Saturday 15 September 2012

WGS Mortgage Debt forgiveness is HAPPENING!

 The World Global Settlements Mortgage debt forgiveness is HAPPENING!

You can download a scanned copy of a letter that has been sent to a customer from BOA here:

I have had 7 different sources verify individual stories of people receiving these letters across America.

This is the beginning my friends!!!!

EDITED: 9/17/2012 8:00am EDT

I am still waiting on reports from some of my sources to verify exactly what this letter states.  At this point, it appears that several of those that commented below might be correct- that this letter is not about the paying off of mortgages through the WGS or Wanta funds, but through legal actions taken against the banks for their mortgage fraud.  I will update again as soon as I have a concrete answer.


  1. That's only for the Home Equity Line of credit (HELOC) which was determined to be an unsecured loan. This is a document that they don't want you to fully read. Please read it fully. This is a QE trap.

    1. Actually, that's exactly what I thought as well when I first heard these reports coming out. but it's not. This is through the Dept of Justice and State Attorney generals office and is part of a Global Settlement! in: through the World Global Settlements, which have been launched in full.

    2. I don't think it's the global settlements, i believe it is because of a settlement that was reached between the states attorney generals and the banks as punishment for all the "robo-signed" mortgage documents that were illegal. The settlement was in the lower billions and was to be used for debt relief for mortgage holders

    3. Anon 21:29 is correct. It is all part of the $25 billion settlement reached this year between federal and state agencies and the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers over fraudulent foreclosure document processing (so-called “robo-signing”).

  2. Wow! This is amazing! If true, this is showing that we are getting closer to real public awareness. Great work D!

  3. If this is true -- be prepared in January to get a notice that taxes must be paid on the amount that the banks forgive. No one has mentioned that -- there is the trap.

  4. White Hat Auxiliaries16 September 2012 at 19:15

    I am sorry, but this is NOT the World Global Settlements. The term "global settlement" in this context, with a small "g", means that the settlement is being applied to all people in that class of the settlement, meaning those with home equity loans, or all encompassing to those with HELOC's. It is NOT the World Global Settlements as many are claiming.

    I am in close contact with two trustees of the WGS, and in no way is this a WGS matter. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

    The White Hat reports will notify us of any WGS settlements and no such notification has been given.

    So, this is NOT a WGS activity. PLEASE, do not spread it around that it is.

    1. The World Global Settlements are already being distributed through out the world. But this does not include the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand funds, nor the St. Germaine funds, or the Soekarno funds.

    2. White Hats Auxiliaries17 September 2012 at 04:44

      I am sorry, you are not correct.

      The WGS has not been released. Any news to the contrary is false.

      What is your source? If you cannot name them, then it is completely not credible. I can name my sources, and those are the White Hats themselves.

    3. I am sorry but you are not correct. The WGS Has been released, in it's entirety. The first quarterly payments have been sent world wide and the amounts have been triply verified. I can name my sources as well. and it's not the white hats. We can play "yes they have" "No they haven't" game all day long, but in the end it's very simple- money is miraculously appearing in Spain and Greece and Ireland. NOT fake money either.

  5. It really isn't a mortgage forgiveness letter. It is about a Home Equity line of credit. It even states that if the property is in foreclosure, the foreclosure proceedings will continue.

  6. This doesn't address mortgage debt as the headline states. It is about forgiveness of a Home Equity Line of Credit and states if the property is in foreclosure, the proceedings will continue. I like this, but I would like it better if it was about mortgages.

  7. I have heard from several people who are concerned over the mention of the Home Equity Line of credit (HELOC) and how this plays into "mortgage forgiveness" - I am currently contacting several people closely involved in the WGS- one of whom is a trustee- and I will edit the original article with the information that I find out.

    Thank you to everyone who has responded on this topic. It is vital that we find out the absolutely truth on this.

  8. If we are going back to the original Consitution, these so called loans and mortgages are Fraud and every single person in this country can sue for every alleged loan they have every received. They are all unconsionable, fraudulent, invalid contracts.

    Why would they waste these settlement funds on monies received by the banks through FRAUD, DECIEPT, Fraudulent Indusement, Fraudulent consealment etc?

    These Mortgage contracts were paid off the day of the closing by conversion of the signed Note. The Banks got paid again when the Notes were securitized, and then they get paid again when the alleged borrower pays principal then they get interest on top of that.
    WHY? WHy? Why? pay them again?
    Why are they reporting Fraudulent information to the IRS?

    These criminal Banks should be paying Us, we are the injured party.

    Some thing is very wrong with this World Global Settlement scenario.


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