Monday 3 September 2012

Vital Update: Arrests have started, and will escalate

I am adding a brief note of my own to Drake's important update:  one other person on this list has already been taken out of the equation.

Edited Sept 3rd 10:30pm:

Since posting this update by Drake, I have had 3 separate sources confirm this information.  I will add that according to my sources there are a few more people on the arrest list. 

I think we all might want to send a nice Thank You card to the Hague this week.  They've been rather busy over there!


             As stated in previous postings and shows, arrests I said were going to happen
are now taking place.
        To date there are eight individuals whom are to be arrested.
        As everyone has heard, Nancy Pelosi has been reported as the first arrest. I
am waiting on the exact location of this incident. When it comes available it will
be posted.
        The List : Nancy Pelosi, Michell Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Barack Obama,
George H.W. Bush, Timothy Geithner, and Eric Holder.
        These arrests are to be carried out one a day until the list is complete.
        The arrests are being carried out by Interpol and United States Martials.
        This is an effort being carried out by the international community.
             ~ Drake


  1. how strange is it that speaker Boner or McCabal or Dick Cheney or Karl Rove or Condy Rice aint among the supposed 'first 8'?

    1. Hi Clean, as I said in the article, I have been told that there are other names of that first list of arrests to take place. Note I said "first list"...

    2. Is it possible that she may have indeed been arrested, stripped of her Senatorial powers, and placed into an ankle bracelet yet allowing her to participate in a limited way in daily life? ... i.e. continuing to speak at DNC so as not to create public panic? I don't know ... just guessing here.

  2. Wow! Thanks for this inside info. Will post in a few minutes.

  3. This must be malarkey! Pelosi was seen today (Labor Day) in Charlotte at the DNC Convention Hall. She didn't appear to be under arrest to me. Hmmm!

    1. Hi Anonymous, The other person who has already been taken out of the equation is also being "seen around town" so to speak.... yet we have multiple 100% confirmations that he's nice and cozy else where. Body doubles are not a new thing in politics.

    2. Then we can get the bad Xerox copies for impersonating an agent of the state, insurrection, racketeering and so forth. =)

    3. @ Breaking the Silence: OMG! That's right ... I totally forgot about that! Body doubles make total sense.

  4. then they need to arrest the double or clone too, plus why didn't you tell us who the other person is? and after listening to drakes last show and his comment about accepting romney as president if he's elected (should have said selected not elected) and that hes helping out by turning in documents i just don't know how anyone could say that about romney after the fiasco in Tampa ,how can we trust anything drake says at all or anyone else?

    1. Hi Anonymous- personally I agree with you about Romney, and your use of the word "selected" instead of elected. I have no intel on that subject nor any idea why Drake made that statement.... personally, I would really like to know what he was getting at with that comment.

  5. Could be a good cop bad cop thing we do not know. Imho i'm not jumping to conclusions I prefer to wait and see what comes out of the bushes. I'm very happy and in a good place with the start of this finally kicking of. Let us be still just long enough to get some of this evolving, we will know the truth. Love and light to us all

  6. I am so hoping that the arrests are indeed taking place. I believe that if certain individuals were already arrested, but had already had a high profile public appearance scheduled. like the DNC, they would be ESCORTED there to do the appearance and then taken back to incarceration.
    This would be done until the cat is ready to be let out of the bag, not to cause a panic among the vast amount of people who are still ASLEEP in this country. These things are going to have to be broadcast with an explanation of what is happening, given by a credible person that commands a lot of respect in this country to keep people calm.

  7. Nancy Pelosi is my representative and I think Drake's obsession with her arrest is laughable. She and Michelle Obama will both be speaking at the Democratic Convention and then going on with their lives, while Drake will continue to blather on as if he has something worthwhile to say. At least this will prove he is a fraud, once and for all.

  8. Remember, we are on Planet Bullshit, Earth is just a more pleasant sounding term. Where is the proof? There would have obviously been video/pics, where are they? Location,jurisdiction? Arrests of ANYBODY are public record, no suppression there so where is the PROOF? There is none. This is sicko bullshit until proven otherwise. Wake up people, they get their kicks in seeing how gullible we all are, they enjoy this crap! Always ask to see PROOF on ANY outrageous claims. We are being scammed...again. It is their number one tool, lies and scams and just like trout fishing, memory is short for most humans, use your brains! Lies and deceit, that's what these demons are all about, when will we see through their tactics??!!

  9. What are the charges? It would seem that this group is being charged for the same crime. Is it tax evasion?

  10. All I can tell you folks, is what I've told you. You have free will to believe or not to believe. To read, or not to read. Unfortunately people seem to have a difficult time realizing that arresting the cabal is not like baking cupcakes. The situation is fluid and ever changing. AND the arrests have been waiting on a very important event to take place- an event that the cabal have gone to great lengths to stop. Once that event takes place (and it is imminent) the arrests will also happen. Don't blame the messenger. Drake is doing everything he can to keep you informed of what is happening.

    I'm feeling rather moody today but I'll try not to be too obnoxious when I say: All of those people who haunt the internet slagging off anything they don't want to believe, making fun of and belittling people who are trying to get information out to the public and keep people informed to the best of our abilities.... What have YOU done today to try and help? What Have you done this week to try to change the system? There are some of us who, beyond our daily lives of making a living and looking after our families, spend hours and hours of our time studying, researching, vetting information, cross examining intel, meeting with other groups and people try organize things...... Again I ask: What did you do today to make a difference in the world?

    1. Amen Breaking the Silence! I to am a bit concerned that nothing is happening, but, I am NOT going to slam the messengers. I just decided not to expect and when it happens,,,,then I can dance.
      To the ones that are on here moaning and groaning, What exactly have you done? Have you informed your community of what might take place so they will be aware and be ready? Have you checked on an elderly neighbor to see if they are ok, or in need of anything? Have you talked to your sheriff and let him/her know what might be taking place so they can inform their officers to help out the militia and not go against the citizens? I didn't think so. So if you want to come in whining, you know that little arrow up on the corner of the left hand side of your moniter? HIT IT!

    2. Thank you for doing what you do. Could you say what this imminent event is?

    3. I find it very interesting that you refer those who question major events such as arresting some of today's top leaders without one shred of proof as "haunting" the internet.

      All anyone has ever asked for was a some proof. They aren't asking to divulge sources, leak vital info that may compromise further action. All they wanted was some proof for that which was already said to have occurred.

      In your case, you just mentioned there is a certain somebody that has been arrested and they haven't been seen. You claim you have 100% confirmation on this. I don't think it is too much to ask to just name the person. If they are already in custody or immobilized and can no longer be seen in public, that pretty says that giving out something as simple as a name would do NO harm to the current arrests. To the opposite, it would go in huge way to backing up claims of arrests that currently have not one shred of proof at all. Further from that, the same people that claimed to have been arrested ( over the past year, I have read Bernake, Giethener....multiple time..., Pelosi, Pappy Bush have all been arrested this year) yet ALL of these people are seen regularly grinning from ear to ear on national television with an appearance of not a worry in the world!

      Finally, I think I speak for many, if not most out here in the blogosphere, that you the name of the supposed person in custody and further proof of actual legitimate arrests taking place.

      The sooner the better.

    4. Hi Anonymous
      I understand the frustration people have on this topic and I understand that people want proof. The situation is highly volatile and information cannot be given out. I had to defend my actions just posting that small amount of information to several people who were concerned that I'd said too much as it was. People need to understand that this information is highly sensitive. I am speaking out as best I can to try and encourage people and give them at least a small amount of information, because I believe it's important that people know what's going on. BUT... I cannot give out intel that is extremely sensitive or classified.

      Let me put it this way: If a person from a 3 letter agency tells me something that is a very highly guarded secret- like the name of a person who's been arrested, and I come out in public and announce that so-in-so has just been arrested, then that person who told me the intel - who might be one of only a handful of people that know this information- is automatically under scrutiny because someone leaked important information. That person might get into serious trouble- but at the very least, they will never give me any important intel again, and I will of lost a vital source of information.

      The sources that I have are very highly placed and I will not reveal nor compromise those sources by publicly announcing information that I have not been told I am allowed to openly write about.

      I'm sorry if this frustrates people, but that is the reality of the situation. I write about a lot of very sensitive situations, I write what I'm allowed to write and I give out as much information as I can. That's all I can do.

    5. " I think I speak for many, if not most out here in the blogosphere, that you the name of the supposed person in custody and further proof of actual legitimate arrests taking place.

      The sooner the better."

      .... and seriously? You're making demands and threatening me? Seriously? My friend, it would seem that you've lost the ability to partake in civil conversation. This is my site. Are you going to come into my house and demand that I make you dinner too?

    6. Nice way to deflect away from my initial request. Now I am " threating" you for simply asking that you back up what you said? Drama queen much?

      I only visited your site because YOU forward info to Enerchi as a way of validating what Drake said. (BTW, nothing you mentioned to Enerchi validates what Drake say because both of you have NO proof of any of this!!!) Enerchi on your behalf posted it on his site. You see that is how diplomatic blogs work....sharing thoughts and ideas!

      You see, as has been stated many many times, EVERYTHING Drake has predicted NEVER came to be! So forgive us poor mindless blog followers for not putting ANY faith into someone with a track record like he has!

      Oh and by the way, because of all the false Drake predictions, there many average people out there that have been put in harms way. Some have actually stopped making mortgage payments and are now going into foreclosure because Drake said arrests will happen by the first week of June, then July 4th, then the first week of August. There are also those of the mindset that follow Drake as cult worshipers and have no other plans to prepare for a worst case scenario.

      So put up some proof!

    7. Your initial request was to demand proof and the name of the person who had been arrested. If you read the comment above, I fully explained WHY I can't just spout off "proof" that you want. I have also explained fully the reason why Drake's "predictions" haven't happened on the time schedule he's given. He is the messenger, and he is not capable of forcing the cabal to play by the rules nor make the massive events that need to happen, happen exactly as they were planned that they should happen.
      And I am very sorry that people have stopped paying their mortgages and are going to loose their homes, but at no time did anyone tell people "Hey! stop paying your mortgage!".
      If you are so dead against Drake (and obviously myself) then why are you in here reading the information given? Why are you wasting your energy and your time by posting? Your words are aggressive and angry. If you are so mad, then why not walk away? I am not the one you should be angry with. Neither is Drake.

    8. Your words and deflections speak for themselves.

      As to Drake's words, people were expecting those arrests in June, July and august because he put out "Green Light" alerts DAYS before the events.

      After each one of his predictions, he NEVER followed up with why they NEVER happened. Even when someone was lucky enough to get through on the phone line, he gave a brief statement that had no meaning to the reason why and just moved right along. For pete's sake, Drake just very recently was saying Mitt Romney is the one to vote for. Mitt Romney has been helping the good guys with info ect. This is the same Mitt Romney who just defrauded Ron Paul delegates out of there voting rights and Paul out of the nomination!

      Curiously enough, Richard Gilbert did a interview in which Drake listened in on and barely said a word. Drake is supposed to be mister all knowing legal guy. On his next broadcast, Drake all of sudden started backpedaling away from his Romney endorsement and used words like slime ball ect. to describe him. You can hear this guy Drake making junk up as he goes along. hence, why when he said arrests will be carried out 1 a ay until they are all arrested many in blogosphere came out to let other's know his track record!

      The reason I post is to highlight to others, the track record ALL of you people with so called 'inside information" have. On top of that, I too was burned. I went along with Drake in the beginning and on the July 4th green light info, I let many people in the real world know what was about to happen, just so they could prepare ect. Well now I am the the one who is a "kook" in the minds of these people I was trying to help.

      That's what I get for going along with the words of someone that NEVER presented proof of ANY of this!

      ...and don't bother replying back because we already know you game of deflection, just post some PROOF of the arrests!

    9. Guy, it's not "deflection" because I cannot give you the answer you want to hear. It's not "deflection" when I answered each of your questions and calmly explained the facts of the situation- because it's not an answer that you wish to accept, you will continue to come back again and again, to deride my answers and insult anyone and anything that doesn't agree with your personal view of how the world should work.
      I know what I know, just as several other people know what's going on and are also trying to help people understand.
      As I stated several comments ago, free will allows you to agree or disagree. If you don't like what I have to say, you don't have to read nor participate. If you wish to have a civilized conversation on the topic of these world changing events, I welcome your input and I'm always open to listening to others opinions. But if you are going to continually come back here demanding answers that I have clearly and concisely explained can not be given at this time, then I see no alternative but to decide that you are a troll and I will just stop publishing your comments.
      The choice is yours.

  11. I was in a shop the other day and the clerk told me that he first heard of Drake from a retired general.

  12. There is something to this story and probably Drake found out he shouldn't be talking about this publicly yet. It sort of got sprung on him if you noticed and he got side swiped with it. You don't give tactical warnings to people who need to be apprehended and so I can't see this dragging on were one gets arrested then another etc... the only way to create success is to arrest them in a highly precision timed and coordinated mass event.

    Now if you have people with no balls to do the job then failure may be an issue so what we need is perhaps the Russian and Chinese troops to do some of the heavy lifting with oversight by our military personnel. The work needs to be done and I'm sure we can all agree on that so work together to keep the comradeship high and remember to warn as many people as you can as to what is about to transpire.

    This has to happen before dec. 21st 2012 or the major problems escalate and become 10 x's more troublesome for each of us.

    There needs to be full disclosure before then and an explanation of what is going to happen on 12-21-2012 so that people have a choice and can prepare to ascend or not as is their right.

    This dimension we exist in is shifting we need to prepare for the shift mentally so that we can survive it and keep civilization on a path towards the golden age of heaven on earth that everyone wants to live in.

    A perfect world is possible but only when we learn the lessons of life and accept the love of the creator to share with each and everyone we share the planet with even those of the dark side are to be loved as Christ commands us to love our enemies because in truth they are just another facet of our own true self. Sad to say but they need to be thought of as being one with us and we need to heal their condition to heal our self.


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