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Unravelling the Puzzle: The Leo Wanta Story

Yes yes, I'm on about "Puzzles" again.

Really, it is the most applicable example to use to explain our current place in time and the events that are occurring all over our planet.

Unfortunately this puzzle that we are working on isn't just a simple recreational past-time that we can put together over and over again, or take a break from while we go out for beer and pizza.  We have one shot at this. And when half the pieces are all white with no distinguishing marks because it's shrouded in secrecy, well, the task is that much harder.  It's no wonder that many of the groups working on their section of the puzzle do not see how their piece connects to the next section.

One section of the master puzzle is the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocol/funds.

If you have read the article earlier this week "Message from Neil Keenan, and the continuing conversation" you know that Neil's views on the Wanta funds are different from what you are about to read in the biography below.

"The Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocol/Funds have been released? This will never be released seeing it was stolen money from the Global Accounts used to destroy the USSR's economy by the above mentioned. These funds are now safely resting in the Global Accounts where they belong."

At this point there are no absolutes. I can tell you what I'm being told- that the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand funds have been "found", if you will, and are now back under control and are being released.  This information has come to me through multiple sources. 

The question that needs to be asked is why were the funds being tied up in a certain country's central bank, controlled by a certain American bank... who's CEO has a nasty record of interference and thievery when it comes to the World Global Settlements and Wanta funds?

...this person might think he's above the law and untouchable, but he's about to find out that his number is up.

As I said, there are no absolute answers available at this moment.  Until the Master Puzzle is completed I highly doubt that we, the public, will know exactly how or if the Wanta funds are tied to the Global Collateral Accounts. All I can do is bring you the information that I receive and we'll try to figure out which section of the puzzle the pieces belong to and whether or not these pieces might connect to other sections of the puzzle that someone else is working on.

Aaron of Soldier Hugs introduces us to Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall, Leo Wanta's official Biographer who will be telling us the story of the $27.5 Trillion Dollar Man HERE.

Soldier Hugs launched Chapter One of what I believe will be an epic story.  As each Chapter is released I will post the links here. I am hugely looking forward to reading this saga.

New Release

Whenever I talk or write about Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta, I know people will scoff.  I know they will shake their heads in disbelief.  “Good heavens,” the say in disbelief, “no one man has ever created a $27.5 trillion fortune!”

            And when I talk about Leo Wanta, I know I’m placing myself in danger.  The people who stole Lee Wanta’s money have held the highest offices in the land… in the political and intelligence worlds and in our system of justice in our courts… and in our Congress and our military.  They don’t like having this story told.

            This is the life story of a real man… a story that challenges anything Ian Fleming ever wrote about a man called “James Bond.” Well, let me expand on that thought. There will be no “Pussy Galore” characters or scenes where Wanta skis down a hill on one ski (just a winter’s foggy breath ahead of expert archers shooting at his shadowy figure which gleams against the white snow on a moonlit night). Though Pussy or the snow scene exemplify wonderful Hollywood fiction, in this case truth is far more interesting. And yet, it’s a story based on lies… the lies of government versus the integrity and honesty of one man who loves his country. The lies involve what happened to Manuel Noriega in Panama,  (NORIEGA 1988 ARTICLES AP)  the Iran-Contra scandal, Osama bin Laden and stinger missiles,  (STINGER MISSILES PDF)  a Vice President who, according to America’s top spy, Leo Emil Wanta, became President and brought with him into office an organized criminal cabal that resulted in the theft of trillions of dollars belonging to the American people. These lies (and there are many, only three are mentioned here) have been verified by international journalists who are currency experts.

            If you are alive, you need to understand what happened to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta.  His life has had a major impact on yours, even if you’ve never heard his name.  It will continue to impact the lives of your children and grandchildren.  Why?  He’s the guy who brought down the economy of the Soviet Union and, while doing it, lawfully purchased 2,000 metric tones of gold from the Soviet Union’s Central Bank.  He’s been called the $27.5 Trillion Man and it’s an apt title.  He got that name through savvy investing that resulted in the fall of the Iron Curtain and by putting together money from over 200 banks around the world to pay off the debt that is currently driving the United States into unnecessary bankruptcy.

            Unnecessary?  Yes… if that portion of the American government that has gone rogue hadn’t stolen the funds President Ronald Reagan had the foresight to have Leo Emil Wanta put aside for the American people, there would be no debt for you, your children, your grandchildren – and their children for generations to come – to pay.  His life has, indeed, impacted yours though you may never hear the name Leo Wanta spoken.

Our economy would be humming.   Everyone who wanted a job would have one.  Foreclosures – 46 percent of which are fraudulent, according to the experts – wouldn’t openly practice fraud that kicks so many Americans out of their homes.  The entire world wouldn’t be heading into slavery via the “New World Order.”  You remember the “New World Order” comments first voiced by George Herbert Walker Bush, don’t you?  Many Americans have figured out that the New World Order of which George H.W. Bush spoke is a two-class system… an oligarchy destined to end in socialism (which is always destined to end in communism):  An elitist class and a labor class.

            It’s not an easy task to write about a covert intelligence operative.  The entire purpose of such a person’s life is secrecy.  Finding facts that support the story can be difficult.  I know because I’ve spent years digging them up, researching them, and either abandoning them or trying to figure out just where in the story they belong.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you read this book.

            This is the man who, by bringing down the Soviet Union Ruble (SUR), caused the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall to come tumbling down.  This is the man who generated the largest fortune ever amassed by one person with the intent of giving almost all of it to his country… to America.  Leo Wanta created a $27.5 trillion fortune and wants to give $23 trillion of it to you… to pay off the irresponsible debt of the Federal Reserve and numerous corrupt politicians, debt that was created as a means to tearing down our Republic.

            You may hear references to the “Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.”  Those funds represent money Wanta has personally agreed to pay from his own funds – the $4.5 trillion he earned in commissions for risking his life day-after-day for so many years in service to his government.  He wasn’t paid a salary.  He worked on commission and the $4.5 trillion represents commissions due him for 30 years of very dangerous work.  From that sum, Wanta has agreed to pay billions of dollars to several European nations… most notably, $30 billion goes to the Russian Federation.  Other nations involved in the Protocols include $5 billion each to the Governments of Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

   The Protocols will settle the rocky financial markets so close to failure in Europe and that, in turn, will go a long ways toward settling the markets of the United States.

            The point is, when he served as President Ronald Reagan’s personal intelligence coordinator, he promised Reagan he would bring down the Soviet Union Ruble – which he did – and he would save the profits from that endeavor to pay America out of debt when the overspending crooks in government put the nation into bankruptcy – that would be now.  He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet… truly a gentleman.

           Lee Wanta’s story involves well-known people like Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster, George Herbert Walker and George W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Barrack Obama, Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, George Soros, Vladimir Putin, and many other recognizable names.  The story is filled with intrigue that involves the Soviet Union, stinger missiles, Osama Bin Laden – or, Tim Osman as he was known when he was a CIA agent.

            I don’t think I’ve ever talked or written about Lee/Leo Wanta without being asked if he is for real.  So let’s talk some Wanta World history.  The things Leo Wanta has done fall into the realm of the unreal… but he did them.  As his official biographer, I have verified the things you will read on the following pages to the degree it’s possible to verify things about a super secret intelligence operative.  When I talk about court cases, I have every court transcript involving every court action involving Leo Wanta.  I know with certainty when I speak of the court cases that the information is absolutely accurate because my source is court transcripts.

            When I write about the secret intelligence operations Leo Wanta was involved in, I have documents that support what I’m saying.  Do I have all of the documents?  No.  The things Leo Wanta was involved in were highly secret operations, but I do have copies of Wanta’s field reports, his letters to Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney and to Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama.  I have documents from the Ronald Reagan Library.  I have copies of the answers Leo gave under penalty of perjury to those questioning him (from various intelligence agencies) while he sat on the floor of his prison cells, handwriting responses.  Lee has a very distinctive script and I don’t believe anyone could copy it to write the hundreds of pages involved.  And, generally speaking, when I received those documents he verified on the telephone that he was the one who sent them.

            The most logical question any reader might ask me is:  How do you know that the person you talk with on the telephone and those handwritten records belong to the real Leo Wanta?  I have copies of the mortgage papers Leo Wanta signed when he and his wife purchased their home in Appleton, Wisconsinin 1977… before he became President Reagan’s personal intelligence coordinator, before he got involved in Reagan’s Presidential Task Force to take down the Soviet Union Ruble.  I have copies of other documents he signed long before his status as a secret agent involved the Office of the President of the United States which placed him at the top of the list maintained by people who want to destroy our Republic.  I have copies of his handwriting from legal documents signed by Leo Emil Wanta when he was a partner at Aneko Credit Point Limited in Singapore, as Chief Executive Officer of New Republic in Austria, as Chief Executive Officer of AmeriTrust in Virginia.  I had his handwriting analyzed by two experts trained by the FBI.

            I have pictures of him.  How do I know they’re him?  Last year, I sent him a baseball cap with the words “Wanta University” embroidered on it.  He had a picture taken of himself wearing the cap in front of the Federal Reserve Building.  I sent a copy to the woman who was his case manager when he was in prison in Oklahoma and she verified that it is Lee/Leo Wanta.  How do I know she is who she says she is?  I made two trips to Oklahoma to meet and spend days talking with her.  I met her friends and family.  She is who she says she is.  I met a second case manager while in Oklahoma who also made verifications.

            My background is that of banking.  I was a commercial banker with Denver’s largest bank, United (now Wells Fargo).  I believe only someone schooled in banking (I hold a graduate degree in that subject from the University of Colorado School of Business) would be capable of understanding the significance of what Leo Wanta accomplished and be able to write about it.

            Prior to beginning my career as a banker, I was a journalist and while a banker I wrote numerous articles for national bank publications.  After becoming disabled in 1993 and leaving my banking career behind, I once again began writing.  You can find my editorials at World Net Daily, News With Views, Canada Free Press, and others online.  I also write for print publications you won’t find online.

            I have hesitated to write this book because the material contained in it is so difficult to believe.  As I begin, I’m 75 years old.  I have spent a lifetime working to make sure my reputation was built on truth.  I spent 20 years as a banker and another 20 years as a journalist and I do not, at this late stage, want to write anything that would damage my reputation for truth and honesty.  Seniors will understand what I’m saying… there’s no more time available to go out and right a mistake you might make.  Thus, I have hesitated to write this book.  But it is an important book and the story of Lee/Leo Emil Wanta needs to be told.  Americans need to know that our nation still breeds patriots worthy of being called hero but who remain in the hidden shadows of the unrecognizable.

            Lee/Leo Emil Wanta is one such hero.

            It has taken almost four years of daily conversations with Lee Wanta and thousands of pages of documents, most from him but thousands I received from outside sources like courts and lawyers, Wanta’s friends, investigative reporters and currency experts… and the Reagan Library.  It has required reading some of the most obscene court documents from the State of Wisconsin I have ever read – and I hope to never see the likes of again.

           Lee Wanta and I have never met and probably never will – it wouldn’t be safe for me and he refuses to endanger me – but I know him.

            As I take the first step of writing this very important story, I pray the Lord will enable me to hold the interest of readers and keep my feet on the path of truth and facts.  Though I have written non-fiction books about banks and banking (some of which were published by the American Bankers Association and at least two of which are archived at Oxford and Cambridge University Libraries), I hope my writing skills are up to the subject matter.  You, the reader, will hand down the verdict on that subject.

            This is one of the most important stories ever told and I hope to tell it well.  The life of Leo Emil Wanta is complex and filled with details.   I have made every effort as an author to include only the details and the complexities required to tell the story thoroughly.   If I put all of the material available in this manuscript, it would take you four years to digest it – just as it has taken me.

            I wish you a pleasant journey into the life and times of Leo Emil Wanta… though think it doubtful you will find many of the details surrounding his life and the treatment of this American hero by the government he served anything but pleasant.

Please Click HERE to go directly to Soldier Hugs to read Chapter One

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