Saturday 15 September 2012

There is NO Embassy in Behghazi Libya!!! EDITED notes added

I haven't had a chance to research this yet, but thought it was important to get this out publicly immediately.

...and yep, according to the US government at  there is NO embassy or consulate in Benghazi Libya. According to Google Earth, it's over 650 miles between Tripoli, where the US embassy is, to Behghazi.

As soon as the reports of this "atrocity" began to pour out across the main stream media, I knew something was definitely not right.

Time for people to realize just how much they hear everyday in the media is a lie. 

EDITED: 09/12/2012 9:45pm EDT

Huge thanks goes out to the people who sent me messages and links.  Apparently the Behghazi Consulate/Diplomatic mission (I still haven't been able to discern which exactly it is) was just recently opened in the past few weeks. 

EDITED: 09/15/2012 3:30pm EDT

I have search with google maps and several other sites, and I can not find a single listing for an Embassy, Consulate, or Diplomatic mission anywhere in Behghazi for any country- USA or other.


Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, with extensive help from James Farganne and Darren Brown, Sep 13 2012.
This will no doubt get plastered all over the web, but like just about anything I put up, it originated here. WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SCAMMING MEDIA BY THE BALLS HERE, WE CAN WAKE UP THE SHEEP WITH THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!


So how, PRAY TELL, was a U.S. consulate raided there, people murdered there, and butt raped in the name of Mohammed? This is BEYOND wag the dog!

Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking Benghazi in for a while.
To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast hereWont last long and if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can't bury this lie.
No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE? This kind of desperate lying would indeed be used if an attack on Iran was SO IMMINENT THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE LIE ARE IRRELEVANT. All they need is to fake it till they make the vote, and then say OOPS, we got the story wrong.
This begs the question, WHERE did the pictures and video come from? Answer. The U.S. and Israel are so guilty of so many war crimes that this type of footage is commonplace in archives. Since the consulate does not exist, they can put up any picture of any building they want and call it that, and no one is going to say "that is not what it looks like".
Many of you are worried about what is coming next. They handed us the silver bullet. Please use this bullet to shoot out the heart of the media werewolf, THIS IS THE BIG CHANCE. This lie is SO BRAZEN and SO OBVIOUS that it should be enough to tip the balance and destroy the credibility of CNN, FOX, ABC, YOU NAME IT, ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH ANYONE. Don't miss this chance, because once awaken to the fact that the media really does lie, a blinded lamb will often go bull stomping crazy.
And with the darkness of this hour, we definitely need it.

This article has withstood the scrutiny of several people on the forum who worked through the night to protect the credibility of this web site (and I thank them). One of them pointed out THIS ARTICLE, which speaks of the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli on August 27, which had to be rebuilt new after the war. Don't let this confuse you, there is no Benghazi embassy, consulate, or diplomatic mission too new to be in any record.

Article dated 6-6-2012 speaks of a "Benghazi embassy", which in the current wag is being called a "consulate" or "mission".

One of the forum members found what may have been a toe dip propaganda piece dated 6-6 2012, where a story of a bombing against this "benghazi embassy" was floated to see if anyone would call the media on it's bullshit. There was no significant coverage of this topic on ANY American news outlet, which I believe is fishy. If you were going to do a test run for a fictitious embassy, it would be best to do it in a limited way. My guess is they floated this story ahead of time to see if it would hold up before using this fictitious embassy for a major propaganda run in the U.S. and I simply do not believe CNNNBCABCFOXASS would not have been ALL OVER such a bombing. No comments from the President? Yeah right! Let's see a photo of this "Benghazi embassy" dated prior to Sep11. Even these articles dated June 6 do not have that, nor have we found any pictures anywhere else.

And if this "Benghazi embassy" was around 4 months ago, how long before that did it exist? Why are they calling it an "embassy" in this article, and a consulate/mission in the current rip? How long would it take the state department, Wikipedia, and all other web sites, including ones that update daily, to show this "mission?" Is (a minimum) of four months enough? Oh, I know, it was run by OSAMA BIN LADEN, and therefore was not a favorite, and he is crazy, which is why it has been called a CONSULATE, an EMBASSY, and a "DIPLOMATIC MISSION" in the various reports, three representations so different that they are not the same thing at all! That works in fiction I guess!


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  1. I, am not surprised at all, the War with Libya was trumped up to begin with. Khadafi was murdered. It appears the Cabal is so desperate now they will go to any lengths to hold onto power...the Truth and the Light is winning. Keep em coming this will further wake the sheeple.

  2. According to the reports, the US consulate was due to be officially opened by the Ambassador on the evening of 13 September.

  3. well if you go to google earth and type ambassy benghazi you will find the italian one it took me 3 minutes

  4. They said consulate in Benghazi. You're too stupid to know the difference between a consualte and an embassy. Because there's no website for the consulate means it must not exist according to your logic. We have many consulates across the globe that don't have a website or link to them. (no internet access)

    1. Really? I'm too stupid? as in, I'm too stupid to read that at the very top of the linked page to the US Gov site it says:


      ....and there is NO Embassy, consulate nor Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi- ON the US government website that lists: WEBSITES OF U.S. EMBASSIES, CONSULATES, AND DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS

    2. you didn't address what the last commenter said.. just because a consulate does not have a website, or a website that's listed in this us Gov list of WEBSITES does not mean that there is no consulate. It seems everything you're asserting is based around he assumption that ever consulate and/or embassy has there own website, or, if they don't, they don't actually physically exist.. This is rather assumptive and I don't see how the fact that there's no website for this particular consulate proves that the consulate itself doesn't exist.

    3. Yes, I thought it rather assumptive myself when I read the original article. so this morning I spent two hours online searching for ANY info anywhere about an American Embassy, Consulate, or diplomatic Mission in Benghazi. Other than articles about the recent violence, there is not a single hit that I could find that even eludes to there being an American official presence in that city in Libya. I would be ecstatic if someone could show me a link that proves otherwise. I also spent 45 minutes combing through every piece of the US Libyan embassy web site looking for even a single mention of Benghazi..... nadda. But please,and I'm not being snarky: if you can find anything on this, I'd love to hear it.

  5. Here is a link which says that the opening of the Consulate was the reason for the ambassadors visit to Benghazi (see penultimate paragraph). Whilst this is not proof, it makes sense. As ambassador his base would be in Tripoli, but he would be expected to open the consulate in Benghazi (the second city and where the overthrow of Ghadaffi started). It also explains why there is no detail on the government website. I have also seen and advert for a chaufeur for the consulate suggesting that they were recruiting for staff in advance of the opening. (

    Hope this helps! It does not mean that the operation was not a "false flag" just that there was a genuine location.

  6. I went to the web site for the US Embassy in Tripoli, and the Benghazi presence is a "mission," not an "embassy." So there is misleading reportage out there, but not entirely false as you claim.

    "What's the difference between a US Embassy and a US Mission?"

    asked in 2008

    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

    An embassy normally signifies that there are full diplomatic relations with a country and the relationship is significant enough for a senior diplomat, i.e. an ambassador, to be based there. A mission could be either a temporary diplomatic office, pending the setting up of a full embassy, or could be a branch office of an embassy.

    From US State Dept's page on diplomatic relations with Libya,

    "[Editor's Note: Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens died from injuries he sustained in an attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012."

    So the State Department refers to the Benghazi presence as a "diplomatic post," not an embassy.

    Technically this blogger is correct, there is no US Embassy in Benghazi. However, that alone is not evidence of a huge crime or conspiracy - simply lax fact-checking among the news media and the tweeting public.


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