Saturday 1 September 2012

Iran, and the 120 nations that stand with them

In continuation of the article I posted this past Wednesday "Another piece of the Iran Puzzle",  Veterans Today Sr. Editor Gordon Duff put together another excellent article, highlighting the truth of Iran and Israel and the ridiculous warmongering that is being shouted across the US media and ranted about by certain politicians.

I will link you directly to the VT article as there are 7 videos embedded in the article for you to watch, but I'd like to post here the opening and closing for you to read.

Why Is Iran’s Ayatollah Saner than Mitt Romney?

Simple Truth from an Unexpected Source

Address At Non-Aligned Conference in Tehran a “Breath   

of Fresh Air”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In Tehran, 120 nations got together, risking car bomb retaliation and the scorn of Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson to discuss why they think the UN is a cheap con and America and Israel are “full of it.”  The numbers of nations no longer willing to “kiss butt” is a smackdown for Israel more than America.
It is also a total “smackdown” for the UN, the pretend organization where 5 nations have total veto power over any real action.


What is the lesson?  Iran doesn’t stand alone, Israel does, abandoned even by American Jews.  That can change and should and the formula for it is being offered.  Look on what is suggested, the referendum as a beginning of negotiations.  Without justice there will be eternal war.  If Israel wants to fight it, let us correct our falsified and propagandized history first and then let properly informed and educated Americans of all faiths including “none of the above” make the decisions.
The issue should be humanity for all.  Today, the religious conflicts of the Middle East, not confined to just Jews and Muslims, it goes deeper, it goes back centuries, all need to be redressed.  I have issues about Christians and their rights, issues about the Kurds, about the Armenians, there is a thousand  years or more that has to be redressed, “de-propagandized” and replaced with peace and understanding.
Wars must end and those who sell them need to be punished, isolated from mankind like an incurable disease.

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