Saturday 22 September 2012

Prejudisim = Division, We are all One

I was very please to read Drakes response to the message that was sent to him on the topic of prejudisim and words that are used to single out and create stereo types.

It is vitally important right now that we identify our ingrained prejudisims and the social buzz words that have been programmed into our brains and how they effect not only our outlook, but the very way that we interact with our brothers and sisters across this planet.

In the article "Dare we keep our hearts open"  I  discuss the importance of letting go of these words and ideas that have been brainwashed into our society by the Cabal.

Our hearts are our guides.  The cabal knows this, and they take every opportunity to desensitize our hearts to the evil and wrongness of the world.  They have created division to keep people separate and used the media to continuously drown us with their images. Movies, TV, Video games, Music, Sports...  They have created distrust to keep people divided. They have created alienation and prejudice to keep people in distrust. They have created distrust to fill people with animosity and indifference.

The Powers That Be, for centuries and millennia, have  divided people by race and colour, by religion and philosophy, by political ideologies.  They have spent centuries telling the people "THOSE people are different.  THEY are not like you. THEY are wrong and you are right. THEY are not worthy".  

The time has come for us to analyse the words that we have had programmed into our society and our consciousness to divide and separate us.  Words like Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, Capitalist, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Catholic, Christian, Jew, Agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Sikh, Pagan, Coptic, Messianic, Orthodox, Extremist, Gay, Straight, Bi, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, Mulatto...

These are man made words, created to control the masses. They have created a fiction into which we are forced to use these words to define ourselves, creating a paradigm of right and wrong, good and bad, and to fire up volatile emotions- which makes humans easy to manipulate.

United we stand, Divided we fall.  ...and that's the point, isn't it?

Many times we use words without thinking about what they truly mean. Children use words that they hear their parents and media/society/peers continually use without understanding their real definition, nor the negative undercurrent that is perpetuated by them. 

Ask yourself what words and descriptions do you commonly use without thinking.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.  

Be the change by changing your vocabulary. Be the change by making the conscious decision to stop using the words that the Cabal has seeded into our society to divide us. 

We are One. 

Puzzlement – Prejudism

From a Listener:
“When Minuteman speaks about the freedom movement being inclusive to all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture, or sexual orientation, he cordially invites all those mentioned to come together. But Drake will condemn using pejoratives (such as the N-word) in one breath and then refer to gay people as “homos” in the next breath. Could it be, Drake, that you are a hypocrite? Do you believe that it’s “liberty and justice for all except homos”?
By the way, Drake:  it is a total lie that gay people want churches to be lawfully compelled to perform same sex marriages.  Gay people only want the freedoms that you already enjoy.
Reno, NV”
Drake’s Response:
       OK, since you asked…
      It will not be acceptable to use ANYTHING that causes division.
      Derogatory ‘labels’ are the first order of division, Thus none of them are to be allowed.
      No one is to continue references that diminish any other being no matter what that
might be.
      I strongly suggest anyone who has any problem with another person, to look within
themselves and address whatever the basis of ‘their’ prejudice might be.
      And yes, I have lived within prejudice because of the above. I grew up during the
beginning of the civil rights movement. My parents were very active in this effort and
as a child I was subject to hateful discrimination.
      Judging a persons actions does not allow ALL of that particular oriented people to
be lumped in with the actions of an individual. It is that individuals actions alone that must
be considered.
      Any person who is willing to stand up to the problems we ALL now face, is very welcome to be a part of what we are all trying to accomplish.
     I may have screwed up and used used a label that should never be used…I do not remember.
     IF I have, I will make every effort to never do that again…
     However, exactly what reference is acceptable? Is there any ‘label’ that is descriptive yet not diminishing?
     I offer that I am only human and as such prone to human error…I’m not using that as an
excuse, rather as a simple fact of being.
     ‘Gay’ people is just as denigrating as ‘homo’…
     I ask again, does any person deserve any label? If so, what of these is not discriminatory?
     In the movie ‘A time to kill’, the racial us and them is made a point. Yet when the prejudicial was presented on the reverse side, the actions of the person, and all the values set forth in those actions were what was judged.
     To bring this altogether…
     We live on a planet with a great diversity of people. Our planet has become too small for separations, irrespective of the reasons.
     It is past time to ignore ALL prejudices in order that we can unite as The Human Race.
     Where a man is judged only on the content of his character, his actions, and the intent thereof.
     I am well aware that I am very imperfect, and thus I do not feel qualified in any leadership role.
     I only offer that ALL of us have a long way to go in order to become as we should be. Even so, I still look forward to that day. That this just might be able to be accomplished by very imperfect men and women who are only human.
     Everyone has prejudices of one kind or another. We are now faced with the responsibility to refuse that forced division, contain our individual beliefs that are the basis of any division, so we can come together in the common cause of FREEDOM for ALL.
     That is the call, nothing more, nothing less. I hope you can see that.
          ~ Drake

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  1. In an effort to keep this sensitive subject straightforward and accurate, I was puzzled by the use of the word "prejudism" in the title of the article. There is no such word, either properly executed or used as slang metaphor to ease the conscience of the perpetrator. "Homo" is a slang used to denigrate the actual descriptive noun, "Homosexual" and is an insult when used in this fashion to those who might fall into that sexual category. Although Drakes' explanation of the incident sounded lofty and above board, the simple use of the word by "accident" is probably what truly lies in his heart.

  2. I agree that the use of any word by accident speaks from the deepest part of us- our upbringing, the social/religious/political/peer surroundings that have been deeply ingrained into our psyche. Hence the reason I call for people to truly look at themselves and to rise above the words and become the change we need to see.

    As for the word Prejudisim, that's a word that I grew up hearing from my family. Real or not.

    ....I also claim the right of Seussim to invent my own words. :>)

  3. The section in your post with the red ink gets to the heart of the matter with precision.
    The PTB throughout history have used the language of opposites to exploit a deficit in the
    the human psyche -- the capacity to identify oneself with descriptive labels.
    A wonderful evocation of that important lesson is an episode of the original Star Trek series in which Frank Gorshin played two parts -- one character was completely black on his left hemisphere and completely white on his right side. The second character was white on the left, black on the right. Needless to say they were constantly feuding...
    Of course the implicit story was that the crew of the Enterprise, as well as human kind, had come to recognize the unreality of such prejudices. Or prejudisms.


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