Friday 7 September 2012

WGS- an expanded update

After posting my article "World Global Settlements: History and Update" this morning, enerchi from  asked me a couple of questions.  I was about halfway through my answer when I realized that the response was another article itself, lol.

enerchi7 September 2012 09:07Hey D,
Wanted to get your take on the difference between the WGS, Collateral Accounts, NESARA, Saint Germaine Funds, Prosperity Programs.
Correct me if I'm wrong....
*WGS - Being handled by the White Hats Group and worth $47 trillion dollars
*Collateral Accounts - Neil Keenan and The Soekarno Trust
*ST. Germaine Trust - The largest trust of them all.
*NESARA - A law that will use funds from the ST. Germaine Trust
*Prosperity Programs - Originally Bank Roll programs now being paid out to participants
Is the revalue of the Iraqi Dinar and the CMKZ payouts directly linked to the WGS, or is it another trust?

Hey enerchi- THAT is the tough question.  For obvious reasons of extreme secrecy, getting absolute info is very difficult, so confirmed information with regards to the Collateral accounts, the Wanta Regan Mitterand accords, the St. Germaine Trust, and most especially NESARA, is very very hard to get.  Because the truth is so heavily shrouded in secrecy, many people get the various funds/settlements etc confused.

This is my understanding from everything I've been told and researched:

-WGS- I'm not certain of the final  dollar amount on this, or that the "white hats" are involved directly- it is THIS money that is discussed in article from this morning (see link above). This "fund" may also include the White Dragon funds and the money involved with the Neil Keenan suits and the Soekarno trust, but I haven't been able to get 100% confirmation and to be honest I highly doubt it. 

-Collateral Accounts- This title is a bit of a misnomer.  Usually when people talk about the Collateral Accounts they are meaning the Wanta Regan Mitterand Accords.

-Wanta Regan Mitterand Accords- This money has been hugely abused by the Cabal and has been blocked, stolen, and violated several times.  I have no concrete amount that it totals, but it's definitely in the Trillions.  I have confirmations that this money was released this week. 

-St Germaine Trust- this is an enigma- I haven't been able to find anything that I consider "concrete" on this money- I it does exist,  and it's the largest fund, but the details of where it is and who is responsible for it are very unclear. 

-NESARA- again, due to the complete legal lock down of all information and strict gag orders against anyone who is involved, it's very difficult to get any kind of exact amount, what is involved with it legally, and most importantly, where the funding for this will come from.  I do not believe that it is exactly what many people have been told by the various Nesara websites, but the basic premise of debt relief and a return to the constitution are part of it. I suspect that it might be funding through the Wanta Regan Miterand Accords... but I can not get any hard confirmation right now, and I suspect that we will not know EXACTLY how it will work until it's in place.

-Prosperity Programs- there are many of them and they come from different areas- some are bank roll programs as you said.

As I understand it the IQD revaluation and the CMKZ payouts are all tied together with the WGS and the PPs.  How exactly they are tied together?  Which is funding which?..... very few people know the exact answers to those questions. 

The big question is how much are each of these  "funds" worth.  I know the amount that has been "brought in", but I haven't been able to get a straight answer from anyone as to which accounts/funds/programs/accords/settlements are accountable in the total, therefore I haven't been able to determine (concretely) which of the above funds has already been paid out partially or completely, and which funds need to still be "paid out".

...But I am hoping to have more info on much of this very soon.


  1. Have to say, you did a great job trying to explain something that is so difficult for people like us to explain. Reasonably, people want a public budget sheet that sums up all the accounts that have been kept secret for so long. I think what you just did here came as close as were ever going to get until all of this is finally revealed.
    Thanks so much!



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