Thursday 20 September 2012

Eric Holder Resigned?

I have just received word that Eric Holder has resigned this morning. I'm waiting for further confirmation this afternoon, but considering the fact that 2 resignations have already been announced, I think that the rats seem to be leaving the sinking ship Fast & Furiously... I have a feeling that we will have confirmation on this rather quickly.

(hint:  Holder isn't just in trouble with the Fast & Furious.... a certain Court in the Netherlands has already generated a special piece of paper, to be served shortly)


  1. Even your links state that Eric Holder was cleared of all involvement in the "Fast and Furious" incident, so, why are you making false claims that he has resigned? Why would an innocent person quit?

  2. I'm just repeating the information that I've been told. and yes.... why would "an innocent person" quit? Then again, why would the world courts be preparing papers with his name on them if he was innocent?

  3. Hearsay evidence is just that, a rumor that you've been told is valid until some backup is produced to substantiate the claim. The info that you have shown does not shore up your rhetoric that he has resigned, but has been cleared of all suspicion. In other words, innocent. Why commit libel or slander a public figure with "He said - She said". If there are world court documents accusing Holder of some crime, why don't you publish them instead of empty accusations without visible proof.

  4. In a short while the Fast & Furious report will end up being listed along side the Warren Commission and the Kean Commmission as being a report full of lies and government rhetoric designed to exonerate those in power of the crimes they committed and to perpetuate the Governments official story. If you wish to hang your hat on it, go right ahead. As for the documents from the Hague, they will be brought out when they are ready to bring them out.

  5. Your statements and attitude sound as if You believe Eric holder is guilty until someone proves to you that he is innocent. Is that what America stands for today? What makes you so dead certain that this man has done anything wrong, other than malicious rumors of deliberate intent to discolor the truth of the event in question. Until the report has been invalidated, it SHOULD stand as the exoneration of his character. As of today, the hearsay of "papers" from the Hague regarding Holder committing some type of crime fall into the same pasture as the tall tale that he quit yesterday.

    1. Well, with what I know, I know that he is guilty, regardless of what the report says. I have no reason to make up stories about a man that I personally don't know. I'm just letting people know what I'm being told. you don't have to believe it or even read it. Free choice is every humans right.


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