Wednesday 19 September 2012

Some are Taking Action

This was just posted on American National Militia:

Some Are Taking Action

Spotted this Gem on Mel Ve’s Status:
Standard Bank of South Africa Faces FIVE Counts of Civil Fraud.
On Monday the 10th September 2012, Michael Tellinger served a Summons on
Standard Bank in the Supreme Court of South Gauteng, Johannesburg, case
number 34355/2012 – which consist of 5 counts of civil fraud and 3 counts of
contravention of the Bank Act. As far as we know this is the first time ever
that any bank has been taken to task on charges of fraud. There is no doubt
that this will escalate into a major media story as soon as it leaks out and
the media realise the astronomical implications of this case.
In all the court appearances that we have had to date, that is Tellinger and
many other individuals who dared to stand up to the seemingly insurmountable
power of the banksters, the banks have never been questioned by the highly
suspicious judges and/or put to task about the process of securitisation;
the legal ownership of the actual loan or debt; the whereabouts of the
original Promissory Notes; profiteering and undue enrichment; claiming to
act as a bank when in fact they act as an agent or intermediary and other
breaches of several codes of conduct. In essence, the judges have accepted
everything the banks claim as ‘holy gospel’ while treating the people as
guilty criminals. Now, Tellinger has become the applicant and we trust the
courts and judges will be as harsh with the banks and their lawyers as they
were with the people when facing what seems to be trumped up and unlawful
charges by the banks.
It is important to remind our judges that they are the servants of the
people and that they should start behaving as such – serving the people and
delivering impartial justice based on evidence from all sides after duly
considering the arguments of all parties. Our experience has shown that this
is NOT the case. At this stage they seem to behaving like servants of the
corporations, raising many questions about possible backroom deals and
possible pay-offs to get certain judgements in favour of banks.
The Ubuntu Movement is investigating launching criminal charges against all
the banks in the near future. We have already received 200 emails in support
from people who want to join in the possible criminal charges. But our
strength lies in the numbers of people that join us in the case, and the
more affidavits we have the stronger our chances of waking up the judges and
forcing them to critically cross-examine the banksters.
Until now their highly paid lawyers have been getting away with lying under
oath (we have this on record for those who doubt us), presenting
unacceptable affidavits on behalf of their clients, and using the highly
complex court rules to avoid justice, while the banksters continue to
unlawfully repossess property and executing it, and plunging millions of
honest and hardworking South Africans into financial ruin which in many
cases leads to suicide. There can be no greater abuse of power and the law
that is currently exhibited by the banksters.
It appears that what we are dealing with here is the largest organised crime
syndicate on planet earth – crippling humanity and getting away with it
because of uniformed and ignorant judges who refuse to ask simple questions
to put them behind bars. So for now, share this information with others and
email us your details if you want to join in the possible criminal charges
action against the banks. We will send you a short affidavit to fill in -
very simple and quick. We already have 300 people that have joined, but we
hope to get more than 1000 people to join in the action. Email us at

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