line of this comment reveals recognition of the creator in one assuming power over the creator in one who is equal but thought of as lesser for not being in a state (awake), that they think they should be in in a time frame they want them to be in that state (awake).

    The comment is:
    The choice set forth and requested to be made is whether the other BE'ings would violate, invade, usurp, abrogate, subordinate, or subjugate those other manifestations of creator as less valuable and less capable then the creator manifested as them by taking action to interfere with those Universal Contracts in order to support "their timelines presented to the public" so that people may deem them "credible".
    end comment--

    It was taken from the text of a discussion of a council meeting for some sort of intervention because our changes were taking too long to manifest according to the timelines that had been given via some channelings.

    look within and KNOW the Truth of what IS...that every manifestation of the creator, BE'ing creator equally on this planet, has the same term/goal of Truth by Universal Contract... and the energy setting forth this choice duly bonds the Truth of that term of unified goal and the Truth that each manifestation is the same source, creator, capable of completing that term/goal without limit. The choice set forth and requested to be made is whether the other BE'ings would violate, invade, usurp, abrogate, subordinate, or subjugate those other manifestations of creator as less valuable and less capable then the creator manifested as them by taking action to interfere with those Universal Contracts in order to support "their timelines presented to the public" so that people may deem them "credible".

    end comment---

  16. Wow, with the people's trust 1776, things are really getting confusing. Seems there's so much going on.. When is the sh*t going to hit the fan!?

    1. Or is it just another distraction?

    2. Distraction from erm.... what, exactly? Elections are over... uhm.. the Mayan calendar expired, and hmmm.. OMG did I miss my appointment to planet Xerox again? PFfffffff Peacefrog was supposed to throw an alarm clock at me. FROGGY! OMG!!! Did you forget?

    3. Apologies Sine Metu, our hive-mind overlorlds were experiencing language problems when translating Xeroxian syntax into binery english in the earths quantum flux. A trip was made to our City Of London Corperation subsidery to remedy the glitch manualy. Footage of this was recorded for future programming purposes.

    4. I forgive me, Froggy, and you do too, being a clone from Xerox has its moments, yes? Tree to you, please. How interesting. :)

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      6F 67 67 79 2C 20 61 6E 64 20 79 6F 75 20 64 6F
      20 74 6F 6F 2C 20 62 65 69 6E 67 20 61 20 63 6C
      6F 6E 65 20 66 72 6F 6D 20 58 65 72 6F 78 20 68
      61 73 20 69 74 73 20 6D 6F 6D 65 6E 74 73 2C 20
      79 65 73 3F 20 54 72 65 65 20 74 6F 20 79 6F 75
      2C 20 70 6C 65 61 73 65 2E 20 48 6F 77 20 69 6E
      74 65 72 65 73 74 69 6E 67 2E 20 3A 29

    5. ^^^^ Thu..........uhrrrrrrrrr..............eehhhhhh^^^^^

      ^^^^ Thu............-rrrr...............eeeeee

      ^^^^ Th--rrr---ee.....T-rrrreeeee....Trree!!

      ^^^^ TREE!!!!!TREE!!!TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How interesting

    6. Alright, somebody has been eating or snorting that magic dream dust, and it's not me! I don't have a clue what you two are going on about...!

      Don't explain though, the mystery is entertaining enough.


      S in Europe.

    7. Howrya S.? It's in the Youtube link ^up there^ at 12.35

    8. Love this! Tree! Car! Shop!
      We still shout TREE whenever it's appropriate - which it is, often!


    9. To: S in Europe:


      Tree to you, please.

    10. Aha!

      TREEeeeeeeeeeeeee! How interesting...


      S in Europe

  17. The way I look at it is that the remnants of Mao's communist government apparatus still exists. That plus all the Trilateral Commission handshakes done to set up their economic and business models. David Rockefeller has been back and forth to China many times since the early 70's. I had been wondering why all the gold was leaving bank vaults in the west and ending up in bank vaults in the east with the ESF and bullion banks supressing the price to keep it cheap for them. Alot of military tech was sold to China since Clintons time too.

    Fulford always maintained that the old families deposed to Taiwan were the the real power there and allowed these systems to exist as a means to an end while not in alignment with them. I take what Fulford's contacts tell him with a large grain of fairy dust but the part that is most confusing is Keenan, the gold certificates and the trillion dollar law-suit. The inference seems to be that a cabal operation has attempted to impersonate the real trustees and forclose on themselves as it were. It is very unclear who's who here but that's my best attempt to pin the tail on the donkey - just thinking out loud for whatever it's worth.


    1. Ignoring keenan since so far he's been "all talk and no action." Or at least no action that's made a real world impact on real people's lives. Until I see some tangible POSITIVE results from his actions, he's just another windbag. And that goes for certain other people who strut around making big promises with definite deadlines who then stammer about "delays" when said deadlines pass without the promised "fireworks."

      Wandering Fire

    2. Consider Mr Keenan ignored. I think Keenan, Drake, Fulford and everyone are genuinely doing their best (more than I'm doing), it's just that they're being sent 'round in circles in a hall of mirrors is all.


    3. re: Peacefrog29 December 2012 13:48

      How about a hypothesis, Froggy, if you will and if I may... and keep in mind this is totally completely hypothetical and should be construed as good for trees.

      Suppose for a moment that the "pyramid" of the "NWO" was actually a LOT older than the "NWO" and that the "Illuminati" is relatively young by comparison of oh, hmmm, at least six to eight thousand years. And lets also suppose that the information about that pyramid that practically anyone can see now on the internet is 99% incorrect. And lets say that the original pyramid exists, hypothetically, but that the true "upper part" that is detached from the bottom represents "beings" that are no longer on the material plane, or even to the degree that the material plane exists within their realm, but to us, from our perspective, the representation is detached. Now, consider various things like "gag-orders" and such to be wholly necessary because there is a struggle going on, a test of sorts. Now all of the people on that pyramid include you and me and even the animals ( and trees! ) Trees have the purpose of working with us as "antennas" of a sort and our job here is basically to help the planet earth "vacate" various energies in a sort of "give and take" with the sun and in our own little donation to the rest of the universe. I realize this might be hard to digest, being from Xerox and all, but I am fairly certain you get the idea enough for the following. From the overall "Good Creator" perspective, all is GOOD. It's a fairly well stated principle you can find here:

      The upper echelons of that pyramid that ARE in the material plane, though, are few enough in number to know who is who personally. They have long been in charge here and like most "good children" do, they squabble, but eventually being a small number that they are, they have only the choice to "get along". Over a long period of time, though, they forget how to create things, and this includes food as well as other resources. Voila~ On earth the children are "trained" from birth to eat "dirt food" which comes from the ground, and the rest is "history" that is stored by rote, or skins, or by killing of trees to make "paper". Without our creative ability, we are destined then, even to the degree that our "science" believes a LAW that everything in the universe is in a state of entropy, decay, and chaos while the opposite is actually truth. So the question is simple, is everything actually good? Hypothetically speaking, it is, always has been, always will be. The hall of mirrors is a very good analogy, but it might even be closer to

      Now you should be WAY so happy we are both clones from the collective on Xerox.

      Tree to you, please. :)

    4. Howdy there Sine Metu, I was gone but ~ dratzo I return.

      First off, I agree that the NWO was a relatively new project in order to stave off the inevitable changing of the guard at the impending completion of the age of Pisces and that the old world order(illuminati) goes back at least six to eight thousand years maybe even to the mid-way point of the precession.

      The book Fingerprints of the Gods pegs the Sphynx as being directly pointed at the constellation Leo 12.5 thousand years ago, amongst a plethora of other fascinating information. The pyramids in Bosnia aparently also hit this time period as do many artifacts all around the world. We know that many of these architectural marvels were built with guidance from precision engineers that weren't from around here and had vast knowledge of the dimensions, movements and cycles of heavenly bodies and that these factors are incorperated into the measurements and geometry of the buildings themselves. This theme continued throughout our recorded history in the measurements and geometries of romanesque to gothic cathedrals to modern skyscapers and from street plans from Paris to Washington DC. Secrets in Plain Sight is good documentory about this.

      The hidden hand within the "fraternities" uses this sacred geometry to describe the environment for everyone on the physical plane, so what is it? It's the geometry of the entire known and unknown universe on every scale from a super cluster to a proton, everthing in between and everything bigger or smaller to infinte scales of division or fractals. On this I subscibe to Nassim Haramein's model of the universe/mutiverses all wrapped up in a double torus expanding and folding back in on itself, and pulsing at the speed of light and he describes it better then I could.

      This is very long-winded I know, the point is everthing that we percieve happening on the physical realm is happening within this system and so I also agree that the top of our pyramid is operating one click up within it and out of our physical perception. The way I see it there is both a mathmatical and a spiritual component and that the whole pyramid deals only in the mathmatical aspect. So the illuminati understand cycles, numbers, systems and geometry in that they know how to apply it to manipulate a consenus created reality on the 3rd dimensional plane but they don't really understand it spiritually. They have never experienced it this way but merely apply a tried and trusted formula which is why they're so partial to ceremonies, invoking their overlord advisers who operate outside of time as we percieve it.

    5. Maybe time itself is not a measurement which defines a sequence of experiences but is itself a kind of landscape of information,the movement through which and vibration of which creates the expierence of distance between thoughts, places, things, etc. After all what we see as physical is 99.9999% space. We think of matter as tiny little particles vibrating in geometric patterns causing the appearance of solidity and form and defining the space around it. But these particles are energy which is light which is information and space is dense with this information not empty and is actually definining form and not the other way around . So in my synopsis time and space are both lanscapes of information vibrating in a geometric, cosmic symphony defining and experiencing you and I as we simultaneusly experience them. The eye at the top of the pymamid is getting in the middle of that, manipulating it's illuminati puppets to manipulate our minds/ beliefs, causing a particular wavelength/ vibration to create our consensus reality.

      Because this universal model is based in geometry which is descibed by energy which is also light or information and because it all works at a fractal level of infinate division this is how they work it. All information is compartmentalised or divided to infinity and all systems and institutional structures on the planet operate this way as do the compartments within pyramids of "degreed" initiates which control it.

      This is only a fractal of a larger picture so to speak as there are 8 dimensions further up the scale with 12 levels in each strata all fitting into the same mathmatical model of the universe as on the micro level . So we have all these beings in different dimensions inhabiting this mathmatically structured double torus ball of interlocking geometric expressions of energy. All of it is connected to every other part of it and all organised into a hierarchy which is aware of both its structural and spiritual components. At its centre is the prime creator who is aware and actually IS every other component of it all the way down to the Earthball(gaia), the individual us's living on her to the plant and mineral realms to the sub -atomic particle to infinity. All the 12 strata of the 9 dimensions above our third organized in a hierarchy chosen not by appointment but through degree of realization of expierience of the connection to the all that is, right the way back up to prime creator . All the information(light) of each individual component is contained in every other component to infinate numbers of division, being updated constantly at each individual compenent's rate of experience and informing the whole, pulsing at what we perceive as the speed of light and back again but all taking place simultaneously in the "now".

      So I think God created realms which in turn created realms and those realms are in turn creating God or informing God at least. This orchestra is conducted by the law of freewill which brings us to the beings in the fourth dimension at the top of our pyramid who wanted to have a different experience and be seperate from the orchestra and start their own band and had designs on creating their own universe some day. So long seperated from from the all that is they ceased to understand their own spiritual aspect and found they could only exert influence on realms structurally below them. They hoped that could somehow hot-wire these beings who were spiritually above them, still being connected to the all that is and make their way back up the ladder without having to cooperate with anyone along the way. That's the blurb at least.

      PS.- TODAY..I was mostly eating peanuts and mandarins

    6. re: Froggy's adept encapsulation of the universe in less than 1073 words.

      I can agree with almost all of it. My exceptions or differences are sorta kinda in the following... division is an illusion. Spreading is what occurs. Division relies on 'destruction' in 'creation' so, yes the concept is clear what you mean, but strictly speaking, the perspective of reality differs.

      Regarding the "eye".. This may appear to be a "symbol of an eye" but the geometry is simply that a circle is INSIDE a vesica piscis. As I understand it, the meaning is very simple if a certain digit is removed from our modern day math, ( and returns us to the old system of math ), that being the zero. The old system of math relates infinity is equal to one. The simple understanding is that infinity only has room for one infinity which is infinitely infinite in infinite dimensions, therefore, there may only be one.
      To the ancients, the only things considered were TRUE, WHOLE, GOOD. Everything else is illusion. For something to EXIST from the ether, it must be real, yes?
      If you cannot perceive it then, it is infinite. God will be spread. Reduction of nature is a crazy idea. Certainly this is rather like the Law of Conservation in a way. It is a closed infinitely open system. :)

      The word "Omnitheism" today means something quite different than what it would mean with that model, but I suppose it would be better than pantheism. Omni includes ALL and ONE, yes? But English uses the word to describe "religions" and the picture is about Cosmos God Life ( if you can picture it ). The symbol is much easier, LOL, but I gave it a good go. :)


    7. Other notes.. nearly completely agree with the "ritual" reasons you mentioned, but it occurs to me that they had the books, but lost the will of God, so they had to remember and try and "work it all out" again with "science" as in, just trial and error and keeping the secrets from the "enemy" camps, etc. etc. very much like our science functions to this very day. Over time, so much of the original things were lost.... uhm.... as if you can picture a "tower of babyl", yes? all separated to various locales and times. If you plug in the word "Science" for any mention of "LORD" or "YVWH" in the bible, it reads quite a bit different and certainly since it *is* the same thing, then, to them, it made perfect sense at the time. Religion and Science and Nature are all the same thing conceptually. Anyways.. the reason that the "sacred geometry" keeps showing up has nil to do with "advanced math" or "calculus" or even "Pythagoras" era math, but rather, its natural. Funny they look to find all those things in the Pyramids, etc, and say OMG!!! LOOK!! Those people knew higher math than we did 100 years ago! How is that possible? But then they show you a Nautilus shell ( for example ) and try and "teach" you how this math is some "secret" of the universe. From the ancients point of view.. it would be more like "rolling the dice" so they came up with a 5 this time. It is what occurred. That's why it worked. You put fudge and flour and sugar and such in a pot and you get brownies! They created using the divine will and they got brownies too. Is it the brownies fault that the brownies all have the sacred geometry inside? Is it their fault they were hungry for a brownie and the end result was the same? ( grins )

      I sincerely compliment you on your exquisite explanation. You have a command of the language that for the length of the post, certainly was only a short synopsis, yet you did manage to encapsulate the entire universe into 2D characters using a primitive ASCII medium, and only two posts! :D

      Anyways, if you can do THAT, then maybe I can synopsize my hypothetical post from before and say, erm... Even the people that have caused what many call "evil" on this planet are our brothers and sisters, and are good. This includes the likes of Hitler. Difficult to grasp for some, but, very few people actually try to ACCEPT what is written in the old books and are furiously busy trying to THINK about what they mean, instead.

      Oh well. :D

      P.S. I drank Orange juice today and ate some chips.

    8. one short edit....

      I stated: "if you cannot perceive it then, it is infinite."

      Truth would be: "if it is among the infinite it exceeds your direct senses."
      The former precludes and implies a lack of perception which is, on its own, the whole thing we lost. THEY had it. Perhaps YOU have it too. I have felt it at best, but I am old now.

    9. "PS.- TODAY..I was mostly eating peanuts and mandarins"

      Love you, Peacefrog...and PMSL at this nugget of insight you chose to share.

      Pea-Darins anybody? Guaranteed to open your pineal gland!

      Also sharing Nana-Granates for those true seekers of magical light!


      S in Europe

    10. Omg, I practically barfed when I pictured peanuts and mandarin all mixxed up as a Daiquiri, are you kidding, S?

      I guess Pea-Darins are a bit better than Man-Nuts, yes? Meh, what a choice options to picture in a blender.

    11. Quite so, Sine Metu.

      If 'Man-Nuts' could open the pineal gland, I'm sure every MAN on the planet would be shrouded in mystical Love & Light whilst floating on a cloud of scented candle smoke.

      But, it seems beer-stained 'sweats' covered with extra sweat and a generous sprinkling of mysterious flaky flakes is often the default shroud for many MEN, I'm guessing Pea-Darins have more chance of success with serious seekers of enlightenment.


      S in Europe

  18. Wouldn't it be amazing if...

    "Money" had ZERO value so businesses operated on good deeds as currency? What if companies were judged/classified as they are today as "Fortune XXX" based in how many positive activities they were able to get people to perform in exchange for their products/services? Apparently Jon Bon Jovi has a similar set-up for his restaurant in NJ (I think); if you cant pay for your meal, you can always work in the kitchen, bus tables, clean, etc. What if society was able to focus all it's energy on the betterment of itself rather than the fractured, individualized focus on sheer self-preservation...

    1. I'm right there. If there is a deed to be done and I don't 'have' to do it...that is..I'm not compelled to do it by fear, threat, duress, or coercion, then once I decide to do it because I want to 'experience' it. Consider it done.

      I can see many of us utilizing various experiences each day and totally enjoying our existence. I could clean up a household mess but I would not want to do it all the time. I have a friend that loves to step into a chaotic mess and give everything it's place.
      I know people that love to cook.
      I would love to eat what they have cooked. Some love to entertain children...there is our child care right there. Some love to make music and perform. We don't have to go to an opera house to enjoy their works.
      I could tend a garden, pull weeds, or cut grass and be just as content. Some people like to build and fix things.

      The possibilities are there and are endless.

      I'd work a cruise for a while so I could take a cruise. I'd love to experience the cruise from many vantage points.

    2. I'd work on a house for another family to live in and I'd do it with pleasure. I love to cook, and would enjoy spending time cooking in a public eatery, on occasion. I love to garden, from time to time, count me in with the green-fingered stuff. I love animals, and would be more than willing to walk a dog, or clean the rabbits out (I do that anyway).

      Whatever it is, we are all more than capable, and should be more than willing to do a variety of things that need to be done.

      How many bankers love to grow veggies or build spice-racks on the weekends?

      How many lawyers love to play music or cook for a hobby?

      They won't have anything else to do, I suppose, so let them do what they love.

      Let us all do what we love.

      And sometimes we'll do what we may not love, but do it just to help someone else.

      If we are not willing to do the above, for no money, just roll-up our sleeves and muck-in for the greater good, then we better just shut the heck up complaining that this world today is not right! Just shut-up and get on with paying the never-ending taxes after working 40+ hours a week(if we're lucky enough to have a full-time job). Just continue living in constant fear of redundancy, under ever-increasing debt stress and panicking whenever the brown envelopes come through the letterbox and bloody-well like it!

      Where's that community work rota?....


      S in Europe.

    3. Bottom line is every person on this earth has something that they are good at and as well enjoy doing. This is the kind of action plan we would have to incorperate into a moneyless society. But IMO it would work so much more fluid then the trap we are in today. A friend of mine I have some drinks with from time to time tried to laugh at me when I mentioned a moneyless society and said that society could not exist without money and that it would crumble into oblivion without money. Almost cried but at the same time almost shed a tear from the laughter his statment gave me. How can people be so narrow minded that they cannot see how a moneyless society would prosper. People doing the things they do just because they like doing it, and with 7 billion people on the planet Im sure we would have all jobs covered. I myself too love to cook as well as grow. I found out last summer that I inherited my moms green thumb for growing vegetables. As well as make a mean ass pot of soup!

    4. Yes, Brando, exactly.

      Did anybody here see that TED talk with that English woman about getting a town started on growing veggies, all over the place, free to pick for anyone who wanted them?

      Amazing success money, free veg! And it's already happening...

      Here's the link:


      S in Europe.

    5. Both of your comments reassure me that, in the words of one of my personal favorites, Mr. John Lennon, "I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." It COULD work. It WOULD work. It's the way it's SUPPOSED to work. We've all been brainwashed for eons into thinking that money (that originated from bits of metal, shells, paper, buttons, etc.), something external from our physical selves somehow determines our happiness or success in this world. How did this even happen anyway?

      Money is just a tool we humans use to make it easier to transfer our determined value of something. We need to start thinking of the intrinsic value of a good or service in terms of "What do I have to offer this person wanting something else for what they can produce?" What can I produce that is of value to this individual and how can I make the trade transaction occur? I cook so I produce food, they build so they provide shelter. Is food of value to the builder? Possibly. But clearly in very large quantities to equalize the effort of production. So, how do we make the transaction fair to both parties? If both parties are committed to the overall good of the community and not so focused on the actual monetary value of their part, then a system would have to be in place to ensure that each participant in the equation is contributing equally to the good of the other. You build my restaurant, I provide free food for you and your employees for X amount of agreed-upon time. If we looked at things from a different perspective, where things like cost of production had no influence on the value we placed on things, I think the world could easily remember that trading and bartering works exponentially better than the mess of a debt system we have gotten ourselves into. Is it possible to go back to that kind of system? Simplification is often key.

    6. If everyones' needs are met, then judging another person's "value" would only be a waste of time. They would have that ability of their own.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I just would like to ask the cryptic crusader this.... What is it that makes you any more educated then anyone else to be telling people that so much info on this blog is not true or deceiving us in any way? What makes you think your truth is ours or that you are any more correct then anyone else? You are always telling us that we are being led down a rabbit hole like it has some kind of metaphoric meaning of negativity, but if you never jumped into a rabbit hole would you ever find a rabbit?


    Anonymous29 December 2012 05:42

    Jesus Brando you remind me of a 6 year old. Nobody has all the answers so stop your whining. If you dont want to learn then fine but stop acting like a 6 year old thinking that you have all the answers. Just grow up get past your inferiority complex stop acting like a sheep and learn.

    brando900029 December 2012 06:01

    Seems to me you are ranting like a 6 year old brah not me lol. I was asking a serious question with no ranting once so ever. You are the one on the rant and shooting insults like a child.... My questions and statements are legitimate, is your name calling and insulting? Did I ever once say I had even a single answer or for that matter all of them?

    Just wanted to carry this over in case ranting Anon, claiming that I am ranting just for asking the cryptic crusader a valid question, forgot to go back and check the replies.

    1. Looks like he's one for the ladies. Maybe gettin ready for a luke-warm date later!

      Anonymous29 December 2012 11:08
      ...I'll entertain all the isolated
      women not involved in the conversation
      and we'll discuss copper...

    2. Had to bring it over from the other post, eh?
      I'm not cryptic.
      Most of us know something. We've awakened to some part of the truth in our own way. We are all collective pieces of the same puzzle.

      Cryptic appears to know you have a right to know something and the right to not known something. From prior responses to Cryptic, I just assumed others didn't want to know, so Cryptic stayed cryptic.

      In our new paradigm, no one has to accept disrespect from an equal and they don't owe anyone anything because we all have access to the same knowledge.

    3. If crytpic knows that we have a right to know and also knows the we have a right not to know then he should make a choice and decide to just say what he has to say so that we can all openly discuss it or he should just not say it.... None of this beating around the bush shit. I am pretty sure that anyone posting on this blog can handle what he has to say without playing Doctor Suess.

    4. And Im sorry but as far as this blog post goes, as I have stated before, I am not a gentle person when it comes to uncovering or sharing truths. The truth needs to ring free in order to set us free. Its the only thing that will. If there are sensitive people whos itty bitty feelings are hurt along the way the need to GTF over it and man up. I do agree that people should be aloud to awaken and adjust at their own pase, if time was alotting that and we didnt have an entire plaent to heal. But thats not our present situation and more people awake = less power for the elites. If you house was on fire and burning to the ground would you leave your bother sleeping in his bedroom so to not disturb his slumber or would you kick his fucking door in and drag his ass out kicking and screaming? Cuz our house is on fire and we need to get people out before it burns down....

    5. Your energy vibrates very low. Anger is a sign of fear. You have no right nor power to force anything from anyone and Cryptic has drawn you and others like you out into the open.
      Cryptic only needs to do what Cryptic 'wants' to do. No more.
      If you consider it Dr. Suess, then YOU consider it Dr. Seuss. Cryptic is equal with you.
      As for the burning house scenario, people have suicided their selves in more ways than just a burning house. They have done it slowly by taking drugs that affect the mechanics of their physical body, or quickly. If One wants to remain in a burning house, if they accept that their fate was to be there when it burns because it would have burned when they were not there if they were to live, that's a decision they can make on their own, if they are an adult.
      Eventually many will realize what is posted in so many ways on the internet. My rights end where yours begin. If I don't want to speak I have the right to remain silent. If I don't want to wake up, I have a right to sleep. If I don't want to live, I have a right to die or suicide myself. As long as what I do does not affect another, they cannot impose their self upon me and make me do according to their will.

      You reveal yourself with your anger. The energies are higher vibratory now. I hope you can find comfort with the energies around you, including Cryptic's.

    6. anon 1632 (congrats you are a 13!)
      I agree with your even energy and detached acceptance of another's perspective.

    7. One person explained free will as being free will only until it imposes on the free will of another. And not being awake at a time that it is needed most is imposing on the free will of many. You state this "As long as what I do does not affect another". I guess it all comes down to the ends justifying the means.

    8. Anon 16:42. I am pretty sure I am not the only person feeling any anger along with other emotions at this point in time. Does not mean my energy vibrates any lower then the next man. And the hole fire thing was just a metaphor in relation to leaving someone asleep and stuck in limbo or doing what you could to get them out.

    9. A two-parter...

      "Anger is a sign of fear."

      Anger can also be a sign of righteousness.

      For example, I am angry that a 23-year-old medical student in India suffered a brain injury and massive internal damage and then died after being gang raped. There is no fear in being angry at that. I am pissed off that it happened, but there is no fear in it, just anger that it happened. I am angry that there have been forces controlling this planet for so long where atrocities happen such as this.

      Am I able to rise above them and observe them with a kind of neutrality, understanding we are in a learning environment, a matrix, where these horrible acts are lessons, often balancing karma or other cause-and-effect relationships in a complex system? Yes. I can neutralize myself not to create a negative act from the anger, but perhaps a positive one instead, that does something to help. But anger is still the motivation and I am still angry that it happened. And I am angry precisely because I have a higher vibration that makes me feel compassion for the victim and a desire for justice to be served. I also wonder what in the hell kind of abuses would turn men into the kind of animals that would commit such an act, too. Once, they were innocent babies that had no propensity for committing this act. What happened to them that they could enter a mentality to do this?

      Hell yeah, I am angry at this stuff. Anger can be a powerful force for good, and to demonize anger shows lack of insight. It is what is *done* with the anger that can show where a person's heart and vibrational nature exists. Still, we cannot enter the mind of another to truly know the feelings, motivations or understanding that one has or has not.


    10. second part...

      As for this, "If I don't want to wake up, I have a right to sleep. If I don't want to live, I have a right to die or suicide myself. As long as what I do does not affect another, they cannot impose their self upon me and make me do according to their will."

      Part of this is true and part of it is not. We are all, each and every human, sovereign beings. This means we do have free will or choice, or at least the illusion of that choice to stay asleep. Some would even question that freedom to choose, but that gets into another entire debate.

      Let's just say, yes, it is each person's right to wake up or not, and each person's responsibility to take these issues into hand for him or herself.

      But as for the idea that what we do does not affect another, that is simply false. Every action we make, every decision we make, and every direction we choose ripples out to the whole, because we are all interconnected in a system.

      I think that is why I understand the idea of the "100th monkey" in this case. For every person who awakens, his or her energy and vibration has the power to influence another 100 people to awaken.

      With this idea, it is an impossibility that eventually the entire planet could NOT awaken. If day by day, another person does, and has the power to influence 100 people to awaken, pretty soon you have an exponential momentum of mass awakening. This would be especially true as any "outside interferences" are removed.

      I think it is sort of moot to question how to wake people up. By the power of thought, and "thought waves" as vibrational frequency, it is a given it will happen, we just need to keep talking about it. People will draw their own awakening to themselves.

      Also, if every person has a "team" watching over them from higher dimensions, then won't that team or higher self or whatever it is work to ensure that the being is awakened as well?

      I feel that is how it happened to me. It was slow but sure. An inevitability.

    11. That anger may be righteous but you are missing a key piece in the creation, and the Universal Contract with the creator.
      I will not dwindle down what we were told in our reality, but the physical body is NOT us.
      So a righteous anger about something that happened that didn't affect the 'light' is a distortion.
      If you look at the anger, you may see the fear that generated it.
      We are not helpless.
      We were taught we were.
      Some experiences in life elevates the soul in the afterlife. This can happen if One goes through the experience and still knows Love.
      But then again, I'd have to be like Cryptic, until more is unveiled/revealed through your seeking.

      The message was put out there. It may not have been for you to 'know' these things at this time. So ignore it as it was not your message.

    12. re: Anonymous29 December 2012 16:42

      per: "My rights end where yours begin."

      Then it's very good that you completely agree with Brando about Cryptic. In case you failed to notice, "Cryptic" ( labeled by his demeanor ) did actually cause offense to more than one person and failed to accept responsibility for his/her actions. His/her actions included the following: Hypocrisy, Lying, Purposeful attempts to intimidate, False accusations, and Breach of the Peace.

      Your own misinterpretation of Brando's example about love for his brother certainly border on the same sort of tactics by twisting his words. Brando mentioned saving his brother from danger. You misconstrued that into "suicide". Brando only spoke about saving his brother, so that means suicide comes from you alone, true?

      Brando stands up for his rights and protect others from harm. You speak about fear. Do you understand the difference? Read your words. You bring fear to the conversation. Brando talks about agreement. You spoke in condemnation and Brando spoke in apology. Yes your remarks are ad hominem, you accuse Brando about anger. I do not read any angry remarks from Brando at all. And Brando did not speak about your demeanor at all. He spoke about the topic.

      You state "The energies are higher vibratory now". Where is your evidence of this and what is your meaning? Yes, seriously. What energies? How much higher? How were they measured and with what instrumentation? And what is the locale of the energies?

      You state "Anger is a sign of fear." Where is your explanation about this?
      People that are afraid, hide, or flee. Anger is the opposite choice in the human's natural acute stress response. Your statement is contrary to common medical understanding. Are you insinuating that Brando is abnormal from an ordinary man?

      You speak about Cryptic in the third person. The prior post ( Anonymous29 December 2012 14:27 ) is "Cryptic". If this post is also yours then my serious suggestion is to "man up" as your good friend Brando suggests and create a moniker entitled "Cryptic". I would bet my bottom dollar you will find applause here from most people just for that act. I would be the first to congratulate you, myself, if possible.

      Seriously and without prejudice.

    13. "That anger may be righteous but you are missing a key piece in the creation, and the Universal Contract with the creator."

      And you know this how? Did you get inside my head and read it there, or see it there? And you know about this missing piece HOW?

      You validate my points above in this response.

      Maybe you misunderstood the part where I write about being able to be a neutral observer from a certain perspective. Maybe you missed the part I wrote about how there are lessons tied into a cause and effect relationship. I understand the concept of "jewels in the crown", trust me. I totally get a contract with Source. Trust me, do I ever.

      I understand I am a hologram, if that helps you get in my head a little more. *rolls eyes*

      I also understand I am Goddess, I am embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and your and tone and manner have gotten up my nose because it is clearly working out of the Old Paradigm of masculine energy that likes to dominate the feminine. I can feel this from you, and read your vibration on this in your typed words. I am more sensitive than you think I am, methinks.

      I am God/dess, I am Sovereign, and I am Free, and I understand a hell of a lot more than you think I do, as is apparent from what you write. I absolutely know I am not helpless. And the rest of what I write will put this into context!

      Please take your Old Paradigm superiority in language, manner and tone, and leave. When you are ready to come back and play less of a Godlike role in comments, I might be more willing to hear more from you.

      But every cell in my body is communicating with me right now the nature of who and what you are, and I call you out as something or someone that is NOT of the Light and NOT of Love.

      This is not anger, this is pure energetic response to the reading I am getting from your words.

      FOLKS -- pay no more attention to this person or Cryptic! I saw this commenter clairvoyantly right now, and he is a HE who definitely is NOT here to help, but to distract.

      BTS, I know you perhaps have no reason to trust or believe what I am about to write, and I normally don't have a reaction like this, but I have just SEEN this guy clairvoyantly, and I am DONE with him.

      UGH. Staying away from comments after this until these factions are vacated from the premises.

      Enough is enough.

      Maybe some energetic "sealing off" of the space might be a help?

      There are so many here who are on the right track. The crap up above is a distraction.

    14. Brando, much love to you.

      I know who he is.

      I know who he is.

      I've seen him and I know who this Joker is. And he knows that I know.

      Hopefully more on this later, if I feel guided to share here.

      Just know that he has been sent here just for this purpose, and that I have SEEN him and figured out what he is doing here.

      Stay on your course, Brando. We are all on the right track, and don't let anyone tell you differently.


    15. Wow, Muse! ( with all respect intended and friendly saying it )

      Whoever sent him needs to get their money back. ( grins )

    16. For Calliope:

      I understand your suggestion that you have no fear over the rape incident you mention above, but you are aware you have anger because it happened.

      My feeling, however, disagrees with you. I rather suggest we do have a fear reaction when we learn about these sorts of things, as somehow, however unconscious or deep down it may be, we feel the fear the victim/s felt before/during/after the event...their fear somehow touches the rest of us who become aware of these events.

      Perhaps our anger reactions in some cases are so powerful we don't notice the subtle fear vibe?

      From S in Europe.

    17. Thank you S... while we have her in our midst here, I just had a question for you, Muse, if i may...

      re: "I understand the concept of "jewels in the crown",.."

      If it's not to personal or something, could you fill me in on this? The phrase is beyond me totally, even in the context you set it.

      ( Sine Metu scratches his head revealing some tin foil underneath the skin )

    18. The cluster effect.
      Brother against brother, sister against sister, brother against sister.

      Notice the tone, and anger, and elements of control, to the point where they want to control what valid response to any comment is.

      Control is an illusion.
      How many will gang up this time?
      We see you.

    19. The whole tone of this blog has changed over the last few days - what a difference a week makes. I said a few days ago that something was off and tried to warn the posting buddies. Seems some of us are forgetting that are opinions are just that - our opinions. None are better or worse that anyone else's in my opinion. It seems like some have come here to try and dominate others, for whatever reason, that makes me sad. Shall not be hanging out here for a while till the vibes improve. :-(

      Take care, RTS and posting buddies.

      Happy New Years when it comes.

      Sine Nomine

    20. Sine Metu --

      "re: "I understand the concept of "jewels in the crown",.."

      If it's not to personal or something, could you fill me in on this? The phrase is beyond me totally, even in the context you set it."

      It is in response to this statement:
      "Some experiences in life elevates the soul in the afterlife. This can happen if One goes through the experience and still knows Love."

      "Jewels in the crown" is the concept in many religious belief systems that suffering in this world stores up for us eternal treasure in the afterlife -- so our pains and trials and hurts we experience here in this plane of existence become our "jewels" to wear in a crown in the next one.

      S in Europe --

      "Perhaps our anger reactions in some cases are so powerful we don't notice the subtle fear vibe?"

      If you want to parse it down to the fight or flight response that is in our reptilian brain, then yes, I suppose every emotion humans have could be brought down to this level of fear, EVERY emotion. It might just be that all our emotions have their basis in the one emotion: fear.

      But if "perfect love casts out fear" then the perfect love would be that of Source, which flows where it is not prevented. Unfortunately, there are ones who prevent it on this planet. I do think it is possible that Love can have a basis in Anger however. When Love sees someone or something hurt and crushed, it wants to restore and repair.

      All in all, though, Fear and Love just are the Yin and Yang of the symbol of the Tao. Always spiraling around one another, perhaps gaining meaning from one another.

      I'll take the whole symbol and not just separate myself into one or the other.

      Anonymous30 December 2012 07:11 --

      "Brother against brother, sister against sister, brother against sister."

      A high-up, paid Illuminati Freemason Shill is not my brother. That kind of person wants to see my Sovereignty robbed from me, my continued slavery for his benefit and gain, and my freedom to know myself fully curtailed all for his control and those of his Brotherhood.

      I do think that some things are worth fighting for, and some things are worth being angry about, and some things are worth standing up against.

      While we are still in 3D, there is a war for humanity at stake, and I will make a stand in order to keep my own boundaries in order to no longer be a tool or an energy source for the principalities that rule this planet.

      I'm sorry, but it is a war, and in a war, one takes a side. I will protect myself.

      For those of you remotely viewing me or this group or monitoring -- please see both of my middle fingers raised to you.

      Humanity wins this one. Our enslavement is over. You (the archons and those they control) will lose and be forced to move on.

      You'd better bet I will use my empowerment to take a stand against that which would have my freedom as a sovereign god-being kept from me.

      Enough is enough.

    21. Hi Calliope,

      Yes, I agree with your reply to me, about the balance, of Love & Fear.

      I do see how I have reacted in anger too, based around things that hurt those I care for, which, for me personally still has a sprinkling of fear mixed-in there, you know the "what if..." sort of thoughts. It's really what I was talking about above, my personal feelings in reaction to terrible events are very much including an element of fear wrapped-up in the 'what if' coupled with enormous empathy for the victim/s, and so on.

      There will come a day, when fear is reduced globally, eliminated hopefully, but reduced.

      I already feel far less fearful than I've ever felt. I think that's because I've begun to look out for the 'fear porn' and choose either to avoid it completely, or on occasion to dissect messages that contain elements of it to see the agenda - which is most helpful in assessing information source/s. The more I learn, the less fearful I become, simply because, in my experience, ignorance is not really bliss - it's just blind fear pretending it doesn't want to know the truth.

      From S in Europe :)

    22. "The more I learn, the less fearful I become, simply because, in my experience, ignorance is not really bliss - it's just blind fear pretending it doesn't want to know the truth."

      Yes, this is very true. And I think that when we start to see things for what they are, we get angry.

      I think many have a distortion about what "anger" is. Anger is not something negative, nor is it something positive. It is energy, just like any other emotion.

      Anger is like fire. Used constructively, it keeps things alive and provides much -- think of a campfire to keep a body warm or cook food.

      But, as an out-of-control raging forest fire, its power is overly destructive, and will wipe things out in its path.

      One who can learn to control this energy and use it for "good" as a powerful motivator to effect positive change, anger is a very useful emotion.

      Thinking of anger as only "bad" is giving into a 3D mentality of divided, polarized thinking. Of course, this is what we do because we are beings "trapped" in 3D! But looking at it from 5D and above, anger is just another tool.

      That's what I was writing about when referring to how people can have a tendency to demonize anger.

      This is just my truth. The powerful thing about truth is that there is not just one, but many.

      "There will come a day, when fear is reduced globally, eliminated hopefully, but reduced."

      Personally, I think that is the central idea of this post, and that the alarm clock is the bell going off in someone saying, "Don't be afraid."

      "Open your eyes. See this 'prison planet' for what it is, freak out for five minutes, and then set to Removing the Shackles."

      There you go. Why we have gathered here at a place like this.

      The thing is, too, in my experience and opinion so far in working in a world where my eyes have started to be open, you can't get too much involved in the head/brain/mind/thinking realm. The way that one figures out this stuff is by being in touch with the heart, and using that heart to be the one with the meter to measure what frequency one is being approached with.

      That's why I have taken a strong stance with Cryptic and his ilk in these posts. Not because there is not valuable information in what he writes. He is, after all, Illumiati and trained in the secrets and mysteries of this planet and its prison nature. So, some of the stuff he writes is true.

      But my heard and clairvoyant vision have shown me who he really is, and that he is one of a Brotherhood that wants to keep humanity under its thumb. I'm not afraid of that, but neither am I going to just lie down and (excuse the expression, but I think it is actually very appropriate) take it up the ass because some magicians want to continue to have their way with me and the rest of humanity.

      This is where anger comes in as a useful tool, when used correctly. No Fear in that, only Wisdom.

    23. "But my heard and clairvoyant vision..."

      Heart. (fat fingers)

    24. CtM MMATFH

      Thank you for teaching me a lesson that I obviously needed to learn. My first instinct was that the craptic posts were of the remnants of the hidden hand brigade. Then I wavered. I shall trust my first instincts more now.

      From an annoying rebel who won't use the name box. :-)

      Sine Nomine

    25. LOL!! No name box, but you do sign with a moniker! An ironic one, but it counts in my view!! :D

      Hey, without the energetic reading and clairvoyance, I would not have seen it coming.

      I was saying to myself inside, "Why all the twisting of logic and mysterious questioning?" Once I saw it, I smacked my head, and said, "Oh, DUH." So you were on to it way before me.

      Would you rather be called "Sine Nomine" or "Annoying Rebel"? The second one has a really nice sound to it, and I can imagine you wearing Doc Martens and with a safety pin through your cheek! It's a good look! Ramones t-shirt, maybe? Green mohawk?


  21. Hello Everyone!
    After I read this post, it made me very excited. Because I learned from experience that people will treat you as 'crazy' when presenting truths. Some people are not able to wake up at this time. You have to understand, their reality of all they have ever known becomes crushed. We can't have that, either.

    Instead, throwing some simple truths their way is one way for them to seek the truth on their own. Anyways, there is so much happening behind the scenes my head is spinning. It feels as if we are all in on this little secret, but no one else. Wow, isn't it crazy that we all have a part in something so big? ***Cheers*** to us and the people who are waking up so quickly.

    I have a habit of reading the posts to many different MSM websites, ladies and gentleman, start reading them. You will see an explosion of people who disagree with what the media is reporting.

    On another note, I started thinking about the massive amounts of wealth we have. When it does happen, what happens to inflation? Economics 101... it will be inflation if there wouldn't be any steps taken to stop it. So, how does one stop it? After all, we still need to work to benefit mankind, right? We just can't take a break forever!

    What if the money was put in co-op businesses instead? The employees making the decisions to benefit not only the business, but their neighborhoods? Away from the politics, but do what is right to support the economy and people?

    If it were the employees making the decisions, there would be no shipping jobs overseas or harming of the earth. Most people out there want to change things, but they have no voice. What if they now would have a voice? Or would be able to allow ingenuity to again enter the picture?

    People could come up with the most amazing things! We have done it before. We are the voice of this new era. We are the people who will fix things, not government or large corporations who look at profit instead of humanity and our beautiful earth. We DO have choices. We don't have to be stuck. We need to start coming together and come up with the solutions, whether the money comes or not. When our lives are at stake due to fake financial crisis, money will fail. But we won't, because we are the innovators, the truthers, the ones who truly make the difference.

    A new social era is emerging, causing the governments and large corporations to go crazy with laws that make no sense. They know we are waking up. They know that change is coming, whether they are ready for it or not.

    Just to say, all of you people on here are wonderful... even Cryptic who does offer a valuable service of critical thinking. Thank you!

    1. re: "we still need to work to benefit mankind, right?"

      I would at this point venture to say that is a presumption.

      There are various people on Earth that would probably just pray all day. Some might argue that such a thing produced more than manual labor, others might not ever be able to wrap their head around either concept. Go figure, to each his own, right? There are people on Earth right now that have been doing that all of their lives.

    2. this Is One Of The Best, Most Upbeat Blogs Of December, So Many People, So Much Positivity. I Am So Inspired To Be A Part Of All Of You. And The Friend I Mentioned At The Beginning of This Post Has Been Having An Ongoing Conversation Today, So Thank You Again.

    3. I agree this blog = best community on the net for 2012 blogs right now.

    4. From Sine Metu: "There are various people on Earth that would probably just pray all day."

      Exactly right! I would be more than happy to serve the practical needs of someone who felt moved to pray all day long. No problem. I understand and appreciate the value of these silent and powerfully energetic activities.

      They might have to lift their feet up though, when I come past with the vacuum cleaner! ;)

      S in Europe.

    5. ( grins at S )...

      Best part about serious prayers, though, is your work would be very light. They don't eat food, they don't sleep in a bed, I suppose you could go about dusting them lightly with a feather brush, lol.

    6. "...I suppose you could go about dusting them lightly with a feather brush..."

      Yes, Sine Metu, that sounds very reasonable to me.

      Once a week I'll give them a quick flick over with my tickling stick (a la Ken Dodd), and once a year, as a special treat on their birthday, I'll give them a good going-over with the Jet-Washer!


      S in Europe.

  22. it is not because we know some thing we are awaken

  23. No, we awaken because we woke up to the truth. We awaken because humanity has finally demanded it, we awaken because we want peace, truth, and love.
    We have awaken because we see beyond the thick veil. We see what could be and make life into something truly amazing.
    We are awake because our inner truth has guided us all to this very place.

  24. BTS et al- seen the latest postings on american Kabuki's blog??? Feedback appreciated.

    1. Sounds like this is the real deal. They are not putting a band-aid on the problem, they came up with the real solution.
      It was a great read- I hope everyone has time to visit the page.

    2. Great read, I agree. Looking at alot of things from a different perspective.
      am I the only one to understand that what "Heather" is
      stating, while being FANTASTIC, for sure!!!!! and I am hopping on the bandwagon ........does mention and nullifies any hope of receiving the St. Germaine Trust Funds??? any time?...due to the alleged 'fact' that they were promoted as further cabal control of the people???
      Would LOVE anyone else's take on this.

    3. I had a long call with AK today and I'm hoping to talk to Heather tomorrow, and THAN I will be posting an update.

      .... but I will say that I'm impressed so far. Info that Heather gave to AK rings true with intel that I've had for the past few months.

    4. thank you D. for your reply....and so much more.

  25. Yes I have anon 14.00. I keep refreshing the page to see if there is anything new over there and here, lol. I'm sooooo excited.

    Not to put a dampener on things but Bush Senior is out of intensive care. I think the cabal's days are definitely numbered anyway now so he's no threat if he decides to hang around a bit longer.

    1. Let's wish him well, then, and hope he recovers. :)

  26. So, I'm reading this channelled message by Elizabeth Trutwin. It does NOT resonate with me as this is based on fear mongering:

    "As Earth approached Galactic Center within the Cosmos the dark Ones fearing their demise, their snuffing out, then they made a last ditch effort to hold you Great Light Warriors in their grip. They have launched phishing schemes promising you awards of money and have posted about it on websites which are considered trusted and are very dark. Think about it. Have you been there requesting pre-NESARA funds? There is no such thing. This is a Black Ops scheme. People have been removed from their homes and taken out, after providing all their details to these dark Ops. Those promoting these payouts, these Freedom Funds and Peoples Trust will be invited to pay the price for this misinformation. Lightworkers grow weary and feel they want to give up and so join in on this self-indulgent fantasy, that this is the real thing we have all waited for! It is wise today to go inside. Reconsider all of your relationships and be honest with those around you. Reconsider your authentic Self. Reconnect with your Twin Flame. Call to your Guides to help dissolve your ego longing for lower base needs."

    You can read more here:

    1. This is laughable to me at most. People have been removed from their homes for providing this info? You mean the info that the elites own? The info that they have had on every single human on earth for decades? LMAO. If they wanted a single person on the planet for anything they could target them and have them in custody in minutes... They have every single bit of info on us there is.

    2. There is alot of stuff from channeled messages that resonates with me as far as love and light and our integrity as humans goes, but as far as their predictions and releases of information the provide I have kinda stopped listening. I still read 2-3 channels messages from the vast number I did originally but I only take the messages of spiritual growth and disregard anything else they say.

    3. First half resonated with me. I had concern of offers of money where it starts with 'only need your e-mail and nothing else'. I felt more info would be gathered later but I didn't respond so I don't know.
      I watched posts where a trustee got people to fill out all kinds of paperwork and even give a blood sample on their documents to get money.
      I felt the fingerprint is unique to each of us, our blood is unique to each of us, it carries a blueprint of our lifeforce energy.
      It is all trust. I mean from the Deed of Trust to the one you don't know about when you go to court called a constructive trust, to the one on the dollar bill with In God we Trust, or when you enroll your kids in school and there is a Board of Trustees, or use a Bankruptcy court for Trustee.

      Lightworkers have not grown weary. They know this, because they put out info for the lightworkers to sit back and wait for things to happen and people are still learning and still doing and still being and so as we keep on keeping on, we don't grow impatient ad any delay because we see the changes from the effect of our part of the changes.
      I find it interesting they mention Freedom Funds (which I haven't heard of) and People's trust which I have just heard of as if the two belong together.
      I reserve judgment on both, as the people's trust has not triggered any inner alert as to having an alternate purpose other than the fully disclosed purpose they have given for their existence.
      The earth and it's resources belong to all of us equally. Come early, come late, by being here it belongs to us equally.
      Discernment skills will be important; we are still in duality, we are in revelations (etymology definition states - c.1300, "disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency,") , not all has been unveiled/revealed.

    4. As for Brando's comment.
      They have the information, but they still need your permission to use it.

      I dealt with the IRS on a situation and they know bank account information, employment information, credit information, residence information, and yet the agent asked me to provide it all of it to her.
      I had two choices, reveal it which meant they could access it or consider the information private and confidential and not reveal it.
      Some things I revealed and some things I specifically responded 'that's private and confidential', and we moved on in the conversation.

      Just because they know something about you doesn't mean they can use it; that's why they have to get your permission. Many who responded if they knew they already have the information could have just said, 'the information is on file' and not provide it again. When you receive and offer to give information and you accept it and give the information, you have entered an agreement. Big difference in protecting your privacy, a right you have, or listening to people convince you it's okay to reveal yourself to a stranger because they know all about you.

      So think about it. I won't get into how many damage ourselves and our positions by what we do and get mad if someone points it out or didn't stop them, or didn't fall for it.

      The problems we find ourself in; we created. We are creators. A lot of damage, one can do to their self in an awake state with no skills, than sitting still and being silent when the predator is all around them.

      I learned most of what I know while I was asleep. I developed them into useful skills when I awoke.

    5. Permission to use it in an open public situation yea but as stated by this channel "People have been removed from their homes and taken out". They need no permission if they are gonna take you out. They have all the info they need and could do it in a heart beat.

    6. I'm anon 16:33
      Brando I agree.
      My point I did not make clear is; we don't know what they have signed and have agreed to.

      I read about people who sign contracts without reading them all the time, even during the foreclosure process, people just signed. I read all the pages of what I'd signed within two days because I knew I had three days to rescind.
      I still got it wrong because the terms were legal and I was using Webster's. There's a big difference and a hard lesson to learn. That's part of why we aren't as 'illuminated' in the Truth because we have to seek it more and they are taught it, so they remember it quicker.

      I know a woman who's son got out of jail with a lot of paperwork. Was free for a month. Went to the probation office and was asked if he had a cell phone. He said yes. Was asked if they could see it. He gave it to them. The looked it over, moved around in it, saw it had internet access and confiscated his body right there and everything he had on him, including the phone.
      The paperwork he signed when he got out of jail (were contracts). He could not have internet access. Neither he nor his mother read the paperwork, and she diligently did everything within that month to get him back into society, including getting a driver's license during the hours he could leave her home.
      He won't talk to her now. He has to serve out the rest of his term after one month of freedom.

      People don't read contracts even when they are being freed from bondage by the contracts that bind them in other ways.

      But I do agree with your comment.

    7. Thank YOU BRANDO!
      Well said, my friend!

      I've been doing it for a long time now. Because I REAL-ised that IF I would take a deep, good look and read between the lines, almost all of them, had a little message JUST for me.
      While others were telling me NOT to pay any attention on these messages, I kept reading them and especially the ones that were teaching, spreading Love, Joy and Forgiveness. (the latter one is A BIGGY for me!!)

      So, mainly, I've been reading these messages not to get a date for a specific event, but to be RE-enrgized and uplifted by them. Some gave me HOPE. Others told me to be more patient. The next one would tell me to be more tolerant with the ones who have chosen to stay in a sleep for a little longer...
      And I think - that Because of these messages - I am now loaded by pure, UNCONDITIONAL Love for the LIFE itself.

      Darling, I liked your IDEAS and your LANGUAGE better! YOU'VE put the words like the stones of the Great Pyramid -no space to slip a blade in between...
      Yes, everybody who's helping a fellow HUE-man to wake him/her up from the deep sleep, IS AN ALARM CLOCK!!


    8. nothing in that message resonates with me. yes, sounds like lightworker fear porn to me.

    9. Just my two cents...

      Read enough of it to get the feeling... and that feeling reminded me of Hillary Clinton selling plots of land on the Moon and Mars. If you have not seen that, I will go look it up for you upon request. It's several years ago though and was an offshoot of a NESARA-disingenuous campaign.

    10. HYE ANGEL thats just it!. I never cared much about the channeled predictions and propaganda about things. It was more so the lessons, just like you mentioned, that jumped out at me so often. It was a point where a light would come on and a new understanding was reached. Usually something about unconditional love and acceptance. Originally I read a book by Dr. Wayne Dire about Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching. It teaches alot about oneness and acceptance of everything and why. After reading that so many of the messages behind channels became apparent.

    11. Elizabeth Trutwin should go out with Greg Giles and have a disinfo party. This message proves she is a tool of disinformation. Her stupid messages said that Nesara was going to be announced 12-12-12 and we all know how that went. Most of what she has said is BS. Some of it has some truth to fool the reader but that's it.

    12. Wooooah Brando! Lao Tzu rocks. If you liked that one, try, if I may suggest, Krishnamurti. Hope you likey. :)

    13. Indeed much of my beliefs today come from a few translations of Lao Tzu from Wayne Dyer. I think alot of the ideas in the new paradigm come from Lao Tzu. Oneness, unconditional love, acceptance and the flow have been pivotal in my awakening and understanding.

    14. I have Lao Tzu on my desk top as a background. I didn't know how to upload from my computer but managed to find the pic here:

      I love it, so inspiring!

  27. So, I Read The Email Trail OnTh Kabuki Site, Now Would Like To Know When The Govt Will Be Making An Announcement And What They will Have To Say. I Assume Before The New Year, Since Obama Came Back From Vacation early.

    1. I Also Signed Up For The St Germain Funds, Did I Do That In Ignorance? I Would Rather Not take Money Offered In Blood And Yes, I Know I Am Being Over Cautious But I just Want To Be safe.

    2. Hi Funky!

      According To The Documents On The Kabuki Site, The Documents On The Kabuki Site ARE The Official Announcement Of The Govt. Seeing That The Old Government Is Just Another "Company" Hanging Around Doing Slave Trade On The Soil Of The People, They Will Probably Require Some Sort Of "Cease And Desist" Orders Before Their Immense Operations Start Turning Off The Propaganda Pipes. Masquerading As A Real Government Of The People Is Fraud. So, I Would Guess They Would Be Allowed A Reasonable Amount Of Time To Notify And Terminate Any Contracts They Have Already Enjoined With The Various Media Companies. This Is ONLY My Personal Guess, Though, So, Guess We Just Need To Wait And See.

      The Saint Germain Funds Are Certainly Honorable In Intention, Best I Can Tell. :) No Worries, Please. The History Of Saint Germaine And "Blood" Just Don't Add Up. If It Was "The Vatican Fund" Then Sure, Blood And The Vatican Have A Very Long And Intimate Relationship. They Even Offer Their Parishioners Sacrificial Ritual Blood To Drink. No Kidding. Who Would Have Imagined?

  28. This is a great article and blog. I have enjoyed "here" so much...and learned so much. I am now down to around 6 pages I surf thru the day, and this is one of them.

    I have read almost every page of the People's Trust. It is quite comprehensive. I have watched the story unfold. I have watched the Financial situation of the World closely for a year at least. The money has been out there for so long for us all. This way is the only way for Humanity to move forward. The Financial World of before has crumbled...there is no way to sustain it...people are waking up very fast now. We have been riding the Roller Coaster that will drop us off in prosperity and love. I see light at the end of the tunnel :) I know many of you see it as well.

    1. Hi Leosun!

      There was a video recently of some guy asking various people what they thought about the "fiscal cliff". Needless to say, nobody could understand it enough to realize the "fear porn" of it all. It's sort of sad and sort of humorous simultaneous. Dumbing-down the masses backfired when the masses could no longer understand the propaganda. LOL

      In any case, for what it's worth, The Peoples' Trust is certainly bona fide. But it is only one of a several pronged approach to the problems. There are also a few rather large law suits going on ( re: Native Indians for one ) and even the media is reporting on all of the various banksters that are "starting" to be held accountable. I made the analogy earlier of kids on a sand-lot football team all piling on the poor kid with the ball that got tackled.

      The media circus is only accustomed to a "pipe-line" script. Typically, ( in case you were not aware ) all news crosses the desk of the Bureau Chief of New York before it is sent on the wires ( fact ). Can you imagine the pile there? LOL, a FREE PRESS is something we have missed in this country for decades.

    2. they are seriously pushing the fear porn fiscal cliff- because of exactly what you said Sine Metu: "Needless to say, nobody could understand it enough to realize the "fear porn" of it all."
      the vast majority of people have no understanding of the world of finance at a governmental level and therefore rely on the media to tell them what to think.

    3. Part of the [redacted] that is located on [redacted] property in Utah is the function of "scouring". I am pretty sure you are familiar with "web bot", no? Take that idea, amplify CPU time about 1000-fold, increase the storage by approximately a million fold ( to the degree where they measure the speeds at petaflops and storage in exabytes ) and voila, you have "semi-intelligent" ears. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as it may be, in computer science, QUANTITY never means QUALITY. They tell media what to think. The [redacted] tells them about a dozen options of what to do about various parts of what the world is thinking. If it was not for that, the internet would have been shut down a LONG time ago. They don't want to be deaf, you know? But regardless of Moore's Law, there is a much older Law in Computer Science: Garbage in = Garbage out. There is an even older Law but unsure of the source... "you get what you pay for".

  29. Oh noooooooooooooooooo the big bad "fiscal cliff" is approaching us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are going to die of starvation!!!!!!!!!

    I think it is just code name they are using for the global reset. Those politicians are just actors and I wonder how they are feeling that their toilet paper fiat system that they sworn to protect with their lives is going to die very soon. I predict tomorrow Poof is FINALLY going to listen to me (after weeks of trying) and use the song:

    Hey Poof I know you are reading or going to read this so make my day and use the song tomorrow dude!

    1. Just my vote.... seems more fitting... ;)

  30. As stated previously BTS is the st germaine fund another tool of the ptb?

    1. no, according to my sources and gut instincts, it's not.

  31. Life as an alarm clock huh? Ya know D, the way you describe yourself reminds me of ME! I had to address my landlord (being almost 3k behind in rent), told him I had been dreading it. I also told him I understood if eviction was the next step. He has been very good to me. The day I sent the email was the day the peoples trust announcement hit the AK website and I sent it to him. I was his first encounter with an awake and aware person. He is already operating his BEing with transparency, honor and integrity. He wanted to know why he has never heard about any of this (MSM). That was the beginning of some email communication with me and he is waking up. For the most part. He told me he does not want me to move because I respect and care for his property. I am overjoyed with the outcome of the dreaded rent confrontation. It has turned into an opportunity to be a wayshower to a person I already hold in very high regard. On another note, I need some collective energy focused to a specific situation. I befriended someone who appeared to be a helpful kind person. They have revealed themselves to be downright EVIL. We are talking about Voodoo, their Loa (God)is Mariette Bwa Cheche the only Loa who is entirely malevolent. This woman has befriended my neighbor for the sole purpose of being close enough to inflict as much negativity and harm as possible towards me. She is damaging my home (a guesthouse), has broken into the front house (I thwarted her attempt to steal my neighbors flat screen TV, Laptop and a box of personal checks). She has broken the wooden fence around the property in 4 places (actually splitting the 4x4 posts). She has no problem whatever harming animals and all of this needs to STOP! I have called the police at least 6 or 7 times and they are not willing to do anything to help. I am afraid to let my dogs out. I find myself walking around with my head full of thoughts that belong in a sewer, not my head! HELP!!! Is there anyone out there that can think of an effective remedy to this situation?

    1. Forgive her with extreme prejudice.

    2. Ho'oponopono

      Sine Nomine

    3. I'm assuming you've already talked with your neighbor & shared all this information with her?

      What does your landlord have to say about all this, especially the damage to his property?

    4. maybe send a letter, or communicate with everyone in the area around you to put them on alert.

      also this has worked for me in the past: visualize your property surrounded by white light and tell the negative entity that they have no power here.

  32. Gather evidence and show it to your friend.

  33. Kathy- I had a cuban friend who had the same problem and she had took advise from a friend who helped her with her problem and it seemed to have worked. not suggesting you do this but thought i would share her experience.
    she put a hedge of loving white light around her house- lined the perimeter of her property with sea salt while saying the lords prayer and intent to protect her and her home- wrote the intruders name on brown paper, put it in a glass of water and put it in the freezer- this apparently froze that person out of her life and she also wrote their name on the bottom of her shoe- and as the name slowly disappeared from her shoe so did the person slowly disappear from her reality. Prayer, Intent and positive thoughts worked for her. She also forgave, prayed for that person and wrapped them in loving white light. Love thy enemy was her motto.


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