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Keshe: Free energy, amazing medical advancements, space flight.... and that's just the beginning

More information about the Keshe Foundation.  Watch & Read, then ask yourself this:  is THIS one of the reasons that the US is so determined to destroy Iran? 

- Free energy means no more relying on Oil, Coal, and Nuclear power- means no more huge lobbying to the government, no more huge payoffs, no more excuses for massive environmental damage.... no more money and power to the cabal that controls the energy industry.

- Medical Advancements that will put an end to Big Pharma's monopoly on our "health"- no more huge lobbying to the government, no more huge payoffs, no more excuses for massive health damage caused by their drugs .... no more money and power to the cabal that controls the health industry.

I'm not even going to get into the topic of space travel and the military aspect of Keshe's inventions.

Iran is not the enemy.  The CABAL is the enemy.

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Part II: Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer?

Sterling Allan, the founder of PESN, had the opportunity to conduct an hour and a half long interview with Mehran Keshe, the individual who claims to have given Iran the advanced space technology that enabled them to capture a US spy drone.
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On December 14, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with M.T. Keshe as part of the Free Energy Now series.
The US spy drone captured by the Iranians.
Credit: AFP. See also Video from Iran news.


Here's a transcription by Hank Mills of the first portion of the interview. It was hard to transcribe due to the accent differences as well as an intermittent Skype connection.
K. Hello?

S. Hello. This is Sterling Allan, how are you doing?

K. Who is speaking?

S. Sterling Allan from PES Network.

K. How are you?

S. Good.

K. We are doing a story in our news about the Drone that was captured in Iran, and the post you put recently on your forum. And I just wanted to get some additional clarification if I could. Do you have a couple minutes?

K. OK. No problem.

S. If I understand correctly, the technology that you say Iranians used to capture that technology, originated with you and your lab, is that correct?

K. Ahhh... you know I told you before that we have transferred our knowledge of space technology to Iran. And at the same time I explained in the forum and in the interviews in the past two years that when these systems are used they block the radar system, and the mass or the size is irrelevant. So, these systems have a total jamming capability to jam radar or any other thing. So, this is exactly what we have been saying for the past two years. This is the capability of space technology. And now you see the results. There is no damage to the craft. There is nothing, just two wings. One of the wings on the left and the right side is cracked, the whole thing is fully intact. Don't forget that the craft did not go for emergency landing, it was picked up and put down. Because if it was an emergency landing or if it had landed without any wheels you would have seen... it would have been crushed all together. So at the height at which it has been picked up and it is still intact, it is untouchable. It is exactly what we described what would happen and now you see the practicality of the use.

S. Is this technology you are talking about making it available to all nations to help eliminate war, is it a technology that could conceivably be used aggressively.....

K. When everyone has it, they can't use it aggressively any more. This is what I have been warning and what I have been telling for past two, three years. This is a new development in space technology. A craft like this cannot be brought down especially at high speed. With a full remote control with two or three satellites locked onto it. What do you call it, being able to land it and take control and land it on it's own the only time we know.... And in the interview I gave to Kim, about six to eight months ago, I said this will be happening, you see this happening now.

S. In this scenario with the drone for example, was it a scenario of the space craft going and intercepting, picking up, and then...

K. I put the knowledge on my forum. It is a pick up and landing. A pick up and drop. You can block, you can cover the space environment, and you take control literally the craft has no more control and no line of communication out side it. We showed the system physically and the weight reduction of three years ago the system..... On the third of December in Belgium in a presentation in front of a hundred and thirty or a hundred and forty people. So we already have shown the physical system in public for the first time this year. And next year we will show a more powerful system.

S. I knew somebody who was going to attend that but thought it had been canceled.

K. Pardon?

S. I know somebody that was going to attend that demonstration in Belgium but thought it was canceled.

K. No, it was not canceled. It was done by Belford group. We did not show the system in Eidhoven. A lot of people... I'll put it on my forum that the gravitational system will not be shown in Eidhoven. A lot of people thought, came thinking they would see a UFO. I said we would not show the technology there because we had to cross borders with nuclear materials, and we could not do so. In Belgium in the restriction I work, I can show what I have. I showed it the following Saturday in a presentation. It was a full packed room. They could not get any more people. They could not get any more chairs into the hall. We asked everybody to put all their mobiles or their cameras or whatever they had, laptops, into a black bag in front of them. That nobody could take pictures, and then when we were sure there were no pictures taken, for an hour and a half we showed the videos. We showed the three kilowatt generator system, and we showed the Oasis system, and we showed the full.... what do you call it.... the gravitational system. And people who they came they looked at it they stood around they watched it. It is the first time we opened it in public and two weeks later you see the American system go down.

S. Ok. What is the present status in terms of the prognosis for bringing an energy technology to the marketplace?

K. We are selling a lot... by the end of next year, within the next twelve months we start delivering the units which we received orders for to the people who paid the deposit. They will be informed to pick it up. And we are literally commercializing next year. We are now short. We showed the physical system with it's stand and it's frame work in the presentation in what you call it, December. Now the new generation is going to be much much more powerful, simpler, and smaller.

S. The present one that people are paying for with delivery in the next twelve months, what is the power output and price?

K. At the moment the price is five thousand Euro, three to four kilowatt, and the price will go up to twenty thousand Euro for three to four kilowatt in the next couple of days. We wanted to put it up from the first of December, but there is so much orders coming though we will probably hold it back until the first of January at that price. And then it goes up to twenty thousand equal to what is it, three to four kilowatts at the moment. If you buy a solar system, what do you call it, when they put on the roof, at the moment in Belgium it is nineteen and a half thousand Euro for three to four kilowatt. Where you only produce energy in the daylight, this system is three to four kilowatt twenty four hours a day. And so it is very cheap for what it offers. And there is a ten kilowatt for the American market which is at the moment twenty thousand Euro, and will go up to fifty thousand Euro.

S. What is the difference between the twenty thousand Euro and the fifty thousand Euro?

K. It is the same system, but we kept the price down for introduction, and now we have met the orders we were looking for, at the same time we are opening an institute to start teaching the space technology and the medical side and everything else. So we financed it through our own system. We give you a cheap system so people get something they have never had before, they pay for it, and that pays for the institute and the university to be paid for. We are commercializing for our own benefit.

S. How many units do you expect to sell in the first six months, deliver.

K. We already have put the order out for about six months ago for ten thousand units, and that is why we are going up to a different rate now. I have been giving lectures for the past maybe eight nine months, every week once or twice around Europe. People see people know and understand the technology and we are fully booked for the next two or three months, giving lectures all over Europe. We do not have a problem. People understand it they see it they comprehend the science behind it because I teach in my presentations. People understand the basics. So they understand what it is on the medical side, we have shown such a huge, what do you call it, gains. We show the people the guy who has been paralyzed for fifteen years without being able to walk or talk for twenty years, now he has learned to cycle. We are putting some eight fifteen different videos from different people. The technology has opened up we are getting support from everywhere. The most probably we will show a new thing very soon that will go on the internet. We are going to bring this... different aspects of technology, governmental organizations, private organizations around the world. They come and they see.

S. So if somebody...

K. Energy is not our game. Energy is something there that is a byproduct of the process. But it allows us now to open the university in which we have found the premises, and it will open in the next few months.

S. If a government or industrial entity came to you to enter a commercial agreement or some kind of contract, what would they be able to see by way of demonstration?

K. We will demonstrate, we don't need anything. We commercialize everything though our own foundation. We are cash rich, we don't need people to pay us money to be part of it. We develop it we allow other people to have agency, or be part of its development. We already have came to a level. Water production. In the next six months you can buy units that produce water out of the air. So, but we do all the research. The people who come they do the commercialize or the agency work for it.

S. So what I'm asking, lets say for example someone from the United States wanted to be a distributor of this technology for the United States. What would be the process you would go through with them?

K. We don't need them. The foundation does it's own distribution. We manufacture, the clients who buys it, ordered to pick up, we tell them where and they pay for the delivery. This is how the first ten thousand units were done. We produce. We have the facility. We have places where we can produce our systems. And they just get a what you call it confirmation that their units are ready. They pick them up themselves.

S. The confirmation for the first ten thousand units is supposed to come in the next twelve months that they can pick them up?

K. Yes. Start delivering hopefully in the first half of next year. The initial units will go out. They are sealed, they cannot be tampered with. No one can break into it to see how it works. They have a locking to it. We have people wanting to buy five pieces or ten pieces, we block. Everything is capped through banking and all the ways we can check. We are not there to compete, we are there to show we can do. It is a big difference.

S. Do you, as you know everyone is looking for energy solutions. As this takes off and people start seeing products powering homes and businesses, I would imagine the demand will increase substantially. Are you in the position to be able to handle...

K. We handle back to the governments. Whatever nation comes we pack technology to the governments. Don't forget we are based and I work totally on one mission and the foundation. We give the knowledge to the nations, to the people. So if that's what I said, even in Europe we hand over the people who bought the system to the Federal governments, to the governments of the nations. Because if you sell one million units in a country of ten million or fifty million, the governments will lose their revenue from the taxation of fuel or whatever. Who is going to pay for the hospitals? Who is going to pay for cleaning the roads? Who is going to pay for the teachers? So our technology being free should not become damaging to society. People have a wrong idea about free energy. The minute you bring it out that it is going to be free, governments will tax it. We hand over the whole thing to the governments. We are not here to disturb the structure of the society. The young have to be taught and the old have to be looked after. That is part of the structure we work. People who think they will have a free energy unit and will not have to pay anything anymore....

So instead of them coming after us afterwards, we offer the nationals and the governments how much are they going to pay for the system they bought, that it can be kept and schools can be kept open, and roads can be cleaned, and the old can be looked after. This is a wrong concept. Everyone wants free energy. But in the end you have to pay for it. If you don't pay for it you need to be look after. When the government does not have the money it is the situation in Europe. Who is going to pay for the services. Who is going to pay for it to be kept. This free, have it all, even the systems are there to do, we are not the only one. There are other organizations like us who are developing technologies.

S. That is what taxation is for...

K. You pay taxes on the fuel you use. You pay taxes even on the electric cars. You plug it somewhere. You have to generate you have to produce to charge your battery up. You pay for taxes on electricity you use to charge it up. When a system like ours comes in, which you don't have any material to burn, and you tap into the universal system of energy, then you don't need to buy anything. Fueling up this system... every thirty to fifty years... but we are not paying taxes for what you are using. Who is going to pay for the taxes? Who is going to pay for the services which we like to have?

S. There are still other things you can pay taxes on. You can pay taxes on the sale of the unit, you can pay taxes...

K. That goes to the government. I think that we have discussed with some governments or officials in the past few months. There is very much a line of thinking... if it is picks up the way we think it is going to do, it is like how you pay taxes on your car. You pay taxes for consumption or the size of the engine. Like in Belgium, if you have a small engine you pay six or seven hundred. If you have a big engine you pay two or three thousand Euros per year. These units I think will be taxed on the same basis. The government will tax you on the size of the units you take. You don't need to tap into the main anymore. If you sell so much energy government can't buy your energy back, because they have enough themselves. So it comes to taxing at the point of unit per year. The people have totally wrong idea about free energy. Even the windmills, even the what you call it, solar cells... everything in time they gave the bonuses for people to get it. But in time they will be taxed for it. The structure of society in the west is that it cannot live having everything free and don't pay for it.

S. When I personally use... I run a website where we use free energy routinely. By free energy I do not mean the energy itself being free, but meaning that the energy that comes off the design.

K. If ten thousand people using little units they make or whatever, it is a different story than if you have a lot of people in the population using the system. If you go from lets say a million houses in Belgium, maybe fifty or a hundred two hundred people generate energy in a different way. But mainly the rest rely on national grid.

S. Let me finish my point please. I want to revise something you said earlier. My understanding of free energy means that the energy source that you are tapping into is free. Solar is free, the sun is free, wind is free, geothermal is free, the device is not free. Of course the device will cost money, but you are harvesting inexhaustible energy. So when we say free energy, we are saying that the fuel itself being free.

K. I am talking about both. When you have free energy. Zero energy, zero payment for fuel, then you cannot have a zero taxation on it.

S. I am just... it seems to me that one of the biggest problems right now is governments that have gotten way to big. They need to come back down to size. They have plenty of sources of taxation revenue from sales, and other things. Just because energy is gradually taken away as a revenue source, they should gradually pair down on size because they become, in my opinion government should be reduced, not increased. They are too big.

K. I don't know. Maybe you are right. But I don't know. The way I see it and the people I talk to in different levels... Their opinion is that even though you will have a free material to start or have to run your system, at the end of it your fuel is free. But you will pay for it somewhere else to your government.

S. Yeah, um. So when is, do you have another conference or presentation scheduled in the future.

K. I give a talk. My last talk of this year is this Friday, at the hall with three hundred and fifty people or seats. Then we take five weeks off, because I am finishing the book number four and five the institute. And then we start on the twenty third of January and more or less one or two lectures a week. I give a talk in Germany in the 19th of February. I give a talk in Holland with two hundred people again. It goes all the way to June, we are giving books all the time. For the past eight months we have given a public talk at least one Friday a week, sometimes two talks a week. But so this is public, and sometimes with the medical side is to a wide audience.

S. Do you have a place on your website where people can see the upcoming speeches?

K. The new website.. at the bottom of the... what you call it, first page it shows the upcoming presentations. We will come back in January, because now we have our own auditorium.

S. Is that at

K. Yes, the new website which is being put up. At the bottom of the page all the presentations where and what. If there is just a name it means it is private. The people who organize it they have the people who they want to be present. Otherwise, the public ones that are announced, we usually give one or two public presentations a month. Private will usually be between thirty and fifty. The one this Friday is in a public hall.

S. I am on your website and I am not finding something for events, there is latest news articles, most read.....

K. Just scroll to the bottom, presentations. Go right to the bottom of the page, Keshe Foundation the page is blocks of squares.

S. Not in the English section, I don't see that.

K. Ok, let me get on it. Just give me two seconds. I will be there.

S. Ok, I see, presentations under articles most read.

K. Everything is there as we speak.

S. Ok.

K. We keep very well people informed about how we have been whatever, sometimes when there are a lot of these presentations they are restricted by the organizers. What they want to talk about their presentation. The presentation this Friday is about energy. The presentation in April is about medical applications. I know there are two or three more for Holland. Again, for medical only. About a hundred and fifty per presentation. I cannot do more than about a hundred and fifty people maximum.

S. Ok. Of all the people who have been involved with you what would you say is the best third party endorsement of your work? A government or third party institution?

K. What do you mean?

S. If someone wanted to get verification of your technology through a third party entity, who would you recommend they contact?

K. They contact us. We get a lot of lunatics that want verification. We verify to the people who are bona fide. People who we know. We are talking to the people can make a difference. We don't say who and where, but the people who can make the difference, they see our presentation, we demonstrate, we show them, we let them play. We have a guy who says he is a minister of the Earth and has been everywhere on the internet putting, and he says he is a foreign minister of the Earth. He doesn't see a thing, he is going to do this and that. We don't listen to these things. I have a program for past five years, ten years and I am doing exactly up to date.

People who want to see it, who can, that are bona fide people we show them everything. We did the same thing with the Iranian government, we did the same thing with the Belgium government. Belgian governments and offices in different shape, nano, nuclear, they have been through our technology fully. We opened all the books with them. We never disclosed, now we started disclosing who. Even one of the companies who had full access to us has been... the British government for defense. Everything, these people who talk, is the people who do not understand, who is on a different side of the fence. We have been open. I talk to officials from Belgium for four months every day with scientists and management team putting together, and they say yes, they want to make this system. We have documents we can show. The same I did with Iran, the same I did with another country. And now we are negotiating with two or three other countries for a different part of the technology. Whoever comes... we do whatever we do, and we will keep on track where we are going.

S. Earlier you mentioned on the product that is available, the three to four kilowatt system, that you are taking deposits. How much of a deposit are you taking up front?

K. We are taking five hundred Euro deposit for a five thousand Euro product. And the deposits are all kept in a secure deposit account in the bank. So it is not touched by us, it is kept safe and secure. If we don't deliver the money would be returned. So it is not that we take the money and run. Someone made a complaint, a vicious one, to the government, two governments went to the bank and saw the deposits. We are not playing games. Whatever deposits comes in straight away are banked into a deposit account for twelve months, which by the end of twelve months we don't pay, the money goes back to the people who took it, or that paid for it. All these things are, we have covered ourselves, we will not be tempted, we will not allow nothing to tempt us.

S. You already said you sold all ten thousand?

K. We have sold, we don't give figures, but believe me everyday I receive deposits, everyday we receive confirmation. We have been selling it for six months now, we put an offer out six months ago. A lot of people are buying the ten kilowatt with the two thousand Euro deposit. A lot of people are buying ten kilowatt because they said three kilowatt is not enough. Because at the moment for a three kilowatt they pay twenty thousand Euro in Europe, now they get a ten kilowatt for the same price. Put it this way, you know Ever Ready battery? Ever Ready battery is one of the big suppliers that produce windmills electricity in America, they sell for thirteen and a half thousand Euro, and fifteen thousand dollars for a windmill. So if you can have a ten kilowatts for thirty thousand dollars at the moment, you know whose buying, no one will refuse taking it.

S. And I meant to mention at the opening that I made this call through Skype, and I have my Skype setup to record the conversations. Would it be permissible for you if I made this interview available to our audience?

K. No problem. I knew you were doing it. That is why I was answering you correctly. I know how you work. I know you very well. I have had four interviews with you. I respect your integrity. We have had our ways of falling out, but you know how I am. I am very correct, I am very precise. I don't say things to please people, I do things to be correct. Why I warn, for nearly two years. You were the first one I've talked with about the Iranian space program. Now you have seen the result. You announced on 16th of March of this year, now six months later you seen it. You were the first one I even sent you the videos of the first weight reduction, two or three years ago, with private access. You know we are correct.

We are correct and that is why we don't let individuals or people with multiorganizations come in and try to tell us what to do. When I see things I do it. And because we have cash independent it means no one dictate to us what to do. We don't need people to give us money to dictate us what to do. We receive finance, we have supporters, people supported us in the background. I am thankful for them. They are getting paid for their support. Now the foundation has it's own total independence. We kept ourselves independent, and now we stay independent. No one can tell us, but we offer our technology to governments, because this is a change of faith. It is not just selling one screw, or I'm not just giving you a free energy system, it is space, it is new materials, it is medical applications, it is the system, it is the total new production of food. We are running trials on food production, so this Keshe Foundation is not doing one issue. People just focus on what they like to see. You have to look at the full spectrum of what we are doing. And thanks we received support now from several governments that are prepared to support us.

There are people who are prepared to come in because they have seen us, we don't shake and shiver. And there I as far as can be done, I teach, we put we ask from universities in Belgium, Germany, and to give us accommodation so we can start our university. They refused. Now we found we can do it somewhere else.

S. I remember something you said in an interview that we had in the past. That you said something to the effect that all of these technologies were motivated by the bottom line goal that you have of enabling astronauts to live safely in space. So that is a multifaceted task. It is not just propulsion, it is not just energy. It involved food, it involves support...

K. The one thing that we can say. Keshe Foundation is a space technology development. For the first time we have shown this we have allowed other universities to qualify our discoveries. Now we are ready complete. To be independent when we go to space. We have our own lift system and motion. We have our own energy production. Absorbing radiation in magnetic field. We produced materials in 2004 that were tested by Belgium confirming the new discovery. We have the reports of it. On the 8th of November 2011 NASA has announced a discovered a material which we discovered five years ago. They published a paper. I wrote to NASA, I said we already have this paper, this material. So we have, and they said to this material they can go for all sorts of spectrums, magnetic field absorption. We already done that five years ago. With the material we developed we can produce energy, we can produce food, we can produce light, we can produce water. So, with our space technology we are totally impendent from coming back to Earth.

Or depending now NASA is planning to go to Mars. They have to calculate everything. With this technology we developed we do not need to calculate anything. They have to calculate how many headache tablets, how much water, they have to recycle, they have to have enough water that they use when they are coming back. Now we can produce water from magnetic field environments of the universe. I will tell you something an agreement has been reached in the past hours that the first water units will be developed in the next six months for commercialization. What this means... We absorb moisture from the environment, water drops, directly for consumption.

The agreement has been made and negotiations have been going on for a few months. We will go ahead for the first commercialization in the next few months.

S. Now when you talk about extracting water from the air, I know there is a lot of companies that I've encountered over the past few years who do that through basically a condensation kind of process.

K. No no this is not condensation. This is creating magnetic field of the water the way we work, we create the magnetic gravitational of water constant. Which means you are only creating water. You only pick up the moisture of the water. With condensation if you do you have to have an air flow. You pass the airflow though the system you get water. We developed that technology with our free energy system. This is a totally different approach and departure from the old way.

S. Would you consider this a dehumidification process?

K. We take water because we did that condensation. When you do condensation from the air you get water. You get a lot of rubbish with it. Even get lead or oil on it. Because when you do condensation water pollution in the air will come with the water. This way there is no pollution attached to the water.

S. So it's drawing water and water only from the surroundings?

K. Yes. From the moisture in the air.

S. How do you do that in space where you do not have water to harvest?

K. You go to the plasma technology. That is a different approach all together. If you go on my website or if you go in the book you will see a torch that is lit. That torch absorbs all radiations from the environment, all magnetic fields from the environment, you convert that into energy and matter. We shown this physically how it is done. At the same time we even showed it in Eidhoven. During the presentation people were so crazy they did not understand it. But it is in the book and on the website. You can convert the CO2 at room temperature to solid matter that you can eat as a food, but you can add some things to it. Which we are running clinical trails. We are testing it to see how it will go.

S. Is it a form of alchemy?

K. It is not. Actually, someone sent me an email and I checked. It was very interesting, in 1925, somebody wrote a letter it's called.... to Einstein... Einstein rewrote his paper, he corrected it, he sent it back in German language to him. It was presented and then Noble Prize of 2010 went to the scientist who tried to prove what Einstein said in 1925 that gas can be changed into matter at minus 170 degrees. All we done, now we changed the gases into a solid at room temperature with a new understanding. So what we say people have won Noble Prize for it at 170 degrees, we have brought the temperature up to room temperature. We are not talking, that is why we give references. The same thing about the material I told you NASA announced and said they have a new material they call it developed a new black material which can absorb. Just go to the NASA publication of 8th of November this year. We had this material six years ago.

In a way we are very much years ahead of other people what they are trying to do. It is not alchemy. Up to now we have three state of matter, four state of matter. One was solid, liquid, and gas. Then they said plasma was the fourth state of matter. The fourth state of matter is what I call gas, gas at nano-state. Because the liquid, solid, and gas are environmentally dependent. Now that we understand the creation of reality and field of magrav. This is internal magnetic field, internal gravitational field of atom itself which dictates the structure of the atom. So you can have Co2 as a solid at minus 400 degrees and can have a solid at 1,000 or 10,000 degrees. Because we now have the understanding you can change the gravitational magnetic field of the atom, and the atom can be solid at any pressure, temperature. If you say this is crazy just think one second. Just pinch your own body. We are made of gases oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen. The four masses. We should be a balloon. But our body in Earth's gravitational system has learned to change gases into solids, which is our body. So now for the first time we learn how our body changes matter energy into gas, and gas into solid which is our body. This is a new discovery. This is what we did not know. That is why we can sit in front of a fire, very hot, but do not disappear, do not evaporate. Because our body works on its internal gravitational magnetic field of the matter. So this is the fourth state of matter we discovered, and it is important because I can take the CO2 you breath in space, convert it to solid, and feed you with the energy you need. I do not need to carry storage, because you digestive system needs something to go inside it.

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