Tuesday 4 September 2012

Dutchsinse Updates

Dutchsinse put out two updates this weekend that were very important. 

The First one is about the Cyber Summit Videomakers Conference where Dutch did presentations on weather modification, earthquakes and volcanoes, fracking and HAARP.  

Dutch posts an amazing assortment of videos in this article- literally hours and hours worth of excellent education on all these topics.  To read his original article and watch the embedded videos click HERE

other speakers are:

The second update is about a HAARP ring that appeared over Dover Delaware on Sept 1st, and yesterday the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for..... you guessed it: Dover Delaware!!  Click HERE to go to Dutch's original article to watch the video.

On September 1, 2012 — a high frequency flash ‘HAARP ring’ appeared out of Dover Delaware — several HAARP ring researchers saw it occur, and watched for severe weather to develop within approx 48 hours. 
Today , September 3, 2012 — within the 48 hour time period — the National Weather Service issued a tornado WARNING for Dover Delaware.  No other adjacent areas.. just Dover.

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